Intro Golden Areca Palm Tree

Hundreds of retail shops are selling identical products making survival tough. The only way to win the competition is by drawing more crowds and making them loyal. The moment customers step in, they start forming an opinion. Also, only a memorable experience can impress them to return.

Retail stores decoration plays a vital role in this. Not sure where to start? Here are nine decor tricks that you can follow.

1. Embrace with faux greens

A warm and inviting retail store is sure to have repeat visits. As people have an innate urge to be close to nature, a green interior improves the mood. With their exotic appearance, the silk palm trees are perfect for this.

Plenty of varieties of artificial trees for decoration are available for this purpose. Made from premium quality raw materials they have the most realistic look. Some of these come in decorative pots making them ideal for the store interior.

Creating a green front door allures the potential shoppers to step inside. Install outdoor artificial palm tree with lights in front of the retail stores. It will make the stores glam. And once they step in, impress them with a tropical spirit. Use areca palm trees and fishtail palm trees. They will deliver a soothing ambiance with their graceful presence.

2. Digital signage makes it attractive

Signs always form a unique way to connect with customers. Install a glow sign at a height where there is no obstacle. This will make it visible from a distance. It should contain your logo and a slogan about the business. When the pedestrians see it across the street they will feel an urge to visit.

Also, display digital signage in the interior for displaying special promotional sales. Use screens and signs throughout the retail stores for guiding the shoppers and sharing information. This will make your retail shop memorable to them and they are sure to make return visits.

3. Entice pedestrians with a window display

With the flourishing of online shops, the brick and mortar retail stores are finding difficult to attract customers. This makes window display is the most deterministic factor for alluring the onlookers. Display the strategic items where they are clearly visible.

Harmonize the display by arranging the items in a systematic manner. Add a catchy slogan with each group and light them bright. Do not display an item for a long time. Better change them every week for a nice impact. This is sure to make the pedestrians curious and they will pay a visit to your stores.

4. Guide them through a set path

Shoppers enter the stores, see things, chose them, make payment and leave. Create a path so that the entire process has a nice flow. Studies reveal that most of the people turn right after entering a retails store. Display the prize items on the right of the entrance. Such attention-grabbing displays will induce them to follow the set path.

The layout also plays a vital role in creating a set path. Place the shelves in straight, angular, or loop layout formation based on the floor space. This will increase the visibility of the products and deliver a memorable experience.

5. Make the shop extraordinary with lights

Lighting can make a retail store ambiance pleasant. It helps to improve the mood and also leverages the bottom line. While people feel relaxed and comfortable in soft lighting, bright lights make the products more visible.

Install ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting to create a great overall impact. The ambient and task lighting will strike a balance between comfort and visibility. Use accent lights to highlight special zones and products. When you improve the appeal with decorative lighting, it will make the shop quite impressive.

6. Engaging senses improve the ambiance

Whether a customer will be loyal or not depend on how he or she felt in your shop. Build a water feature in the store If you space and budget permit. It could be anything from a tiny fountain to a cascading wall. This will create a great sensory impact and make the shoppers happy.

You may also arrange to play soft music and install aroma diffusers in the store. These will make the area appealing and the shoppers would not mind waiting at the cash counter.

7. Comfort is the key to a memorable shopping

Comfort is of prime importance in retail stores. The customers, especially women, definitely avoid the aisle where there is a chance of brushing against others. Ensure that there is enough personal space in the aisles and pathways for peaceful shopping.

Product display is also important in this. Make efforts to display strategic items at the eye-level. This will create a nice impression. Provide comfy seating arrangements in the lounge. There should also a hydration point nearby. The shoppers will be able to take a break as and when they like.

8. Make the stores tech savvy

Provide free Wi-Fi with full access internet in the retail stores. This will enable shoppers to gather information to make a shopping decision. Moreover, they will also be able to attend to any urgent work. Also, arrange charging stations at the strategic corners. This will enable your customers to charge their devices in case of exigency.

9. Create a kid's corner

Living in a nuclear family the parents have to take the kids to retail stores. More than often, the kids – especially the toddlers – become a serious cause of distraction and embarrassment. Sometimes, that had to leave the store in the middle of their shopping spree.

Building a safe fun zone for them will be a great relief to the parents. Provide separate areas for different age groups. The kids can play games there while the parents will do peaceful shopping.

9 Ways To Transform Your Spa And Salon

What comes to your mind when somebody says they are visiting a spa or a salon? Wellness is the word. When people come to feel good, you ought to get them what they are looking forward to. The time spent by them at the spa is the most precious time of their lives because it is more focussed on relaxation which is rare these days. Here are some fantastic ways to transform your spa and salon so that apart from the services you deliver the best ambiance and environment to your clients.

Refreshing the decor of your salon

This is the first thing you should be looking into for transforming the space. Smaller or more significant, a smart refresh of the decor always goes a long way in bringing in the much-needed sense of newness in the area. A variety of indoor and outdoor plants can bring in a budget-friendly way to create unique decor. Not only do the plants bring in the liveliness and gush of fresh air, but it also adds to the color and overall look of the salon or your spa. Plant some lively areca palm tree at the entrance and the salon looks welcoming. Be sure you water the plants regularly.

Know your clientele

This is the most important thing to do before deciding to do a complete space transformation. Think about what they would like the space to be and then go ahead with the flow. Decorating the area with plants and trees is the safest bet here. After all, who doesn’t like the calmness associated with this color?

