Areca Palms - Offering Versatility of Placement Like No Other Landscaping Palm Product

We all know palms give some of the most amazing and vibrant landscapes and bring in the fresh, natural vibes to provide a perfect atmosphere. In fact, it has been widely used in most landscapes all over, mainly the commercial landscapes, where the topmost quality and professional approach is a must. It is also an excellent product if you are looking to have the tropical or beach themed landscape and can give the premium party appearance effortlessly.

Commercial landscaping with palms

The best way to bring in the smart, vibrant and refreshing look to any commercial landscapes without much hassle is by infusing it with some fresh palm plants and trees. It will not only give elegant and stylish set up for spreading the goodwill and conveying your story to the visitors but will also help in making a hospitable atmosphere for your visitors and employees which will in turn help to increase the work output. The best part about using palm plants and trees for commercial landscapes is the availability of endless options for setting dynamic and exciting landscapes.

Commercial landscaping guidelines

Indoor landscapes

  • The atmosphere needs to be soothing and hospitable for the visitors. Use of natural items like plant fronds and suitable versions of Areca palm will be best.
  • Avoid using messy landscaping tools and plants attracting insects and pests. Commercial spaces tend to have a bug-free atmosphere.
  • Using splashy items or applying too much of landscaping tools will make the landscape clumsy. Simple and elegant landscaping designs will be perfect.
  • Keeping the premium landscaping tools like palm greenery away from the focal point will make it ineffective in the landscape. Try keeping the elegant landscaping tools at the focal point of the visitors.

Outdoor landscapes

  • Outdoor landscapes give more options for the range of tools and applications. You should use more impacting landscaping tools such as large areca palm tree.
  • Outdoors landscapes should be clean and tidy. Messy things like fallen leaves, dead matter are unacceptable and unprofessional as they ham the image of your commercial building.
  • Every commercial building has a story to tell. Design landscapes that convey your story and help spread the message to the visitors.
  • Using reliable and sturdy materials is a must to ensure durable and long lasting landscapes. After all, no one wants to invest in short-term plans.
  • Commercial landscapes need to be maintenance free. It's applicable for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. You won't want the extra headache of regular care and maintenance activities like watering, pruning of the plants, etc.

Looking these guidelines, you must be confused about using the vibrant palm plants and trees in your commercial space. It's mainly because it has some of the attributes which are undesirable in industrial areas.

Smarter alternative to sheer tropical beauty

However, you don't have to be worried as we have got your back on this one. We have the more stylish option for the tropical palm plants and trees and probably the smartest landscaping tool for your smart commercial space. It's designed using a premium synthetic material to withstand the harsh weather conditions and also has the perfect resemblance to real greenery. These faux palm plants and trees or silk palms as you would like to call it are ideal for all commercial landscapes due to their incredible beauty and also comes loaded with other amazing features for business settings.

Amazing features of perfect landscapes

  • Long lasting- the silk palms like faux Areca palms have the long life for durable landscapes.
  • Maintenance free- the only work you need to do is install the silk palm plants and trees in your landscape, and it's done.
  • Mesmerizing landscapes- with the artificial landscaping tools, you can expect sheer beauty and mesmerizing views.
  • Use anywhere- with faux Areca palms and other faux greenery, location is no more a barrier as you can enhance indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Economical- compared to the other favorite landscaping tools and techniques, you can expect the best return on your investment with silk palms.

Areca palms

If you are attending for the most stunning and versatile landscaping product for vibrant commercial landscapes, faux Areca palms are the one you should be picking. Apart from the exciting features which are common to all other silk landscaping plants and trees, the artificial Areca palms have a characteristic versatile beauty which goes exceptionally well with almost all locations. The main reason behind it is the plant being very simple and natural in appearance which is ideal for blending in almost any landscape, interior or exterior. The green, slender, fresh leaves are ideal for the required elegant style.

Faux Areca palms are one of the most widely used tools in commercial landscapes all over and are the most used in the faux palm category. The availability of various sizes has made it possible to enhance almost all landscapes with it. You will come across a faux Areca palm product very often in commercial setups.

Perfect indoors with silk Areca palms

Designing Perfect indoors with the Artificial Areca palms is very simple and professional, or expert touch is not necessary. Just put your creative landscaping ideas to use and try to keep it as simple as possible, because the tool itself has a simple attire and elegant style. Just keep in mind to pace it within the focal range of the visitors and get ready for the exotic look in your commercial space. An attractive base will increase the beauty many times.

Picturesque outdoors with artificial Areca palm

Outdoor landscaping calls for more impacting tools. The artificial Areca palm trees have the desired sleek look and elegant appeal with the impacting design to attract the attention of the visitors and woo them with its charm. However, don't use too much of trees as it will look clumsy and cramped.