The Evolving Design of the Modern Office - a Quick Look

Do you remember the offices of the 80s enclosed within conventional colorless walls, white fluorescent lights, and a heap of files on the table? Gone are the times of such office styles as now offices are becoming more creative, stylish and employee focused. You might have heard about the workplace interior designs and style followed at Google where employees are motivated in all the possible ways. And now most of the commercial and corporate environments are now recognizing the importance of unconventional office designs as studies have shown that a good work environment can help to stimulate the minds of employees thus making them more productive and innovative.

So, if you are also planning to add some creativity and motivational factor to your office space, here we are sharing some mind-blowing ideas that can help you out in real time.

Plan the Reception Area Wisely

The reception area is the foremost place that a visitor or an employee will first encounter. An inviting reception adds some positivity in the minds of onlookers. Make your reception desk to be more modernistic with vibrant wall color scheme. Additionally, put elegant looking planters or small sized topiaries on the corners. Combination of colorful flowers will look outstanding on the reception desk. Also, make sure to arrange luxury sitting furniture for visitors. All these will add more value to your business style.

Include Some Eco-Friendly and Healthier Factors

For better productivity and growth, it is quite vital to offer your employees a workplace that promotes better health and happiness. Better health of employees decreases absenteeism while also enhancing their quality of work. So it is crucial that you incorporate such elements in your office design that offer a healthier environment to work at. Studies show that an environment surrounded by eco-friendly factors like planters, trees, shrubs, flowers, and greenery can help to give a refreshing and revitalizing energy to the employees by improving the quality of air.

Consider Artificial Landscape for More Natural Workspace

Natural beauty undoubtedly attracts everyone, engaging people towards space and keeping them energized. For creating a more natural and vibrant workspace with a wide range of species of plants, you can consider artificial plants and trees for your office space. Artificial plants are best suited for commercial areas since they require negligible maintenance and are free from pests as well. You can find every single variety of plants that exist in real world. And they are designed in such a way that no one can ever find out that they are not real. You can find countless faux landscapers in the market that offer an extensive range of products for exterior landscaping for commercial buildings.

Let the Natural Light Come In

A natural environment makes the people feel more energy and stays fresh all the time. The natural light coming inside the office space with a fantastic view of your outdoor yard can make your workforce feel stress-free. They won't feel depressed due to the workload if they will be given an appropriate environment to work in.

Rework of Your Color Schemes

The color scheme of your office space also contributes a lot to making a place workable and productive. Dull and boring colors can make a negative impact on employees mind making them realize the workload more and feel stressed. So, it is advisable to make your walls and interior full of vibrant colors making it an inviting and warm space to work at. Along with a proper color scheme, a combination of most creative wall arts and decors will enhance the space more and will make it highly attractive. If you work on these plans, your employees will have a boost in their productivity as well as their attitude towards work.

Design Interesting Break Time Areas

It is also quite important to note whether you have appropriate break time areas in your office or not. Some temptation is required to be created so that employees can find it interesting to take their breaks and reinvent their energy for a while. Conventional office designs miss these factors, and that makes employees pass their break times on their desks gazing their emails and avoiding to walk around to reenergize themselves. In the first instance it may seem beneficial to the employer, but actually, this is not good. Because chill out during break times in a positive environment helps to rejuvenate the energy levels in employees thus be more productive and creative. So, it is important that you plan an engaging and exciting area around the office where employees can enjoy their breaks.

Glass Partitions for Desks

According to contemporary office design, it is the best idea to make use of glass partitions for desks as well as cabins rather than wood. Because glass creates an illusion of open space along with enhancement in transparency. People will also not feel like they have been enclosed within a cubical space. Glasses also look modernistic and elegant and contribute to enhancing the style of your workplace. Also designing single desks for every single employee has just become old fashioned. Now, the running desks and long tables are in trends that not only look stylish but also enhance collaboration among employees.

Encourage Collaboration and Cooperation

Cooperation is the basic necessity of productivity and growth for an organization, so an environment of collaboration needs to be encouraged in the workspace so that people can share their ideas together and can achieve milestones with creative and effective plans. For having full-fledged growth, it is important for companies to welcome new thoughts and ideas and create a flexible business model. Collaboration also motivates workforce to come with innovative ideas, get the creative part of their mind at work and contribute their best efforts.