10 Décor Hacks That Make Your Restaurant Wonderful

A restaurant must have great food and service, but what is more important, is a beautiful, cozy ambiance. When a customer enters your space, the first thing they notice is your décor. As a result, it has a lasting impact on their opinion of your restaurant. Worry not- here is everything you need to know to give your restaurant a splendid makeover-

Decide what your center of attraction is

Draw up a design plan beforehand, and decide what you want to emphasize. For instance, if families frequent your restaurant, the dining area would be the center of attraction, as opposed to the bar.

An open style restaurant is the latest, modern and trending idea. The kitchen, wine cellar, and other typically backstage elements will be a part of the décor, and the diners will be let in on the experience, from start to finish. Open space has a sleek, edgy look that would do you wonders.

Choose an appropriate color scheme

You need to have a vision of how the color scheme should be. The color scheme depends on various factors, like the audience and the lighting. Dark palettes will give a relaxed, romantic feel, and so might be more suitable for an older or an upscale crowd. Brighter colors are suitable for a young audience.

Similarly, you need to choose colors that would blend well with the lighting. If you have statement fixtures, like a big chandelier, it might be wise to go mute on the colors.

Furniture and lighting

The furniture can make or break a restaurant. You need to choose furniture that would go well with your brand's aesthetic and your restaurant's feel. The type of audience you generally get also affects this decision.

Muted lighting can be great for an excellent dining restaurant, while for a hipster's joint, bright lights will do the trick. Don't opt for big chandeliers in an informal, fast food restaurant. Remember- context is critical. And don't forget functionality! All your furniture choices must be comfortable at the most basic level. Even the most beautiful chairs are useful, only if you can sit down in them comfortably.

Create an experience

Your job is to make your guests feel welcome and at home. No matter how good the food is, your ambiance is the thing that is going to linger on their minds long after they leave the restaurant. It will also make them revisit your place in the future.

When you plan your décor, ensure that you stay relatable to your target audience. Don't try to combine several statement pieces, and instead, pick one piece and plan your décor around it. Greenery makes a place feel comforting and soothing, so include plants and flowers in your décor. European fan palm plants indoors are a unique, off-beat choice, that is easy to take care of, and offer a distinct look to your space.

Heating and ventilation

Temperature control is an often overlooked aspect. No one wants to eat in a stuffy restaurant. Install windows and let the natural sunlight in. If you are in a cold area, make sure the heating in your restaurant is perfect. You should also tailor the temperature according to the food that you serve.

Don't ignore the restroom

It is of great importance that the restrooms should fit in properly with the other elements in your restaurant. A smelly, unclean, or poorly designed restroom with no amenities will quickly decrease your credibility. Don't let your restrooms be your Achilles heel.

Utilize the available well and have large stations. Ventilation is key here too. Install flattering lighting for the vanity.

Install the right flooring

Since your restaurant would have significant foot-fall, you need to install flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and visually appealing. Wooden flooring is an excellent option for any restaurant. It can be easily dressed up or down; it is formal and professional, yet warm and welcoming. Porcelain floors are also easy to maintenance. If a tile is broken, you can get it replaced for next to nothing.

Maintain your aesthetic

Choose a single aesthetic, and incorporate elements that enhance it. For instance, you can choose to go muted, with little splashes of green and color. For this, you can opt for wooden flooring, furniture in neutral colors like grey, and you can introduce some fun with artwork or funky paneling on the walls. Complete this look with indoor artificial plants and trees.

Themed restaurants

This might demand a complete makeover, but it sure is an exciting idea. Themed restaurants have been the rage for years now. There are flight-themed restaurants; forest themed ones, even jail themed restaurants. You can also opt for a culturally significant theme. Pop culture themes, like Harry Potter restaurants that offer Butterbeer, and Marvel restaurants also attract a lot of crowds. A bonus- your restaurant's Instagram popularity will shoot through the roof!

A well maintained outdoor space

You can incorporate an artificial waterfall or fountain to make the place classy. Opt for fake palm trees for the pool area. Taking care of fake palm is very easy since they are fade resistant and long lasting.

To jazz up your space with minimal efforts, you can choose artificial Dracaena Trees. These artificial silk palm trees are perfect for restaurants since they work their magic in otherwise dull spaces. You can also have a koi pond, or even a play area for kids, to make the place more attractive.

Concluding thoughts

Even with excellent food and service, your restaurant will not succeed to the maximum potential, if it has an uncomfortable or a downright intolerable ambiance. Fortunately, offering a premium experience for your customers is not a difficult job at all. Don't think twice, and implement these tips to see your restaurant's reputation rising exponentially!