Picking up a theme

Knowing the type of clients you are going to have, and it is easy to pick up the theme. You can think about bold colors, simple yet classy design so that space is utilized wisely. If go-green is your theme then popping decorative trees, indoor seems to be a prudent choice. In case you feel the maintenance of the trees is quite taxing and not doable, you can always have a mix of artificial indoor trees and the reals over the shelves or the displays. The theme should essentially reflect your personality and your vision.

Declutter and plan space wisely

This works wonders too. Instead of refreshing the decor of the salon, one can just declutter it to give it a great feel. Reduce the number of things that you are currently not using, or create something out of it. Sticking to the rule of less is more, do not clutter the space by adding too many material things.

Remember the purpose of spas and salon is to rejuvenate your clients. Plants and trees, however, an exception to this rule. A little more green causes a soothing effect to the eyes and overall health. In case you have reservations to plant trees inside the spa and salon give a try to pot an outdoor artificial palm tree. Or else you can always have it both ways.

Getting Creative

Creatively using your old tools is also a smart way of saving on the refurbishing items. Decluttering also leads to a better mindset. Decluttering also leads to bringing in much-needed luck to space, transforming any ordinary space into a money-making machine.

Get in some warm throw-pillows to create the warmth in winter-season. Many times beautiful rugs and table-runners make the client feel at home, when even at a salon. Creatively display the instruments which are used for giving you that beautiful hair-cut or a hair massage.

They are playing a melodious tune at the background can wonders miracles when it comes to spa and salon. Mainly, have some great soothing music played in the lobby and the waiting area so that the clients don’t get bored quickly and are gently brought in to the therapeutic spa. Spa gets effective when a might musical instrument is there behind the message.

Think about masterpieces

Using spaces wisely would go a long way. Wherever you can, put a masterpiece of art so that people relate to their spa and salon experience with that masterpiece. Ceramics and Marbles help a long way to achieve this. Lifesize mirrors bring in the right impression to any salon.

The Feng Shui way

Lucky charms like the laughing Buddha or bamboo palm tree not only enhance the luck for space but also enhance the beauty of the area. If you do not believe in Feng shui, that is perfectly fine. Some small artifacts placed strategically are good aesthetically.

Less is more

Everything done in moderation helps, the spaces like salon and spa are meant to give the feeling of minimalism while designing the space always have “less is more” fundamental at the back of your mind.” You can always add some dash of fresh flowers to enhance the natural feel of the spa and salon.

Flowers speak a thousand words, and they are never enough especially for the women clients. Flowers in a pond or a small vessel at the entrance gives a traditional welcome to the patrons. Lamps and Diyas can be used in the right proportion to provide a well-lit and not too glary look to the salon.

Reflection of your personality

Apart from what others say, your salon and spa should exhibit your personality. If you are exuberant, space should look like one. If you are a minimalist, space should be like that. It really depends on what you would like to bring into the area. Vibrance or the calmeth. If you are an old -school person, then decorate the spa/salon with the vintage elements. Else the contemporary or the modern looks would also speak your mind.

Reserving some spaces for charging their mobiles or keeping their valuables also helps in making them feel safe. A small garden or a lobby for children and pets can also add to the number of patrons. People come to the spa and salon to get experience, by creating a space with an appropriate ambiance would definitely create a great and long-lasting relaxing experience.

Make Your Restaurant Wonderful

A restaurant must have great food and service, but what is more important, is a beautiful, cozy ambiance. When a customer enters your space, the first thing they notice is your décor. As a result, it has a lasting impact on their opinion of your restaurant. Worry not- here is everything you need to know to give your restaurant a splendid makeover-

Decide what your center of attraction is

Draw up a design plan beforehand, and decide what you want to emphasize. For instance, if families frequent your restaurant, the dining area would be the center of attraction, as opposed to the bar.

An open style restaurant is the latest, modern and trending idea. The kitchen, wine cellar, and other typically backstage elements will be a part of the décor, and the diners will be let in on the experience, from start to finish. Open space has a sleek, edgy look that would do you wonders.

Choose an appropriate color scheme

You need to have a vision of how the color scheme should be. The color scheme depends on various factors, like the audience and the lighting. Dark palettes will give a relaxed, romantic feel, and so might be more suitable for an older or an upscale crowd. Brighter colors are suitable for a young audience.

Similarly, you need to choose colors that would blend well with the lighting. If you have statement fixtures, like a big chandelier, it might be wise to go mute on the colors.

Furniture and lighting

The furniture can make or break a restaurant. You need to choose furniture that would go well with your brand's aesthetic and your restaurant's feel. The type of audience you generally get also affects this decision.

Muted lighting can be great for an excellent dining restaurant, while for a hipster's joint, bright lights will do the trick. Don't opt for big chandeliers in an informal, fast food restaurant. Remember- context is critical. And don't forget functionality! All your furniture choices must be comfortable at the most basic level. Even the most beautiful chairs are useful, only if you can sit down in them comfortably.

Create an experience

Your job is to make your guests feel welcome and at home. No matter how good the food is, your ambiance is the thing that is going to linger on their minds long after they leave the restaurant. It will also make them revisit your place in the future.

When you plan your décor, ensure that you stay relatable to your target audience. Don't try to combine several statement pieces, and instead, pick one piece and plan your décor around it. Greenery makes a place feel comforting and soothing, so include plants and flowers in your décor. European fan palm plants indoors are a unique, off-beat choice, that is easy to take care of, and offer a distinct look to your space.

Heating and ventilation

Temperature control is an often overlooked aspect. No one wants to eat in a stuffy restaurant. Install windows and let the natural sunlight in. If you are in a cold area, make sure the heating in your restaurant is perfect. You should also tailor the temperature according to the food that you serve.

