Intro 10 Ideas To Make Your Hotel Reception Better

A hotel reception happens to be one of the busiest parts of a hotel. The reception area is visited by different people throughout the day and the night. People like chauffeurs, tour guides and different things like luggage, bellhops and many more are frequented in the hotel reception. The hotel reception is also a place that is passed many times by the people who run the hotel.

The guests also encounter the reception first while entering a hotel. Despite being the busiest part of a hotel, it is the reception where the guests wait and relax in the time of check in and check out. Thus, in order to make a good impression of the hotel, it is necessary that the reception is well decorated and gives out a vibe of welcome and warmth. This article discusses certain tips that will make your hotel reception a memorable place for the tourists who visit your hotel.

Use Artificial Plants:

Using artificial plants is an excellent way to decorate your hotel reception along with giving it a touch of green and thus making the place soothing. You can consider using artificial palm tree with lights for decking up your hotel reception. This will not only add a splash of green to your reception, but the lights will also make the ambiance better at night.

Given the fact that greenery always creates a soothing atmosphere, you can consider using an artificial indoor tree for decoration. Besides decorating the hotel reception in a unique way, these artificial trees will offer a soothing atmosphere to the people resting in the reception.

Outside the reception, you can use fake outdoor palm trees for creating a welcoming effect. This will pleasantly surprise the visitors who will reach your hotel after long journeys, and they will definitely remember your hotel for this different and soothing kind of décor.

Make the Reception design unique:

Make sure that you design the reception of your hotel in a unique manner. Your reception should stand out from other hotels’ receptions. You should concentrate on making the reception in a way that will give out the essence of your hotel.

It is only natural that both families and single people will come to stay in your hotel and thus your reception should maintain a balance between formal and informal design. You can consider putting an aquarium filled with bright fish for the children to enjoy who come to your hotel with their families.

The bright fish in the aquarium will certainly amuse the children, and it would make their families happy and have a good impression of your hotel. Make sure that your hotel reception gives out a welcoming vibe to your guests who come for the first time in your hotel. Also, make it a point to make the design of the reception match with the design of the rest of the hotel. Your hotel reception should not stand out as an isolated piece of architecture.

Select proper Furniture for your Reception:

The reception area no doubt serves the purpose of providing people with rest, and thus, you should carefully select the furniture that you will put in your reception area. You should put some furniture that would help the visitors to your hotel wait. For this purpose, you can decorate the reception with chairs, sofas, and ottomans.

Given the fact that the hotel reception will serve as a place where various kinds of conversations will be held, it is important that the reception has enough sitting options. If your reception is not well equipped with furniture, then the guests might think twice before making a stay at your hotel.

Put more relaxing furniture in your hotel reception to make the atmosphere fun and soothing. However, make sure that you do not stuff your reception with too many furnitures. The furniture should not make it difficult for moving around. Make sure to keep your reception breathable and yet comfortable for people to sit and relax.

Fix proper Lights in your Reception:

Hotel reception is a place that is used in both day and night. Some on your guests may be checking in late night and wait at the reception till their room is set up. Because of its all night and day use, you should make sure that you put proper lights in your reception.

You should make sure that you use both bright and dim lights. The bright lights can be used in the evening time. While at night the dim lights can be used to give a soothing atmosphere to the visitors.

Give attention to Painting your Reception Walls:

Another important factor in decorating your reception is painting the walls with proper colors. You can consider painting the walls of your lobby with bright colors so that a welcoming vibe is given out.

You can also go for painting the opposite walls with contrasting colors to give a hint of your sense of decoration to your visitors. Wall arts can also be put up on the walls. You can also use photo frames of happy and satisfies customers as wall decors.

This will serve not only as wall decors but also will promote your hotel. Make sure you do not paint your reception walls with dull colors as that would essentially dampen the heart of your visitors and will give out a boring vibe.

Make good use of your Reception space:

In case your reception has enough space, you can think of setting up a cafeteria there. At the cafeteria, people can enjoy a mouthful and have various discussions as well. This will show your hotel in a new light and will make sure that your visitors remember your hotel for this particular point.

The points as mentioned above will definitely help you to deck up your hotel reception in a better way. However, ultimately everything depends on you and the budget and availability of space. So take the basic idea of decorating from these tips and decorate your lobby according to your good sense.

