Intro Spring Decor Essentials For The Artistic Homemakers

Spring season is synonymous with colors. And, to keep the spirit of spring alive it is essential to have your home décor in compliment with the season itself. The easiest way to do so is to have as many colors in your home in as many ways possible. If you can add a little tinge of creativity to your colors, then you would become the irrefutable artist in home décor. In the following tips, we are going to provide you with some of those ingredients that will help you achieve that honor.

1. Plants and planters- flowers are the best way to start your home décor for spring. There is no second to the natural bright, colorful patterns of flowers and plants. You can pot lavenders, lilies, crocus, tulip, bluebell, sweet william, puschkinia, allium, hyacinth, and the list goes on. You can also go for non-floral plants. But, how you pot those plants reflects your actual art. To complement the plants you can use brightly colored pots or even plain white and black with patterns drawn on them. Arranging the pots becomes the last important step. You can use old watering can as a plotter, or an old metal bucket or tub. You can also use simple pots and place them on a brightly colored table or chair or wooden crate. Old rubber shoes also make good potters. Plants can also be hung near doors and windows with simple rain gutter pots and jute ropes to hold them together. You can also use an old ladder to place pots and creepers around the house. A tiered stand at the center of your dining table is also a wonderful art piece. The more elaborate options are that of chandelier pots and vertical gardens. The only catch with plants is their maintenance, especially when they wither. In case you lack the green thumb to keep up with the beauty of plants, you can opt for artificial tree flowers and artificial tree plants and even fake indoor trees. Artificial plants and trees give you many options in terms of plants and trees that you can pot and the ways that you can pot as they save you from dust and dirt that comes with the real ones. You can use simple jute bags and cloth rolls to make potters for artificial plants.

2. Furniture- to diverge from usual wood or wrought iron furniture, you can opt for the acrylic tables and chairs. The beauty of acrylic furniture is the variety of colors, designs, and patterns that it comes in. It hardly needs any maintenance and is as sturdy as needed. You can also go for marble top tables and chairs as they come in unique patterns and compliment the colors around them. Pair your furniture with colorful cushions, bolsters, and pillows. You can also have a banquette in your living area for an exotic feel.

3. Birdcage- this is one multipurpose piece of décor that can become the most beautiful item in your house. You can start with the paint. You can paint the white cage color if you want to highlight the colors of objects in and around it. Or if you like to play with the rustic look, then you can opt for copper shade. Gold and silver tones work well for a regal look. Once you are done with your painting, you can turn your attention towards making good use of the cage. You can use it as a place to keep your plants, or you can decorate it with handmade craft. Birdcages are also great to keep candles or lamps. You can hang them from the roofs or place them in a corner or even put it on your dining table, and everything works well.

4. Patio- it is always wise to have a nice patio in your house. You can do a lot with it. Starting with the simplest one, you can arrange a few bean bags around a low-rise table. To go a little further on the concept, you can use old logs of wood as stools and an old wooden cart table to give a rustic look. If you want to work more on your patio and you can be as elaborate with your furniture as you are in your living room. You can also add other décor items like sculptures, plants, artifacts, papier-mache, etc. If going for a more elaborate patio, then you can have your pergola decorated with creepers, rice lights, and bold lamps.

5. Lighting- lighting in spring is as essential as the colors. Avoid yellow lights if you have many colors to show off otherwise. Instead, the bright white light should be paired up with interesting, colorful décor. If you are keeping colors minimal in the house, then you can play around with different colors of light too. You can have paneled lights on the roofs and inside the racks and cupboards to give a subtle look. You can choose multiple lights like pink, blue, purple, yellow, red and green to add multiple layers of panels.

6. Easter touch- to add a little easter touch to your spring home décor you can start with painting doors and windows in bright colors. You can also hang a wreath on the main door. For the simplest wreath, you can use any brightly colored hose pipe and tie it with a metal cable. You can also use burlap or cotton cloth wrapped around in flowers, twigs, and carrots or small pumpkins, fake ones of course. You can also use easter eggs and pines cones paired up as various decorative items like potpourri, table centerpieces and small kitchen garden decorative. Small carrots and bunnies can also be incorporated as topiaries at home. Small decorated Easter eggs can also be placed in mason jars or even in flower pots for small doses of sparkle around the house. Easter wallpapers are also one of the easiest spring décor ideas.

Intro Everything You Need To Know About Coastal Home Decor

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has got everyone from students to working professionals and even homemakers under its tight grasp. Students are always under pressure to perform well in tests and competitive exams and are thrust into this rat race with their peers by both their parents and also society in general. They rarely find time to relax and enjoy their young years. The situation in corporate life is almost worse than this, where workers are held under strict and unrealistic deadlines to meet sales targets and business credentials that forces people to spend anywhere from ten to twelve hours each day scooped up inside a small cubicle. All of these pressure and constant work has made people lose their time for doing other relaxing activities like watching a movie or going out with friends or indulging in some sports or other outdoor activities.

Even when people do find some personal time to relax, all they do is end up glued to the screens of their phone or laptops, watching videos on the internet or playing the same old games over and over again. Not only does it become boring after some time, but not to mention it is also very harmful to the eyes and one’s health in general. It is much more desirable to step outside of the house and do some physical activities to get the stress and tension out of one’s system.

