Want Autumn Home Decor Ideas? Read This

Fall is signified by a return to cooler temperatures and warmer clothes, all of which is accompanied by nature changing its tones before our very eyes. The leaves changing their colors from green to hues of reds and yellows are almost a miracle to witness. As such, it's time to change up the decor to add in some earth-toned colors and create a warmer atmosphere in the house.

Set up the dining room or living room in fall centerpieces

The tables in the living room or dining room can be made to seem fuller and more centered by using fall-themed centerpieces. One can opt for using casual or formal settings depending upon the room, decor, and aesthetic they are aiming for. Yellow and red apples can be used as edible and organic centerpieces. Fall flowers and leaves can be used to create a visual spectacle. Also, use table linens in corresponding themes to develop more sophistication.

Make the porch fall themed

The fall season is when things get chilly. So it's time to make things comfy while sitting outside. Paint wick chairs in bright yellows, put some cushions of muted colors and add a floor mat to create a seating area one can have conversations in. For door decorations, apart from using beautifully weaved wreaths and pumpkins of various sizes, you can also add apple crates and such wooden boxes to add a more rustic vibe to the place. To make it more enticing, hanging vines as well.

Decorate with artwork that shows fall themes

One of the easiest ways to showcase fall colors is by displaying artwork. Having a fall artwork set up in the front foyer or the living room can set the mood of the room instantly. Going the classic way with nature themes full of orange, golden yellows and rusts will make any room feel warmer and more joyous. But one can also opt to diverge from the path a bit and use more abstract art which can include oil paintings filled with burnt browns and reds; accompanied by deeper yellows and oranges to create a panorama right in the house. To have more of an effect, ensure that the frame being used is made up of polished deep brown/redwood.

Use the fireplace mantle to your advantage

Autumn summons the cold with it, and the fireplace in living rooms becomes the focal point during the season. Use the mantle to your advantage and use it showcases your fall accessories. You can add pine cones, dried leaves, small pumpkins, dried vines, gourds and such. Pair it all up with colorful candles to lighten up your mantle.

Create a cozy seating area

As the temperature falls, people tend to retreat inside their houses. So make a small warm and cozy area near the fireplace by bringing out fall themed cushions and blankets. Use sofas or thick carpets to sit on depending on whether you want to create a formal or informal setting. Place a low table in the middle if you are using a carpet. It will give it a more symmetrical and formal feeling.

Spread the Fall aroma into the house

While fall decor is mostly visual but scents can be added to incite the senses. Use spicy smells in the cold temperatures like that of cinnamon, Apple cider, pumpkin pies and such. You can use incense, scented candles or fragrance sprays. Or there is also the option if preparing a pot of spices by boiling cloves, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg. Refrain from using more than two scents, or it can be either overpowering or simply confusing.

Put up an autumn wreath at the door

Take full advantage of the fall and try out a variety of wreaths this season. You can start with grapevine wreaths since they are right on their own too. But if that's too simple and you want to add more then adding pine cones, berries, leaves, corn husks will do the job. If you want to decorate the doorsteps so that it doesn't look empty, then add various sizes and colors of pumpkins to the mix.

Change the wall paneling

The decor of any room cannot be set without changing the wall colors. But painting the whole room or house again in fall colors is a lot of work for a short season. The solution for this is wall panelings. There are felted tiles, felt ceiling tiles, felt hanging panels, acoustic felt panels, and even custom felt wall panels which can be designed according to your fall vision. You can also use felt partitions and hanging felt panels to create a small cozy nook for yourself. A comfortable sofa or chair; a tall, warm yellow lamp and a fluffy blanket is all anyone needs to turn that nook into a reading corner for those cold and quiet autumn nights.

Use lights to bring the season inside

Lights help in bringing the season home- winter, summer, and fall as well. So when the sun starts to set early in the evening, switch on the string lights which you can put on the porch like vines. String lights can also be put inside the house in colored tall wine bottles if you want ambient lighting. For task lighting, using lamps with autumn themed shades will work. Apart from jack-o-lanterns on the porch you can also use candles (battery powered to be safe) and put them in paper bags with sand at the bottom to make luminarias.

Change the curtains and draperies

With colder temperatures, it's time to bring out the heavy machinery. Pack the lighter fabrics away and use heavy curtains and draperies to keep the cold out. Buy them in darker colors of red and browns to feel warm.

Fall is characterized by the cold. To counteract it, the house needs to emanate warmth. So, make full use of the fireplace, warm clothing, heavy furniture, and autumn colors to make the house a haven.