Intro Upgrade Your Hotel Lobby With These 9 Fabulous Decor Ideas

First impressions are of great importance in the hospitality business. If the lobby of your hotel does not look impressive, it will put your guests in an indecisive frame of mind. So, make sure that your lobby looks classy and stylish.

Here are 9 fabulous ideas which will help you revamp your hotel lobby to make an everlasting impression in the minds of your guests:

Make your space well furnished:

Before checking into your hotel, your guests are going to spend some time in the lobby, so it is all the more important that you make the space relaxing and cozy. Install furniture that is comfortable and compact. The visual appeal is also as important as comfort, no doubt, so you must keep the style, alignment and other attributes in mind as well.

Apart from chairs and sofas which are present and quite common in every other hotel lobby, you may also include coffee tables and couches where you can provide some refreshments to your much-traveled guests. Space comes very much at a premium these days, so care should be taken to make the optimum use of the available space while planning and arranging the furniture and other accessories.

Choose the right colors:

Color is one of the very important factors which will impress your guests in the first look itself. Every color has a distinct effect on the eyes. Hence, choosing the right color for the walls of your hotel lobby should be well thought out. Since you are welcoming and ushering your guests here, it is always advisable to go for warm and soothing shades such as beige, ivory, grey, light brown or pale yellow. These will make your lobby look simple yet classy.

Illuminate your space well:

Good lighting can make or break the overall look of your lobby, so choose your light fixtures wisely. Do not stick to just one type of lighting; instead, use various types to add brightness and glitter to your space. You may hang a majestic crystal chandelier right in the middle and use some mood lightings in the corners.

You can also choose floor lights, table lamps or anything of your choice, provided it blends with the setting of the lobby. Make sure every part of the lobby is well lit, as most of your guests would engage in reading or watching something while they are waiting.

Get artistic:

Depending upon the architecture of the lobby you can adorn your space with some fantastic artworks to treat your guest’s eyes while they are waiting. If your area has a high ceiling featuring large sculptural designs would be a fantastic idea, as it will not only elevate the charm of your lobby, it will also captivate the attention of your guests as soon as they enter. Beautiful paintings and murals spread over the walls would be perfect for spaces with low ceilings. You can also install a mini aquarium with colorful and exquisite fishes which will please your guests, especially children.

Make your flooring attractive:

Do not underestimate the value of good flooring! The right flooring can add glam and panache to your lobby. Use colorful tiles to dress your floors which will add vibrancy to the room. You can also go for patterns in order to get a beautiful and symmetrical look. You can also use carpets with latest design and texture to add some glam quotient.

Blend Traditional and Modern styles:

There is a certain level of classiness associated with traditional interior décor. The dark wooden furniture and metalwork are loved by everyone, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same completely. You can also incorporate some modern styles of furniture and accessories too in your space. Balancing both in a seamless fashion will impart a sleek and contemporary touch.

Bring in some greenery:

Plants and flowers look amazing no matter where you put them. But maintaining them could turn out be difficult. Instead, you can choose to decorate your room with some artificial plants and trees which look as real as the live ones and will add a fresh twist to your space.

Install some gorgeous artificial coconut palm trees in the room, and these will emanate airy tropical vibes. You can choose from a wide range of variants like European fan palm trees, areca palm trees, Phoenix palm trees, date palm trees, and several others.

Go for minimalist shelving:

Gone are the days when shelves were only an accessory for keeping stuff, today it has become a part of interior décor. Minimalist shelving is an excellent choice for adding some style to your space. You can experiment with several materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and textures as per your choice. These look amazing and are extremely budget friendly! What more could you ask for? Decorate the shelves with books, plants or artifacts for a sleek and stylish look.

Set up a small fountain:

To make your hotel lobby stand out from the rest, you can set up a small fountain in the room. They are soothing to look at, and your guests will definitely love the splashing sound of water. You can opt for a floor fountain which can be placed in the center of the lobby or a table fountain if you do not have enough floor space.

So, these were some fantastic décor ideas for your hotel lobby. You may not incorporate all of them; just choose some that will suit your style and space. We hope implementing these ideas will create an impact in the minds of your customers when they arrive and bid adieu!

9 Ways To Transform Your Spa And Salon

What comes to your mind when somebody says they are visiting a spa or a salon? Wellness is the word. When people come to feel good, you ought to get them what they are looking forward to. The time spent by them at the spa is the most precious time of their lives because it is more focussed on relaxation which is rare these days. Here are some fantastic ways to transform your spa and salon so that apart from the services you deliver the best ambiance and environment to your clients.

