Intro 9 Tips To Style Up Your Luxurious Home To Make It Look More Comfy And Cozy

Wonder how are you going to decorate your massive large sized home and render that cozy feeling? Here are some tips that will come in handy in making your home more appealing and marvelous. Believe me, it is not that tedious as you think and you will surely enjoy seeing the transformation of your home endures.

1.Dark shades for your bedroom

A dark shade in your room will make your room an apt place to relax and take a break from your busy schedule. You need not to worry if your room might look smaller as you have a spacious room. Opt for lavish bed linens in a lighter shade. They are sure to give a contrast look to your bedroom that would make you crawl into your bed for a nice long and peaceful sleep. Warmer shades like red, brown or peach orange will make your generously sized room look more compact.

2.The lighting of your rooms

The decorative lighting is not only an aesthetic accessory but also an excellent way to make your room look cozy. The type of lighting, whether bright or dim depends on the room. When your rooms are not very brightly lit, especially your bedroom will have that warm and comfy look. The lightings will make your rooms look incredibly amazing, especially in the evening when they are on to create stunning lighting. Why not host a get-together and your guests will surely be awestruck at the captivating ambiance of your living room. Mirrors, when used in strategic spots, can reflect the lighting of your room and make it livelier.

3.Window treatments

The Window treatments have the power to transform your rooms to give an aesthetic and inviting look to your rooms. Either you can design your own window treatments that suit your taste, or you can choose one from the wide range of options available in the market. They can either be functional serving their purpose or just a décor to your space. But why can’t they be both functional and a décor? If you are a person who adores nature, you can opt for roman shades with botanical prints. If you have the shutters, just a coat of paint, matching the color of your space will do wonders.

4. Bring in Nature

Artificial plants are no inferior to natural cousins because they look so real and natural. Silk Palm tree plants bring warmth and give that appealing look when placed in your bedrooms. Putting the palm tree in a terra-cotta planter will further add beauty to the plant. If you want to make it look taller, try filling the pot with some gravels. If you are choosing the tree to fill up space, make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the place. Buy fake palm trees of appropriate size so that the tree blends in your area and doesn’t stand out distinctly.

If you wish for something different, try buying an artificial bamboo tree. It will give a verdant touch to your space and brings in the refreshing dose of the outdoors. They are known to bring good luck and hence considered as one of the best fake trees for Feng Shui Décor. These fake palms and bamboos are sure to rejuvenate your room with their lush leaves and vibrant look.

5. Let the Artwork speak of you

Artworks are great opportunities that you cannot afford to miss when talking about making your home more charming. Do not go behind artworks that are costly or the ones suggested by some interior designer. They sure are of no use when you can’t relate yourself to the art piece. Buy the one that has mesmerized you at first glance or that speaks of you. End of the day, you are the one who is going to see the art every day and not your guests or the interior designer.

6.Introduce color and texture to your spaces

Do not hesitate to grab any chance of introducing color and texture to your homes. The proper use of fabric and texture will come in handy when dealing with massive rooms. A colorful vase, a patterned fabric on the chair or a patterned drape in the place are a few of the chances to bring in a pop of color and texture to your space. When you fill your room with things you would love to touch and feel, it will provide that missing warm and comfy feel to your area.

7. Choose proper furniture

A large spacious living room needs fitting furniture. A larger sectional sofa will do the magic of making your larger room will feel more intimate and inviting. Accessorize your sofa with throw pillows covered in bright and crisp colors. It is a beautiful way of adding a dash of color to your space. If you are the kind of person hosting many parties, creating intimate seating arrangements might be a smarter choice. The guests incline to set themselves into smaller groups and enjoy their cozy evening.

8.Adding bookshelf

A larger living room will have the furniture place generally away from the walls. In that case, adding a bookshelf to the wall might be a cooler option because they take up larger space. Won’t your guests love grabbing their favorite book from the shelf, when you are busy with some phone call? You can place a unique vase and sculptures give a more modern look to your bookshelf.

9. Rugs make it extra charming.

The rugs make your room feel complete. Place a large rug in your bedroom to give that instant intimate feel to your bedroom. Rugs are also an excellent way of adding hue to your space. Have a long narrow hallway that looks dull and empty? Try filling in with a colorful modern rug that will render an eclectic look to your hallway. The layering of rugs in your rooms will add visual interests to your floor and make it comfier.

You are tired of the look of your existing home or moving into a new home? These tips will surely assist you in giving that splendid and stunning look to your large and luxurious home. Your transformed home is sure to invite more and more guests and make them extend their stay.

Intro Give Your Art Gallery Or Museum A Face Lift With These Highly Sought Decor Ideas

Museum interior décor is a challenging task and can be successful if appropriately planned. The architecture and design skills of the designer are presented in interior décor for museums. A museum has many permanent collections, exhibition items, and research aspects. Keeping all these types of displays in mind, designing is implemented. The interior design for an art gallery or museum would change the whole ambiance and bring in a lively atmosphere. Let’s gather up few décor ideas for museum or art gallery.

1. Wall décor ideas

The wall of any museum or art gallery is large enough to accommodate many hangings and pictures. The walls of the museum are to be filled with the subject related to the museum or with artwork. A large collection of photographs and artwork can be the best way to décor the walls. By implementing such an idea, a visual impact is created and also this adds style to the walls.

2. Tall wall ideas

Most of the art gallery walls are really tall as they are meant to hang images. Vertical artwork is the right choice to cover tall walls. You can also opt for a sole bold image, many images together to décor tall walls. Such hangings would make the interiors pleasing and attractive.

