10 Ideas to Make Your Hotel Reception Better

A hotel reception happens to be one of the busiest parts of a hotel. The reception area is visited by different people throughout the day and the night. People like chauffeurs, tour guides and different things like luggage, bellhops and many more are frequented in the hotel reception. The hotel reception is also a place that is passed many times by the people who run the hotel.

The guests also encounter the reception first while entering a hotel. Despite being the busiest part of a hotel, it is the reception where the guests wait and relax in the time of check in and check out. Thus, in order to make a good impression of the hotel, it is necessary that the reception is well decorated and gives out a vibe of welcome and warmth. This article discusses certain tips that will make your hotel reception a memorable place for the tourists who visit your hotel.

Use Artificial Plants:

Using artificial plants is an excellent way to decorate your hotel reception along with giving it a touch of green and thus making the place soothing. You can consider using artificial palm tree with lights for decking up your hotel reception. This will not only add a splash of green to your reception, but the lights will also make the ambiance better at night.

Given the fact that greenery always creates a soothing atmosphere, you can consider using an artificial indoor tree for decoration. Besides decorating the hotel reception in a unique way, these artificial trees will offer a soothing atmosphere to the people resting in the reception.

Outside the reception, you can use fake outdoor palm trees for creating a welcoming effect. This will pleasantly surprise the visitors who will reach your hotel after long journeys, and they will definitely remember your hotel for this different and soothing kind of décor.

Make the Reception design unique:

Make sure that you design the reception of your hotel in a unique manner. Your reception should stand out from other hotels’ receptions. You should concentrate on making the reception in a way that will give out the essence of your hotel.

It is only natural that both families and single people will come to stay in your hotel and thus your reception should maintain a balance between formal and informal design. You can consider putting an aquarium filled with bright fish for the children to enjoy who come to your hotel with their families.

The bright fish in the aquarium will certainly amuse the children, and it would make their families happy and have a good impression of your hotel. Make sure that your hotel reception gives out a welcoming vibe to your guests who come for the first time in your hotel. Also, make it a point to make the design of the reception match with the design of the rest of the hotel. Your hotel reception should not stand out as an isolated piece of architecture.

Select proper Furniture for your Reception:

The reception area no doubt serves the purpose of providing people with rest, and thus, you should carefully select the furniture that you will put in your reception area. You should put some furniture that would help the visitors to your hotel wait. For this purpose, you can decorate the reception with chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

Given the fact that the hotel reception will serve as a place where various kinds of conversations will be held, it is important that the reception has enough sitting options. If your reception is not well equipped with furniture, then the guests might think twice before making a stay at your hotel.

Put more relaxing furniture in your hotel reception to make the atmosphere fun and soothing. However, make sure that you do not stuff your reception with too many furnitures. The furniture should not make it difficult for moving around. Make sure to keep your reception breathable and yet comfortable for people to sit and relax.

Fix proper Lights in your Reception:

Hotel reception is a place that is used in both day and night. Some on your guests may be checking in late night and wait at the reception till their room is set up. Because of its all night and day use, you should make sure that you put proper lights in your reception.

You should make sure that you use both bright and dim lights. The bright lights can be used in the evening time. While at night the dim lights can be used to give a soothing atmosphere to the visitors.

Give attention to Painting your Reception Walls:

Another important factor in decorating your reception is painting the walls with proper colors. You can consider painting the walls of your lobby with bright colors so that a welcoming vibe is given out.

You can also go for painting the opposite walls with contrasting colors to give a hint of your sense of decoration to your visitors. Wall arts can also be put up on the walls. You can also use photo frames of happy and satisfies customers as wall decors.

This will serve not only as wall decors but also will promote your hotel. Make sure you do not paint your reception walls with dull colors as that would essentially dampen the heart of your visitors and will give out a boring vibe.

Make good use of your Reception space:

In case your reception has enough space, you can think of setting up a cafeteria there. At the cafeteria, people can enjoy a mouthful and have various discussions as well. This will show your hotel in a new light and will make sure that your visitors remember your hotel for this particular point.

The points as mentioned above will definitely help you to deck up your hotel reception in a better way. However, ultimately everything depends on you and the budget and availability of space. So take the basic idea of decorating from these tips and decorate your lobby according to your good sense.