What Makes Some Dining Areas Simply Unforgettable? Decor Choices!

Your social activities pivot around the dining area. This is where you take meals and gather with family and friends. So, one should feel proud of making the place one of a kind. Here are some inspiring décor choices that can make the place unforgettable. Glide through to know the details.

Personalize the dining area

Decorating the dining area is a challenging job. A personalized approach can make the dining area beautiful. It can also save you much of your hard earned money.

You can go for anything from conventional to a contemporary look. In case you like something in between, better to adopt a linear style. No matter what you decide, find something that is synonymous with your lifestyle. Display that in the dining area. It will spruce up the place.

Take care of the floor.

In apartment living, the dining area is mostly combined with the kitchen. Sometimes this is kept adjacent to the living area. As such, there should be a seamless transition between the two areas for creating a powerful impression.

If you are a tradition lover, you should opt for a wooden floor. Else, you can go for laminates. They make the area bright and bold. Adding an area rug will help to bind the dining area cohesively.

Consider the fifth wall as well.

Your ceiling is the fifth wall. Never ignore this while decorating the dining area. If possible, add architectural details to the ceiling. Add rustic beams or create a decorative false ceiling that aligns with your dining table. You can also get the ceiling painted in attractive designs for an impressive décor.

Arrange comfortable seating

Dining areas are for spending quality time with family and friends. Only a comfortable sitting arrangement can deliver memorable experiences. You may have classic leather chairs. They are timeless and look great.

You may also add cushions to make these more cozy and comfy. Adding slipcovers on the chairs will also improve the look. Usually, chairs are matched with the table. However, you can go for eclectic seating by mismatching them. Including a rustic bench is also possible if that matches the table and décor theme.

Take pride in the dining table.

The dining table is the most important furniture in the dining area. Get one that looks great. You can go for any shape from round to oval to rectangular. Whatever you choose, that should fit the space and also match your décor theme.

Lighting makes the place wonderful.

Playing with lights brings in an ethereal element and makes a dining area impressive. It is better to follow the layered lighting practices to do this. Use different sources for the ambient, task and accent lighting in the dining area.

Better have sconces and artificial candle lights at different levels. You may use a gorgeous chandelier if the dining area is spacious. Use pendants for small dining areas. But do not forget the dimmers; they will create a magical ambiance in the dining area.

Get vibrant window treatments.

Choosing vibrant curtains and drapes can make a dining area awesome. These give a cozy feeling besides ensuring privacy. Use floor to ceiling drapes for a great look. You can pick any color that goes well with the overall décor.

Opt for any tabletop from glass, marble, and veneer. The color of the table should be in contrast with the color of the area. This will pop up the place.

Wow with an oversized art

A dining area looks empty and boring without an artwork. Hang an oversized artwork at the level of the eyes. This will allow guests a view while sitting. Abstract artworks are perfect for blending with all décor types. However, you may get one that suits your style.

Display the wine collection

Maybe you have an impressive collection of wines. Flaunt them in the dining area. They will impart an intimate feeling and lift the dining area. You can build wine storage with glass front if the space permits. Or you may display the bottles on a floating shelf. This will make the dining area stylish and sophisticated.

Enliven with plants

Plants make a wonderful addition to the dining area. Having an innate affinity for greeneries, people feel relaxed near them. But they are tough to maintain due to the up-keeping hassles. Having no such issues, the artificial decorative indoor trees are the godsend alternative.

The decorative silk trees are available in many varieties. Pick anything from areca palms trees, fan palm trees, kentia palm trees, fishtail palm trees. With their dense foliage and stately trunks, they give a beautiful facelift to the dining area.

You can easily install these potted palm trees. Crafted from top quality foliage, color pigment, and plastic material, they look like their live cousins. This makes them perfect for creating a natural ambiance in the dining area.

As these have no sunlight requirement, you can place the fake indoor palm trees anywhere in the dining area. Coming in fully grown size, they create a powerful impact immediately. They are strong and durable and do not create any mess.

The artificial mini palm trees are non-allergic and grow no mold. They also do not attract any insects. These are all you need to make your dining area hygienic and safe.

Table décor gives a great finish.

Investing in table decor is excellent to give unique finishing touches to the dining area. Pick anything from vases, jars, art piece, etc to use as a centerpiece. But do not overdo. Too many of these will give a cluttered feeling. Additionally, you can also have a new tablecloth and table runners to add a colorful accent to the dining area. This will, no doubt, jazz up the place.


The dining area is more than an eating place. It should be decorated carefully to convey your style. Maybe it is combined with the kitchen. That does not make it less important. The above are some of the simple but effective ways. Apply those to deliver a wonderful experience.