3. Greenery within interiors

Apart from decorating walls, you also need to concentrate on the area of the museum. The museum or gallery has a vast area. They keep going and are linked to many other large rooms with displays. The corners and pathways can have artificial tropical plants or cheap indoor palm trees. By arranging with cheap fake plants and trees, the interior would look refreshing and rich.

4. Individual lights

For an art gallery more of detailing can be added. Small focus lights can be fixed for big wall hangings to give a bright look. The color of the wall and wall hanging is to be considered as they both go hand in hand. As the light illuminates on the image, it gives a perfect view.

5. Ceiling décor

All museums have high ceilings and never forget to concentrate on them. The ceiling can be decorated with artwork so that it grabs other attention upward. The huge ceiling can also be installed with large size chandeliers for a lavish look. The ceiling can also be equipped with various ceiling decors. There are multiple types of tiles. Wall panels and decorative aspects especially for the ceiling are available many in number.

6. Coloring

Using neutral colors for the walls and ceiling is vital in any museum or art gallery. The things placed in the museum are important to be highlighted than the other aspects. Beiges or off-white would be the best option for museum ceilings. It is the light colors that illuminate and make the museum look bright. Moreover, an art gallery or museum requires a calm ambiance that can be fulfilled with light colors.

7. Shelves

Museums have countless various sized shelves to place small as well as large things. All the shelves are closed with glass doors so that visitors do not touch them. These shelves can be fixed with small lights to gain a better view.

8. Relaxing area

After a continuous long walk visitors would like to sit and relax for a few minutes. Furniture’s that weigh less are selected. Pale color furniture can go well with the museum wall color. Sofas with tightly upholstered back and thin appearance would be perfect. Artificial plants and trees can be placed in a relaxing area for a relaxing mood.

9. Rugs

A museum or art gallery requires rugs to be placed in appropriate areas for grip and grand look. Not all rooms need rugs but main central area, walking lanes require rugs. There are few things to be considered when rugs are placed. They are the color, size, style, comfort, and care. Rugs of large size can be perfect for a luxurious look. It should also be versatile so that it matches any décor style and color.

10. Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect for any gallery or museum. A good lighting plan is penned down. Make sure to plan for natural light to enter in. A large mirror can be placed in the path of sunlight so that it creates a focal point and illuminates sunlight. These ideas make the museum look bright and lively.

11. Doors

The museum and gallery doors are vast and large doors. They can be carved with architecture out of wood, or painted with design patterns. The door can be designed with graphic patterns with different colors too. Color combinations of green, blue and yellow triangles can be painted on the door. The doors can be highlighted and made outstanding with a variety of patterns and designs.

These are few décor ideas that can be followed in museum or art gallery. There are many other aspects in any museum to be concentrated. The architecture of a museum plays a significant role in interior décor too. All accessories placed must be planned and then purchased. Moreover, many new trends are coming up.

Placing greenery plants, trees, flowers, and topiaries are the main trends these days. Artificial decorative indoor trees, artificial indoor areca palm plants are the latest trends used presently. These services are available many in number and can be obtained easily online. The useful aspect about opting such an option is that they are maintenance free. The professional designers develop realistic plants and palm trees with advanced methods. They are easy to install and safe to use.


Interior décor for museum or gallery can be made successful by prior planning and preparation. Run through various sources and sites online to gather better ideas. Stick to the latest trends and adapt them by incorporating your style. All these tips and ideas can help you bring out the best interior décor for museum or an art gallery.

Intro 9 Decor Tricks To Make A Small Apartment Look Spacious And Large

While not everyone is fortunate enough to have an exceptionally large and spacious apartment, that shouldn’t stop you from using décor hacks to give your small apartment a spacious vibe. Today, we have compiled a list of 9 fantastic décor hacks that will give your cramped and small apartment a large and spacious appeal. These tried and tested ideas have worked wonders on studio apartments too. Here’s everything you need to know:

Declutter Your Apartment Completely

While most of us have the habit of hoarding items that we feel that we may require in the future, it isn’t the most advisable thing to do when you have an already small and cramped apartment. Decluttering your apartment is essential if you wish to give it a more spacious feel. You need to get rid of any furniture that remains unused. Also, avoid keeping too many showpieces and décor items since they make a small space look even more claustrophobic.

Opt For A Minimalistic Styled Décor

Another useful décor hack to give your home is a minimalistic styled décor. Instead of cramping your home with furniture and décor items, keep the décor as minimalistic as possible. Only install a few necessary furniture items, install open shelves instead of closed cabinets for storage and so on. The minimalistic décor theme will give you more space to roam around your home freely and that too without a hundred obstructions in the path, giving the surroundings a less cramped and more spacious vibe.

Select An All White Theme For Your Home Décor

If you want to give your small and tiny apartment a spacious and roomy appeal, you should seriously consider opting for an all white décor. An all white décor would include white walls, white bed and bath linens, white upholsteries and tapestries and white furniture. White automatically gives any space larger and less cramped feel. You can add a slight bit of contrast if you wish to by using colorful cushions or rugs and carpets in the area.

Allow Natural Light To Flow In

When natural light flows into any space, it makes automatically makes the area look bigger and more spacious. You need to ensure that you allow natural light to flow into your home. Expanding or widening the windows will allow natural light to come in. Installing skylights is also an excellent way to let sunlight flow into your home. Not only will this light make your small apartment look roomy, but it will also reduce your electricity bills to a great extent because of reduced dependency on artificial lighting during the day.

Painting Or Wallpapering The Ceiling

Painting the ceiling in a light shade of paint or even installing a light-colored wallpaper on the ceiling can prove to be very useful in making your home look taller and more spacious. Anything that can draw the eyes of an onlooker upwards will automatically seem bigger and taller.

