Areca Palms - the Jewels of Any Corporate Exterior Landscape

Areca palm is one of the most popular palm trees in the world that are known from various names including butterfly palms and golden cane palms. This tree has the capability to make your outdoor yard a heavenly place by upgrading the look and feel of your outdoor space. Along with reinvested looks, for additive comfort and maintenance-free landscape, artificial Areca palm trees are considered an ideal option. One of the major benefits of the artificial landscape is that you need not stay in stress for keeping them healthier and lively all the time. Your faux areca palm tree can stay lush green, blooming and glowing without any maintenance requirements. These trees are widely used by corporates, commercial space, hotels, restaurants, parks, entertainment venues and more for outdoor decorations.

Reflecting Tailor Made Looks

Silk areca palm trees possess so lovely and attractive looks that all of their shapes, sizes, and appearances look just tailor made. Whether you place them on your office entrance, besides outdoor walkway or anywhere in the yard, these can make everyone feel their presence and get noticed quite easily. If you are looking for a good solution to add greenery, style, and liveliness to your corporate exterior yard, these areca trees are the landscaping products that you need. Their refreshing faux fronds, lifelike trunks, and leaves can mesmerize anyone and create an illusion of having realistic landscape all around. The natural appearance of these artificial trees reflects tailor-made and customized looks to the onlookers.

Add Excitement and Energy to Your Outdoor Yard

Does your outdoor corporate area look dull? Do you want to make your exterior lawn look more appealing? Artificial areca tree is the thing that can perfectly reinvent the looks lf your outdoor yard. Nothing can be More eye-catchy in your landscape than faux areca plant, no matter where you place it, its grace will uplift the overall outdoor environment. If you have large outdoor landscape, adding large artificial trees of areca palm is one of the best ideas. A few Areca palms placed in line in combination with other foliage can make your outdoor area thousand times more exciting than any ordinary landscape. So, if you have got fed up with your ordinary commercial yard, areca trees are the ideal option for you.

Made With Premium Quality Material

Areca palm trees available in the market are manufactured using high-quality raw material and are not prone to any damage. As these are utilized mostly for outdoor decorations, therefore feature tested UV resistance, water resistance, and weather resistance powers. It implies that these will not fade away or get damaged even in different types of environmental conditions. Whether you place them in shady areas, sunny areas or harder to reach areas, these will stay lush green and bloom all the time. Along with being durable and long lasting, they possess life like looks, just like their real counterparts. If you once try, these faux palm trees for your landscape, you will not even think about going to any other option.

Say No to Regular Upkeep

Do you often leave the idea of having areca tree in your lawn just because you cannot afford such efforts and time required for their maintenance? Well, the idea behind introducing artificial areca is for preventing you from investing maintenance efforts while also adding grace of beautiful areca plant to your lawn. Artificial areca tree not at all require any maintenance like watering, pruning, fertilizing and all and you can place it any of your space comfortably without having worried about its health. This faux plant will stay lush, soothing and greener for years in your yard. Moreover, the best part is that onlookers will not come to know about the false nature of your beautiful large artificial tree. Hence without putting any efforts on these artificial plants, your landscape can keep looking lush and greener.

Complementing Traditional and Contemporary Landscape Theme

No matter on what landscaping theme your exterior office landscape is based on, silk areca trees can suit any of your landscaping settings. Whether its contemporary landscape, modernized landscape, African style landscape, tropical style landscape or more, these silk trees can make space in any of the lawn themes, complementing all the other elements also. With lovely artsy trunks, thin golden stems and long realistic leaves, these can create positive and energetic vibes around your space. An areca tree added to your exterior space is going to be the single focal point in your landscape.

Attention Grabbing Butterfly Appearance

The feather leaves of this artificial tree work as ornaments for any landscape. They create an amazing environment around your space that can make anyone gets engaged in your flattering yard. The leaves of areca tree possess arching curls that flutter beautifully in the wind. This is just due to these fluttering feathery leaves; this tree is also known as butterfly palm tree. The leaf stems are of golden color and therefore also called as golden cane palm. In addition to corporate spaces, outdoor yard and more, these are also considered one of the best trees for patios and decks. These trees can also offer your space privacy with their fluttering branches and leaves.

Hide Unappealing Flaws of Your Corporate Outdoor Space

Do you think your corporate outdoor is dull and boring due to certain exterior elements or unorganized yard? Addition of some artificial areca trees can not only help you hide all the unattractive flaws of your corporate space but also transform your landscape into an exciting and attention-grabbing zone where you employees, visitors or clients can feel some positive vibrations and fun. These trees add cheerful elements to your space wonderfully. With these trees, you can add tropical and cool vibration to your corporate space boosting interest of people while also recharging energy levels of your employees.