8 Ways You Can Make Kitchens More Exciting Places to Be In

People have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen for preparing meals. It further increases when there is a weekend party. But people get easily bored if the kitchen is uninspiring. In case you experience the same feeling, here are 8 ways to make your kitchen an exciting place to stay.

1. Focus on function

We do not use a kitchen for preparing foods only. We gather there as a family and also hang out with friends. This makes focusing on the function vital. Start with organizing things. Put everything where they should be so that you get all the accessories ready when needed.

The best way to focus on function is to use multifunctional items. Also, follow the kitchen triangle concept. This will create an efficient workflow in the kitchen. Most of the times we socialize while cooking. Add stools to the kitchen island. This will deliver an intimate experience and save space as well.

2. Curate the kitchen wall

Our eyes always fall on the things that are on the eye level first. So, creating a gallery wall is highly useful to make a kitchen interesting. Since there is no hard and fast rule to create a gallery wall, you may have what appeals you most.

Start with something that is beautiful and carries meaning. Use framed photos, vintage pots & dishes, baskets, etc and place them symmetrically. You can also personalize the kitchen wall s with chalkboard paint. Writing the wine collection and daily menu is a great way to spruce up the place.

3. Create a mini office in the kitchen corner

With kitchens being the activity hub of the home, you need to stay there for long. As such, you need a place in the kitchen to organize everything. Creating a small workplace in the kitchen corner is a great way to check menus and emails. Complete this with a USB port for charging your devices.

You may listen to the local news while cooking and can also respond to urgent communications. The kids can also use this nook for doing their homework under your guidance. This will make your kitchen stay more adorable.

4. Flood the kitchen with lights

Picture this: you have mixed up salt and sugar and the reaction afterward. I am not saying that you are careless. But this may happen by chance due to inadequate lighting. Remember that hassle-free cooking is the prime concern in the kitchen. For this, you need to ensure that your kitchen has adequate lights.

Other than the functionalities, lighting can make the kitchen more attractive. Consider sculptural chandeliers, rustic pendants, island lights, etc to make the kitchen bright and beautiful. Also, use task lighting on the prep table and under cabinet lights. This will set the mood and make your stay in the kitchen pleasurable.

5. Shift to open shelving

Thinking vertically makes the kitchen area more spacious. While wall-mounted storages have been in use for long, floating shelves is the present trend. In case there is a blank wall, create one or two floating shelves. They are available in many attractive designs like intersecting squares, hives, etc.

Display the kitchen items including the pots and pans on the shelves. Highlight the shelves with cabinet lights. In case wiring is an issue, use battery powered LED lights. You can also add color to the kitchen by displaying some collectibles there. This will add life to the kitchen.

6. Create visual interest with sitting arrangement

If you have a dedicated room for the kitchen, make sitting arrangements for the guest. Maybe you have a combined space for kitchen and dining. Still, you should consider making some extra seating options in the kitchen. This will make the kitchen more friendly and useful.

This is easy to achieve. Add some stools to the kitchen island or to the kitchen counter. This stunning seating arrangement will add fun, and people will love to use those for chatting. Paint them in contrasting color. This will enliven the kitchen area.

7. Invest in flooring

Our eyes go down when we walk into someplace. This also happens as we enter the kitchen. This is why floor should be considered to lift up the kitchen ambiance. There are plenty of flooring options available. You may pick anything from wood, marble, tiles, linoleum, etc based on the budget.

Additionally, you may add a rug to the kitchen floor. When people feel something soft under their feet, they feel more relaxed and comfortable. Use an easy cleaning rug to take care of the spills.

8. Make it calm with potted palms

A kitchen can be a tense place. An excellent way to make it calm and refreshing is to install potted palms. The artificial potted palm trees are particularly famous for improving the kitchen d├ęcor. These are not affected by the temperature variation in the kitchen and also have no maintenance demand.

The commercial fake palm trees are available in a plethora of varieties. You may pick anything from Areca palm tree, Rhapis palm tree, Fan palm tree, kentia palm tree. They may be placed anywhere in the kitchen to add a splash of color. Putting them at the kitchen entrance is also a good idea.

Going through many evolutions, the artificial decorative indoor trees mimic their live cousins in all respects. Since these are made from high-quality foliage and color pigments, they are much strong and durable.

Scattering the realistic fake palm trees in the kitchen introduce a tropical vibe. You can also get them in decorative pots and use as centerpieces. Unlike the live plants, they do not grow mold, cause allergies, and attract insects. Thus, you get a safe and hygienic kitchen ambiance as a bonus.


A kitchen is the heart of the home. So, it has to be beautiful and functional. The above ideas mix and match brilliantly and are perfect to remove cramped feeling. You may use any of the above or can combine a few of them together for alluring kitchen decor.