Avoid Placing Your Furniture Against The Wall

One mistake that most homeowners make is that they place their furniture directly against the walls of their homes. Putting furniture against the walls only ends up making space look cramped and small. Even if you can place your sofas and armchairs and couches a few inches away from the wall, it will end up creating an illusion of roominess and spaciousness. This décor trick is particularly useful for small and cramped apartments. People who have studio apartments should definitely try this décor hack out to prevent a clogged vibe in their homes.

Use Foldable Furniture Wherever Possible

Using foldable and collapsible furniture options can also prove to be very effective in making a small apartment look large. Foldable tables, foldable chairs, ottomans with hidden storage spaces and other such items are ideal for a tiny apartment. When the furniture is not being used, you can fold it and store it away to give the apartment a more spacious vibe. A large number of furniture stores are selling such collapsible furniture items. You can even browse through many online portals to get hold of foldable furniture options for your small-sized studio apartment or home.

Opt For Striped Rugs And Carpets

In a manner that’s similar to striped clothing, striped rugs and carpets can play a big role in making a small home look larger and elongated. You can purchase striped carpets and rugs on many online portals or even from your local décor store. You can even opt for striped curtains and other upholstery to give your small apartment a spacious, roomy and elongated feel.

Get Open Shelves Installed In Your Apartment

Closed cabinets may be the preferred storage option. However, they tend to look bulky, clunky and they also occupy a large amount of space. If you replace cabinets with open shelves, your apartment will look a lot more spacious and roomy. Further, it will also become easier to reach out to things on an open shelf instead of a closed cabinet. There are several different varieties of shelves that you can choose from. There are shelves that are available in different styles and patterns and colors. Shelves in the shape of trees, zig-zag style shelves and so on. You can even get shelves customized in the styles, colors, and sizes that you prefer and those that suit the décor of your apartment.

These 9 tried and tested ideas are just what you need to give your small apartment a spacious appeal. These ideas are easy to incorporate and budget-friendly. You won’t end up spending an arm and a leg on the modifications. A lot of these modifications are DIY too. So why wait any more? Make your apartment look spacious and large with these fantastic and much-required décor hacks. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased with the outcome and your guests and visitors will also be equally impressed with the new décor of your home. Start making the changes today and stop living in a cramped and claustrophobic home.

Intro Upgrade The Decor Of The Teacher S Lounge In A School With These Lovely Hacks

After vacation, it’s time for students as well as teachers to get back their usual schedule. The teachers need a welcoming and warm place for breaks in during their chaotic schedule. A teacher’s lounge is a personal space for all teachers to gather. The teachers’ lounge is a place to sip a cup of coffee, relax, discuss with other teachers and more. It is an important place and needs to be inviting and cozy. Teachers should enjoy their moment in the lounge. Below mentioned are few décor ideas to upgrade teachers’ lounge in school.

1. Develop a cozy atmosphere

The tone of the teachers’ lounge can be altered by creating a cozy atmosphere. It would make the lounge bright after a fresh coat of paint. Try by painting one wall with a contrast color. It would be suggested to use light colors for a bright room.

2. Furniture’s

Seating arrangement for teachers must be flexible and comfortable. Ergonomic furniture’s are one way for teachers to relax. Teachers enter the teacher’s lounge to relax after long hours of teaching. Hence furniture’s to be placed must be concentrated.

3. Place plants

A green environment is always rejuvenating and soothes the mood. The corners of the lounge can be placed with an artificial flower tree or artificial palm branches. By opting for artificial products, the maintenance work is less and purchasing is easy. This is the latest trend in any décor plan. Cheap artificial plants and trees are available more in number through many sources.

4. Staff bulletin board

Every teacher’s lounge should hold a staff bulletin board. Apart from relaxing and having meals in the lounge, teachers can share their thoughts. Teachers can share websites, resources, ideas, books, and videos through the staff bulletin board. The board can also be used to support, congratulate and appreciate your colleagues.

5. Add open shelves

Open shelves are useful as teachers can have easy access to the cups and plates. Teachers are tired and like to have a hot cup of coffee; hence easy access can be helpful. The shelves are used to keep plates, cups, glasses and other necessary items required for the staff.

6. Charging access

Teachers always make use of technical devices for their academic purposes. Wireless or wired charging points are important in a staff lounge. They need not worry about any back up as such a facility is available.

7. Lighting

Staffs always like a bright lounge instead of a dull one. Make sure to install bright lights as the staffs are always in academic work. It would be better if natural light also accompanies the room. Big windows with light colored curtains can make your room look bright enough. The paints used for the walls also add to the brightness of the lounge.

8. Space for belongings

As staffs arrive in, they should be allocated with space to hang their coats and hats. They are to be provided with cabinets to place their belongings in respective places. This can be a great idea to keep the things organized in the staff lounge.

9. Rugs

Rugs make the space neat and tidy. Purchase rugs that go with the paint colors. A big sized rug in the middle or rectangular rugs in respective staff’s places can be a great way to make your lounge pleasing.

10. Kitchen with dining

The kitchen area is necessary for the staff lounge to make quick and easy preparations. The kitchen area can be accompanied with a few chairs and a table for meals alone. The chairs can have black and steel tones for a magical look. If the flooring is also of the same pattern, then the lounge would look outstanding.

11. Coffee maker

A coffee maker is necessary and is to be placed at a place where everybody can access. A latest, trendy coffee maker would make the lounge look chic. This helps the teacher’s grab a coffee when they are tired.