Refreshing the decor of your salon

This is the first thing you should be looking into for transforming the space. Smaller or more significant, a smart refresh of the decor always goes a long way in bringing in the much-needed sense of newness in the area. A variety of indoor and outdoor plants can bring in a budget-friendly way to create unique decor. Not only do the plants bring in the liveliness and gush of fresh air, but it also adds to the color and overall look of the salon or your spa. Plant some lively areca palm tree at the entrance and the salon looks welcoming. Be sure you water the plants regularly.

Know your clientele

This is the most important thing to do before deciding to do a complete space transformation. Think about what they would like the space to be and then go ahead with the flow. Decorating the area with plants and trees is the safest bet here. After all, who doesn’t like the calmness associated with this color?

Picking up a theme

Knowing the type of clients you are going to have, and it is easy to pick up the theme. You can think about bold colors, simple yet classy design so that space is utilized wisely. If go-green is your theme then popping decorative trees, indoor seems to be a prudent choice. In case you feel the maintenance of the trees is quite taxing and not doable, you can always have a mix of artificial indoor trees and the reals over the shelves or the displays. The theme should essentially reflect your personality and your vision.

Declutter and plan space wisely

This works wonders too. Instead of refreshing the decor of the salon, one can just declutter it to give it a great feel. Reduce the number of things that you are currently not using, or create something out of it. Sticking to the rule of less is more, do not clutter the space by adding too many material things.

Remember the purpose of spas and salon is to rejuvenate your clients. Plants and trees, however, an exception to this rule. A little more green causes a soothing effect to the eyes and overall health. In case you have reservations to plant trees inside the spa and salon give a try to pot an outdoor artificial palm tree. Or else you can always have it both ways.

Getting Creative

Creatively using your old tools is also a smart way of saving on the refurbishing items. Decluttering also leads to a better mindset. Decluttering also leads to bringing in much-needed luck to space, transforming any ordinary space into a money-making machine.

Get in some warm throw-pillows to create the warmth in winter-season. Many times beautiful rugs and table-runners make the client feel at home, when even at a salon. Creatively display the instruments which are used for giving you that beautiful hair-cut or a hair massage.

They are playing a melodious tune at the background can wonders miracles when it comes to spa and salon. Mainly, have some great soothing music played in the lobby and the waiting area so that the clients don’t get bored quickly and are gently brought in to the therapeutic spa. Spa gets effective when a might musical instrument is there behind the message.

Think about masterpieces

Using spaces wisely would go a long way. Wherever you can, put a masterpiece of art so that people relate to their spa and salon experience with that masterpiece. Ceramics and Marbles help a long way to achieve this. Lifesize mirrors bring in the right impression to any salon.

The Feng Shui way

Lucky charms like the laughing Buddha or bamboo palm tree not only enhance the luck for space but also enhance the beauty of the area. If you do not believe in Feng shui, that is perfectly fine. Some small artifacts placed strategically are good aesthetically.

Less is more

Everything done in moderation helps, the spaces like salon and spa are meant to give the feeling of minimalism while designing the space always have “less is more” fundamental at the back of your mind.” You can always add some dash of fresh flowers to enhance the natural feel of the spa and salon.

Flowers speak a thousand words, and they are never enough especially for the women clients. Flowers in a pond or a small vessel at the entrance gives a traditional welcome to the patrons. Lamps and Diyas can be used in the right proportion to provide a well-lit and not too glary look to the salon.

Reflection of your personality

Apart from what others say, your salon and spa should exhibit your personality. If you are exuberant, space should look like one. If you are a minimalist, space should be like that. It really depends on what you would like to bring into the area. Vibrance or the calmeth. If you are an old -school person, then decorate the spa/salon with the vintage elements. Else the contemporary or the modern looks would also speak your mind.

Reserving some spaces for charging their mobiles or keeping their valuables also helps in making them feel safe. A small garden or a lobby for children and pets can also add to the number of patrons. People come to the spa and salon to get experience, by creating a space with an appropriate ambiance would definitely create a great and long-lasting relaxing experience.

Intro Giving A Swanky Decor Upgrade To A Dentist S Clinic

Let’s face it. No one visits a dentist’s clinic until he or she is forced to. So, the clinic has to be relaxing, comfortable and assuring. Interior decoration plays a significant part in this. Although many dental clinics spend a vast sum, that is not always necessary. This blog tells how you can get that with a pretty bang for the money spent. Read on to know the details!

