9 Must Haves for Your Bedroom Decor in 2019

If you’re planning on upgrading your bedroom décor in 2019, several amazing décor trends and ideas are making the rounds in the world of interior décor. Today, we have put together a list of 9 must have bedroom décor ideas for the year 2019. These décor hacks will help you to transform your old and lifeless bedroom into a fancy and fabulous one. Here’s everything you need to know and do:

Wood Is Making A Major Comeback

For a few years now, a wooden bedroom décor had taken a bit of a backseat. However, it has finally made its comeback, and you should seriously consider incorporating it into your bedroom. You can add wood to the décor of your bedroom by installing wooden floorboards, wooden furniture, wooden wall panels and so on. This wooden décor will give your bedroom a rustic, rugged and natural vibe. People who love the log cabin style décor will find this wooden décor hack to be a real treat.

Add Color To The Bedroom Décor

Gone are the days of whitewashed walls and neutral colors in the bedroom. The hottest décor trend of 2019 is all about adding color to your room. From painting the walls in a bright and captivating shade to adding colorful cushions in the space, you can give your bedroom a whole new charm by adding color wherever possible. If you don’t want the walls to look excessively bright, you can always opt for a colorful accent wall instead of painting all the walls of the bedroom in a single bright shade.

Rugs, Carpets And All Kinds Of Tapestries Are In Style

Another hot trend in the world of interior décor is the use of rugs, carpets and all kinds of tapestries. Placing beautifully patterned and vibrant rugs and carpets on the floor will give your bedroom a warm and cozy charm. Further, the carpets and rugs will also act as sound absorbents that will prevent any sound reverberations and echoes in the bedroom. You can also use other types of tapestries like wall hangings, sheers and curtains, bed throws and more to decorate your bedroom and give it a chic bohemian appeal.

Use Faux Landscaping Products To Spruce Up The Décor

Using artificial palm trees and other faux landscaping products is an excellent way to spruce up the décor in your bedroom. These fake indoor trees and plants will add vibrancy and color to your bedroom décor without the added responsibility of maintenance and care. You can give your bedroom a relaxing and tranquil vibe by installing artificial bamboo tree options. Alternatively, you can use the faux coconut palm tree to give your bedroom a tropical and summery vibe. There are artificial landscaping products at very reasonably priced, and they are durable and long-lasting too, making them the perfect bedroom décor items.

A Minimalistic Décor For Your Bedroom

Another hot décor trend of 2019 is decluttering the bedroom. Opting for a minimalistic décor will give your otherwise cluttered bedroom a whole new charm. A minimalistic décor will also make your bedroom look a lot more spacious and roomy. You can achieve this décor trend by getting rid of any unnecessary furniture items, excessive décor items and so on. Hold on to only those décor items and pieces of furniture that you use regularly.

Play With The Lights

Playing around with the lights in your bedroom can upgrade the décor of the space. Replace old lights with new age and contemporary lighting structures like scones, wall lamps, hanging lights, pendant lights and so on. In addition to upgrading the artificial lighting structures in your bedroom, you should also make sure that natural light flows into space. You can bring in more natural light into the bedroom by having the windows widened.

Use Artwork To Decorate The Walls

Art has a way of making the simplest spaces look beautiful and elegant. You can purchase gorgeous canvas paintings from local art galleries to decorate your walls with. Abstract art paintings with vibrant colors, realistic looking still life and nature paintings and other such options are ideal. You can even get a professional artist to paint a mural on one of the walls of your bedroom.

Wallpapers For The Walls And Ceiling Of Your Bedroom

Wallpapers are décor trends that are making a significant comeback. There are so many gorgeous varieties and patterns of wallpapers available. From beautiful and vibrant wallpapers that have lovely motif patterns on them to bold and captivating wallpapers with geometric prints on them, you can decorate the walls of your bedroom in whatever wallpaper style you prefer. A lot of homeowners are also installing wallpapers on their bedroom ceilings too. Special ceiling wallpapers are available at most local décor stores.

Monochromatic Décor Styles Are Very Much In Vogue

Last but not least is the option of a monochromatic décor style. You can stick to one single color scheme for your entire bedroom. While some people prefer to go to an all-white bedroom, you can also opt for an all wood bedroom and so on. A monochromatic décor style will require you to get bed linen and other décor items in the shade that you choose to paint the walls. You can also opt for an all floral décor theme if you want a bedroom that has a feminine appeal to it.

These 9 fantastic décor hacks are trending in 2019. You can finally give your bedroom that much-needed décor upgrade. A lot of these ideas and suggestions that we have put together for you are affordable and pocket-friendly. You will fall in love with the new bedroom once you have incorporated some of these décor ideas. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start putting in the work that you need to for upgrading your bedroom décor. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the outcome.