12. Wall hangings

The walls of the staff lounge cannot be left idle. Few beneficial and academic wall poster can be hung. Timetables, periodic tables, calendar, festivals, holidays, school functions and more can be pasted. Apart from academics, the other side of the wall can be filled with artwork and painting. This way a stunning look can be given to the lounge.

13. Few reading materials

There are times where teachers need a break from their usual schedule. Few magazines can be kept aside for teachers to read. Puzzle books and regular magazines are a great way to calm teachers mind.

A teacher’s lounge is a place where teachers get relieved of their stress, get into discussions, and curriculum ideas are shared. It’s a place for professional development, and hence a teacher’s lounge should be interesting, inviting and inspiring. The journal of architectural education mentions that the teachers’ lounge should be equipped with conference chairs and tables, comfy furniture, and more. Hence the interior décor for teacher’s lounge should be planned first and then executed.

The latest trend in today’s interior décor is placing artificial trees and plants across the rooms. This gives the room a lavish look and enhances the beauty of the room. Putting artificial coconut palm trees and artificial bamboo has been the recent style for many interior decors. The key factor for choosing artificial products is that they are maintenance free, easy to install and safe. Professional designers design and deliver such products. You can also request for custom designed products that fit your interiors. There are many sources available to purchase such products and make your interior look great.


Upgrading teachers’ lounge can be made impressive by incorporating creative ideas with usual basic tips. There are many sources that sell, accessories necessary to the décor staff lounge. Tap the keys and get hold of unique accessories.

Decor Ideas For That Perfectly Classy And Luxurious Villa Or Bungalow

A bungalow or a villa is a modestly made one storied home that has about two bedrooms and a bathroom or one and a half bathroom. Anything that is over this size is not a bungalow or a villa and is rather a single family home. Bungalows and villas are quite popular as home styles all over the work as they are very adaptable in nature. Bungalows or villas work both are luxury communities and in urban areas that are affordable in nature. Another facility that bungalows offer is that they can often be made with very little or no charge paid to do the floor plan. Given the fact that bungalows and villas have so many beneficial points, it is likely that they will remain in trend in the 21st century as they had been in the 20th century. Here are some tips, which will help you to decorate your bungalow or villa perfectly.

Use Artificial Trees:

You can make your luxurious villa or bungalow forest themed by using artificial areca palm plants. In the bedroom that we will have, you can place artificial coconut palm trees. In the area that you will arrange for sitting can be decorated with a fake date palm tree. Using these artificial trees will help you to create an atmosphere of greenery in your bungalow and will provide you with an atmosphere that will help you to relax and rejuvenate. It goes without saying that a forest themed bungalow will bring you more solace than a normal bungalow and will help you to do away with your stress of the day. It will also give the villa or the bungalow a different look, and your interior will stand out among the interiors that are generally done in bungalows or villas.

Decorate the Walls:

A good way of decorating your bungalow or villa is to start off with the walls. You can decorate the walls by various means. First of all, you have to choose proper colors to paint your walls. If you like an atmosphere that is colorful, then you should choose bright colors that will make your bungalow burst with colors. You should paint the walls in contrasting colors so that each color catches the eye separately.

Once the color is done on the walls, you can look for equipment that will help you to decorate your wall. You can put up shelves on the wall. This will not only give a different look to your walls but also will help you to keep various items on the shelves. You can also put up artworks or photo frames on the walls of your bungalow or villa. However, do not put up too much of artworks or photo frames as it will make space look congested. Keep it simple and use a few of your favorite pictures or works of art to give your wall a distinctly different look.

Choose your Furniture Wisely:

Given the fact that the number of rooms in a bungalow is limited it is important that you choose your furniture carefully to keep in these rooms. Make sure that you do not overcrowd the rooms and there is enough space to move around. The first step about decorating a room is the amount of space you keep in it. Keeping pace is extremely important while decorating a room as a congested room neither looks good nor is suitable to live in. Thus choose the basic furniture that you will need. For the bedroom, you can limit yourself to a bed, an almirah, a bedside table, and a dressing table. For the drawing room, a sofa and a center table will serve the purpose. Thus, to decorate your bungalow or villa properly, buy necessary pieces of furniture that you will use on a daily basis.

Paint the Doors and Windows:

Another important aspect of decorating your bungalow or villa in a classy and perfect way is to color the doors and windows with proper paints. Doors and windows are important parts of a household, and they not only serve security purposes but also serve as elements that enhance the look of a house. Thus it is very important that you choose the colors of your doors and windows carefully. For the entrance door, you can choose a dark color so that it attracts the eyes of the visitors. For the doors and windows belonging to various rooms, you should color them in accordance with the wall colors.

Use Colorful Curtains:

Another step in decorating your bungalow or villa is to put different colored curtains in different rooms. You can use bright colored curtains in your bedroom. You should make sure that the colors of the curtains match with the color of the walls and the doors and windows. If your walls are colorful, then you can surely use colorful curtains, and this will make your room brighter and burst with positive energy. A bright room to welcome you at the end of your hard day will always be a lucrative idea, and thus you will always look forward to returning to your beloved bungalow or villa.

Set up a Headboard:

Using a headboard can also help you to deck up the bedroom of your bungalow. You can choose a wooden headboard and paint it according to your wish of colors. You can also use a headboard made of any other material and then pain it. Make sure the color you paint the headboard with goes with the color of the room. This will make your room look attractive and in a way deck up your bungalow or villa in a better way.

Following the tips as mentioned above will help you to deck up your bungalow or villa in a perfect and classy way. Besides following these tips, you can also get creative and add some more décor ideas that will enhance the look of your bungalow. However, if in the process of decoration you face any setback, make sure you contact the professionals.