Don't ignore the restroom

It is of great importance that the restrooms should fit in properly with the other elements in your restaurant. A smelly, unclean, or poorly designed restroom with no amenities will quickly decrease your credibility. Don't let your restrooms be your Achilles heel.

Utilize the available well and have large stations. Ventilation is key here too. Install flattering lighting for the vanity.

Install the right flooring

Since your restaurant would have significant foot-fall, you need to install flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and visually appealing. Wooden flooring is an excellent option for any restaurant. It can be easily dressed up or down; it is formal and professional, yet warm and welcoming. Porcelain floors are also easy to maintenance. If a tile is broken, you can get it replaced for next to nothing.

Maintain your aesthetic

Choose a single aesthetic, and incorporate elements that enhance it. For instance, you can choose to go muted, with little splashes of green and color. For this, you can opt for wooden flooring, furniture in neutral colors like grey, and you can introduce some fun with artwork or funky paneling on the walls. Complete this look with indoor artificial plants and trees.

Themed restaurants

This might demand a complete makeover, but it sure is an exciting idea. Themed restaurants have been the rage for years now. There are flight-themed restaurants; forest themed ones, even jail themed restaurants. You can also opt for a culturally significant theme. Pop culture themes, like Harry Potter restaurants that offer Butterbeer, and Marvel restaurants also attract a lot of crowds. A bonus- your restaurant's Instagram popularity will shoot through the roof!

A well maintained outdoor space

You can incorporate an artificial waterfall or fountain to make the place classy. Opt for fake palm trees for the pool area. Taking care of fake palm is very easy since they are fade resistant and long lasting.

To jazz up your space with minimal efforts, you can choose artificial Dracaena Trees. These artificial silk palm trees are perfect for restaurants since they work their magic in otherwise dull spaces. You can also have a koi pond, or even a play area for kids, to make the place more attractive.

Concluding thoughts

Even with excellent food and service, your restaurant will not succeed to the maximum potential, if it has an uncomfortable or a downright intolerable ambiance. Fortunately, offering a premium experience for your customers is not a difficult job at all. Don't think twice, and implement these tips to see your restaurant's reputation rising exponentially!

Intro Commercial Decor Ideas That Interior Decorators Swear By In 2019

A well-designed space can boost not only your employees’ enthusiasm but also their productivity. A perfect surrounding and atmosphere play a pivotal role in our mood. A well-furnished interior, with a balance of comforts and professional business image, strikes a chord among your team members and customers. Gone are the days of just boring furniture; when you can showcase your office “statement” by these 8 Commercial Decor Ideas That Interior Decorators Swear By In 2019.

1. Semi-private working space

In this age of communication, collaboration and teamwork, over isolation, play a significant role in the productivity of your employees. An open yet individual workspace can be created by low or transparent panels over desks. The illusion of semi-private workspace can also be fashioned by circular workstations.

2. Incorporate geometric patterns on walls

A solid color, when chosen properly, has an impact on a person’s productivity, performance and overall mood. While many of us like to go classical, quirky geometric patterns help businesses create their style statement. Incorporating large scale geometric patterns also helps to create a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

3. Employ the perfect lighting

Lighting is a significant factor in commercial décor. Ditch the old and boring fluorescent light and replace them with high-quality lamps. Different colored lights can be employed throughout a lobby, aisle or restaurant to divide different sections of the place. A perfect symphony would be the blend of artificial and natural light which can be brought about by skylights or glass walls

4. Casual conversation area and meeting place

Not every task can be done poured over documents and hooked onto a laptop on your desk. Discussions among employees and team members can take place at casual conversation and meeting areas. Playful and quirky designs on walls and a relaxed atmosphere combined with comfortable seating areas encourages meetings, discussions, and bonding among team members.

5. Throw a bit of nature amidst the corporate environment

Foliage can not only give your office space a stylish appeal but also turn your tedious working atmosphere into an interesting one. Give your office a little bit of extravagance and exotic feeling with artificial plants and trees indoor like artificial coconut palm trees, European fan palm and Hawaiian fishtail palm.

6. Adding non-matching tile flooring with a hint of bold, cool colors

Non-matching tile flooring, though unusual, can enhance a room’s character. A hint of colors like grey, white or black reflects the cool natural vibes and its deep soothing tones. To make them quirky, replace the dark tones with a cool color like lime green or a bold color like red.

7. Create a relaxed environment with office lounges

With the invention of wireless technology, nobody now needs to work only in one place. Employees can get comfortable while taking their time out from their monotonous work stations and get their job done in a relaxed state.

8. Quiet zones for the distracted

While open spaces are a necessity in an office, many employees’ individual work can be affected by shifty and noisy atmosphere either due to chatty co-workers or other office noise. Cramped workspace and total isolation may not be the answer, but quiet zones can offer a different yet productive outlook to a solution. Modern phone booth furniture can be used in an office space where employees can stay for as long or as little they want. Private meeting rooms for team discussions can also be set up.

9. A bit of creativity amidst the corporate world

Tedious office work can take a toll on your employees’ creativity and imagination. More offices are opting for a creativity corner for showcasing various artworks. This not only uplifts your workers’ imagination capabilities but also inspires them to become more creative.

Artworks always have had a soothing and calming effect on a person’s mind. Between the busy schedule and tiresome work, your workers can take a visual break to admire them.

10. Install acoustic walls

In an office environment, you want to discuss stuff about your project with your teammates, but other people are doing the same. It is very common to feel distracted while talking in an open place when different sounds also intervene in your conversation.

