Upgrade Your Hotel Lobby with These 9 Fabulous Décor Ideas

First impressions are of great importance in the hospitality business. If the lobby of your hotel does not look impressive, it will put your guests in an indecisive frame of mind. So, make sure that your lobby looks classy and stylish.

Here are 9 fabulous ideas which will help you revamp your hotel lobby to make an everlasting impression in the minds of your guests:

Make your space well furnished:

Before checking into your hotel, your guests are going to spend some time in the lobby, so it is all the more important that you make the space relaxing and cozy. Install furniture that is comfortable and compact. The visual appeal is also as important as comfort, no doubt, so you must keep the style, alignment and other attributes in mind as well.

Apart from chairs and sofas which are present and quite common in every other hotel lobby, you may also include coffee tables and couches where you can provide some refreshments to your much-traveled guests. Space comes very much at a premium these days, so care should be taken to make the optimum use of the available space while planning and arranging the furniture and other accessories.

Choose the right colors:

Color is one of the very important factors which will impress your guests in the first look itself. Every color has a distinct effect on the eyes. Hence, choosing the right color for the walls of your hotel lobby should be well thought out. Since you are welcoming and ushering your guests here, it is always advisable to go for warm and soothing shades such as beige, ivory, grey, light brown or pale yellow. These will make your lobby look simple yet classy.

Illuminate your space well:

Good lighting can make or break the overall look of your lobby, so choose your light fixtures wisely. Do not stick to just one type of lighting; instead, use various types to add brightness and glitter to your space. You may hang a majestic crystal chandelier right in the middle and use some mood lightings in the corners.

You can also choose floor lights, table lamps or anything of your choice, provided it blends with the setting of the lobby. Make sure every part of the lobby is well lit, as most of your guests would engage in reading or watching something while they are waiting.

Get artistic:

Depending upon the architecture of the lobby you can adorn your space with some fantastic artworks to treat your guest’s eyes while they are waiting. If your area has a high ceiling featuring large sculptural designs would be a fantastic idea, as it will not only elevate the charm of your lobby, it will also captivate the attention of your guests as soon as they enter. Beautiful paintings and murals spread over the walls would be perfect for spaces with low ceilings. You can also install a mini aquarium with colorful and exquisite fishes which will please your guests, especially children.

Make your flooring attractive:

Do not underestimate the value of good flooring! The right flooring can add glam and panache to your lobby. Use colorful tiles to dress your floors which will add vibrancy to the room. You can also go for patterns in order to get a beautiful and symmetrical look. You can also use carpets with latest design and texture to add some glam quotient.

Blend Traditional and Modern styles:

There is a certain level of classiness associated with traditional interior décor. The dark wooden furniture and metalwork are loved by everyone, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same completely. You can also incorporate some modern styles of furniture and accessories too in your space. Balancing both in a seamless fashion will impart a sleek and contemporary touch.

Bring in some greenery:

Plants and flowers look amazing no matter where you put them. But maintaining them could turn out be difficult. Instead, you can choose to decorate your room with some artificial plants and trees which look as real as the live ones and will add a fresh twist to your space.

Install some gorgeous artificial coconut palm trees in the room, and these will emanate airy tropical vibes. You can choose from a wide range of variants like European fan palm trees, areca palm trees, Phoenix palm trees, date palm trees, and several others.

Go for minimalist shelving:

Gone are the days when shelves were only an accessory for keeping stuff, today it has become a part of interior décor. Minimalist shelving is an excellent choice for adding some style to your space. You can experiment with several materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and textures as per your choice. These look amazing and are extremely budget friendly! What more could you ask for? Decorate the shelves with books, plants or artifacts for a sleek and stylish look.

Set up a small fountain:

To make your hotel lobby stand out from the rest, you can set up a small fountain in the room. They are soothing to look at, and your guests will definitely love the splashing sound of water. You can opt for a floor fountain which can be placed in the center of the lobby or a table fountain if you do not have enough floor space.

So, these were some fantastic décor ideas for your hotel lobby. You may not incorporate all of them; just choose some that will suit your style and space. We hope implementing these ideas will create an impact in the minds of your customers when they arrive and bid adieu!