Why Buy Faux Sago Palms? Here Are 5 Reasons

You might have heard about different varieties of palm trees all of which are considered to be the most ornamental elements of any landscape. Palm trees can offer you a soothing environment created around your space no matter whether you have larger space or smaller space available in your outdoor area. And if your commercial outdoor landscape needs to be uplifted to overcome bland and dull looks, artificial sago palms are the best solution for you. The sago palm is best known for its creative, distinctive and mesmerizing looks. It has the caliber to organize your space elegantly adding grace to other elements of the yard as well. This variety of palms can add freshness to your commercial area no matter where you place it.

Sago palm tree is the most stylish and popular among all palm trees due to its feathery foliage and artsy appearance. It is being used as ornamental gardening plant since the prehistoric times, and even now its artificial version has gained the same popularity. The artificial sago palm tree is created with the premium quality material infusing various weather resistance properties within to offer landscape lovers a durable, graceful and most realistic alternative to real sago tree. Faux sago trees have gained much popularity due to their negligible maintenance requirements, unlike real trees that have some special needs to grow adequately. Commercial owners, as well as residents, are preferring sago trees for their landscape due to the countless effective reasons a few of which are discussed below.

1. Amazing Heavenly Looks to Uplift the Mood of Onlookers

Artificial sago palm features long fronds that look just realistic consisted of sharp lines that can add uplifting and refreshing vibes to your corporate or any commercial outdoor area. You can place these faux palm trees in the corners, in a central area or multiple trees in line to make the area look lush, creative and mesmerizing. Sago palms are one of the attention-grabbing plants that can make the onlookers feel a natural beauty and recharge their mind and energy with enthusiasm and zeal. If you want your landscape to look rejuvenated, add these wonderful faux sago palms to your outdoor space. These are widely used by amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, corporate spaces, retail stores, government buildings and much more. Not only commercial areas, but these are also ideal for residential areas as well.

2. No Yellowing or Fading Away with Faux Sago Palm

One of the most commonly encountered problems with real sago plant is yellowing of its leaves. Imagine you have planted a real sago tree in your commercial landscape and its leaves get yellowed. This will reflect the most embarrassing and ugly side of your landscape. And it is obvious that such a landscape will only fill negativity in your, your employees and your client's mind. This is due to the special Sunlight, water, temperature and other environmental conditions demanded by this tree. Most of the time even a little bit carelessness may lead to such ailment of this sago palm. For this reason, most of the landscapers opt artificial sago to avoid all such special maintenance needs. Artificial sago will stay lush, lovely and be blooming every day and in every season without any upkeep.

3. Say No to Pests

Pest or bug infestation is another major problem with living sago tree. These trees are most prone to pests and bugs and are mostly attacked by mealy bugs and scale pest types. Such pest infestation leads to disfiguration of leaf and fruit drop which results in ugly looks and a fear of infested landscape as well. Pests will not only ruin your landscape but will also not let anyone enjoy the beauty of your greenery. This makes people more inclined towards artificial sago plants. As these faux trees are made up of synthetic material like plastic, silk, etc., that not at all attract pests. With these artificial sago palms, one can enjoy a pest free yard as well as the grace and elegance of sago as well.

4. Replicating Exactly Realistic Looks

Even upon opting this artificial palm tree, you need not compromise even a single percent regarding appearance and grace. These are made up of premium quality plastic material giving the quality color coating to silk leaves and trunks giving an exactly same look as its living counterpart. A person who is not aware of its faux nature can't figure out any difference. Ranging from dark and strong stem to fluttering green leaves, everything is just like the real sago tree. Due to their realistic looks and no upkeep worries, most of the commercial spaces, corporates, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and more prefer these faux sago trees for establishing a durable and creative outdoor landscape.

5. Cost Effective Compared to Real Sago

Cost is one of the most important factors while building a landscape especially for corporate or commercial areas, as they have much larger space than residential spaces. If you compare the total cost you require to plant, establish and maintain a living landscape filled will sago palms is much more than having it done using artificial sago. That's because real sago palm tree demands special growing conditions. Secondly, for meeting their daily watering needs, you will have to install an irrigation system for your space. Additionally, for regular pruning and fertilizing needs, you will also invest in keeping a professional gardening staff. All these investments equal to a big amount. On the other hand, with artificial sago trees, you just need to incur a one-time purchasing cost which is far less than what is required for real plantation. Moreover, they don't, have any maintenance requirements like watering, cutting, fertilizing, etc. so you can rest assured with occasional dustings. They can durable for years without getting damaged or discolored.