Planning is the key to everything.

No matter if it is a new or existing dental clinic, planning holds the key to successful decoration. While the patient may look for a clean place, as a dentist, you would prefer a functional place. So, you have to strike a balance between these different needs.

Ensure that you have a smooth flow of work in the clinic. Also, see that it looks both appealing and professional. This will take the decor to the next level.

Make the reception warm and inviting.

Visitors to a dental clinic are not ordinary people. They are suffering from dental pain and discomfort. Believe it or not, they will feel better if they form an excellent first impression. Making the reception area spacious and inviting is essential.

Patients also dislike the cold and scary traditional clinic look. Make it more casual and enjoyable by rearranging the sitting plan like a coffee corner. This will help to de-stress the patients, and they will enjoy the waiting period.

Waiting seems to be longer when patients sit on hard stiff chairs. Arrange comfortable sofas and lounge chairs that match your layout. This adds to the patient’s comfort and lifts up the ambiance.

Add warmth with faux greens.

Patients come to the clinic under compulsion. So, why not give them relief with greens? Including artificial plants and trees for indoor makes it relaxing. They do not need any upkeep or compromise with aesthetics.

These are available as Areca palm, Fan palm, Fishtail Palm and many more. You can get them in a wide array of size and style. These artificial plants with pots help to break the monotony and lifts up the ambiance.

The artificial palm trees and plants are second to none for creating a delightful vibe. Place them in a corner, and they will make your clinic delightful with their lush green presence. Made from premium quality material, these artificial small trees and plants are durable. In case your clinic has a high ceiling, you may install a 6 ft artificial palm tree for creating a tropical vibe.

Be careful with color.

As a clinician, your aim should be to relive the patients of fear and tension. Colors have a great psychological impact on humans. White is the traditional clinic color, but this is not always preferred by the clinics.

Choose a color that makes the patient calm. Never go for red or yellow as these make a patient tense and excited. Better opt for a neutral color like gray, ivory, and beige. You may also use light blue and light green as these have a unique calming effect.

Lighting creates a great impression.

Sufficient lighting is essential to make a dentist’s clinic safe and delightful. Try to explore as much natural light as possible. Also, add a floor lamp in the corner of the clinic over and above the ambient light. This will lift up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

Light up the treatment area from different directions. This will remove shadows and dark spots. Harmonize the color of the walls, floor, and the chair. This will allow a better evaluation of the job. Illuminate the sterilization area with cool bluish light.

Acoustics make a huge difference.

Proper acoustic is sure to make the clinic calm and make peaceful waiting possible. You may have a soft carpet in the waiting area. It will help noise dampening and also give a plush, comfortable feeling. Mind to have no carpets or soft material in the treatment area. Better have a false ceiling; it will improve the acoustics.

Neatness Counts

Your dental clinic should be free from clutter. Store all dental equipment in a smart cabinet. Never compromise with the sterilization, storage, and treatment area. Arrange a scrub sink, ultrasonic cleaner, and sterilization equipment. The carpet, window covers, and furnishings also have to be spotless. This will improve the decor and ensure proper sanitation and patient care.

Provide some recreation

Waiting becomes pleasurable when patients remain active. Install a TV in the clinic so the patients may watch local news. In case arranging a TV is not possible, you may have soft background music. This will also keep the patients oblivious of their discomfort.

Including periodicals, magazine, etc is also a good idea. You can also include literature on teeth care and general health. Your clients would love to go through this.

Arrange a small freeze with bottled water. This will lift up the decoration. The patients may not use these always. But this will cast an excellent impression.

Keep something for the kids

Even if you do not treat kids, they may accompany their parents. If possible create a separate kid’s zone for them. Otherwise, set a part of the reception for the kids. Fill it up with crayons and coloring books. The kids would love to fill those up. Also, have soft toys and a kid’s treasure chest to make it adorable.

Do not forget the old and handicapped.

Elderly and handicapped patients also have a dental problem. They need some special arrangement. Design your clinic in a way so that it becomes friendly to them. Ensure that the clinic floor is not slippery. Also, make arrangements for the handicapped so that they can glide on their chairs to the treatment area.


The above decor ideas will make the place swanky and welcoming as well. They will also make you confident that you will go back with healthy teeth. These are simple and easy to follow. Try these in your dental clinic to make it a talk of the town.