One thing that is becoming very common nowadays, especially among families and young people, is to go on a mini vacation over the weekends. In this way, they not only have a good time and enjoy themselves, but they are also back for work on the start of the week, without losing any days or without facing any consequences. These short getaways usually do not include any sight-seeing or other tourist attractions but are more focused on pampering oneself and lazing around in a nice, new place. Instead of staying in a hotel, people opt to stay in a friend’s or relatives house or choose to have a homestay accommodation. This makes for a more relaxed and private stay, without the rigorous needs and schedules that tourists usually follow.

In this same context, it is now a popular thing among families and other successful people to purchase a second home or a vacation home in such areas like near a beach or on a hill station. In this way, they get the benefit of staying in their own home, but also escape the chaos and trouble of the city and can enjoy some nice time off.

Most people choose to buy a home near the coastal area, as it makes for a more relaxing time. The popular idea of relaxation is to chill out on a beach, lying on a bench under a palm tree, sipping on fresh fruit juices and having the time of their lives. This idea of a good time is what people aim to achieve, and so they opt for owning a coastal home. To make one’s stay even more enjoyable during this time, following are some useful tips to decorate your coastal home in a beautiful and relaxing way to help you ease and to help you forget all the worries and troubles of everyday life and the pollution and discomfort of the city.

1) Picking the right furniture - Picking up the right kind of furniture in a coastal home is very important. If the place is near to the beach, even the temperature and weather of the area has to be considered to select the right kind of materials that are not degraded by the winds and sand from the sea. The most common type of furniture that is prevalent in coastal areas is those made of cane. It is a type of plant product, usually from tall grasses like bamboo, that makes for excellent furniture material. They are light and easy to use, and are also very tough and are not easily degraded by wind and heat, that is quite common in the coastal areas. Even the furniture like benches and picnic tables used on the beach are made from cane because they are very suitable for these environments.

2) Choosing the proper decorations - Coastal homes are supposed to have a very light and breezy look to it, and it usually achieved by having a very clutter-free, clean design. So, it is best to avoid lots and lots of decorative pieces. The best thing to do is to incorporate a few tree and indoor plants into the decor. The biggest drawback of this is that plants and trees require a lot of care and attention, and regular upkeep. Without someone to regularly look after and water these plants, they will wilt and die off, creating an unpleasant atmosphere.

But the best alternative to this is to use artificial areca palm plants. These are the best options because unlike live plants, artificial indoor trees do not require constant care and upkeep. It is a one-time fix, and the owner can buy these, place it in a chosen corner of the room and forget about it. These decorative palm trees also have the added advantage that they do not lose their decorative looks over time like actual living plants. If they become dusty or appear to lose their gloss, a quick wipe with a damp cloth restores these things to their original beauty.

3) The right color options - To keep up the coastal vibe of the house, it is important to choose the right kind of color options to accentuate the various furniture and decor items. Since the aim is to achieve a very cool and breezy look to the interiors of the house, the popular color options for the indoors are white and light blue, which reflect the colors of the sea and the beach, thus helping to achieve the perfect relaxing vibe inside the house.

Intro 10 Ways To Give A Decor Makeover To Your Home For Summers

Summer is the season of warmth, joy, and sun. It's also a great time to update the decor after bleary winters. Unlike the cold season, which limits decorating to just the inside of the house, summer allows one to play with both the inside and outside. Imagine sipping on some lemonade while sitting on your summer themed porch. It's that sense of relaxation which should permeate the whole house. So here are some decor ideas on it:

Add Color to Outdoors

Outdoors can be made entertaining, especially if summer parties, dinner and barbecues and on the mind. Go with a porch seating set which is relaxing to be in, like lounges. Also, add in dinner tables and chairs if there is enough space. Opt for soft cushion seats or stools. Add in some colorful pillows in muted, cool colors of greens or blues. Avoid shades of red and orange since they are warm colors. Making the outdoors an extension of the indoors can be done if the indoor accessories and color palette are used outside too.

Embrace summer colors in the bedroom

Summers can get chilly at nights. So, opting for a duvet cover in beach-inspired colors and patterns like aqua, pebble grey, and stormy blue can add a cool touch to the bedroom. Look for comfortable fabrics while choosing the bedding like cotton and linen, keep flowers in a rustic wooden vase and add in a picture rail to hang or stick pictures. Coastal themes will go well in the bedroom as it will give off a cold aura. Use weathered wood for headboards or make a small cushion stool out of it.

Add in a rug or carpet indoors or outdoors

While wooden tiles and floorboards add character to a floor but over time the wood and its color can get eroded. So putting in a rug or a carpet with summer colors and patterns can cover up discolored, cold or hot floors. It will also create a focal point around which the furniture can be centered. Be creative while choosing the rug/carpet especially if the cushions and other seating arrangements are neutral.

Add string lights for warmth

String lights bestow anyplace with a kind of ethereal light. These shouldn't use for task lighting but instead to set the ambiance. There are colorful options available, but classic white ones can fit and uplift any decor. Hang them on the patio deck or in the bedroom. If there are window seats then hanging them on the window would work, especially during evenings when you can switch off all major lights and relax. Add on some cushions to the seat too.

Redecorate the bathroom to suit the season

Bathrooms are not the place people think about decorating when it comes to decor, but apart from the bedroom; the bathroom is also where people go to relax and rejuvenate themselves. One of the inexpensive ways of redecorating is replacing the shower curtain to something with aqua blue styles. Add in seasonal towels, wick baskets and artificial flowers in the mix too. Paint the walls blue or add in rock tiles to give it a more sophisticated but natural look. Add in weathered wood floorboards if possible.

