Spring Decor Essentials for the Artistic Homemakers

Spring season is synonymous with colors. And, to keep the spirit of spring alive it is essential to have your home décor in compliment with the season itself. The easiest way to do so is to have as many colors in your home in as many ways possible. If you can add a little tinge of creativity to your colors, then you would become the irrefutable artist in home décor. In the following tips, we are going to provide you with some of those ingredients that will help you achieve that honor.

1. Plants and planters- flowers are the best way to start your home décor for spring. There is no second to the natural bright, colorful patterns of flowers and plants. You can pot lavenders, lilies, crocus, tulip, bluebell, sweet william, puschkinia, allium, hyacinth, and the list goes on. You can also go for non-floral plants. But, how you pot those plants reflects your actual art. To complement the plants you can use brightly colored pots or even plain white and black with patterns drawn on them. Arranging the pots becomes the last important step. You can use old watering can as a plotter, or an old metal bucket or tub. You can also use simple pots and place them on a brightly colored table or chair or wooden crate. Old rubber shoes also make good potters. Plants can also be hung near doors and windows with simple rain gutter pots and jute ropes to hold them together. You can also use an old ladder to place pots and creepers around the house. A tiered stand at the center of your dining table is also a wonderful art piece. The more elaborate options are that of chandelier pots and vertical gardens. The only catch with plants is their maintenance, especially when they wither. In case you lack the green thumb to keep up with the beauty of plants, you can opt for artificial tree flowers and artificial tree plants and even fake indoor trees. Artificial plants and trees give you many options in terms of plants and trees that you can pot and the ways that you can pot as they save you from dust and dirt that comes with the real ones. You can use simple jute bags and cloth rolls to make potters for artificial plants.

2. Furniture- to diverge from usual wood or wrought iron furniture, you can opt for the acrylic tables and chairs. The beauty of acrylic furniture is the variety of colors, designs, and patterns that it comes in. It hardly needs any maintenance and is as sturdy as needed. You can also go for marble top tables and chairs as they come in unique patterns and compliment the colors around them. Pair your furniture with colorful cushions, bolsters, and pillows. You can also have a banquette in your living area for an exotic feel.

3. Birdcage- this is one multipurpose piece of décor that can become the most beautiful item in your house. You can start with the paint. You can paint the white cage color if you want to highlight the colors of objects in and around it. Or if you like to play with the rustic look, then you can opt for copper shade. Gold and silver tones work well for a regal look. Once you are done with your painting, you can turn your attention towards making good use of the cage. You can use it as a place to keep your plants, or you can decorate it with handmade craft. Birdcages are also great to keep candles or lamps. You can hang them from the roofs or place them in a corner or even put it on your dining table, and everything works well.

4. Patio- it is always wise to have a nice patio in your house. You can do a lot with it. Starting with the simplest one, you can arrange a few bean bags around a low-rise table. To go a little further on the concept, you can use old logs of wood as stools and an old wooden cart table to give a rustic look. If you want to work more on your patio and you can be as elaborate with your furniture as you are in your living room. You can also add other décor items like sculptures, plants, artifacts, papier-mache, etc. If going for a more elaborate patio, then you can have your pergola decorated with creepers, rice lights, and bold lamps.

5. Lighting- lighting in spring is as essential as the colors. Avoid yellow lights if you have many colors to show off otherwise. Instead, the bright white light should be paired up with interesting, colorful décor. If you are keeping colors minimal in the house, then you can play around with different colors of light too. You can have paneled lights on the roofs and inside the racks and cupboards to give a subtle look. You can choose multiple lights like pink, blue, purple, yellow, red and green to add multiple layers of panels.

6. Easter touch- to add a little easter touch to your spring home décor you can start with painting doors and windows in bright colors. You can also hang a wreath on the main door. For the simplest wreath, you can use any brightly colored hose pipe and tie it with a metal cable. You can also use burlap or cotton cloth wrapped around in flowers, twigs, and carrots or small pumpkins, fake ones of course. You can also use easter eggs and pines cones paired up as various decorative items like potpourri, table centerpieces and small kitchen garden decorative. Small carrots and bunnies can also be incorporated as topiaries at home. Small decorated Easter eggs can also be placed in mason jars or even in flower pots for small doses of sparkle around the house. Easter wallpapers are also one of the easiest spring décor ideas.