The Magic of Banana palms – Office Landscapes, Reinvented

Banana palms may sound inconvenient for a commercial landscape, but it is perfect for bringing a lively and rustic feel to the surroundings breaking the monotony of any ambiance.

What makes these artificial botanical beauties so popular?

Greenery induces a sense of tranquility, apart from adding spirit to any landscape. It escalates the aura of an average and dull looking corporate office landscape to make it look more vibrant and bring about a feeling of comfort in the surroundings. Faux banana palms are a great way to bring about luxurious feeling to office landscapes without the hassle of maintenance like watering, mowing, fertilizing, using pesticides and other necessities that are inevitable at least in the growing years of any natural plants or trees. Being made from quality commercial grade materials, these can withstand harsh climatic conditions in outdoors without any visible color loss of the foliage.

Flexibility of faux banana palms

These artificial banana palms are very versatile and can be used innovatively in a lot of different ways to jazz up the surroundings. These are crafted with commercial grade materials that are very stable and do not degrade, so they will not intoxicate the natural biological elements like soil or water in of the location. In addition to this, artificial banana palms are very durable and lightweight so that they can be moved within the outdoor landscape easily without requirements of special types of equipment for the purpose. This ensures that the products can be arranged in a lot of ways and also reused in case of decorating office landscapes for special occasions like parties, festive season or just to break the tedium of a location that has looked same for many years.

Bring a balmy tropical feel to office landscape

Banana palms make an excellent choice to bring a fun, topical mood to any office landscape. It might be difficult to imagine decorating a landscape with banana palms because they are not yet very popular like other varieties such as Areca, Coconut, European fan, Bamboo and other palm species but this also means that they are sure to bring about a unique feel to any office landscape. There is a professional team of designers to help the clients visualize the different ways in which the office landscapes can be jazzed up using banana palms, preserving the corporate feel of the office's exterior space at the same time.

Quality that gives total botanical viability

The long, lush green leaves of artificial banana palms are textured in a certain way that they look indistinguishable from the natural ones. They are crafted with care to incorporate all the major and minor details of natural banana palms. The aesthetic appeal of these banana palms is no less than that of any natural trees and plants. They blend in with any outdoor settings well and make the landscape interesting and relaxing at the same time. These are highly durable and can be styled in a lot of different ways to adapt with the natural greenery around that particular office landscape and create an enchanting tropical appeal altogether.

Budget concerns solved

Budget obviously plays a very important role when it comes to beautifying any corporate office outdoor landscapes irrespective of whether it is small or large. Therefore a professional expert team of designers is there to help in providing ideas that would be a perfect fit for the location and also satisfy the customer's budget preferences. It is important that quality of the products are not compromised no matter how much money the clients would like to spend on the project, to make the products indistinguishable from natural greenery as well as durable. This aspect of artificial landscaping is taken care of while manufacturing all of the products that are available at Commercial Palm Trees, making them a great choice for any outdoor office landscape.

Splendor of artificial banana palms

The appeal of these faux banana palms is ideal for encouraging a healthy work environment in any corporate office space. They uplift the moods of clients, visitors, and onlookers easily, making the surrounding more calming and relaxed. The lively feel of these artificial, yet natural looking banana palms are very heart-warming and are sure to leave a bright memory in the minds of visitors. Since no care is required to make these faux banana palms look great for years, they make the perfect selection for any commercial setups and are sure to impress the visitors with their well groomed and maintained look.

Taking care of all installation needs

Installing large faux tropical trees like banana palms can be quite a hassle for the clients if they do not have much experience with faux botanical beauties, which is the case for most of the clients. It is very necessary to note that proper installation of these large banana palms is very crucial in the long run, and if it not done by professions then there is always a chance of hazards like uprooting or falling of the products due to strong wind or storm. Thus, regardless of how small or large, the project is, a skilled and expert team of professionals equipped with all the necessary supplies and machinery takes care of all the installations to help the clients with proper setup of the products.