Use summer scents in the house

The decor should be aesthetically pleasing, but during summers when the weather makes people hot and sweaty, it's about the scent too. Citrus and tropical scents will work wonders for the atmosphere of the room. Use scents which are aromatic and easy on the senses. To keep up with the overall decor, match the candle holders with that look. But do limit the number of scents to just one or two as adding multiples ones will create a confusing smell.

Change you're the wall paneling

One of the significant areas where one can affect the decor of the house is walls. While painting can be one option, adding a set of wall panels can add more character. Having acoustic felt panels or even custom felt wall panels in summer moods can create a relaxing space. Using felt ceiling panels to cover the ceiling and create a calm enclosed space will work when the temperatures are too hot outside. You can also use felt hanging panels or felt partition to create a little personal enclosure for yourself. Fill it with a comfy sofa or chair and use it as a reading space. There are varied forms of felt wall coverings available to choose from, and one can use colorful, painted and decorative ones to add according to the aesthetic being aimed for.

Make a casual seating space

Summers can be difficult to navigate, especially if there's a lot of guests in the house. So instead of finding chairs and sofas to sit on, you can opt to create a seating space on the floor. It will be informal and will promote a better sense of camaraderie. Add a thick carpet to the floor of soft colors. It can be white, fluffy and soft, but keep in mind that it will have to be cleaned later on choose accordingly. Add in floor cushions and a low table as well.

Add some green to your house

Adding flower pots or keeping any plants in the house will have a calming and cooling effect. Keeping flower pots in the corner of the living room or bedroom will work. But if there is a crunch of space, then it's time to get innovative. Use tall wine bottles or soda bottles to put some long stalks of flowers or build a wooden box shelf and hang it on the wall. There are hanging flower pots as well which will add color to the patio too. You can also make flowers the centerpiece by putting then on a low ceramic or brass bowl filled with shallow water. Choose aromatic flowers with colors which go with the decor.

Cover up the fireplace

You can store leftover wood in the fireplace, or you can opt to replace it with some soft woolen balls to cover up space. Put a small sofa in front and decorate the mantle above with pictures, glass decorations, and wood themed accessories to suit the summer style going on.

Summer decorating is all about ensuring that the house feels and looks relaxing. You don't have to go to a beach or coastal theme if it's not your style. At the end it's your home, decorate as you see fit.

Intro Ways To Realize Your Dream Country Home Decor

The country home decor is all about blending the rural, conventional charm of your countryside place with modern elegance to create a serene, hospitable environment in which you feel entirely at home and altogether pleased. Pretty and quaint country home decor conveys a house like a feel which encapsulates style, coziness and rustic comfort. From texture to color and pattern to furniture there are several options available by using which you can certainly get a dream country home decor. Mentioned below are some of the essential tips which you can adhere to get that stunning country home décor.

Introduce patterns into the home

Patterns can make the house look fresh and striking; however, it depends on how the pattern has been used. Selecting a botanical or floral motif in an unforeseen scale can make a conventional design feel new and original. On the other hand, an enlarged fresco or work of art will give a dramatic look to space. You can also use geometric patterns as they may vary from simple ones to the more complicated ones. The pattern can provide a stunning look especially when it is used only, keeping the rest of the room quite plain and making a feature of just one design. Remember that to get a clean, simple effect, and it is always better to keep a room's decoration limited to only one pattern or color.

Add some natural feel to the home décor

The country home décor will remain incomplete if you do not bring in the theme of nature into your home. You can decorate the corners of the dining room as well as the dining table top with greens. The living room and the lobby area can also be decorated with plants and trees. The plants and trees not only help to enhance the look of the home but also add a fresh touch and appeal to space. But owing to the busy schedule of the people, it often becomes quite a challenging task for them to take care of the plants and trees. Alternatively, people can opt for artificial plants and flowers which require no maintenance at all and can continue to remain fresh for several years. You can invest in artificial plants and trees such as artificial banana palm tree, artificial flower tree, artificial palm fronds and artificial palmetto leaves as these plants can give a smart look to space.

Make your home look relaxing and soothing

A perfect country home décor means escaping the chaos of modern life, recharging and enjoying a spot of recreation. This is why the country home decor must be designed with the maximum relaxation in mind. To set the tone for a relaxing and calm home, you can place white candles that do not contain any fragrance. Also, you should allow the natural sunlight to enter the house. Remember that even if the sun is not out, the natural light daylight’s of the day is quite bright. Apart from this, it is important to remove clutter. This is because confusion is disturbing and instantly instills a sense of disorderliness and chaos.

Give your home a luxurious look

Simply because you want to give a country home décor to your house this does not mean that touch of lavishness need be mistreated. In contrast, luxury plays a significant role in offering true comfort within a country home. To give a luxurious look to space, you can create a focal point by hanging an oversized piece of art on the walls. This will provide a chic and sophisticated look to space. Use vintage or antique textiles to give your living room a custom and sophisticated look. A layered, considerate blend of textures and materials will give your space a luxurious and custom-designed look. You can even combine wood, glass, metals, leather, and textile items to create a lively welcoming space.

Make your kitchen space look outstanding

Most of the country style kitchen usually has a gloomy look with low ceilings. This is why it is always important to paint the walls of the kitchen cleverly and keep the walls bright and use darker shades on beams and units. For instance, you can decorate the kitchen space using plate racks, and open shelving as this can give off country style. Instead of splurging on new shelves, eliminate the doors from a present cabinet to create reasonably priced open shelving. When designing a country style kitchen, homeowners usually choose white as the main color as this makes the room look roomy, but in case you want to include some authentic personality and style to the kitchen, you can use bright colors. In case you do not want your country kitchen to have too much of a contemporary look, you can add some traditional details as they will give it a more conventional feel.

