The 9 Secrets That Make Artificial Palm Trees The Designers' Heartthrob

Be it decor or trying to infuse a little nature in your lives, you have always tried to incorporate plants in your homes and offices. However, you have always been lead to believe that artificial indoor trees and fake outdoor trees are somehow tacky and not as good as their natural counterparts. That might have been true when artificial flora wasn't as refined. Now that we have realistic faux flora, you should not avert your attention from them for they are stunning and an artificial palm tree is no different.

1. Adaptability To Style

Due to its versatile nature, an artificial palm tree can become part of various themes in design. Usually, some plants and trees go a certain way with several designs, either they look perfect or they look like they are ruining your entire design. However, a faux palm tree is harmonizing to several designs. For example, due to its color scheme, the tree harmonizes with the Mediterranean style of design and for coastal and tropical themes, an artificial palm tree is near perfect.

2. Little maintenance Required

When using the natural counterpart of a faux palm tree, quite a bit of maintenance and attention is required. For example, the tree needs to be watered and kept at a certain temperature for keeping it from browning. However, with an artificial palm tree, no such care is required. The tree just needs to be brushed down a few times a month. It does not need watering or a specific temperature to survive.

3. Travels Well

Anyone who has ever had natural flora will know how excruciatingly painful it is to move it around. To move around natural flora, you have to make sure it sits near the right amount of sunlight and then, there is the question of the mess that is created when it is moved around, with soil falling everywhere. With artificial plants, that is not even an issue. Give it as much or as little sunlight as you require and moving it around will not create a mess. So, if you believe that the plant's room must be changed, you can easily do that with artificial indoor trees.

4. Seasons Are Irrelevant

Natural flora, by its very nature, changes with time and season. Some seasons might not be favorable to the said flora. Therefore, moving it around and maintaining it becomes a hassle, with you utilizing your whole day to do those deeds. Changing seasons are far worse for outdoor plants. However, if you get an artificial plant, changing seasons are only for you to enjoy and not worry about because faux greenery does not require the care and temperature that is given to its natural counterpart. So, getting artificial outdoor trees is more sensible.

5. Durability

Fake palm trees are more durable than their natural counterparts. Although the real palm tree has a long life span, it is bound to give off some day and if not maintained properly, the life expectancy of a real palm tree decreases significantly resulting in you needing to buy a new one to replace the older one. However, such is not the case with fake palm trees. You do not have to keep a constant eye on them and they last much longer than their natural counterparts.

6. Choose Your Size

Faux palm trees come in several styles and sizes. Whether it is a small apartment or a big mansion, there are several sizes and styles of palm trees for you to choose from. The option of sizes also makes sure that the designer in you is satisfied by how much visual and physical space the tree occupies. You usually go with a small size if you want to make its presence felt but not make it the center of attention, and you will go with a larger size if you want it really resonate with your style and make it the center of attention. Having the option to size up or down is liberating because you don't have to confine your artistic views for something as trivial as size.

7. No Allergies

It is common knowledge that natural flora might induce allergies in several people, making them a pain to maintain and keep. If you like having guests around your house, the probability of allergic reaction increases significantly and that might stop you from being as social as you are. With artificial flora, allergies are the one thing you do not have to worry about. You can be social and still have greenery around.

8. No Toxicity

Sometimes, plants require soils that are toxic if ingested in large quantities. While adults consciously ingesting soil is not a matter of concern, toddlers and younger children are always at risk of doing so due to lack of knowledge and childish curiosity. Keeping an artificial indoor tree removes the risk of soil toxicity so that you and your family are not at risk and are safe.

9. Realistic To Look At

Even Though they do not require the care and attention of a natural tree, artificial trees look almost exactly the same as them. Due to the realistic making of artificial trees now, until and unless you are adamant on inspecting them for several minutes, faux trees look very real at first glance, making them a desirable choice for home decor and since they are low maintenance, you need not worry about watering them like natural trees.

Until recently, artificial trees have had a bad reputation in the society because they lacked visually very back in the day, however, now, with cutting edge technology, artificial trees look more and more real, making the pros of owning them outweigh the cons. Artificial palm trees are no different.