Intro Commercial Decor Ideas That Interior Decorators Swear By In 2019

A well-designed space can boost not only your employees’ enthusiasm but also their productivity. A perfect surrounding and atmosphere play a pivotal role in our mood. A well-furnished interior, with a balance of comforts and professional business image, strikes a chord among your team members and customers. Gone are the days of just boring furniture; when you can showcase your office “statement” by these 8 Commercial Decor Ideas That Interior Decorators Swear By In 2019.

1. Semi-private working space

In this age of communication, collaboration and teamwork, over isolation, play a significant role in the productivity of your employees. An open yet individual workspace can be created by low or transparent panels over desks. The illusion of semi-private workspace can also be fashioned by circular workstations.

2. Incorporate geometric patterns on walls

A solid color, when chosen properly, has an impact on a person’s productivity, performance and overall mood. While many of us like to go classical, quirky geometric patterns help businesses create their style statement. Incorporating large scale geometric patterns also helps to create a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

3. Employ the perfect lighting

Lighting is a significant factor in commercial décor. Ditch the old and boring fluorescent light and replace them with high-quality lamps. Different colored lights can be employed throughout a lobby, aisle or restaurant to divide different sections of the place. A perfect symphony would be the blend of artificial and natural light which can be brought about by skylights or glass walls

4. Casual conversation area and meeting place

Not every task can be done poured over documents and hooked onto a laptop on your desk. Discussions among employees and team members can take place at casual conversation and meeting areas. Playful and quirky designs on walls and a relaxed atmosphere combined with comfortable seating areas encourages meetings, discussions, and bonding among team members.

5. Throw a bit of nature amidst the corporate environment

Foliage can not only give your office space a stylish appeal but also turn your tedious working atmosphere into an interesting one. Give your office a little bit of extravagance and exotic feeling with artificial plants and trees indoor like artificial coconut palm trees, European fan palm and Hawaiian fishtail palm.

6. Adding non-matching tile flooring with a hint of bold, cool colors

Non-matching tile flooring, though unusual, can enhance a room’s character. A hint of colors like grey, white or black reflects the cool natural vibes and its deep soothing tones. To make them quirky, replace the dark tones with a cool color like lime green or a bold color like red.

7. Create a relaxed environment with office lounges

With the invention of wireless technology, nobody now needs to work only in one place. Employees can get comfortable while taking their time out from their monotonous work stations and get their job done in a relaxed state.

8. Quiet zones for the distracted

While open spaces are a necessity in an office, many employees’ individual work can be affected by shifty and noisy atmosphere either due to chatty co-workers or other office noise. Cramped workspace and total isolation may not be the answer, but quiet zones can offer a different yet productive outlook to a solution. Modern phone booth furniture can be used in an office space where employees can stay for as long or as little they want. Private meeting rooms for team discussions can also be set up.

9. A bit of creativity amidst the corporate world

Tedious office work can take a toll on your employees’ creativity and imagination. More offices are opting for a creativity corner for showcasing various artworks. This not only uplifts your workers’ imagination capabilities but also inspires them to become more creative.

Artworks always have had a soothing and calming effect on a person’s mind. Between the busy schedule and tiresome work, your workers can take a visual break to admire them.

10. Install acoustic walls

In an office environment, you want to discuss stuff about your project with your teammates, but other people are doing the same. It is very common to feel distracted while talking in an open place when different sounds also intervene in your conversation.

Installing slated acoustic walls can damp the distracting sounds and also serve as a means to separate areas without investing lumps for a significant refurbishment. They also can be installed in hallways to serve as a dual purpose for dampening the echoes and also give a chic and elegant look.

11. Speak about your brand through the colors

Use quirky combinations of your brand colors on the walls. Paint a picture of your brand identity with the help of its colors and instill in your employees’ the sense of being involved in your brand. Subsequently, this method will create a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

If you are not using your brand colors, you may employ bold and solid colors. Colors like red inculcate a sense of power along with energy and focus. You can also use the muted and minimalistic color scheme in neutral workspaces.

12. Unconventional furnishings and open shelving

While readymade furniture might woo you because of the cost effectiveness and the easy accessibility of the product, innovative furnishings are more commonly installed in offices nowadays. Furniture is nowadays made keeping in mind the needs of its user. Extended workstation with sound minimizing acoustic panels ensures the workers’ individual focus as well as easy access to discussions and collaborations.