Invest on a super plush sofa for the living room

To get a country-style living room, you can invest in some plush furniture pieces such as plush sofa sets, loveseats, etc. This is because these sofa sets can impart a classic style and inviting room. You can further team up the sofa set with attractive floral curtains and matching cushions in similar tones to keep the look consistent. Lighting also plays a crucial role in designing a country style living room; therefore make sure that the living space is illuminated correctly with the right kind of light. For instance, you can choose the chandeliers as they have that rustic charm and appeal and at the same time they can brighten up space efficiently.


By following the points as mentioned above, you can certainly bring in a country style look and décor to your home. However, to get a smart, professional look along with country home décor you can even seek the assistance of the expert interior designers as they can offer you with some more tips and guidance.

Intro Want Autumn Home Decor Ideas Read This

Fall is signified by a return to cooler temperatures and warmer clothes, all of which is accompanied by nature changing its tones before our very eyes. The leaves changing their colors from green to hues of reds and yellows are almost a miracle to witness. As such, it's time to change up the decor to add in some earth-toned colors and create a warmer atmosphere in the house.

Set up the dining room or living room in fall centerpieces

The tables in the living room or dining room can be made to seem fuller and more centered by using fall-themed centerpieces. One can opt for using casual or formal settings depending upon the room, decor, and aesthetic they are aiming for. Yellow and red apples can be used as edible and organic centerpieces. Fall flowers and leaves can be used to create a visual spectacle. Also, use table linens in corresponding themes to develop more sophistication.

Make the porch fall themed

The fall season is when things get chilly. So it's time to make things comfy while sitting outside. Paint wick chairs in bright yellows, put some cushions of muted colors and add a floor mat to create a seating area one can have conversations in. For door decorations, apart from using beautifully weaved wreaths and pumpkins of various sizes, you can also add apple crates and such wooden boxes to add a more rustic vibe to the place. To make it more enticing, hanging vines as well.

Decorate with artwork that shows fall themes

One of the easiest ways to showcase fall colors is by displaying artwork. Having a fall artwork set up in the front foyer or the living room can set the mood of the room instantly. Going the classic way with nature themes full of orange, golden yellows and rusts will make any room feel warmer and more joyous. But one can also opt to diverge from the path a bit and use more abstract art which can include oil paintings filled with burnt browns and reds; accompanied by deeper yellows and oranges to create a panorama right in the house. To have more of an effect, ensure that the frame being used is made up of polished deep brown/redwood.

Use the fireplace mantle to your advantage

Autumn summons the cold with it, and the fireplace in living rooms becomes the focal point during the season. Use the mantle to your advantage and use it showcases your fall accessories. You can add pine cones, dried leaves, small pumpkins, dried vines, gourds and such. Pair it all up with colorful candles to lighten up your mantle.

Create a cozy seating area

As the temperature falls, people tend to retreat inside their houses. So make a small warm and cozy area near the fireplace by bringing out fall themed cushions and blankets. Use sofas or thick carpets to sit on depending on whether you want to create a formal or informal setting. Place a low table in the middle if you are using a carpet. It will give it a more symmetrical and formal feeling.

Spread the Fall aroma into the house

While fall decor is mostly visual but scents can be added to incite the senses. Use spicy smells in the cold temperatures like that of cinnamon, Apple cider, pumpkin pies and such. You can use incense, scented candles or fragrance sprays. Or there is also the option if preparing a pot of spices by boiling cloves, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg. Refrain from using more than two scents, or it can be either overpowering or simply confusing.

Put up an autumn wreath at the door

Take full advantage of the fall and try out a variety of wreaths this season. You can start with grapevine wreaths since they are right on their own too. But if that's too simple and you want to add more then adding pine cones, berries, leaves, corn husks will do the job. If you want to decorate the doorsteps so that it doesn't look empty, then add various sizes and colors of pumpkins to the mix.

Change the wall paneling

The decor of any room cannot be set without changing the wall colors. But painting the whole room or house again in fall colors is a lot of work for a short season. The solution for this is wall panelings. There are felted tiles, felt ceiling tiles, felt hanging panels, acoustic felt panels, and even custom felt wall panels which can be designed according to your fall vision. You can also use felt partitions and hanging felt panels to create a small cozy nook for yourself. A comfortable sofa or chair; a tall, warm yellow lamp and a fluffy blanket is all anyone needs to turn that nook into a reading corner for those cold and quiet autumn nights.

Use lights to bring the season inside

Lights help in bringing the season home- winter, summer, and fall as well. So when the sun starts to set early in the evening, switch on the string lights which you can put on the porch like vines. String lights can also be put inside the house in colored tall wine bottles if you want ambient lighting. For task lighting, using lamps with autumn themed shades will work. Apart from jack-o-lanterns on the porch you can also use candles (battery powered to be safe) and put them in paper bags with sand at the bottom to make luminarias.

Change the curtains and draperies

With colder temperatures, it's time to bring out the heavy machinery. Pack the lighter fabrics away and use heavy curtains and draperies to keep the cold out. Buy them in darker colors of red and browns to feel warm.

Fall is characterized by the cold. To counteract it, the house needs to emanate warmth. So, make full use of the fireplace, warm clothing, heavy furniture, and autumn colors to make the house a haven.