Installing slated acoustic walls can damp the distracting sounds and also serve as a means to separate areas without investing lumps for a significant refurbishment. They also can be installed in hallways to serve as a dual purpose for dampening the echoes and also give a chic and elegant look.

11. Speak about your brand through the colors

Use quirky combinations of your brand colors on the walls. Paint a picture of your brand identity with the help of its colors and instill in your employees’ the sense of being involved in your brand. Subsequently, this method will create a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

If you are not using your brand colors, you may employ bold and solid colors. Colors like red inculcate a sense of power along with energy and focus. You can also use the muted and minimalistic color scheme in neutral workspaces.

12. Unconventional furnishings and open shelving

While readymade furniture might woo you because of the cost effectiveness and the easy accessibility of the product, innovative furnishings are more commonly installed in offices nowadays. Furniture is nowadays made keeping in mind the needs of its user. Extended workstation with sound minimizing acoustic panels ensures the workers’ individual focus as well as easy access to discussions and collaborations.

Consequently, open shelving can be employed for easy access to binders, files, and other office supplies. It ensures a clean office environment along with a modern touch to the ambiance.


The modern office problems require modern solutions. While offices and its work are changing rapidly along with its workforce’s mentality, it needs to be considerate of its worker’s needs. Just as multifunctionality of space is a significant factor considered during office renovation, an average worker’s needs, and productivity is the basic criteria to judge the office’s design pathway.


You don't visit a clinic out of choice. But if you have to, you don't have a way out, either.

The experience is what counts and makes all the difference!

The first impressions about a clinic also make for an assuring second one.

So, let's see how we can make a clinic more assuring and trustworthy.

#1 A clean and tidy place

A good clinic builds trust, relationships, and hopes.

It's also a place where patients spend time and wait for their turns for a purpose. So, it's natural they would want a clean and a tidy place. No one likes a dirty area. This goes without saying.

People prefer a friendly atmosphere where they can sit, relax and wait happily.

#2 Make it Lively

Imagine, if you are one of the patients waiting at a clinic, would you like an extended endless waiting area which is dreary-looking or one which is zestful and lively?

A cold place doesn't make for a comfortable sitting area. So, add a lot of life like an aquarium, some photo albums, lively hoardings and photos of landscapes.

Make your clinic a fun place to sit and enjoy. Make it swanky by experimenting with the colors and décor used.

Also, make the entrance pleasant and inviting.

This will uplift the moods of the visitors and patients when they enter the clinic.

#3 Add a lot of Greens

Make use of a lot of greenery and plants for decoration and looks. It will add to the interiors, and make the clinic look beautiful and revamped. This will add life to the décor and make the interiors blossom.

A room with plants and greenery make it rich and liveable. Also very relaxing and rejuvenating. Being amidst a green and fresh surrounding is great. The breezy and airy ambiance uplifts the mood and helps in relaxation.

#4 Use artificial Plants for décor

Artificial plants can also be used for decorating the interiors of a clinic.

These days, there are many varieties of artificial indoor palm trees which can completely transform the interiors of your space. They can be put anywhere, from empty corners to entrances. The green color adds a spark and tinge of brightness to the surroundings and makes for a (much-needed) fresh ambiance, which is uplifting and has a great aura.

#5 Pay heed to Acoustics

Acoustics and sound effects of a place can also change the feel of a place.

Because clinics are essentially places, where people come full of anxieties, apprehensions, and concern, it's essential to make them feel relaxed.

Using supportive sound machinery is very helpful. It's advised to use false ceilings. It'll help in preventing the voice from echoing and make the place look less intimidating. The idea is to make the room appealing and relaxing, not scary.

#6 Soft and Instrumental music elevates the mood

Soft music played in the background can work wonders for your clinic. Soft and soothing music helps in the relaxation of the senses and mind.

Silence is awkward. Small noises make heads turn as it's distractive.

Therefore, play soft music in the background. At least, people would have something to listen to. Something to keep them involved and engrossed.

#7 Give your visitors something to read

People love to read.

A lot of people are extremely fond of reading all sorts of hoardings and descriptions.

So, its good to add a few books and magazines to your clinic. Make a small reading corner stacked with some suitable reading material.

#8 Lights Change the Ambience

A sober lighting and a pleasantly lit area also make for a comfortable place.

People prefer soft and dim lights in a clinic to very bright ones. Visitors like unassuming settings which calms their mind and make them feel relaxed.

A toned, downlighting can make the area - professional as well as smart-looking.

#9 Avoid filling the room unnecessarily

Don't clutter the place with too much stuff. It kills the idea of making a clinic look classy and desirable.

Visitors will like the look of a place if it's aesthetically done-up. Not a place which is cluttered and filled with all kinds of stuff.

Be selective. Carefully determine what you would want in your clinic and how you would like your patients to feel?

Remember, your clinic speaks an ounce about your taste.

#10 Make the clinic comfortable for everybody

Visitors (mostly patients) come for a reason. Primarily, to meet the medical practitioner. So, the doctor's cabin too should be an airy and lively place.

Although it's essential to have a professional looking clinic in place, the patients will look for an assuring and trustworthy ambiance. So, give your clinic the right mix of professionalism and comfort.

Give your clinic a compassionate and healthy atmosphere.

As talked about, make the entrance and outer area inviting and welcoming. A dark look doesn't appeal at all.

The entrance should exude exuberance and look inviting. It should be clean, nicely done, with some planters here and there, to give it a harmonizing effect.

It's not mandatory to use real plants(as its care and maintenance can be an issue). Instead, invest in custom made palm trees like acacia palm which are excellent for both indoors and outdoors. Also, they don't require any maintenance as such. The idea is to create a conducive atmosphere for visitors.