Consequently, open shelving can be employed for easy access to binders, files, and other office supplies. It ensures a clean office environment along with a modern touch to the ambiance.


The modern office problems require modern solutions. While offices and its work are changing rapidly along with its workforce’s mentality, it needs to be considerate of its worker’s needs. Just as multifunctionality of space is a significant factor considered during office renovation, an average worker’s needs, and productivity is the basic criteria to judge the office’s design pathway.

Intro 9 Super Decor Hacks To Give A Small Boutique A Spacious Feel

Have you always dreamed of having your own boutique that displays all your fabulous creations and gets more and more customers? Ask yourself what is stopping you? Is it the lack of a grand space for your central display?

Well, do not worry. We have sieved tons of clever décor hacks and came up with the best options which will ensure that you do not have to demolish your current set up; instead, you can enhance what you already have, giving your entire boutique a unique look. You can start by placing outdoor ficus trees to give a warm welcome.

Nest, scroll on and discover the secret of smart boutique decor.

Ladders in wall

You do not have to sacrifice the open feeling for displaying those trendy garments by tugging them in boxed cabinets. Dedicate one wall of your boutique to install wooden ladders horizontally and use them as shelves for your stock garments.

Paint the old ladders in your favorite color to give them a new look. These ladders are super light and hang perfectly on the wall without taking any ground space. You get artificial ficus plants online at a good rate. Use them beside these wooden ladders for a fresh look.

Tip: Use natural wooden colors for the ladders giving them an antique touch.

Dollar store hangers

Now that you have your ladders correctly fixed in place get those cost-effective hangers to hang samples of each of your best attires. You can entirely avoid the floor racks taking up all your space. Plus, it is always a pleasure to see a garment in its entirety than folded.

Tip: Use wooden hangers that will complement your wooden ladders.

Beer bottle lamps

All those beer bottles that have been going to your trash bins can be put to flawless use. How? Transform them into hanging lamps by just adding your desired color bulbs and chords. Stand lamps take up a vast area of any central room.

In its place, bring in these fantastic hanging lamps made from empty beer bottles focusing all your USPs. They are so cheap that you can afford to place one light above each of your elite items.

Tip: Twine the base of the lamps with jute ropes to match your wooden décor.

Doorframe shelves

What happens to the wall space above the doorframes? The doorframe is the most underutilized aspect. Make complete use of it by placing shelves. Shelving above the door will give your boutique a custom touch with lots of extra storage.

You can make your shelves tapping wooden planks and screwing them in place. For easy access, you can place those sliding shelves too.

Give your dear customers full liberty of walking around with just large artificial ficus trees indoors.

Tip: Since they are placed at a higher reach, your out-of-season stocks can smoothly go in there.

The “S” hooks

No boutique is complete without the slender section of ties, belts, and scarves. After all, they add to the accessories. These items may have lesser fabric, but their sheer length takes a lot of space.

Make chain hangers using the “S” hooks easily available in any hardware store. Now instead of having just one hanger, you can have as many within one. No more drooling accessories on the floor!

Tip: Clean a fake ficus tree and place it alongside to enhance the look.

Beer crates for storage

Every décor needs a seating station for the boutique wanderers. Your customer’s comfort means everything to you. So why not use the seats as storage boxes as well?

Remember all the beer bottles you used for making lamps? Their crates act as amazing storage boxes. Place them underneath your seating areas. These can be your secret boxed capturing things you do not wish to put in display right away.

Tip: Make it sure to dry and varnish the crate before using them entirely.

Pegboard on one wall

Have you ever wondered what magic could be done with a pegboard? Mount one in one of your bigger walls and you can use all the tiny holes for hanging many items. The sassy dresses, the classy hats, the peppy bags can all be engaged in one wall.

Considering the width of the pegboard, this is where you can also put in your sample picture frames showing your customers how elegant a dress, a hat or a bag will look on them.

Tip: Paint the pegboard green adjoining to best looking fake ficus tree.

Coats on the other wall

Be it a summer light coat or a furry winter coat, and a boutique has to have its coat section in place. You can avoid your coat rack taking the whole corner of your room.

Label your other empty wall as your “Coat of Fame.” Simple metal hooks or U-bend hooks can be used to hang one of the costliest garbs of your boutique seamlessly.

