Commercial Decor Ideas That Interior Decorators Swear by in 2019

A well-designed space can boost not only your employees’ enthusiasm but also their productivity. A perfect surrounding and atmosphere play a pivotal role in our mood. A well-furnished interior, with a balance of comforts and professional business image, strikes a chord among your team members and customers. Gone are the days of just boring furniture; when you can showcase your office “statement” by these 8 Commercial Decor Ideas That Interior Decorators Swear By In 2019.

1. Semi-private working space

In this age of communication, collaboration and teamwork, over isolation, play a significant role in the productivity of your employees. An open yet individual workspace can be created by low or transparent panels over desks. The illusion of semi-private workspace can also be fashioned by circular workstations.

2. Incorporate geometric patterns on walls

A solid color, when chosen properly, has an impact on a person’s productivity, performance and overall mood. While many of us like to go classical, quirky geometric patterns help businesses create their style statement. Incorporating large scale geometric patterns also helps to create a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

3. Employ the perfect lighting

Lighting is a significant factor in commercial décor. Ditch the old and boring fluorescent light and replace them with high-quality lamps. Different colored lights can be employed throughout a lobby, aisle or restaurant to divide different sections of the place. A perfect symphony would be the blend of artificial and natural light which can be brought about by skylights or glass walls

4. Casual conversation area and meeting place

Not every task can be done poured over documents and hooked onto a laptop on your desk. Discussions among employees and team members can take place at casual conversation and meeting areas. Playful and quirky designs on walls and a relaxed atmosphere combined with comfortable seating areas encourages meetings, discussions, and bonding among team members.

5. Throw a bit of nature amidst the corporate environment

Foliage can not only give your office space a stylish appeal but also turn your tedious working atmosphere into an interesting one. Give your office a little bit of extravagance and exotic feeling with artificial plants and trees indoor like artificial coconut palm trees, European fan palm and Hawaiian fishtail palm.

6. Adding non-matching tile flooring with a hint of bold, cool colors

Non-matching tile flooring, though unusual, can enhance a room’s character. A hint of colors like grey, white or black reflects the cool natural vibes and its deep soothing tones. To make them quirky, replace the dark tones with a cool color like lime green or a bold color like red.

7. Create a relaxed environment with office lounges

With the invention of wireless technology, nobody now needs to work only in one place. Employees can get comfortable while taking their time out from their monotonous work stations and get their job done in a relaxed state.

8. Quiet zones for the distracted

While open spaces are a necessity in an office, many employees’ individual work can be affected by shifty and noisy atmosphere either due to chatty co-workers or other office noise. Cramped workspace and total isolation may not be the answer, but quiet zones can offer a different yet productive outlook to a solution. Modern phone booth furniture can be used in an office space where employees can stay for as long or as little they want. Private meeting rooms for team discussions can also be set up.

9. A bit of creativity amidst the corporate world

Tedious office work can take a toll on your employees’ creativity and imagination. More offices are opting for a creativity corner for showcasing various artworks. This not only uplifts your workers’ imagination capabilities but also inspires them to become more creative.

Artworks always have had a soothing and calming effect on a person’s mind. Between the busy schedule and tiresome work, your workers can take a visual break to admire them.

10. Install acoustic walls

In an office environment, you want to discuss stuff about your project with your teammates, but other people are doing the same. It is very common to feel distracted while talking in an open place when different sounds also intervene in your conversation.

Installing slated acoustic walls can damp the distracting sounds and also serve as a means to separate areas without investing lumps for a significant refurbishment. They also can be installed in hallways to serve as a dual purpose for dampening the echoes and also give a chic and elegant look.

11. Speak about your brand through the colors

Use quirky combinations of your brand colors on the walls. Paint a picture of your brand identity with the help of its colors and instill in your employees’ the sense of being involved in your brand. Subsequently, this method will create a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

If you are not using your brand colors, you may employ bold and solid colors. Colors like red inculcate a sense of power along with energy and focus. You can also use the muted and minimalistic color scheme in neutral workspaces.

12. Unconventional furnishings and open shelving

While readymade furniture might woo you because of the cost effectiveness and the easy accessibility of the product, innovative furnishings are more commonly installed in offices nowadays. Furniture is nowadays made keeping in mind the needs of its user. Extended workstation with sound minimizing acoustic panels ensures the workers’ individual focus as well as easy access to discussions and collaborations.

Consequently, open shelving can be employed for easy access to binders, files, and other office supplies. It ensures a clean office environment along with a modern touch to the ambiance.


The modern office problems require modern solutions. While offices and its work are changing rapidly along with its workforce’s mentality, it needs to be considerate of its worker’s needs. Just as multifunctionality of space is a significant factor considered during office renovation, an average worker’s needs, and productivity is the basic criteria to judge the office’s design pathway.