Intro How To Add Warmth To Homes With Smart Winter Decor Choices

As winter is all set to knock at the door, and quite soon it will be time to make a total wardrobe change from the cool cotton to the warm woolens. However, at the same time, it is equally important to make your home prepared for the winter chill. Beating the cold winters is all about indulging in warm textures and colors, together with keeping the interiors fresh and airy. In case you do not want to get an expensive heating bill in the winter months; then you can rely on the below-mentioned tips. These are few tried and true methods for keeping your home cozy and warm without turning up the heat.

Obstruct gaps and air leaks in windows and doors

With continuous usage doors and windows tend to develop gaps and leaks, and this allows the chilled air currents to enter into the room. Thus, before the onset of chilly winter months, it is recommended to check the doors and windows of the home thoroughly for any leaks and gaps. In case any such issues are discovered, it is vital to get the problem fixed by calling a contractor. However, the best way to get rid of the leaks and gaps in the windows and doors is to replace them with the new ones. There are a large number of door and window manufacturers available in the market which offers replacement windows of various styles, designs, and shapes. The new doors and windows will not only prevent the chilly air from entering the home but will also add to the décor of the house.

Install a fireplace in your home

This is perhaps the best option available to add warmth to space especially during the cold winter months. When it comes to ambiance, there is nothing better than a fireplace. You can choose to go with gas; wood or electric fireplaces as this will not only increase the value of your home but can also reduce your monthly heating costs. Along with ambiance, fireplaces, mainly the wood burning ones add that typical traditional fire scent and additional romance to the home. And the best thing about fireplaces is that they require little or no maintenance at all. You will need to clean them when they become dirty.

Add some greenery inside

Plants and flowers, when added within the home, can add a bit of natural freshness. They can even help to balance the seasonal changes outside and can also give an attractive look to space. However, it often becomes a challenging task for the people these days to take care of and maintain these live plants and flowers as they usually have a very tight schedule. But there is an alternate option available as well such as artificial flowers and plants which require no maintenance at all. They can continue looking new and fresh for several years and thus can enhance the look of the space. A vast range of artificial plants and flowers are available in the market such as artificial tree flowers, palm artificial silk palm trees, artificial kentia palm tree, cactus tree, and artificial areca palm. Depending on your preference and budget you can easily invest in the ones that you want.

Choose a bedroom with texture

Winter is the perfect time to stack blankets on your bed for warmth, but layers of textures can also have a nice look, too. Pairing together contrasting textures and patterns can have an especially exciting effect. Bedrooms with a range of textures have a specific appeal for the eye: they feel warm and appealing as well as comforting. You can get the look with textured materials for instance faux fur, linen chunky knit blankets, throws, or even wall hangings or rugs.

Give special attention to window treatments

Window treatments are often overlooked in almost every home; however, they can play a significant role in the look and feel of a room. In case you have a window with thin roller blinds, or perhaps a Venetian blind, think about adding drapes or a more considerable shade as this will both insulate your space and make it look cozier and warmer as well. There are several unique and stylish window treatments available in the market. In case you do not have window treatments till now, or you think that you do not have the right kind of treatments available then you should stick to the basics which may include blinds, panels or shades. A thick set of drapes may emerge to be the key option when it comes to winter-proofing the windows, but blinds are also another incredible way to keep your home warm in winter.

Make the walls of the house look warm

Even though you can certainly paint the walls in warm hues to give a cozy look to space, but this is not always a viable option for every homeowner. Moreover, most of the people even cannot make significant changes to furnishings ahead of each season. The best way available to give your walls a warm and cozy look is by hanging wall decors, paintings as well as fixing wall decals. All these can instantly transform the look of the space without even burning a hole in your pocket. However, one should not overdo with the decors as this will make the home look messy and untidy.

Use rugs for a warm floor

Rugs are much warmer on our feet, especially when compared with hard surfaces such as wood or tile. In earlier times, rugs were laid down in the winter months and stored in the summer months to make a room feel cozier and warmer. Living rooms, as well as bedrooms, can get a massive boost of warmth by having a rug. With a large number of rugs available in the market, you should ideally choose the one which complements the décor of the home.


These are some of the simple tips by following which you can add warmth to the homes, especially during the cold winter months. You can even seek the assistance of professionals in order to give a room a smart, cozy and a warm look.

Intro Decorating Your Porch For The Fall Season It S Easy

Autumn is the perfect season for all your al fresco dining and celebrations. The winds are cold, the sun is warm enough, and the scenic beauty is at its best. There are many ways to enjoy this lovely season, and one of them is to have an awesome patio porch. The following are the hacks to help you achieve just that and gain much more.

1. Plants- these are the prettiest and also the trickiest ones in autumn. Plants keep your surroundings fresh, and the greenery and the flowers are known to soothe your mind and soul. They are the natural producers of oxygen, and also the fragrance of the flowers acts as a natural air freshener. Plants can fill any corner with new life, but in autumn we are left with only a few choices, the evergreen ones. But there is an alternative too, the artificial plants and trees. Artificial plants and trees are great for people who lack a green thumb and do not want to go through the trouble of maintaining their flora. Also, it gives you all the options of plants and trees which are otherwise not available due to seasonal or climatic conditions. The best bet would be to go for artificial areca palm plants, Australian palm trees, and umbrella palm trees for your porch.

2. Pergola- if you are willing to loosen your purse strings a little then, a pergola can be a significant investment for your classy porch. Pergolas are the best for a wooded shade in between an open area. And, if you want to give your porch a fancy canopy, then pergola can be paired up with the vines and creepers of your choice. You can choose between a wooden pergola as well as a metal one. You can also paint your pergola with the color of your choice.

