The Home Decor Trends set to Rock Throughout 2019

Predicting the future requires one to look back at the past year and measure what can possibly carry over to the next one. The world of decor is the same, but as with art and styles, the world of trends is changing with niches of new styles popping up and exploring an infinite variety of possible combinations. 2018 saw a marked move away from minimalism to a more curated and collected design. Now to see what can become trendy in 2019:

Mushroom Lamps

Mushrooms lamps saw a resurgence in the past year so one can reasonably predict that people and significant retailers will jump on the bandwagon in the next year as well. From pristine white ones who can compliment a similarly themed house to a dark red one to contrast against it, its unique shape and covered top make it stand out among other light fixtures. It's best used both in the living room and in the bedroom. The living room can be used to show off its unique style whereas the bedroom can benefit from a contained source of light.

More Max Styles

Minimalist design has been all the rage in the past year, but the world of decor is set to see a return of maximizing tendencies which would bring with it a more modern and stylistic take on it. But maximize style doesn't mean that everyone will revert to the familiar and used classic or traditional styles. Instead, the prediction is more towards collecting pieces from different periods and creating interiors which will be unique in themselves but will also create harmony amongst all the pieces.

Back in Bold

2017 was the year of dusty pastel colors and hues, 2018 brought its own style of deep jewel tones. If we go way back then the whole spectrum has been covered more or less over the past years, it may be time for the bold primary colors to make a comeback. From the bold rusts of red to the bright yellow mustard and the deep blue indigo, it will all be at the forefront of the scene in 2019. Use these bold colors in your living rooms and patios to make the places where you entertain guests with pop. Pair up these amplified colors with some light colored furniture to get a good contrast going.

Artisan Fixtures

In recent years there has been more of a shift from commercially available standardized styles of lighting to something more from local artists and this trend will only intensify in the coming year. The lighting fixtures from small and local businesses are more varied in styles, made with care and help in adding personality to your home with it. If you plan on making your house more rustic and yet sophisticated in the coming year then adding some bamboo patterned lighting fixtures shaped like cages, boxes or in rows will work wonders.

The addition of artificial

Using artificial trees have always been on the rise, but 2019 seems to be the year when it will ride on the popular wave. It is understandable why people would prefer real plants in their house or garden- it's more beautiful and natural to smell and look at. But they are also a hassle to care for and moreover, it attracts bugs in the house. The solution is having artificially trees which are aesthetically beautiful and more but save you the trouble of buying bug sprays. There are loads of varieties to choose from, like the artificial areca palm, artificial bamboo tree, artificial banana palm and more. There are also artificial metal palm trees and artificial mini palm trees for your office needs.

Lean towards nature

Continuing the above theme of naturalistic lighting fixtures, the prediction also stands that the decor world will lean more toward the natural side and use natural materials like concrete, copper, stone, and granite. All these elements bring about not just a more naturalistic feel. They also give options for different textures which can make your house look serene and organic.

Style in Velvet

Velvet is not for everyone, and that's why even though it has always been on catalogs, but it has not really been able to get into people's minds and homes. While many think that it's too stuffy and old-fashioned, others see it as luxurious and funky. This is a fabric which when used well can make any home seem more sophisticated and classic. So 2019 seems to be the year when it will make a full comeback. If you want to try out this style, then there's everything from velvet sofas to rugs and more which will look amazing in front of a white painted fireplace, especially the dark red ones.

Time for some flower power

With original lighting fixtures and natural materials on the uptick, floral patterns aren't far behind. Floral patterns have always popped in and out of popular use throughout the years, but it hasn't really stayed, mainly because they are either seen as too childish, something for hippies or for little girls. But this year floral patterns can make a comeback by being used in a new style that can make others see it in a new light. Many decorators prefer using it with contrasting colors and exaggerated proportions.

Back in Brass

Polished nickel and stainless steel have always been in use and trend. They are also seen as reliable since they can be used in fixtures which can go with almost any kind of decor. But 2019, may push people to try out something different from the norm and go for brass accents. Why you ask- because brass has a really old-school charm, which seems to be imbued from the Asian countries. It's warmer than steel accents which give off bright and sharp tones.

The Reds are Coming

Blues and greens have been ruling the designer charts for the past few years now, but 2019 may be the year for some warm tones. Red and its tones are amazing for cold countries as they give off a warm vibe. It's also a great color if you want a more Gothic and dark vibe or perhaps a more sophisticated one at that. Red makes any home warmer and inviting, but do try contrasting it with lighter colors for a more subtle effect.

The world of decorations is always changing at a moment's notice from all the new styles which are being developed. But even in this advancing world and changing industry, we can safely say that everything from tonal red to floral patterns has a very realistic chance of gracing someone's home again.