9 Super Decor Hacks to Give a Small Boutique a Spacious Feel

Have you always dreamed of having your own boutique that displays all your fabulous creations and gets more and more customers? Ask yourself what is stopping you? Is it the lack of a grand space for your central display?

Well, do not worry. We have sieved tons of clever décor hacks and came up with the best options which will ensure that you do not have to demolish your current set up; instead, you can enhance what you already have, giving your entire boutique a unique look. You can start by placing outdoor ficus trees to give a warm welcome.

Nest, scroll on and discover the secret of smart boutique decor.

Ladders in wall

You do not have to sacrifice the open feeling for displaying those trendy garments by tugging them in boxed cabinets. Dedicate one wall of your boutique to install wooden ladders horizontally and use them as shelves for your stock garments.

Paint the old ladders in your favorite color to give them a new look. These ladders are super light and hang perfectly on the wall without taking any ground space. You get artificial ficus plants online at a good rate. Use them beside these wooden ladders for a fresh look.

Tip: Use natural wooden colors for the ladders giving them an antique touch.

Dollar store hangers

Now that you have your ladders correctly fixed in place get those cost-effective hangers to hang samples of each of your best attires. You can entirely avoid the floor racks taking up all your space. Plus, it is always a pleasure to see a garment in its entirety than folded.

Tip: Use wooden hangers that will complement your wooden ladders.

Beer bottle lamps

All those beer bottles that have been going to your trash bins can be put to flawless use. How? Transform them into hanging lamps by just adding your desired color bulbs and chords. Stand lamps take up a vast area of any central room.

In its place, bring in these fantastic hanging lamps made from empty beer bottles focusing all your USPs. They are so cheap that you can afford to place one light above each of your elite items.

Tip: Twine the base of the lamps with jute ropes to match your wooden décor.

Doorframe shelves

What happens to the wall space above the doorframes? The doorframe is the most underutilized aspect. Make complete use of it by placing shelves. Shelving above the door will give your boutique a custom touch with lots of extra storage.

You can make your shelves tapping wooden planks and screwing them in place. For easy access, you can place those sliding shelves too.

Give your dear customers full liberty of walking around with just large artificial ficus trees indoors.

Tip: Since they are placed at a higher reach, your out-of-season stocks can smoothly go in there.

The “S” hooks

No boutique is complete without the slender section of ties, belts, and scarves. After all, they add to the accessories. These items may have lesser fabric, but their sheer length takes a lot of space.

Make chain hangers using the “S” hooks easily available in any hardware store. Now instead of having just one hanger, you can have as many within one. No more drooling accessories on the floor!

Tip: Clean a fake ficus tree and place it alongside to enhance the look.

Beer crates for storage

Every décor needs a seating station for the boutique wanderers. Your customer’s comfort means everything to you. So why not use the seats as storage boxes as well?

Remember all the beer bottles you used for making lamps? Their crates act as amazing storage boxes. Place them underneath your seating areas. These can be your secret boxed capturing things you do not wish to put in display right away.

Tip: Make it sure to dry and varnish the crate before using them entirely.

Pegboard on one wall

Have you ever wondered what magic could be done with a pegboard? Mount one in one of your bigger walls and you can use all the tiny holes for hanging many items. The sassy dresses, the classy hats, the peppy bags can all be engaged in one wall.

Considering the width of the pegboard, this is where you can also put in your sample picture frames showing your customers how elegant a dress, a hat or a bag will look on them.

Tip: Paint the pegboard green adjoining to best looking fake ficus tree.

Coats on the other wall

Be it a summer light coat or a furry winter coat, and a boutique has to have its coat section in place. You can avoid your coat rack taking the whole corner of your room.

Label your other empty wall as your “Coat of Fame.” Simple metal hooks or U-bend hooks can be used to hang one of the costliest garbs of your boutique seamlessly.

Tip: You may want to use hangers to keep the shoulders of your coats in place

Mirror mirror on the wall!

Needless to say, your boutique will have mirrors, often more than one. Who would not want to see how lovely they look wearing one of your creations? But can they be used as something more?

Install tension rods at the back of your glimmering mirror (or mirrors) and use the space for all your extra storage. You can also hang newspaper holders and tug in your inspiring magazines to read during free time.

Tip: Place lighter items to increase the durability of the rods

Some final words

You may be a pro in the world of boutique or just a newbie exploring this new world. A spacious boutique is not complete unless you identify your own style and vibe. Your originality and creativity are what will make you the Boss of Boutique. Like artificial ficus trees, indoor will renew your boutique. With a little imagination and our creative ideas, you can have your dream décor boutique and show the world your true talent.