Intro Read This Before You Undertake An Ambitious Kitchen Remodeling Project

Redoing your kitchen can be a very exciting project. You can add, delete or do a complete overhaul of your kitchen in the process. Nevertheless, there are innumerable ways to do it and certainly essential things to keep in mind before you plunge into the project. Here is the guide you can fall back on for all your kitchen remodeling needs. If you are going for a complete overhaul, all the tips provided below will surely make your ordeal much easier.

1. Appliances- if you are planning on remodeling your kitchen after a very long time you can surely start with your tools. Pump up your microwave, refrigerator, mixer, juicer, and grinder with the latest models and technology. You can also make a personal space for your appliances in the corner of the kitchen with all the accessories stacked up right where you need them.

2. Island- if space allows you then you can add or renovate your older kitchen island. The island doesn’t just have to be for chopping of placing utensils on; you can make it a multipurpose one too. Add cabinets at the bottom of the surface, and you can use them for keeping your utensils too. In case you want to be more creative with your new found space you can also keep your beloved recipe books. More elaborately, you can also use the other side of the table to convert it into a partial dining area too.

3. Backsplash- backsplash is one area of the kitchen which tends to get dirty easily. Try subway tiles as they are easy to clean and makes the entire place look more spacious. You can also opt for a metal or mirror finish backsplash. But these finishes are a little difficult to renovate at a later stage. In that case, you can always go for the waterproof variants of wallpapers.

4. Paint- this is where you can experiment a lot during your renovation stint. Best combinations are done when you work in contrast on the walls as compared to your cupboards. White walls go very well with blue or green cupboards. You can also paint the entire area white if going for a minimalist look. Monochrome is also a great option to experiment with. You can use different shades of the same color and incorporate designer patterns in self-prints. If you do not want to go through the hassle of making patterns, then the easiest option available is wallpapers. You can pair brightly colored wallpapers with white cupboards or vice versa.

5. Woodwork- you can also just work on your shelves and cabinets for altogether a new look for your kitchen. Try making open shelves instead of closed cupboards unless otherwise necessary. Open shelves give a more spacious look and help you locate your stuff more easily. For a more judicious use of your storage space put hooks along with your shelves. For your cupboards, the panels can be easily redone. Either just change the color of them or attach entirely new panels with designer woodwork. There are many readily available plywood panels too which you can attach very conveniently. These come in many shapes and sizes with great graphic designs. You can also eliminate wood from your kitchen and make metal panels and countertops for a metallic finish. Metal is easier to clean and has a longer life as compared to wood.

6. Countertop- granite countertops come in very stylish designs. You can choose from a wide variety of granite slabs and install a new countertop, and then you can be done with most of your remodeling work. If you are going for monochrome or a minimalist look, then marble slabs are a big hit. Metal slabs are also suitable for a modern kitchen look and pair up well with the appliances space.

7. Kitchen Garden- kitchen garden has a cult following these days. As pollution is at an all-time rise, food adulteration is becoming a serious matter, and organic food supplies are in high demand in the market. The only problem with organic supplies is that they are scarce, expensive and not easy to trust because of many counterfeit products too. In order to avoid so much confusion, many people are growing their veggies and herbs for consumption. Depending on the space allowed in your kitchen, you can easily maintain a healthy kitchen garden near a window. Easiest of the herbs to grow are bok choi, lettuce, coriander, and tomatoes; and you can grow your garden as well as skills with time.

8. Lighting- never install a single lighting source in the kitchen. If you had just that earlier, replace it with layered lighting. You can use panel lighting for the shelves and task lighting for the sink and the cooking area. What type of lamp shades you also use matters. Brass finish shades are brilliant with green blue and white. For the island, you can use suspended lighting with the help of pulleys.

9. Décor- kitchen décor is predominantly taken over by artificial decorative indoor trees and plants. Artificial plants are a great décor hack. They come with various advantages of which is the low maintenance part. You don’t need to water them or add manure or even trim, just use a wet cloth to wipe them clean. Besides the low maintenance factor, the wide range of plants and trees that are available is also astonishing. You can have all exotic and seasonal plants under one roof at any given point in time disregarding the climatic conditions. Plus the artificial plants and trees industry has grown to such an expert level that it is very difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake one. Therefore, you are also not compromising on the look of your decorative pot of favorite plant. Some famous ones are artificial bamboo, artificial interior trees, artificial palm branches, and fake tropical plants and trees.

Intro The First Time Homeowner S Guide To Decor Basics

With the number of readymade manuals available in the market today, a first-time homeowner now gets a lot of facilities while decking up his/her home. However, there are many who still prefer professional help while decking up their first home. But, if you are someone who is a first-time homeowner and want to decorate your home all by yourself, then there are certain points that you should keep in mind. Here are some tips that you can follow if you are a first-time homeowner decorating your house.

Use Artificial Trees:

In order to decorate your first time home, you can use artificial areca palm plants to deck up any particular room. You can also use artificial coconut palm leaves in your drawing room to give it a theme of greenery. In your bedroom, you can use artificial bamboo palm trees. Using such artificial trees will give your house a forest theme and will create an atmosphere of sooth and peace. Given the fact that greenery and themes related to forests create an atmosphere of solace your house will be the perfect place to relax after a long hard day with using these artificial plants. You will be spiritually rejuvenated while simply sitting in your drawing room amid the green and be prepared for the battle of the next day.

Think about your Decoration:

If you are someone who is decorating a house for the first time in your life, then you should not rush into things and rather take them slowly. You should start the decoration by taking small steps. Putting up a shelf or decorating a particular wall might be an excellent start to whole act of decorating the house. If you can do these small steps successfully, your confidence will be boosted, and you will be able to take the bigger steps in the process of decoration. If you start by taking up a huge task and somehow fail to complete it, then it will be difficult for you to hold up the confidence and complete the decoration. So start from a small task, complete it successfully and then proceed.