Tip: You may want to use hangers to keep the shoulders of your coats in place

Mirror mirror on the wall!

Needless to say, your boutique will have mirrors, often more than one. Who would not want to see how lovely they look wearing one of your creations? But can they be used as something more?

Install tension rods at the back of your glimmering mirror (or mirrors) and use the space for all your extra storage. You can also hang newspaper holders and tug in your inspiring magazines to read during free time.

Tip: Place lighter items to increase the durability of the rods

Some final words

You may be a pro in the world of boutique or just a newbie exploring this new world. A spacious boutique is not complete unless you identify your own style and vibe. Your originality and creativity are what will make you the Boss of Boutique. Like artificial ficus trees, indoor will renew your boutique. With a little imagination and our creative ideas, you can have your dream décor boutique and show the world your true talent.

Intro 9 Ideas For A Child Friendly Decor In The Pediatrician S Office

A child may not like to visit a Pediatrician’s clinic because of the past bad experience. As a Pediatrician, you should always aim to free them from stress and anxieties. As they wait in the office, the office decor is vital for casting an excellent first impression. This blog dwells on 9 ideas that make the Pediatrician’s office a warm and welcoming place. Interested? Read to the last for details!

1. Make flexible seating arrangements

The pediatric age group covers from birth to young adulthood. The problem is that the need for five years old differs from that of fifteen years old. There should be something for each of them in the pediatrician’s office.

Sitting arrangement is a vital element for office decor. This is because the patients have to wait there with their parents. Get comfortable couches that can accommodate the child and the parents. Also, they have individual seats for young adults. Foam furniture with vinyl cover is a great option. These will make your office adorable to pediatric patients.

2. Give them a natural environment

Install some artificial plants and trees for indoor in the pediatrician’s office. This will make the children relaxed. These artificial trees for decoration are better than the real plants in many ways. They do not cause any allergy, grow no mold, and also do not attract insects. Thus, you get a safe and hygienic environment.

The artificial trees and plants with pots are available in many varieties. They are made from high-quality material; the large artificial trees indoor looks like their live cousins. With their stately trunk and lush green fronds, they make the place exceptional.

Fill up a corner of Pediatrician’s office with the artificial palm tree with lights. This will deliver a festive look to the office. In case you have a large and spacious office, you may decorate with fake bamboo palm trees.

3. Include marine life

Studies reveal that watching marine life has a significant effect on releasing stress. It has a nice calming effect on the immediate surroundings. Install a fish tank in your Pediatrician’s office. It can be either be a saltwater type or a freshwater type.

Place it in the corner of the office. Fill it up with pebbles, aquatic plants, colorful fishes, and other aquatic life. Make the corners of the aquarium black or colored whatever complements the overall decor. When light glows inside the aquarium, it lifts up the office ambiance. This will also add to your lighting efforts.

4. Create thematic walls

Bright and colorful walls can make the Pediatrician’s office adorable. Painting the walls in different themes is an excellent way of Pediatrician’s office decoration. You can Paint a wall with a jungle background and place stuffed animal toys to complement it. Painting an ocean theme on the back of the aquarium is also a great idea.

Do not forget the ceiling while creating fantasy murals. The children are very much interested in outer space and the aliens coming from there. Either paint or use decals to create fantasy themes. Once done, the kids will have enough attractions for a repeat visit.

5. Give them something to play

Choose an area at the end of the office for the small kids within the adult’s view. This will let the children on their own and still under the parent’s watch. Get blocks, puzzles, soft toys, bead mazes, etc. to play with. The kids find fun in building blocks and solving puzzles. They will enough distraction for waiting.

The playing material should be suitable for different age groups. Allowing BYOT (bring your own toys) is also a great idea. It will relieve the kids from the fear of cold virus infection through toys.

6. Build a reading nook

Building a reading corner is a brilliant idea for the Pediatrician’s office. Define the zone with an area rug. This will make the place cozy and comfortable. This must also have low-height chairs, tables, and shelves. They will make the kids comfortable as they can grab their favorite books at ease.

Complete the collection with a variety of books for different age groups. It should include adventures, fantasies, travelogues, comics, sports, and healthcare as well. The children will find pleasure to go through them.

You may also provide them with fun worksheets to fill up after reading. Give some surprise gifts. It will create good bondage.