Last but not least, colors add a dash of style and effect to any place. So, use colors effectively. Let it reflect naturally in your interiors. Don't make the clinic look overtly done-up.
Safe and happy environments are very inviting and loved by one and all. It's in our hands, how we create one?

Just try using these hacks to revamp your office look. Also, leave your imagination run high. Don't restrict yourself from experimenting.

Only if your clinic is a happy looking place, will it make your clients happy too!

So, add a lot of life and make your clinic look beautiful and refined.

Intro 9 Ideas For A Child Friendly Decor In The Pediatrician S Office

A child may not like to visit a Pediatrician’s clinic because of the past bad experience. As a Pediatrician, you should always aim to free them from stress and anxieties. As they wait in the office, the office decor is vital for casting an excellent first impression. This blog dwells on 9 ideas that make the Pediatrician’s office a warm and welcoming place. Interested? Read to the last for details!

1. Make flexible seating arrangements

The pediatric age group covers from birth to young adulthood. The problem is that the need for five years old differs from that of fifteen years old. There should be something for each of them in the pediatrician’s office.

Sitting arrangement is a vital element for office decor. This is because the patients have to wait there with their parents. Get comfortable couches that can accommodate the child and the parents. Also, they have individual seats for young adults. Foam furniture with vinyl cover is a great option. These will make your office adorable to pediatric patients.

2. Give them a natural environment

Install some artificial plants and trees for indoor in the pediatrician’s office. This will make the children relaxed. These artificial trees for decoration are better than the real plants in many ways. They do not cause any allergy, grow no mold, and also do not attract insects. Thus, you get a safe and hygienic environment.

The artificial trees and plants with pots are available in many varieties. They are made from high-quality material; the large artificial trees indoor looks like their live cousins. With their stately trunk and lush green fronds, they make the place exceptional.

Fill up a corner of Pediatrician’s office with the artificial palm tree with lights. This will deliver a festive look to the office. In case you have a large and spacious office, you may decorate with fake bamboo palm trees.

3. Include marine life

Studies reveal that watching marine life has a significant effect on releasing stress. It has a nice calming effect on the immediate surroundings. Install a fish tank in your Pediatrician’s office. It can be either be a saltwater type or a freshwater type.

Place it in the corner of the office. Fill it up with pebbles, aquatic plants, colorful fishes, and other aquatic life. Make the corners of the aquarium black or colored whatever complements the overall decor. When light glows inside the aquarium, it lifts up the office ambiance. This will also add to your lighting efforts.

4. Create thematic walls

Bright and colorful walls can make the Pediatrician’s office adorable. Painting the walls in different themes is an excellent way of Pediatrician’s office decoration. You can Paint a wall with a jungle background and place stuffed animal toys to complement it. Painting an ocean theme on the back of the aquarium is also a great idea.

Do not forget the ceiling while creating fantasy murals. The children are very much interested in outer space and the aliens coming from there. Either paint or use decals to create fantasy themes. Once done, the kids will have enough attractions for a repeat visit.

5. Give them something to play

Choose an area at the end of the office for the small kids within the adult’s view. This will let the children on their own and still under the parent’s watch. Get blocks, puzzles, soft toys, bead mazes, etc. to play with. The kids find fun in building blocks and solving puzzles. They will enough distraction for waiting.

The playing material should be suitable for different age groups. Allowing BYOT (bring your own toys) is also a great idea. It will relieve the kids from the fear of cold virus infection through toys.

6. Build a reading nook

Building a reading corner is a brilliant idea for the Pediatrician’s office. Define the zone with an area rug. This will make the place cozy and comfortable. This must also have low-height chairs, tables, and shelves. They will make the kids comfortable as they can grab their favorite books at ease.

Complete the collection with a variety of books for different age groups. It should include adventures, fantasies, travelogues, comics, sports, and healthcare as well. The children will find pleasure to go through them.

You may also provide them with fun worksheets to fill up after reading. Give some surprise gifts. It will create good bondage.

7. Invest in entertainment

Providing some entertainment is the best way to distract anxious pediatric patients. The easiest way is to install a TV in the office. As the kids watch TV, it relaxes them before the visit. This helps to create a home-like atmosphere. The accompanying parents will also enjoy the entertainment.

Also, think about installing multimedia devices. The kids love to play games. They will get absorbed in this and forget the stress due to their ailments. So, your office will be a hot favorite for them.

8. Keep them connected

The present-day children are tech savvy. They interact with the social network in a way that we cannot think of. Provide the Pediatrician’s office with free Wi-Fi facility with full internet access. As the kids connect to the network, they feel at home in their own world. This let them foster their social identity, and they do not feel secluded. It helps to reduce stress.

This also takes care of the parents’ needs. They can also check emails and can do their work while waiting in the Pediatrician’s office.

9. Safety Counts!

Safety of the patients should be the prime concern while decorating the Pediatrician’s office. Make sure that there is no clutter in the office. Conceal all wires and cables, and the floor should be seamless. This will eliminate the chances of the kids toppling over.


Designing a child-friendly space means making it inspiring and hopeful for them. The above ideas are great to make them relaxed and confident. These are simple to adapt and do not involve much cost. Try these for your Pediatrician’s office so that the children feel at home.

Intro Explore The Advantages Of Artificial Palm Trees For Your Business Decor

Competition is the keyword in the business world today. Startups, entrepreneurship, small and large scale industries, established business houses are all in the race to keep abreast. As a business owner, you need to be up to date with the décor of your commercial complex.