Make sure you have the Proper Tools:

It is important that your decoration kit has the proper tools you will need to decorate your new house. Before even taking up a small task like setting up a shelf, check your toolbox and make sure that you are not missing anything. Some of the basic instruments that you will require to complete your decoration are spirit level, tape measure of 5m, claw hammer, electrical test screwdriver, screwdriver set, Stanley knife, insulated pliers and a small spanner that is adjustable in nature. What you should keep in mind while buying your tools is that you should not go for the cheapest tool as you will have to spend money behind repairing them many times. It is better that you buy tools, which are of rather high quality so that it lasts for a long time without you having to spend any money to repair them. Buy a toolbox that contains the above-mentioned tools, and you will be all set for decorating your house.

Read before starting the Decoration Process:

You should not begin to work on decorating your house until you know what you will be doing. It is better that you find a step-by-step written guide book to help you with the decoration. You will get such books online, or you might buy them from any book shop as well. Give the book a proper read and do not start to work until the entire process in the clear in your head. If you are reading a book online, it is better than you get it printed as in that way you will be able to keep the book with you when you execute the work. Once you have read the instruction manual thoroughly make sure that you follow it exactly the way it is written and your job will be done correctly.

Do not Rush into the Process of Decoration:

Given the fact that you will be decorating your first ever own home, you might find the temptation of decorating it quickly and moving into it a bit strong. However, it is necessary that you avoid such temptation and do not rush in the process. If you rush into decorating the house, you might commit certain sloppy mistakes that will ruin your endeavor of decorating your home beautifully and adequately. Thus it is advisable that you take your time into getting the work done and understand what you are doing before you start the job. If you do a poor job while rushing through the job, you will have to spend more time making it right. Thus it is better than you do the job slowly and once you are done that job will not take up any further time of yours.

Be prepared for things to go the Wrong Way:

If you decorate your first home following the guiding manuals properly it is more likely that you will do a successful job as following the instructions is the key to the successful completion of the decorating process. However, in spite of following the instructions sometimes the process of decorating your home can go wrong. You should keep yourself prepared for that as well. If you see that things are going out of your hand and you are no longer able to control the process as you expected it to then you should immediately call for professional help. There is no point in continuing a task when you realize it has gone out of your hand. So, keep provisions for professional help when you start working on decorating your first new home.

Follow the tips as mentioned above to decorate your first ever home successfully. However, the moment you feel that things are going wrong, make sure you seek professional help rather than continuing with the work as continuing with the work will mean wastage of both your energy and money.

Intro 8 Ways You Can Make Kitchens More Exciting Places To Be In

People have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen for preparing meals. It further increases when there is a weekend party. But people get easily bored if the kitchen is uninspiring. In case you experience the same feeling, here are 8 ways to make your kitchen an exciting place to stay.

1. Focus on function

We do not use a kitchen for preparing foods only. We gather there as a family and also hang out with friends. This makes focusing on the function vital. Start with organizing things. Put everything where they should be so that you get all the accessories ready when needed.

The best way to focus on function is to use multifunctional items. Also, follow the kitchen triangle concept. This will create an efficient workflow in the kitchen. Most of the times we socialize while cooking. Add stools to the kitchen island. This will deliver an intimate experience and save space as well.

2. Curate the kitchen wall

Our eyes always fall on the things that are on the eye level first. So, creating a gallery wall is highly useful to make a kitchen interesting. Since there is no hard and fast rule to create a gallery wall, you may have what appeals you most.

Start with something that is beautiful and carries meaning. Use framed photos, vintage pots & dishes, baskets, etc and place them symmetrically. You can also personalize the kitchen wall s with chalkboard paint. Writing the wine collection and daily menu is a great way to spruce up the place.

3. Create a mini office in the kitchen corner

With kitchens being the activity hub of the home, you need to stay there for long. As such, you need a place in the kitchen to organize everything. Creating a small workplace in the kitchen corner is a great way to check menus and emails. Complete this with a USB port for charging your devices.

You may listen to the local news while cooking and can also respond to urgent communications. The kids can also use this nook for doing their homework under your guidance. This will make your kitchen stay more adorable.

4. Flood the kitchen with lights

Picture this: you have mixed up salt and sugar and the reaction afterward. I am not saying that you are careless. But this may happen by chance due to inadequate lighting. Remember that hassle-free cooking is the prime concern in the kitchen. For this, you need to ensure that your kitchen has adequate lights.

Other than the functionalities, lighting can make the kitchen more attractive. Consider sculptural chandeliers, rustic pendants, island lights, etc to make the kitchen bright and beautiful. Also, use task lighting on the prep table and under cabinet lights. This will set the mood and make your stay in the kitchen pleasurable.

5. Shift to open shelving

Thinking vertically makes the kitchen area more spacious. While wall-mounted storages have been in use for long, floating shelves is the present trend. In case there is a blank wall, create one or two floating shelves. They are available in many attractive designs like intersecting squares, hives, etc.

Display the kitchen items including the pots and pans on the shelves. Highlight the shelves with cabinet lights. In case wiring is an issue, use battery powered LED lights. You can also add color to the kitchen by displaying some collectibles there. This will add life to the kitchen.

6. Create visual interest with sitting arrangement

If you have a dedicated room for the kitchen, make sitting arrangements for the guest. Maybe you have a combined space for kitchen and dining. Still, you should consider making some extra seating options in the kitchen. This will make the kitchen more friendly and useful.

