Why European Fan Palms Make Your Restaurant Gardens The Talk of Town?

Visual identity is essential for a successful business. No matter what industry you are in, it must have an engaging exterior for attracting the customers. Adding flair to your restaurant garden could be challenging if you have no idea of the right type of trees to be included in the landscape. When people plan to eat outdoor, they prefer a warm and cozy place. So, the restaurant garden should have a chick and classy ambiance to make visitors feel cozy and comfy there.

Adding a natural charm with tropical vibe helps to make a restaurant lawn bold, and deliver a feeling of country living. While the palms are great for adding a nice tropical accent in the restaurant gardens, including those in the commercial landscapes may not always be practical for many associated pitfalls. The artificial European Fan Palms provide a unique alternative solution. With their grace and glamour, these can charm the guests, and deliver an excellent restaurant garden.

Mesmerizing beauty of the fan palms

The artificial European Fan Palms are the most popular for their stylish and eye-popping beauty. With their stately detailed trunk, majestic branches, and lush green fronds, these can infuse a piece of tropical paradise in your restaurant outdoor. Whether you use these for making nice focal points or for defining spaces, these can let you make the best style statement with their live and serene presence. These also let the garden feel with a romantic aura to take the guest to a dream tropical environment.

These provide an element of surprise

The artificial European Fan Palms are native to the tropical regions and, therefore, maintaining tropical greenery is not possible everywhere. However, installing the fake fan palm trees, you can easily include a tropical ambiance in your restaurant garden, no matter where that is located. And, when this is done, your guests will be surprised seeing an amazing beauty, and this makes them spellbound. So, you will have a nice buzz created about your restaurant that will go a long way for business excellence.

Deliver an awesome restaurant garden

The Commercial Palm Trees artificial European Fan Palms are the most adorable option for combining aesthetics with functionality. Available at the height of 8 feet, these deliver an outstanding refreshing look to the restaurant garden. Moreover, these add fun and style to the commercial exterior and build up an enjoyable and graceful ambiance with their inspirational presence and charm.

Remain unaffected by change in weather conditions

Landscaping elements installed in the restaurant garden has to tolerate the change in weather conditions. The Commercial Palm Trees products are produced using prime quality of plastic material and color pigments. To make these withstand the harsh effect of the scorching sun rays, these are treated with special chemicals for blocking the UV rays. Additionally, these are also made waterproof. Thus, the artificial European Fan Palms let you have a restaurant garden that does not fade or turn yellow due to the effect of the sunlight, and also do not get damaged due to rains or snows. These replicated landscaping elements continue to adorn the commercial outdoor equally in all weather conditions.

Lower the risk of fire

Ability to tackle fires is one of the most important features of the fake botanical items. If the mimic fan palms do not have such ability, they tend to add to the fire and cause heavy damages. Being manufactured from high-grade Silk foliage, the Commercial Palm Trees artificial European Fan Palms have sufficient fire resistance property for arresting the spread of fire and allow enough time to react. Thus, you get a restaurant garden with less risk of fire hazards.

Lets you have specially designed restaurant garden

Introducing faux fan palms in the restaurant gardens is a good idea but, that does not alone help your business prosper. The present business arena is full of tough competition, and if you cannot create an outstanding landscape, your chances of survival become gloomy. That is why you must have a personalized restaurant garden for mesmerizing the guests. Commercial Palm Trees have an expert team of landscaping professionals who can design your landscape, arrange customized artificial European Fan Palms and can also help installing them in the right places for the most loveable impact.

These are unrealistically real

The replicated fan palms from the Commercial Palm Trees are crafted with utmost care to make them mimic the live European Fan Palms is all respect. They resemble their live counterparts to such a great extent that no one can feel the difference without touching. Thus, you have a nice pseudo-natural landscape in the restaurant garden that amazes all.

Better than the real palms on many counts

The mimic European fan palms deliver great commercial landscape, and let you have the following advantages:

  • No maintenance demand; these do not require watering, fertilizing and other caring activities like periodic trimming and spraying insecticides to control mold growth.
    Cleaning is also very easy.
  • Having no lifecycle, these never die. These need replacement only if you decide to include some other landscaping items.
  • No shedding of fronds and, therefore, you are free from all cleaning hassles.
  • Manufactured from high-end Silk foliage, these never attract insects and bugs and thus, keep your guests safe.
  • These are quite long-lasting and is reasonably priced; these offer onetime landscaping solution.
  • Can be used in many ways such as creating vibrant green periphery, defining private enclosures and also for creating focal points.

Other outdoors where you can consider these

Other than the restaurant gardens, you can also consider using the artificial European Fan Palms for outdoor landscaping for a wide range of commercial places:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Lawns of luxury hotels & resorts
  • Exotic bar and casino outdoors
  • Shopping malls, art galleries, museums
  • Large corporate houses, government buildings, and hospitals