How to Make the Most of Empty Spaces in Your Homes

Creativity is at its best while making the most by filling up empty spaces in our homes, and it is also a smart way to increase the living spaces. Irrespective of how big or small the house is every home requires more space. Maximizing space with multifunctional furniture, cabinets, shelves, and other accessories need a sense of creativity by keeping the space clutter-free. Every place can do with functional organizing and ensuring that the spaces are properly used.

Small spaces in the rooms with corners can be utilized by putting pieces of our collections, sculptures and floor lamps and filling up the empty spaces. By hanging curtains, adding baskets for simple outlook and sound absorption and other accessories, the empty spaces can be well utilized. A large place can look very haphazard if we unnecessarily add in more furniture and accessories. To balance the styling, we should repeat certain colors of fabrics to match the cushions and the texture of the sofas and curtains in the room.

Create Storage Spaces

It is important to make the best uses of empty spaces within the room. We can think of adding some open shelves for books or storage cabinets and create a mini-study room with a stylish desk in the corner and a couch or a sofa to relax. The corners can be best utilized by making a bookshelf which can also serve as a library. Adding Shelves will not only help us to occupy the empty spaces in our homes but at the same time, it will help us to keep things in an organized manner. The shelves can be either freestanding or fitted on a wall in the empty corners. Both will be helpful for filling up the empty spaces.

The vacant space under the staircase can also be utilized well by adding more storage space. A free standing display cabinet looks excellent when illuminated with light and is filled with decorative knick-knacks and other decorative pieces.

Adding Plants

Adding plants is an excellent way of utilizing vacant spaces. Plants brighten up the place and give a fresh look to the room they’re kept in. Large plants take up a lot of space; hence it wise to put them in corners inside the rooms. They add to the pleasant fragrances in the place and also help increase the oxygen levels within our home. We can choose from a variety of house plants available in the market. They can be hung in baskets from the walls and help to liven up the place.

We need to keep the tall potted plants in the rooms strategically. They can be kept vertically to fill up the rooms with big ceilings or also put in the corners and other empty spaces. The green plants depend on sunlight, but if we use artificial plants, then they are very useful for filling the corners. They can be maintained for a long time and are durable too. One can also look at artificial plants to liven up the place. The silk flower arrangements add color to the room. The artificial palm trees can be put at the entrances. The fake orchids and the silk tulips add to the beauty of the room.

Create an Art Corner

Creating an art corner in the room gives an artistic touch to the place. It makes the place look exciting and invariably draws attention. The framed pictures can be hung on the empty walls. It could be some beautiful personal family pictures or some fine art, which would fill the room with memories. We can find a vacant corner in the living room and add a few pieces of antiques and display them there. In this manner, we utilize the unused space in the room and help to brighten it up and make it look inviting. If the rooms are big in size, then the artwork and the pictures should be bolder and bigger too, which gives a better punch to the room.

Adding extra Seating places

We can think of making a personal place within the room with a couch or a relaxing chair next to the window, where one can sit and relax and sip a hot cup of coffee and look out of the window. Large seating arrangements may not look comfortable if there is too much distance between them. Putting in extra coffee tables and ottomans can fill in the gaps and make the place look cozy and warm.

A big table in the room adds to the warmth of the room and can use for keeping the plants or the lamps. Chairs can be put into empty corners of the room. The chairs can be of definite style or one of the vintage kinds which add flair to the room.

Light fittings

Corner spaces in the room tend to be dark, so if we can look at transforming these spaces with extra light. We can add some designer lamps for a soft glow in the room or chandeliers which make the room look full. There are many floor lamps available in the market and which would add elegance to the room. They can also be put into the corners of the room from where they illuminate the room and give it a stylish outlook.

Having large windows in the room definitely helps with natural sunlight in the room. Also, a room will look awkward if there are too many lamps and light fittings put into it. Therefore it is important to wisely decide on what looks good and how the spaces can be utilized without the place looking dark.

It is a challenging task to find ways to integrate and fill up corners and spaces in our homes. Many multiple ideas come to our mind for filling up the empty spaces and at the same time for it to look good. We keep figuring whether to put a plant in the corner or a roundtable or maybe the place might just look good with a lamp. Once the place is done up and looks inviting and functional, we realize how the spaces have been utilized in the best ways to make the place look stylish. We should look at inspiring ways to personalize our spaces and express our styles, with the correct texture and color of fabrics, along with our favorite treasures, which will transform and make the place look inspiring and impactful at the same time.