This is easy to achieve. Add some stools to the kitchen island or to the kitchen counter. This stunning seating arrangement will add fun, and people will love to use those for chatting. Paint them in contrasting color. This will enliven the kitchen area.

7. Invest in flooring

Our eyes go down when we walk into someplace. This also happens as we enter the kitchen. This is why floor should be considered to lift up the kitchen ambiance. There are plenty of flooring options available. You may pick anything from wood, marble, tiles, linoleum, etc based on the budget.

Additionally, you may add a rug to the kitchen floor. When people feel something soft under their feet, they feel more relaxed and comfortable. Use an easy cleaning rug to take care of the spills.

8. Make it calm with potted palms

A kitchen can be a tense place. An excellent way to make it calm and refreshing is to install potted palms. The artificial potted palm trees are particularly famous for improving the kitchen décor. These are not affected by the temperature variation in the kitchen and also have no maintenance demand.

The commercial fake palm trees are available in a plethora of varieties. You may pick anything from Areca palm tree, Rhapis palm tree, Fan palm tree, kentia palm tree. They may be placed anywhere in the kitchen to add a splash of color. Putting them at the kitchen entrance is also a good idea.

Going through many evolutions, the artificial decorative indoor trees mimic their live cousins in all respects. Since these are made from high-quality foliage and color pigments, they are much strong and durable.

Scattering the realistic fake palm trees in the kitchen introduce a tropical vibe. You can also get them in decorative pots and use as centerpieces. Unlike the live plants, they do not grow mold, cause allergies, and attract insects. Thus, you get a safe and hygienic kitchen ambiance as a bonus.


A kitchen is the heart of the home. So, it has to be beautiful and functional. The above ideas mix and match brilliantly and are perfect to remove cramped feeling. You may use any of the above or can combine a few of them together for alluring kitchen decor.

Intro 9 Must Haves For Your Bedroom Decor In 2019

If you’re planning on upgrading your bedroom décor in 2019, several amazing décor trends and ideas are making the rounds in the world of interior décor. Today, we have put together a list of 9 must have bedroom décor ideas for the year 2019. These décor hacks will help you to transform your old and lifeless bedroom into a fancy and fabulous one. Here’s everything you need to know and do:

Wood Is Making A Major Comeback

For a few years now, a wooden bedroom décor had taken a bit of a backseat. However, it has finally made its comeback, and you should seriously consider incorporating it into your bedroom. You can add wood to the décor of your bedroom by installing wooden floorboards, wooden furniture, wooden wall panels and so on. This wooden décor will give your bedroom a rustic, rugged and natural vibe. People who love the log cabin style décor will find this wooden décor hack to be a real treat.

Add Color To The Bedroom Décor

Gone are the days of whitewashed walls and neutral colors in the bedroom. The hottest décor trend of 2019 is all about adding color to your room. From painting the walls in a bright and captivating shade to adding colorful cushions in the space, you can give your bedroom a whole new charm by adding color wherever possible. If you don’t want the walls to look excessively bright, you can always opt for a colorful accent wall instead of painting all the walls of the bedroom in a single bright shade.

Rugs, Carpets And All Kinds Of Tapestries Are In Style

Another hot trend in the world of interior décor is the use of rugs, carpets and all kinds of tapestries. Placing beautifully patterned and vibrant rugs and carpets on the floor will give your bedroom a warm and cozy charm. Further, the carpets and rugs will also act as sound absorbents that will prevent any sound reverberations and echoes in the bedroom. You can also use other types of tapestries like wall hangings, sheers and curtains, bed throws and more to decorate your bedroom and give it a chic bohemian appeal.

Use Faux Landscaping Products To Spruce Up The Décor

Using artificial palm trees and other faux landscaping products is an excellent way to spruce up the décor in your bedroom. These fake indoor trees and plants will add vibrancy and color to your bedroom décor without the added responsibility of maintenance and care. You can give your bedroom a relaxing and tranquil vibe by installing artificial bamboo tree options. Alternatively, you can use the faux coconut palm tree to give your bedroom a tropical and summery vibe. There are artificial landscaping products at very reasonably priced, and they are durable and long-lasting too, making them the perfect bedroom décor items.

A Minimalistic Décor For Your Bedroom

Another hot décor trend of 2019 is decluttering the bedroom. Opting for a minimalistic décor will give your otherwise cluttered bedroom a whole new charm. A minimalistic décor will also make your bedroom look a lot more spacious and roomy. You can achieve this décor trend by getting rid of any unnecessary furniture items, excessive décor items and so on. Hold on to only those décor items and pieces of furniture that you use regularly.

Play With The Lights

Playing around with the lights in your bedroom can upgrade the décor of the space. Replace old lights with new age and contemporary lighting structures like scones, wall lamps, hanging lights, pendant lights and so on. In addition to upgrading the artificial lighting structures in your bedroom, you should also make sure that natural light flows into space. You can bring in more natural light into the bedroom by having the windows widened.

Use Artwork To Decorate The Walls

Art has a way of making the simplest spaces look beautiful and elegant. You can purchase gorgeous canvas paintings from local art galleries to decorate your walls with. Abstract art paintings with vibrant colors, realistic looking still life and nature paintings and other such options are ideal. You can even get a professional artist to paint a mural on one of the walls of your bedroom.

Wallpapers For The Walls And Ceiling Of Your Bedroom

Wallpapers are décor trends that are making a significant comeback. There are so many gorgeous varieties and patterns of wallpapers available. From beautiful and vibrant wallpapers that have lovely motif patterns on them to bold and captivating wallpapers with geometric prints on them, you can decorate the walls of your bedroom in whatever wallpaper style you prefer. A lot of homeowners are also installing wallpapers on their bedroom ceilings too. Special ceiling wallpapers are available at most local décor stores.

