Upgrade the Decor of the Teacher’s Lounge in a School with These Lovely Hacks

After vacation, it’s time for students as well as teachers to get back their usual schedule. The teachers need a welcoming and warm place for breaks in during their chaotic schedule. A teacher’s lounge is a personal space for all teachers to gather. The teachers’ lounge is a place to sip a cup of coffee, relax, discuss with other teachers and more. It is an important place and needs to be inviting and cozy. Teachers should enjoy their moment in the lounge. Below mentioned are few décor ideas to upgrade teachers’ lounge in school.

1. Develop a cozy atmosphere

The tone of the teachers’ lounge can be altered by creating a cozy atmosphere. It would make the lounge bright after a fresh coat of paint. Try by painting one wall with a contrast color. It would be suggested to use light colors for a bright room.

2. Furniture’s

Seating arrangement for teachers must be flexible and comfortable. Ergonomic furniture’s are one way for teachers to relax. Teachers enter the teacher’s lounge to relax after long hours of teaching. Hence furniture’s to be placed must be concentrated.

3. Place plants

A green environment is always rejuvenating and soothes the mood. The corners of the lounge can be placed with an artificial flower tree or artificial palm branches. By opting for artificial products, the maintenance work is less and purchasing is easy. This is the latest trend in any décor plan. Cheap artificial plants and trees are available more in number through many sources.

4. Staff bulletin board

Every teacher’s lounge should hold a staff bulletin board. Apart from relaxing and having meals in the lounge, teachers can share their thoughts. Teachers can share websites, resources, ideas, books, and videos through the staff bulletin board. The board can also be used to support, congratulate and appreciate your colleagues.

5. Add open shelves

Open shelves are useful as teachers can have easy access to the cups and plates. Teachers are tired and like to have a hot cup of coffee; hence easy access can be helpful. The shelves are used to keep plates, cups, glasses and other necessary items required for the staff.

6. Charging access

Teachers always make use of technical devices for their academic purposes. Wireless or wired charging points are important in a staff lounge. They need not worry about any back up as such a facility is available.

7. Lighting

Staffs always like a bright lounge instead of a dull one. Make sure to install bright lights as the staffs are always in academic work. It would be better if natural light also accompanies the room. Big windows with light colored curtains can make your room look bright enough. The paints used for the walls also add to the brightness of the lounge.

8. Space for belongings

As staffs arrive in, they should be allocated with space to hang their coats and hats. They are to be provided with cabinets to place their belongings in respective places. This can be a great idea to keep the things organized in the staff lounge.

9. Rugs

Rugs make the space neat and tidy. Purchase rugs that go with the paint colors. A big sized rug in the middle or rectangular rugs in respective staff’s places can be a great way to make your lounge pleasing.

10. Kitchen with dining

The kitchen area is necessary for the staff lounge to make quick and easy preparations. The kitchen area can be accompanied with a few chairs and a table for meals alone. The chairs can have black and steel tones for a magical look. If the flooring is also of the same pattern, then the lounge would look outstanding.

11. Coffee maker

A coffee maker is necessary and is to be placed at a place where everybody can access. A latest, trendy coffee maker would make the lounge look chic. This helps the teacher’s grab a coffee when they are tired.

12. Wall hangings

The walls of the staff lounge cannot be left idle. Few beneficial and academic wall poster can be hung. Timetables, periodic tables, calendar, festivals, holidays, school functions and more can be pasted. Apart from academics, the other side of the wall can be filled with artwork and painting. This way a stunning look can be given to the lounge.

13. Few reading materials

There are times where teachers need a break from their usual schedule. Few magazines can be kept aside for teachers to read. Puzzle books and regular magazines are a great way to calm teachers mind.

A teacher’s lounge is a place where teachers get relieved of their stress, get into discussions, and curriculum ideas are shared. It’s a place for professional development, and hence a teacher’s lounge should be interesting, inviting and inspiring. The journal of architectural education mentions that the teachers’ lounge should be equipped with conference chairs and tables, comfy furniture, and more. Hence the interior décor for teacher’s lounge should be planned first and then executed.

The latest trend in today’s interior décor is placing artificial trees and plants across the rooms. This gives the room a lavish look and enhances the beauty of the room. Putting artificial coconut palm trees and artificial bamboo has been the recent style for many interior decors. The key factor for choosing artificial products is that they are maintenance free, easy to install and safe. Professional designers design and deliver such products. You can also request for custom designed products that fit your interiors. There are many sources available to purchase such products and make your interior look great.


Upgrading teachers’ lounge can be made impressive by incorporating creative ideas with usual basic tips. There are many sources that sell, accessories necessary to the décor staff lounge. Tap the keys and get hold of unique accessories.