Top Reasons to Purchase Butterfly Palm Trees for Landscaping

An appealing commercial space speaks volumes about the business, and the principle followed. Whether it is a Luxury restaurant, five-star hotels, shopping mall, massive corporate house, government building, hospital, healthcare facilities, exotic bar, or casino, or whatever it may be; one has to update the exterior and charm onlookers with outstanding decoration for converting them into loyal customers.

Studies conducted on human response to nature, strongly indicate that when people are near some natural element, they have a positive frame of mind and become more productive. That is why; people are trying to make everything green. There is no denying that the modern urban area has transformed into a concrete jungle making it impossible to redesign the commercial complexes for making those vibrant and attractive. Including artificial landscaping products can transform any barren professional space into a mesmerizing one, and increase business excellence.

Among all the artificial trees and plants, no plant delivers a tropical ambiance more than the artificial butterfly palms. With their slender trunks and lush fronds, they add beauty and charm to the commercial outdoors. No matter if you are about to revamp an existing setting, or starting something from scrap, you can use the faux butterfly palms to make the setting attractive and inviting. Here are some reasons why you should buy replicated butterfly palms for your commercial outdoor.

Incredible beauty of the butterfly palm trees

Landscaping commercial outdoors is very vital, as those are the first point of contact with the prospecting clients and customers. Commercial exteriors have to entice for drawing crowds.

Fake butterfly palm trees manufactured by Commercial Palm Trees look incredibly appealing. Those feature lush green fronds that arch outwards gracefully and have many stately stems. These are meticulously crafted from high-quality raw material to make them a mirror image of their live cousins. Measuring 7 feet in height, these make a bold decorating statement and make the professional space charming.

Including artificial palms is a thoughtful choice

Including live butterfly palms in the commercial landscape has many pit falls. First of all, the palms grow in the tropical region and, therefore, you cannot grow these in all climatic conditions. Moreover, you have to arrange for watering, fertilizing, spraying pesticides for controlling weeds, trimming, etc. for keeping those healthy. These require dedicated manpower and involve cost. But, the Commercial butterfly palm trees have no such requirement. Those can be installed in any region. Clean those once in a while, and they will continue to shine for long. These can blend well with other landscaping elements and use these turns to be a thoughtful option.

You can have tailor made palms

Every business is based on the different theme and, therefore, their landscaping requirements are different. There could be space constraints making the standard palms not suitable for landscaping. Other than the standard butterfly palms, Commercial Palm Trees have provisions to make customized butterfly palms to meet all specific landscaping requirements of the customers. Moreover, for surviving competition, all commercial landscaping has to be unique and attractive. Personalized replicated butterfly plants resolve such issues.

These let you have warmth and comfort

Including artificial landscaping palms in the commercial outdoors delivers a welcoming look with a pleasant tropical vibe. When these are included in the commercial settings, especially amusement parks, theme parks and water parks, they impart such nice visual interest which no one can ignore. No matter what is the nature of the commercial space, or where you are installing the replicated palms, those make the place cozy and comfy, with their lush green presence.

You are free from seasonal worries

The biggest advantage of using silk butterfly palms for landscaping commercial outdoors is that unlike their live counterparts, these never shed leaves. Thus, there is no change of aesthetics with seasonal changes. Further, as these do not shed leaves, no mess is created underneath, relieving you from the trouble and cost of clearing the seasonal mess.

Keeps your space free from pests

Live plants attract bugs, insects, ants, spider mites and also help mold generation. But, the artificial palm trees never attract pests and offer no food to continue their life cycle. Thus, your commercial space remains free form pests.

Remains unaffected in all weather conditions

Artificial landscaping elements of Commercial Palm Trees are manufactured from premium quality foliage, the color pigment to make those strong and durable. Moreover, these are also made UV resistant. Thus, the replicated butterfly palm trees never suffer any discoloration even when continuously exposed to the scorching rays of the sun. They never wilt and remain unaffected by wind rain and snow. These are the perfect landscaping elements that you can use for long, without maintenance.

Upgrades space instantly

Live palms need time to grow. Being artificially made, the fake palms do not have any life cycle, and there is no time requirement. Coming fully grown, these can embellish your business place right from the day one.

Offers cost effective landscaping

Commercial Palm products are reasonably priced. These cost you less than other decorating elements and live plants. Moreover, you need to invest only once for enjoying them adorn your professional space, for many years without any maintenance cost. Unlike the live palms, these can also be stored in a warehouse when not in use. All these make faux landscaping a wallet friendly solution for business.

Installation is very easy

Unlike the live butterfly palms, the replicated versions are not soil specific. You can install them anywhere you like. Being a light in weight, those can be installed easily without any handling equipment, or special tools.

Keeps employees satisfied

The present day employees have to work for long hours. In fact, they spend almost half of their life at the workplace and naturally expect a refreshing work environment. Landscaping with artificial greens makes the space relaxing and comfortable, and the employees do their jobs in the best possible way.