If you own a business in casinos, restaurants, cafes, malls, retail stores, hospitals or clinics, you can use plants for your business décor. Plants add beauty and life to any place. Yet, real plants have their own restrictions and drawbacks.

The best alternative is fake plants. Fake plants are no longer ugly, cheap looking or low in quality. They look as good as real that sometimes you may need to touch them to find out if they are real or fake.

Though there are a large number of varieties of artificial plants and decorative trees indoor variants available in the markets today, some plants are just the best for your business décor. You may wonder which plants are these.

Business décor and artificial palm trees go hand in hand. Explore the advantages of these fake plants, and you will find many.

1. Maintenance

The first thing that bothers you while buying plants for your commercial complex is the maintenance. Real plants need a lot of care, tendering, time, and human resources for their growth and maintenance. So, the best thing to do is to purchase artificial plants.

These artificial palm trees are very low on maintenance. They don’t require any watering or weeding. Since they don’t grow out of size, you don’t need to trim them to bring back to shape. All you need to do is to clean them with a wet cloth, and they are as good as new. This saves you on precious human resources and time.

2. Shape and size

The varieties of artificial palm trees are amazing. You need not have to wait for seasons to get the plants of your choice or see them grow to the height you want. Buy them in size and shape you want according to your liking and the space available to you. Go in for varieties in artificial palm trees like the banana palm tree, fishtail palm tree, or the European fan palm.

Use these palm trees for any theme décor that you may have at your restaurant or café, mall or retail store, hospital or clinic. They go in beautifully with coastal, Victorian, Mediterranean décors. Place them and create magical scenes at your business hub.

3. Durability and Quality

Another advantage of these plants is that they are very durable. The plants don’t shed their leaves in the autumn, and you can keep them in the original form for as long as you want. The leaves don’t wither, unlike real plants.

The quality of these is excellent and makes the plants look realistic. You will love their lightweight materials and the fact that they are so very easy to assemble. Just place them wherever you want. Move them around whenever you want and create a new look indoor and outdoor.

4. Beauty

Imagine the silk palm trees in your hospital or clinic. The patients are going to love their beauty. It will help them to keep calm and patient while waiting to see the doctors. These will help to bring in color, life, and beauty to the corridors, waiting rooms, and doctors’ cabins, thereby cheering up the doctors as well.

The lucky bamboo palm tree is another excellent choice for beauty and luck. Place all these palms in ceramic, terra cotta or even wicker planters. This adds to the beauty of the plants and to the beauty of the spaces. Make the area look exotic and stylish with the pretty palm fonds.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Contrary to common belief, artificial palms are cheaper in the long run. Due to their durability and low maintenance, they are extremely cost-effective. For the initial purchase, explore the option of fake palm trees for sale. After that, save money on human resources, manure, water, etc.

6. Great Décor Option

Because of their beauty and looks, artificial palm trees are a great décor option. Not only do their add beauty and life to the commercial spaces, but they also are great to place lights near. Highlight the palm leaves with a focus light or a string of fairy lights. Both look gorgeous in malls, retail stores, and other shopping complexes. Place a couple of benches under the high leaves, and many a tired shopper will bless you for it.

Diners visiting your restaurants and cafes will love to sit near them or even below their huge fan like leaves. You can also use the big trees to give privacy to diners at these places. You can thus save money on setting up panels or partitions at restaurants.

7. Symbol of Prosperity

Since it is easy to clean these plants, they will always shine and retain their brightness. Their green leaves are a symbol of prosperity and growth. The flouring plants that you place at strategic places will really impress the clients you deal with. The green color symbolizes money and growth. Since the colors will not fade out, your business clients will always associate these plants with prosperity.

8. Safety standards

Because of their material, these plants are also fire resistant and very safe to place in your business complex. Putting them at various places inside the malls, hospitals, or restaurants is great from another point of view. They will not attract any flies, mosquitoes or other insects which come in because of real plants. It’s an excellent relief for business owners as mosquitoes are a menace and safety hazard too.

Apart from these advantages of artificial palm trees, they also look classy and chic. Your casinos, restaurants, cafes, malls, retail stores, hospitals or clinics will look sophisticated and top class with their lushness and brightness. Try them out and see our business décor attract a large number of footfalls.

Intro 14 Incredible Ways To Upgrade The Decor Of Your Classroom

Gone are the days when learning used to be mundane, and classrooms boring! With the advancement in technology kids, today learn everything in a novel and fun-filled ways. Since they spend most of their time in classrooms, it is needless to say, why it is important to make this space lively and creative.

Here are 14 incredible ways to make the kids fall in love with your classroom every single day!

Install some colorful bookshelves:

Learning is not just limited to textbooks, right? So how about installing a bookshelf and loading it with some informative and interesting books? When we say shelf, you may think of a regular wooden one, No! You can make your own shelves using some empty boxes and paint. Yes, it’s that simple, yet innovative!

Paint your windows:

Say goodbye to the monotonous windows, add some vibrancy to your classroom by painting them with various colors which would complement and contrast with the color of the classroom. All you need is some acrylic enamel paint and brushes. You can also make patterns, trees, butterflies or anything of your choice to make them look more appealing and enticing. You can also place some small decorative indoor plants besides the windows to add a natural twist.

Set up objective boards:

Setting up objective boards is a great way to keep the students motivated. This will help teachers to set daily, weekly and monthly objectives, enabling students to work in a very systematic and efficient manner. You can make it look as beautiful as possible with creative borders and designs.