3. Lanterns and Lamps- usual day-to-day lighting can never do justice to your beautifully decorated porch. Antique and Moroccan lanterns are the best possible choices. You can hang them from your ceiling or even place them on a table, and the choice is yours. You can pair up your lanterns with yellow electric lamps or even go for candles for a more romantic setting. Apart from that, that can also use side table lamps. Ferry lights or string lights are a good option for support lighting. It also adds the required touch of creativity to the whole ambiance.

4. Barbeque- if you want to enjoy the warmth along with great food then having a barbeque table becomes a necessary evil. Besides serving some delicious, mouth-watering recipe, the barbeque setting can also help you keep warm in the cold autumn weather. It also helps eliminate the need for a bonfire and maintains the area relatively clean. But, if you want a more rustic theme for your patio then having a little bonfire would be a better option. To save your floor from dirtying from the char, have the bonfire in a big flowering pot made of cement.

5. Furniture- traditional furniture can be paired up with the modern one according to the mood. You can go with the table and chair combo or just the sitting or lying combo for lazing around. With the barbeque table, you can use old refined barrels for sitting, with some funky quotes written around them. You can also go with low rise beds, hammocks and butterfly chair for the lazy setup. For a complete bucolic installation, you can opt for full wooden furniture. Rope and wood chairs or bistro chairs surrounding a wicker wood or Moroccan center table can be an excellent rustic option. Stone or metal top wooden table surrounded by simple cushioned chairs help you with the minimalist look. You can also omit table and chairs and go for high-rise straw mattresses or banquettes for the sitting and lying area.

6. Mini bar- to add a touch of modern days you can try incorporating a mini bar in your porch. Have the glass and the bottle holders placed at one corner of the porch, and you can bring a bucket of ice whenever you feel like having a drink or two. It can also be a fancy asset for your candlelit dinner plans.

7. Colors- many colors can be incorporated in many ways in your décor plans. It can start with the color of your furniture. Then the cushions and the sheets with the furniture. Then the walls surrounding the porch and lastly the objects and accessories put in the area. You can go minimalist by choosing a monotone, or you can go with any color with white or black edges. If you want to go all out with the colors, then you can add as many colors as you like in all the ways possible. An all colors theme will look fantastic in contrast with the fall season around.

8. Floor- in line with the theme you choose for your décor, the floor can be played along with accordingly. You can select a full wooden floor if rustic is your theme. Or, you can opt for a tiled or marble floor if you are going for a modern look. You can use tiles or marbles in patterns and also a mix and match of colored tiles. If you are going for a monochrome, then a checkered floor can be a good choice.

9. Accessories- along with the main components of your patio, having a decorative or an art piece will be a good option. And, the best part is you can make most of the decorative items at home. You can use a tree root or a branch and paint it in the color of your choice, go for metal shades or even just the varnish. You can also pick pretty little pebbles and paint them with beautiful scenery. You can also go for papier mache or even white cement molds. If working at home is too much of hassle for you then you can always go for the ready-made modern art sculptures.

Intro Fall Decor Easy Home Improvement Ideas To Work With

With the changes in the seasons, the home décor should also transform. If you prefer to change the look of your home, beautifying for each season is the right tactic when it comes to interior design. But, the key is not to exaggerate it. You should ideally pick a few areas in every room that can be designed based on your preference and season.

Some of the familiar places within the home which can be decorated easily include bedroom, the table in the dining room, kitchen cabinets, window curtains, front door décor, living room, etc. After a wet hot summer comes the fall season which brings in the cool breeze along with chilly feel. It is perhaps one of the easiest seasons to decorate for. Simple décor ideas can make your home feel warm and cozy and give it an inviting look, some of such tips and ideas and mentioned below.

Give a warm and cozy look to the bedroom

You can transform your bedroom into a super cozy area by just adding layers. You can have a color scheme planned and layer the bed full of throws that will make it tempting to jump into. To finish this, you can add fuller, bigger pillows with a few spreads around. Choose colors that emit warm and bright feel such as rose gold, yellow, pink and copper. Avoid cold colors such as blue and green. Apart from this add some fairy lights as this makes your bedroom feel more cozy and vibrant. Moreover, give your bed an expensive look by covering it with a linen bed cover instead of a cotton bed cover. The best thing about linen bed cover is that that can last long and usually come to a variety of designs, colors, and patterns.

Place fall flowers in the vase

To bring in the natural look and feel, you can decorate your home by keeping seasonal flowers in the vase. Make sure that the flower vase that you choose looks stunning. You can select an antique flower vase to give a traditional look to space or select a trendy one to make your room look contemporary. Flowers like chrysanthemum, pansy, celosia, aster, dianthus, viola usually bloom in fall so you can place them in your room to give the place perfect seasonal look. In case you are not comfortable with changing the flowers every fortnight or taking care of them, you can place artificial tree flowers in the vase. These faux flowers can last for several years, and they only need to be dusted frequently so that they continue to look fresh and bright.

Use artificial plants in your home decor

Greenery can make a home’s exterior and interior feel bright and vivacious. Plants are the perfect decorating solution when a living space feels cold or unfriendly. However, the drawback is that genuine plants can be challenging and expensive for busy households to preserve. Luckily there are some alternate options available such as artificial plants which can give the same benefits like that of the real plants, but they do not require rigorous maintenance and can continue to look new and fresh for several years. You can decorate the living room or the dining room using artificial trees such as artificial silk palm trees, artificial kentia palm tree, artificial areca palm as well as a cactus palm tree. When decorating your home, fake plants thus can be one of the smartest tools in your design scheme.

