The Role of Artificial Plants and Trees in Making Garden Restaurants Truly World Class

Most of the individuals these days stay so busy with their own schedule that they hardly get time to take care of the plants and trees and thus they prefer using the artificial options as they require no maintenance at all. People often underrate the beauty of how decorating with artificial plants can easily brighten the restaurant or cafe. Placing the artificial plants strategically can be vital in replicating the real thing. Among the various types of artificial plants present silk plants are the best option available. This is because they look the most genuine, are easy to clean, and are easily flexible which means they are stretchy and bent easily. Another great thing about artificial plants is that they can shape and bend the leaves and branches to point towards the sun same like that of real greenery. You can reposition them from time to time too as this will give a refreshing touch to space. Mentioned below are some of the popular artificial plants and trees by which has become the biggest trend in restaurant decor:

Artificial Boston fern

This plant is known for their graceful look and feel. Approximately four feet broad with 88 leafy fronds, you can place this faux Boston fern within an existing hanging pot for immediate greenery. The leaves of this plant are usually made using, so it is better to place them in the shady porches or within the restaurant. All of the leaves are attached to a single center spine, so you can plump up and arrange them to work according to your decor. All that you will need is to clean the dust and then it can be used for indoor or outdoor use. These plants look so real that you place them at the entrance of the bistro or at the corner of the eatery.

Artificial fan palm leaves

Palm leaves are medium to large in size and drawn out and large in shape. The leaves vary in color from vibrant green to deep green and grow in a spiral, palmate, or alternating pattern. Palm leaves are fabricated using several smaller leaves that can develop in a bunch at the end of the stem or in a feather pattern on all surfaces of the stem. Artificial majesty palm and artificial outdoor palm fronds are most commonly used for decorative purposes. These palm leaves can be used to cover a table or to be utilized as a bottom cover on serving dishes in the restaurant. Palm leaves can also be cut to the preferred size and used as a decoration together with tropical drinks and food. These faux leaves can also be used as home décor.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The fiddle leaf fig tree, when placed in the corner of the garden restaurant, can give a unique look to space. This realistic looking faux tree gives you all the excitement you love from the fiddle leaf fig tree, without the maintenance. Approximately six feet tall and 26” wide at its fullest, this fake fiddle leaf fig tree with plastic leaves can take the place of furniture or even artwork in a restaurant for a stylish decorative element. Crafted with excellence and detail in mind these artificial fiddle leaf fig trees will add a brave, strong addition to any restaurant or café.

Sansevieria Floor Plant

You can bring in a bit of botanical beauty into your restaurant with this faux floor plant. You can look for the one which is set within a wooden pot. This tropical plant is known for its pointed and slim leaves. This type of plant is flawlessly balanced to smarten up a vacant corner or to take a seat at the top of the table. This artificial plant looks very actual, and it is ideal for the mid-century contemporary design. Some plants just exude class, and that is exactly the case with the stunning faux Sansevieria plant.

Artificial flower tree

The fake flowering trees, when placed within the restaurant, can add a touch of color and elegance. These artificial tree flowers are colorful and graceful and will provide a lovely touch to the setting. From delightful Hibiscus trees to Cherry Blossom trees, Wisteria to Bougainvillea trees, you can look for something which will be perfect for every space of your restaurant. Available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, these fake flowering trees are bold and charming and will be a pleasant surprise in your home design. The best thing about these faux flowers is that they are completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be cleaned easily just by using a damp clean cloth.

Faux Succulents

Succulents are all the rage, but choosing the right combo can be tricky. The collection of faux succulents in a black earthenware planter or clean-lined white gives you the look of a little succulent backyard devoid of the maintenance. These actual looking collections of faux succulents can be placed on the coffee table as a showpiece or as an inflection on a side table. They can be used only with the indoor area if the restaurant and can be wiped clean. Moreover, as these succulents come in a varied range of colors and sizes, they can be used to impart a vibrant and a colorful look to space.


You can use these plants within the restaurant to block a view that is less than attractive. In a garden restaurant, they can be used to hide the technicalities of a fountain, while within a restaurant, they can be used to hide the water station or screen of a private dining room from the main dining floor. Plants can be used as wraps to cover an ugly outdoor view without considerably decreasing the amount of daylight, maintaining the atmosphere and feeling of spaciousness while concealing the view of that unattractive parking garage roof. Thus, there are many ways you can use these fake plants and trees to transform the look of your garden restaurant.