How to Set Up a Quiet Zone in Your Office for Focused Work

In a busy office which is always bustling with energy, it is often very difficult for anyone to concentrate fully on work. Everyone needs a place of solitude and peace to clear their minds of unimportant trash. Your office should have such a quiet zone too, to help your staff concentrate and relax at the same time with an increase in productivity.
The quiet zone of your office can be placed indoors or outdoors, and here's how to set it up like a boss.

For Indoors:

Allot a separate room/hall for this purpose. What you can do in it is :

1. Soundproofing and absorbing in the rooms:

When you want a quiet zone, you must soundproof it from external noise to keep you from any disturbance. You can do it at the beginning of construction by asking your architect. Or you could go for harmless DIY methods like airtight the room, using soundproof curtains, taping down cracks, using soundproof blankets for the walls and floor, etc.

2. Make solitary hanging booths 'cause it's cool:

When it's a quiet zone, you need to be alone to keep away from any distraction. Why not set up a few open stalls/booths with suitable lights inside? They even look so good as seating arrangements, attached to the wall, yet hanging. Throw in a cushion for comfort.

3. An office friendly garden arrangement with fake shrubs and bushes:

What better place can it be for tranquility, if not a garden? But maintaining one inside an office area is such a mess! Why get soiled when you can get artificial greenery ranging from 2ft to 10ft in size online, although it is recommended you use smaller ones for office use. Make an area to set up pots and pebbles and fill with faux European fan palm trees and other shrubs for decoration.

4. Install an aquarium with exotic fish and other sea creatures:

The sea can be so energetic with waves, but the life inside it is so peaceful. Bring in a touch of the soothing sea in your office by installing an aquarium. The slow drifting of the fish inside will cool the nerves of your staff. Also, it happens to be known as a lucky charm. You can also include handfuls of silk leaf plants in the aquariums which are widely available online, it adds to the swaying move.

5. Give weary backs a rest:

Come on, you've been thinking about it. Say yes to those beanbags! Throw in a few bean bags in your quiet zone and put up a fancy iron framed glass/fiber rack on the wall. Feels just right. Those racks can contain useful books and documents. In between those, just for a span of relief, you can put a few decorative artificial potted plants because fake greenery is mess-free and more manageable around the paper.

6. Recycle old furniture and turn into a showpiece:

Do you have an old chest of drawers which seem just useless? Well, oomph it up for yourself by changing it into soothing greenery for your quiet zone. Keep the drawers open, put the plants inside. It's that simple. Don't want that mess off real elaborate greenery? A wide range of real-to-touch artificial plants are available online, which can be used instead of real ones.

When done, all you need to do is gear up for your work and focus!

For Outdoors:

If you are setting up your quiet zone outdoors, you have to make it more comfortable than what's indoors, because you have to bear with the weather too. Let's see what you can do:

1. Get the zone covered and secured:

If you are into the natural, trim the lawn. If you are not, get a concrete floor. Don't bother to get a carpet because it is bound to get dirty, it's got to be the cleaned every day. Dig iron poles around it and put up a tiled or thatched roof for coolness.

2. Get a central attraction with recycling :

Found a wide tree trunk but it's jagged? Worry not. Smooth out one side and put it on a rag at the center of the pavilion. Fill up the jagged end with blue-green resin or cover with colored glass, and voila! It's just the center table you've been looking for! Why not adorn it with little table palms that look cute for tabletops?

3. Include a waterfall and add some greenery for a classy centerpiece:

Big or small, a waterfall is known for its calming effects and serenity. If you ditch the wooden-trunk idea, install a nice pebbled waterfall at the center of the pavilion. Add some greenery along with the waterfall, whether real plants or artificial shrubs and bushes that are made especially for outdoors.

4. Seating arrangement with a do-it-yourself project:

Thinking about the seating arrangement at the quiet zone? It's time for DIY. Grab some big old tires, cover one side with stiff board. Wrap with colorful ropes all over. Take another stiff board and fix a soft cushion for comfort and cover the other side. It's done! Get some of these tire seats and you are done.

5. Get some potted plants for enhanced green everywhere:

Imagining a serene place out in the air, green is the thing we think first. So get the green right when you are outside. You can buy real shrubs and bushes from the local nursery. Or you can use fake options like artificial outdoor landscaping with bamboo and banana palm trees that are quite in vogue. They provide instant shade, you don't have to wait for them to grow.

6. Get an electric connection for regular use:

Being on the outside doesn't mean you have to cut out of technology. Plug points, electric fans, and lights are a must if you have to work.

7. Use PVC curtains or other waterproof ones:

Get large and colored PVC curtains for the place but keep the provision for having them rolled up too. Don't forget to keep umbrellas handy in the rainy season!
However, keep a drawer or covered racks so that you can keep important and useful documents and stationery materials needed for your work.

You can get ideas from everywhere if you keep your eyes open to the creative world. When setting up, you can consult with your friends too! Now get going, and make it happen!