Get close to nature:

Live plants can’t really dwell in a place full of children! But not to worry, you can install some artificial indoor plants and trees which look amazingly real! Install silk palm trees to add some tropical vibes. You can choose from various sizes and variants like areca palm trees, Phoenix palm trees, and others. These plants are strong enough to withstand the mischiefs of playful kids, as well as quite a maintenance free too.

Create a shout outboard:

Words are powerful, and little jolts of encouragement go a long way! Create a shout outboard and put up colorful sticky notes celebrating big and small victories of children as well as teachers. This will create a healthy and positive environment and motivate children to aim towards better performance.

Put up Birthday months poster:

Putting up birthday months poster is a very thoughtful addition to your classroom. Get creative, make posters in the shape of cakes, candles, balloons or anything else of your choice! Just print and add the children’s names under the respective months.

Illuminate your classroom:

Paint some old bulbs using heat resistant paints and hang them on the ceiling to add some glitter and brightness in your class. You can also put up fairy lights with colorful plastic cups or paper flowers, and it would be a real treat to the eyes.

Incorporate fun themes:

Choose a unique theme every month and decorate your space with some fantastic DIY stuff. You can go for various themes like a natural habitat, underwater, rainbow, jungle safari, space and so much more! This will help children to be more innovative and inculcate a scientific temper too. Don’t forget to engage students in the décor process, as this will help them unleash their inner artists!

Create a poetry reading corner:

Reading poetry is like teleporting yourself into a different world! Select a corner of the classroom where you can put up amazing poetries by great writers. Students can read them and get inspired to put their thoughts and emotions into words. This will help nurture some would- be poets of the future!

Put up a suggestion box:

Conducting class meetings is a great way to ensure every student participates in the class activities. Putting up a suggestion box for the same is an excellent way to give students an opportunity to express their opinions in a candid and frank manner.

Make pen stands and file holders from scratch:

Got some old tin cans and racks? How about upcycling them into something useful? Paint the tin cans and racks with your favorite colors. This way kids won’t lose their valuable stationeries, and all their project files will be neatly organized.

Put some vinyl stickers on the floor:

Lining up the floor with some colorful numbered vinyl stickers is a great way to ensure children stand in a disciplined queue during submissions or oral exams. Not only that, it adds excellent visual appeal too!

Turn waste into art:

Got some extra papers, cardboard or any other material in hand? Instead of throwing them away you can make some quick and easy craftworks to decorate your classrooms. From tassel garlands to snowflakes, building models, you can make anything you wish for! All you need is the above items and scissors and some creativity.

Bring in some carpet squares:

To make the classes less monotonous, you can bring in some lovely carpet squares so that children can also sit on the floor. It is a great idea especially when they are working in groups. They can sit with chart papers, colors, stationeries and work with great ease and comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow, go ahead and implement these bright and innovative ideas! The best part is most of these ideas are more of upcycling the and less of procuring of new materials. This in itself is a very much environment-friendly approach, which is quite the need of the hour now!

Intro 10 Ideas To Make Your Hotel Reception Better

A hotel reception happens to be one of the busiest parts of a hotel. The reception area is visited by different people throughout the day and the night. People like chauffeurs, tour guides and different things like luggage, bellhops and many more are frequented in the hotel reception. The hotel reception is also a place that is passed many times by the people who run the hotel.

The guests also encounter the reception first while entering a hotel. Despite being the busiest part of a hotel, it is the reception where the guests wait and relax in the time of check in and check out. Thus, in order to make a good impression of the hotel, it is necessary that the reception is well decorated and gives out a vibe of welcome and warmth. This article discusses certain tips that will make your hotel reception a memorable place for the tourists who visit your hotel.

Use Artificial Plants:

Using artificial plants is an excellent way to decorate your hotel reception along with giving it a touch of green and thus making the place soothing. You can consider using artificial palm tree with lights for decking up your hotel reception. This will not only add a splash of green to your reception, but the lights will also make the ambiance better at night.

Given the fact that greenery always creates a soothing atmosphere, you can consider using an artificial indoor tree for decoration. Besides decorating the hotel reception in a unique way, these artificial trees will offer a soothing atmosphere to the people resting in the reception.

Outside the reception, you can use fake outdoor palm trees for creating a welcoming effect. This will pleasantly surprise the visitors who will reach your hotel after long journeys, and they will definitely remember your hotel for this different and soothing kind of décor.

Make the Reception design unique:

Make sure that you design the reception of your hotel in a unique manner. Your reception should stand out from other hotels’ receptions. You should concentrate on making the reception in a way that will give out the essence of your hotel.

It is only natural that both families and single people will come to stay in your hotel and thus your reception should maintain a balance between formal and informal design. You can consider putting an aquarium filled with bright fish for the children to enjoy who come to your hotel with their families.

The bright fish in the aquarium will certainly amuse the children, and it would make their families happy and have a good impression of your hotel. Make sure that your hotel reception gives out a welcoming vibe to your guests who come for the first time in your hotel. Also, make it a point to make the design of the reception match with the design of the rest of the hotel. Your hotel reception should not stand out as an isolated piece of architecture.

Select proper Furniture for your Reception:

The reception area no doubt serves the purpose of providing people with rest, and thus, you should carefully select the furniture that you will put in your reception area. You should put some furniture that would help the visitors to your hotel wait. For this purpose, you can decorate the reception with chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

Given the fact that the hotel reception will serve as a place where various kinds of conversations will be held, it is important that the reception has enough sitting options. If your reception is not well equipped with furniture, then the guests might think twice before making a stay at your hotel.

Put more relaxing furniture in your hotel reception to make the atmosphere fun and soothing. However, make sure that you do not stuff your reception with too many furnitures. The furniture should not make it difficult for moving around. Make sure to keep your reception breathable and yet comfortable for people to sit and relax.

