9 Decor Tricks to Make a Small Apartment Look Spacious and Large

While not everyone is fortunate enough to have an exceptionally large and spacious apartment, that shouldn’t stop you from using décor hacks to give your small apartment a spacious vibe. Today, we have compiled a list of 9 fantastic décor hacks that will give your cramped and small apartment a large and spacious appeal. These tried and tested ideas have worked wonders on studio apartments too. Here’s everything you need to know:

Declutter Your Apartment Completely

While most of us have the habit of hoarding items that we feel that we may require in the future, it isn’t the most advisable thing to do when you have an already small and cramped apartment. Decluttering your apartment is essential if you wish to give it a more spacious feel. You need to get rid of any furniture that remains unused. Also, avoid keeping too many showpieces and décor items since they make a small space look even more claustrophobic.

Opt For A Minimalistic Styled Décor

Another useful décor hack to give your home is a minimalistic styled décor. Instead of cramping your home with furniture and décor items, keep the décor as minimalistic as possible. Only install a few necessary furniture items, install open shelves instead of closed cabinets for storage and so on. The minimalistic décor theme will give you more space to roam around your home freely and that too without a hundred obstructions in the path, giving the surroundings a less cramped and more spacious vibe.

Select An All White Theme For Your Home Décor

If you want to give your small and tiny apartment a spacious and roomy appeal, you should seriously consider opting for an all white décor. An all white décor would include white walls, white bed and bath linens, white upholsteries and tapestries and white furniture. White automatically gives any space larger and less cramped feel. You can add a slight bit of contrast if you wish to by using colorful cushions or rugs and carpets in the area.

Allow Natural Light To Flow In

When natural light flows into any space, it makes automatically makes the area look bigger and more spacious. You need to ensure that you allow natural light to flow into your home. Expanding or widening the windows will allow natural light to come in. Installing skylights is also an excellent way to let sunlight flow into your home. Not only will this light make your small apartment look roomy, but it will also reduce your electricity bills to a great extent because of reduced dependency on artificial lighting during the day.

Painting Or Wallpapering The Ceiling

Painting the ceiling in a light shade of paint or even installing a light-colored wallpaper on the ceiling can prove to be very useful in making your home look taller and more spacious. Anything that can draw the eyes of an onlooker upwards will automatically seem bigger and taller.

Avoid Placing Your Furniture Against The Wall

One mistake that most homeowners make is that they place their furniture directly against the walls of their homes. Putting furniture against the walls only ends up making space look cramped and small. Even if you can place your sofas and armchairs and couches a few inches away from the wall, it will end up creating an illusion of roominess and spaciousness. This décor trick is particularly useful for small and cramped apartments. People who have studio apartments should definitely try this décor hack out to prevent a clogged vibe in their homes.

Use Foldable Furniture Wherever Possible

Using foldable and collapsible furniture options can also prove to be very effective in making a small apartment look large. Foldable tables, foldable chairs, ottomans with hidden storage spaces and other such items are ideal for a tiny apartment. When the furniture is not being used, you can fold it and store it away to give the apartment a more spacious vibe. A large number of furniture stores are selling such collapsible furniture items. You can even browse through many online portals to get hold of foldable furniture options for your small-sized studio apartment or home.

Opt For Striped Rugs And Carpets

In a manner that’s similar to striped clothing, striped rugs and carpets can play a big role in making a small home look larger and elongated. You can purchase striped carpets and rugs on many online portals or even from your local décor store. You can even opt for striped curtains and other upholstery to give your small apartment a spacious, roomy and elongated feel.

Get Open Shelves Installed In Your Apartment

Closed cabinets may be the preferred storage option. However, they tend to look bulky, clunky and they also occupy a large amount of space. If you replace cabinets with open shelves, your apartment will look a lot more spacious and roomy. Further, it will also become easier to reach out to things on an open shelf instead of a closed cabinet. There are several different varieties of shelves that you can choose from. There are shelves that are available in different styles and patterns and colors. Shelves in the shape of trees, zig-zag style shelves and so on. You can even get shelves customized in the styles, colors, and sizes that you prefer and those that suit the décor of your apartment.

These 9 tried and tested ideas are just what you need to give your small apartment a spacious appeal. These ideas are easy to incorporate and budget-friendly. You won’t end up spending an arm and a leg on the modifications. A lot of these modifications are DIY too. So why wait any more? Make your apartment look spacious and large with these fantastic and much-required décor hacks. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased with the outcome and your guests and visitors will also be equally impressed with the new décor of your home. Start making the changes today and stop living in a cramped and claustrophobic home.