Monochromatic Décor Styles Are Very Much In Vogue

Last but not least is the option of a monochromatic décor style. You can stick to one single color scheme for your entire bedroom. While some people prefer to go to an all-white bedroom, you can also opt for an all wood bedroom and so on. A monochromatic décor style will require you to get bed linen and other décor items in the shade that you choose to paint the walls. You can also opt for an all floral décor theme if you want a bedroom that has a feminine appeal to it.

These 9 fantastic décor hacks are trending in 2019. You can finally give your bedroom that much-needed décor upgrade. A lot of these ideas and suggestions that we have put together for you are affordable and pocket-friendly. You will fall in love with the new bedroom once you have incorporated some of these décor ideas. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start putting in the work that you need to for upgrading your bedroom décor. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the outcome.

Intro The Home Decor Trends Set To Rock Throughout 2019

Predicting the future requires one to look back at the past year and measure what can possibly carry over to the next one. The world of decor is the same, but as with art and styles, the world of trends is changing with niches of new styles popping up and exploring an infinite variety of possible combinations. 2018 saw a marked move away from minimalism to a more curated and collected design. Now to see what can become trendy in 2019:

Mushroom Lamps

Mushrooms lamps saw a resurgence in the past year so one can reasonably predict that people and significant retailers will jump on the bandwagon in the next year as well. From pristine white ones who can compliment a similarly themed house to a dark red one to contrast against it, its unique shape and covered top make it stand out among other light fixtures. It's best used both in the living room and in the bedroom. The living room can be used to show off its unique style whereas the bedroom can benefit from a contained source of light.

More Max Styles

Minimalist design has been all the rage in the past year, but the world of decor is set to see a return of maximizing tendencies which would bring with it a more modern and stylistic take on it. But maximize style doesn't mean that everyone will revert to the familiar and used classic or traditional styles. Instead, the prediction is more towards collecting pieces from different periods and creating interiors which will be unique in themselves but will also create harmony amongst all the pieces.

Back in Bold

2017 was the year of dusty pastel colors and hues, 2018 brought its own style of deep jewel tones. If we go way back then the whole spectrum has been covered more or less over the past years, it may be time for the bold primary colors to make a comeback. From the bold rusts of red to the bright yellow mustard and the deep blue indigo, it will all be at the forefront of the scene in 2019. Use these bold colors in your living rooms and patios to make the places where you entertain guests with pop. Pair up these amplified colors with some light colored furniture to get a good contrast going.

Artisan Fixtures

In recent years there has been more of a shift from commercially available standardized styles of lighting to something more from local artists and this trend will only intensify in the coming year. The lighting fixtures from small and local businesses are more varied in styles, made with care and help in adding personality to your home with it. If you plan on making your house more rustic and yet sophisticated in the coming year then adding some bamboo patterned lighting fixtures shaped like cages, boxes or in rows will work wonders.

The addition of artificial

Using artificial trees have always been on the rise, but 2019 seems to be the year when it will ride on the popular wave. It is understandable why people would prefer real plants in their house or garden- it's more beautiful and natural to smell and look at. But they are also a hassle to care for and moreover, it attracts bugs in the house. The solution is having artificially trees which are aesthetically beautiful and more but save you the trouble of buying bug sprays. There are loads of varieties to choose from, like the artificial areca palm, artificial bamboo tree, artificial banana palm and more. There are also artificial metal palm trees and artificial mini palm trees for your office needs.

Lean towards nature

Continuing the above theme of naturalistic lighting fixtures, the prediction also stands that the decor world will lean more toward the natural side and use natural materials like concrete, copper, stone, and granite. All these elements bring about not just a more naturalistic feel. They also give options for different textures which can make your house look serene and organic.

Style in Velvet

Velvet is not for everyone, and that's why even though it has always been on catalogs, but it has not really been able to get into people's minds and homes. While many think that it's too stuffy and old-fashioned, others see it as luxurious and funky. This is a fabric which when used well can make any home seem more sophisticated and classic. So 2019 seems to be the year when it will make a full comeback. If you want to try out this style, then there's everything from velvet sofas to rugs and more which will look amazing in front of a white painted fireplace, especially the dark red ones.

Time for some flower power

With original lighting fixtures and natural materials on the uptick, floral patterns aren't far behind. Floral patterns have always popped in and out of popular use throughout the years, but it hasn't really stayed, mainly because they are either seen as too childish, something for hippies or for little girls. But this year floral patterns can make a comeback by being used in a new style that can make others see it in a new light. Many decorators prefer using it with contrasting colors and exaggerated proportions.

Back in Brass

Polished nickel and stainless steel have always been in use and trend. They are also seen as reliable since they can be used in fixtures which can go with almost any kind of decor. But 2019, may push people to try out something different from the norm and go for brass accents. Why you ask- because brass has a really old-school charm, which seems to be imbued from the Asian countries. It's warmer than steel accents which give off bright and sharp tones.

The Reds are Coming

Blues and greens have been ruling the designer charts for the past few years now, but 2019 may be the year for some warm tones. Red and its tones are amazing for cold countries as they give off a warm vibe. It's also a great color if you want a more Gothic and dark vibe or perhaps a more sophisticated one at that. Red makes any home warmer and inviting, but do try contrasting it with lighter colors for a more subtle effect.

The world of decorations is always changing at a moment's notice from all the new styles which are being developed. But even in this advancing world and changing industry, we can safely say that everything from tonal red to floral patterns has a very realistic chance of gracing someone's home again.