Top 5 Commercial Palm Trees Products To Buy This Year

Palm trees have the rejuvenating natural touch and also the sophisticated, classy feel which is essential for any commercial landscape. It can do wonders for any landscape. Take the example of the dull and boring landscape outside your office or commercial space. Just imagine some brilliant palm trees featuring in the place, giving it a completely new and dashing makeover. Isn't it amazing? Just a single palm tree can have a huge impact on any landscape and give it a stunning transformation.

Palm trees in landscapes

Palm trees can give the desired elegant appeal in any landscapes and especially commercial landscapes where you need only the best and most amazing landscaping tools. The main difference between commercial landscapes and other landscapes is that commercial landscapes have to put up with the brilliant and dazzling look round the clock to impress the visitors who are mainly the potential clients or important business personnel and maintain the goodwill of the company or business organization while other landscapes like the domestic can be based on the tastes of the owner and can be a bit less professional too.

Commercial settings with palm trees

We all know the amazing effect palm trees can bring to any commercial landscape. But have you ever imagined how feasible is the idea of commercial landscaping makeovers with the palm tree? In fact, the process of transforming any commercial landscape with palm trees is quite a tricky and requires a lot of expert touches. It's mainly due to the problems that arise when you plan to give your commercial landscapes the ravishing touch of natural plants and trees.

You must be familiar with them if you have ever tried landscaping with any real plants and trees in the past. In case you haven't, these are the problems:

  • Requirements- plants and trees have a long list of requirements like adequate sunlight, regular watering, pruning, etc. which becomes a problem while picking the right spot for them. Plus, picking palm trees for indoor landscaping is impossible as it won't survive in the absence of sunlight.
  • Lengthy process- having a real plant or tree in your commercial set up is a complex, lengthy process as it will take a lot of time for the palm tree to grow and have an impact in the setup.
  • Unavailability- the unavailability of all the plants in your commercial place habitat is a major problem as palm trees may not grow properly outside its natural habitat. So, you can't pick your favorite landscaping plant or tree for enhancing your space.
  • Disturbs the landscape- plants and trees tend to disturb the top quality atmosphere at commercial places by littering the surroundings with dead and decaying matter or attracting pests and insects in the commercial set up.
  • Maintenance- palm trees look amazing, but you need to maintain it properly with regular watering and pruning to ensure it stays in top condition. Hiring separate personnel for plants maintenance is an added problem at commercial places.

I don't think after reading these; you will still be interested to go with palm plants and trees. But, relax as you have your commercial space covered with the ravishing appeal of the real looking silk palm trees.

Silk palm trees

Real looking silk palm may seem confusing but let me get this clear for you. The landscaping experts have developed the most interesting landscaping tool for all commercial landscapes using the latest modern techniques which will give the exact appeal of the real botanical products sans the hassle and problems. Artificial palm trees are also a part of these, and you can get your landscapes modified with them to have a ravishing effect on your visitors.

Though artificial, the palm trees resemble the natural counterparts in every way, and special care has been taken to make them look real-like. They have also been made safe for use outdoors in harsh weather conditions by using premium raw materials that won't fade off.

Top commercial palm trees to look for

  • Artificial Areca Palm tree.
  • Fake Bamboo Palm tree.
  • Silk Coconut Palm tree.
  • Faux Date Palm tree.
  • Silk Fan Palm tree.

Artificial Areca Palm tree

Native to the humid forests of Malaysia, the artificial version of the Areca palm is as much adorable as the real ones. The stocky trunk and realistic, lush green fronds will give the essential attractive nature to your landscape and also delight the visitors with its rejuvenating presence. It's ideal for a tropical themed landscape or jungle theme; you can also use it to bring in some natural rejuvenating appeal to any dull commercial scenario.

Fake Bamboo Palm tree

If you are looking for an iconic landscaping item for the tranquil set up in your commercial space, the fake Bamboo Palm tree is surely an ideal pick. The landscaping item is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor landscaping and is an absolute beauty for any setup.

Silk Coconut Palm tree

It's one of the most popular and most widely used landscaping items and has a wide range of varieties including the curved trunk version which gives a more realistic appeal. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor landscaping, it can give the much needed exotic feel to your landscape.

Faux Date Palm tree

Originally a native to the arid deserts, the artificial version of the Date Palm will be ideal for the impact and classy appeal in any commercial landscape. They are widely used in resorts and hotels and will look amazing in all commercial setups with the unique appeal.

Silk Fan Palm tree

With the unique and marvelous appearance, the silk Fan Palm can do wonders for any commercial set up. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor landscaping and will create the perfect atmosphere for your visitors to sit, relax and cherish the amazing beauty.