Fix proper Lights in your Reception:

Hotel reception is a place that is used in both day and night. Some on your guests may be checking in late night and wait at the reception till their room is set up. Because of its all night and day use, you should make sure that you put proper lights in your reception.

You should make sure that you use both bright and dim lights. The bright lights can be used in the evening time. While at night the dim lights can be used to give a soothing atmosphere to the visitors.

Give attention to Painting your Reception Walls:

Another important factor in decorating your reception is painting the walls with proper colors. You can consider painting the walls of your lobby with bright colors so that a welcoming vibe is given out.

You can also go for painting the opposite walls with contrasting colors to give a hint of your sense of decoration to your visitors. Wall arts can also be put up on the walls. You can also use photo frames of happy and satisfies customers as wall decors.

This will serve not only as wall decors but also will promote your hotel. Make sure you do not paint your reception walls with dull colors as that would essentially dampen the heart of your visitors and will give out a boring vibe.

Make good use of your Reception space:

In case your reception has enough space, you can think of setting up a cafeteria there. At the cafeteria, people can enjoy a mouthful and have various discussions as well. This will show your hotel in a new light and will make sure that your visitors remember your hotel for this particular point.

The points as mentioned above will definitely help you to deck up your hotel reception in a better way. However, ultimately everything depends on you and the budget and availability of space. So take the basic idea of decorating from these tips and decorate your lobby according to your good sense.

Intro Upgrade Your Hotel Lobby With These 9 Fabulous Decor Ideas

First impressions are of great importance in the hospitality business. If the lobby of your hotel does not look impressive, it will put your guests in an indecisive frame of mind. So, make sure that your lobby looks classy and stylish.

Here are 9 fabulous ideas which will help you revamp your hotel lobby to make an everlasting impression in the minds of your guests:

Make your space well furnished:

Before checking into your hotel, your guests are going to spend some time in the lobby, so it is all the more important that you make the space relaxing and cozy. Install furniture that is comfortable and compact. The visual appeal is also as important as comfort, no doubt, so you must keep the style, alignment and other attributes in mind as well.

Apart from chairs and sofas which are present and quite common in every other hotel lobby, you may also include coffee tables and couches where you can provide some refreshments to your much-traveled guests. Space comes very much at a premium these days, so care should be taken to make the optimum use of the available space while planning and arranging the furniture and other accessories.

Choose the right colors:

Color is one of the very important factors which will impress your guests in the first look itself. Every color has a distinct effect on the eyes. Hence, choosing the right color for the walls of your hotel lobby should be well thought out. Since you are welcoming and ushering your guests here, it is always advisable to go for warm and soothing shades such as beige, ivory, grey, light brown or pale yellow. These will make your lobby look simple yet classy.

Illuminate your space well:

Good lighting can make or break the overall look of your lobby, so choose your light fixtures wisely. Do not stick to just one type of lighting; instead, use various types to add brightness and glitter to your space. You may hang a majestic crystal chandelier right in the middle and use some mood lightings in the corners.

You can also choose floor lights, table lamps or anything of your choice, provided it blends with the setting of the lobby. Make sure every part of the lobby is well lit, as most of your guests would engage in reading or watching something while they are waiting.

Get artistic:

Depending upon the architecture of the lobby you can adorn your space with some fantastic artworks to treat your guest’s eyes while they are waiting. If your area has a high ceiling featuring large sculptural designs would be a fantastic idea, as it will not only elevate the charm of your lobby, it will also captivate the attention of your guests as soon as they enter. Beautiful paintings and murals spread over the walls would be perfect for spaces with low ceilings. You can also install a mini aquarium with colorful and exquisite fishes which will please your guests, especially children.

Make your flooring attractive:

Do not underestimate the value of good flooring! The right flooring can add glam and panache to your lobby. Use colorful tiles to dress your floors which will add vibrancy to the room. You can also go for patterns in order to get a beautiful and symmetrical look. You can also use carpets with latest design and texture to add some glam quotient.

Blend Traditional and Modern styles:

There is a certain level of classiness associated with traditional interior décor. The dark wooden furniture and metalwork are loved by everyone, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same completely. You can also incorporate some modern styles of furniture and accessories too in your space. Balancing both in a seamless fashion will impart a sleek and contemporary touch.

Bring in some greenery:

Plants and flowers look amazing no matter where you put them. But maintaining them could turn out be difficult. Instead, you can choose to decorate your room with some artificial plants and trees which look as real as the live ones and will add a fresh twist to your space.

Install some gorgeous artificial coconut palm trees in the room, and these will emanate airy tropical vibes. You can choose from a wide range of variants like European fan palm trees, areca palm trees, Phoenix palm trees, date palm trees, and several others.

Go for minimalist shelving:

Gone are the days when shelves were only an accessory for keeping stuff, today it has become a part of interior décor. Minimalist shelving is an excellent choice for adding some style to your space. You can experiment with several materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and textures as per your choice. These look amazing and are extremely budget friendly! What more could you ask for? Decorate the shelves with books, plants or artifacts for a sleek and stylish look.

Set up a small fountain:

To make your hotel lobby stand out from the rest, you can set up a small fountain in the room. They are soothing to look at, and your guests will definitely love the splashing sound of water. You can opt for a floor fountain which can be placed in the center of the lobby or a table fountain if you do not have enough floor space.

So, these were some fantastic décor ideas for your hotel lobby. You may not incorporate all of them; just choose some that will suit your style and space. We hope implementing these ideas will create an impact in the minds of your customers when they arrive and bid adieu!