Decorate the wall using wall decals and stickers

To transform the look of the house, you can decorate the walls using the wall decals and stickers that depict the fall season. For instance, the multi-colored wall decals of leaves can add a fun seasonal effect when placed on the walls or windows. The best thing about using these decals is that you can remove them whenever you feel like. They can even be installed on the wall quite easily just by peeling and sticking these decals on the wall. Moreover, as these wall decals are made from vinyl, they tend to last long if they are cared for.

Give your dining table a fall makeover

As the autumn and winter months come in people, tend to host at least one festive dinner. But decorating the dining table often becomes a bit challenging especially because there are so many options available in the market to get the table designed. One of the best ways available to give a seasonal touch to the table is to place a basket of fruits that grow during this particular season. For instance, for providing a fall makeover, you can fill up the fruit basket with berries, pomegranates, pumpkins, squash, apples, etc. You can also use candlesticks and cutlery in different finishes for a perfectly unique look. Moreover, you can further decorate the table using colorful linens in place of white as this also makes it feel more special.

Decorate the space above the kitchen cabinets

You can decorate the space between the kitchen cabinet and the ceiling by placing some weave baskets in varied shapes and textures. This can assist to add height to the kitchen and at the same time enhance the beauty of the space as well. Alternately you can also place a variety of bottles, basket, and jugs to make an area look for cozy and inviting. In case there is a solid wall in between you can give the space a fall makeover by fixing wall decals which showcase the fruits and vegetables that usually grow in the autumn season.


With all these simple things you can give the home a seasonal look without spending a large amount of money on the decor. Luckily there are several easy as well as inexpensive fall decorating ideas available that you can take advantage of to cozy up your apartment and help it reflect the attractiveness of the outdoors. You can find these ideas available on the internet, or you can even seek the assistance of the interior designers.

Intro Pre Christmas Home Improvement Ideas Worth Trying

With the festive season in full swing, the countdown to Christmas has already started, and it is the perfect time to decorate the home. When beautifying the home for upcoming Christmas festival, certain imagination goes a long way, so in an attempt to encourage you to beautify your home differently and make it something special that will stick out from others. By the time the air turns chilly, and you can hear Jingle Bell song, you have probably already caught that holiday entertaining bug. And the home is the center of the action where you will be welcoming your guests and visitors it is no surprise that you will want your house to be decorated stylishly. Explained below are some of the simple tips by following which you can decorate your home in the best way possible.

Give a twist to the classic décor

Possibly an eternal classic, the white and black combination offers something which most combinations cannot. It is elegant and simple, and it looks cool and sleek whatever you decide to beautify with it. As this white and black combination suits almost anything, this is the reason it is called a classic. However, to give a twist to this color combination, you can choose to use some happy colors with a lot of light elements such as green, red and yellow. You can even opt for the quirky decor which looks fresh and distinctive and ditches the standard look. Moreover, when shopping for Christmas decorations, you should ideally look for pieces that genuinely show up.

Decorate your home at a pocket-friendly price rate

Christmas decoration should not necessarily have to break the bank. You can brighten up the house for the holidays using items from the kitchen and your backyard as well. Simple, reasonably priced things such as greenery, candles, and splashes of gold, green and red can fast convert the home without hurting the budget. In case you are a creatively inclined person you can use simple things such as fabric and paint to decorate. You can use evergreen artificial banana palm tree, artificial kentia palm, artificial palm branches, and a black palm tree to enhance the beauty of the house. These artificial trees and plants are very easy to take care of maintenance as they need zero maintenance, especially when compared with the good plants. The best thing about these artificial plants is that they are quite cost-effective and are available in varied designs and style in the market.

Be a little more creative with home decor

In case you find that the traditional colors of Christmas to be a little ordinary then you can add some creative thinking and new ways of implementing them. Christmas accessories in candy colors look eye-catching by themselves, but they can look even better with a little bit of twist. You can personalize them by adding colorful ribbons, streamers, and cutouts. You can find ribbons, streamers, and cutouts in various colors in the market, depending on the décor of the home and your preference you can choose those that will perfectly complement the space. Keep in mind that simple decors along with natural materials and light neutral colors are often one of the best decorations. This is because it combines luxury and comfort while looking timelessly graceful. It creates a warm and familiar atmosphere, which embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Illuminate the entire home properly

Apart from illuminating the garden and the backyard with festive lights, the house can also be included in the Christmas lighting ideas. If your home has a single story roofline, you can frame it up correctly with string lights or any other fancy lights. You can also invest in festive window lighting display to make an enchanting approach to your home. Few of the best lights displays begin with a theme. This lets you aim a definite feature of Christmas and let it stand out. Also, it keeps you on track to make a consistent arrangement. Make sure that you test each section of lights before placing them to make sure there are no loose bulbs that can cause a significant failure in the rest of the display.

Include music along with the light

Lights certainly are an excellent treat for the eyes, and to stimulate the other senses as well, you can choose to add music to the light displays. This can bring in a new dimension of entertainment especially if you can coordinate the flashing of the lights with the music. As this is quite a challenging project, it is always better to seek the assistance of professionals who can help in getting the whole thing done correctly. By including light and music into the home décor, you can certainly make your home to stand apart from others in the neighborhood.

Use flowers and wreaths to liven up the whole home

Using simple wreaths or flowers you can certainly liven up the whole house. There are no limitations as to where you can use these flowers and wreaths, for instance, you can place them on any window, door, or just as a centerpiece on the table. To give the wreaths more warmth and tone, you can use the colorful ribbons and cut-outs.

Spice up the dinner table

Convert the Christmas spirit to dinner as well. This can be done by designing the dinner table with various colors in addition to a range of diverse Christmas accessories which can give everyone sitting at the table a great satisfaction. This will allow people not only to enjoy the delicious food, but also the stunning sight of a dining table. You can decorate the table using the finest looking glassware, dishware, and cutleries.


These are some of the unique ways available to decorate your home pre-Christmas. However, as each of us has a personal style to beautify the home you can certainly go ahead and implement the same. This will give a unique look and majestic feel to your home

Intro Revealed All The Hacks To Transform Backyards Into A Personal Retreat

Have you ever thought of having a beautiful outdoor space? Can you add certain elements to make your backyard seem like a resort? It may be hard to believe, but your garden can be transformed into an oasis-like the scenic spot. It is not always an expensive venture to add resort-like features to your yard. It only needs a creative insight. You can scroll through many choices of furniture and design arrangements from popular tourism hubs. But always take care to select design elements according to your relaxing habits.

Introduce exciting features like colorful artificial foliage and tropical foliage into your outdoor space. You can add a lovely musical fountain to your garden. Alternately, you can have a nice hammock and some cool furnishing. Landscaping with artificial palm trees is also a good design idea. The presence of artificial palm will upscale your property value. You can invest in a fake palm tree with lights so that your garden looks glittering at night. Such decor elements can add aesthetic brilliance to your gardening area and provide the feeling as if you are enjoying your vacation.

1. Use soft outdoor lighting

Do you have a garden in your backyard? Then, you can implement amazing décor inputs. With the inclusion of soft lighting elements, you can transform your garden into a fairyland. You can have artificial palm tree led lights for your garden for artificial palm plantations. LED lighting looks great in a garden space. You will love relaxing here in evening absorbed in the magical interplay of colors and lights. You can also hang laser light toys from fake hedges in your garden.

2. Choose a theme for your gardening space

If you select a theme for your garden, you can create a unifying feel out of synergy, induced by different natural and synthetic decor elements. You can choose a river-based or mountain like the theme, whatever you love to transform your garden like. It takes time to develop a theme for your garden. But once you actualize your idea, you feel grand.

You can invest in landscaping elements like artificial palm or silk foliage. These look as beautiful as real plantations. Crafted out of high-quality materials, these have the ability to withstand weather extremities. Artificial palm trees can be custom made, to suit unique client needs. You can select artificial potted palm trees and place these strategically to create a theme. Alternately, you can introduce a theme with the inclusion of intricate tile work for walls or pavements. You can design a theme with colored accent pillows for your furnishings. You can introduce a festive theme during celebrations.

3. Seating features

Select furnishings carefully and try to synergize focal points for your seating space. Use lightweight and portable seats preferably. You can choose to shape changing furniture and use them for multiple reasons, according to your mood. Imagine creating a beach club like feeling in your backyard. You can have relaxing chairs for your garden which allow you to move softly while thinking deeply. Such a décor feature can make you feel like an artist, absorbed in the beauty of the blue sky and green grass underneath.

4. Add a hammock to your backyard

Select a lovely but robust hammock for your yard. You can tie it between two healthy trees. But it is better to buy a model, provided with a supporting base or stand. You will love gently swinging underneath a shade. For safety reasons, it is good to have a soft grass landing, below the hammock. Even if you look at such a hammock, you will get the feeling of relaxation.

5. Use resort style accents for your backyard

For making your garden look like a resort, you have to invest in a resort like ideas. You can use big designer umbrellas and stylish looking furniture for your backyard. You can beautify your yard with artificial landscaping elements. You can create strong points with beautiful artificial palm trees.

6. Create a mobile drinks cart

Make your backyard more lively by placing drinks and beverages on a serving table. You can have tea, coffee, fruit juices, shakes, squash, etc. Get design inspirations from local food and drink stations, where you go often. You can invest in a good collection of glassware to add some beauty to the scene. You can also use disposables so that there are no environmental problems when you discard the wastes. Do not forget to have an excellent looking garbage bin, for functional and aesthetic reasons.

7. Create a topical landscape with plants

You can have a tropical landscape theme by planting palm trees. You can also mix real trees with faux plantations. You can opt for artificial plantations like curved coconut trees or banana palm trees. Artificial palm or silk foliage is UV resistant. It is also a fire retardant. So their presence protects a garden from fire propagation. You can get spectacular foliage and florals for your garden. Firstly, think about your color choices and how you can merge colors to create delightful combinations. You can use a combination of fake grass and artificial foliage for your gardening space. Artificial foliage stays new forever, so you need not worry about its regular maintenance. You can purchase exotic plants like European fan palm trees to create a tropical ambiance in your backyard.

8. Outdoor shower

If you ever experienced an outdoor shower, you know how relaxing and energizing it feels. You can use the outdoor shower every day if the ambient climate is temperate. Else, you may use it only during pleasant weather. Amazing backsplashes of water provide you with a unique feeling.

9. Addition of water feature

The sound of flowing water is mellifluous and refreshing. Choose a fountain with flash effect for your background. It also acts as a noise buffer. Having a glimpse of water feature makes you feel connected to nature. You can have a colorful musical fountain to bring in more impact.

10. Add a touch of luxury accents

Add soft and colorful cushions with the retaining color factor. Select color shades and templates from arrays of color fusions. Place potted plants on your side tables with a soft rug on the floor. Such an articulated backyard space gives a feeling of relaxing luxury.