7. Invest in entertainment

Providing some entertainment is the best way to distract anxious pediatric patients. The easiest way is to install a TV in the office. As the kids watch TV, it relaxes them before the visit. This helps to create a home-like atmosphere. The accompanying parents will also enjoy the entertainment.

Also, think about installing multimedia devices. The kids love to play games. They will get absorbed in this and forget the stress due to their ailments. So, your office will be a hot favorite for them.

8. Keep them connected

The present-day children are tech savvy. They interact with the social network in a way that we cannot think of. Provide the Pediatrician’s office with free Wi-Fi facility with full internet access. As the kids connect to the network, they feel at home in their own world. This let them foster their social identity, and they do not feel secluded. It helps to reduce stress.

This also takes care of the parents’ needs. They can also check emails and can do their work while waiting in the Pediatrician’s office.

9. Safety Counts!

Safety of the patients should be the prime concern while decorating the Pediatrician’s office. Make sure that there is no clutter in the office. Conceal all wires and cables, and the floor should be seamless. This will eliminate the chances of the kids toppling over.


Designing a child-friendly space means making it inspiring and hopeful for them. The above ideas are great to make them relaxed and confident. These are simple to adapt and do not involve much cost. Try these for your Pediatrician’s office so that the children feel at home.

Intro How To Make The Most Of Empty Spaces In Your Homes

Creativity is at its best while making the most by filling up empty spaces in our homes, and it is also a smart way to increase the living spaces. Irrespective of how big or small the house is every home requires more space. Maximizing space with multifunctional furniture, cabinets, shelves, and other accessories need a sense of creativity by keeping the space clutter-free. Every place can do with functional organizing and ensuring that the spaces are properly used.

Small spaces in the rooms with corners can be utilized by putting pieces of our collections, sculptures and floor lamps and filling up the empty spaces. By hanging curtains, adding baskets for simple outlook and sound absorption and other accessories, the empty spaces can be well utilized. A large place can look very haphazard if we unnecessarily add in more furniture and accessories. To balance the styling, we should repeat certain colors of fabrics to match the cushions and the texture of the sofas and curtains in the room.

Create Storage Spaces

It is important to make the best uses of empty spaces within the room. We can think of adding some open shelves for books or storage cabinets and create a mini-study room with a stylish desk in the corner and a couch or a sofa to relax. The corners can be best utilized by making a bookshelf which can also serve as a library. Adding Shelves will not only help us to occupy the empty spaces in our homes but at the same time, it will help us to keep things in an organized manner. The shelves can be either freestanding or fitted on a wall in the empty corners. Both will be helpful for filling up the empty spaces.

The vacant space under the staircase can also be utilized well by adding more storage space. A free standing display cabinet looks excellent when illuminated with light and is filled with decorative knick-knacks and other decorative pieces.

Adding Plants

Adding plants is an excellent way of utilizing vacant spaces. Plants brighten up the place and give a fresh look to the room they’re kept in. Large plants take up a lot of space; hence it wise to put them in corners inside the rooms. They add to the pleasant fragrances in the place and also help increase the oxygen levels within our home. We can choose from a variety of house plants available in the market. They can be hung in baskets from the walls and help to liven up the place.

We need to keep the tall potted plants in the rooms strategically. They can be kept vertically to fill up the rooms with big ceilings or also put in the corners and other empty spaces. The green plants depend on sunlight, but if we use artificial plants, then they are very useful for filling the corners. They can be maintained for a long time and are durable too. One can also look at artificial plants to liven up the place. The silk flower arrangements add color to the room. The artificial palm trees can be put at the entrances. The fake orchids and the silk tulips add to the beauty of the room.

Create an Art Corner

Creating an art corner in the room gives an artistic touch to the place. It makes the place look exciting and invariably draws attention. The framed pictures can be hung on the empty walls. It could be some beautiful personal family pictures or some fine art, which would fill the room with memories. We can find a vacant corner in the living room and add a few pieces of antiques and display them there. In this manner, we utilize the unused space in the room and help to brighten it up and make it look inviting. If the rooms are big in size, then the artwork and the pictures should be bolder and bigger too, which gives a better punch to the room.

Adding extra Seating places

We can think of making a personal place within the room with a couch or a relaxing chair next to the window, where one can sit and relax and sip a hot cup of coffee and look out of the window. Large seating arrangements may not look comfortable if there is too much distance between them. Putting in extra coffee tables and ottomans can fill in the gaps and make the place look cozy and warm.

A big table in the room adds to the warmth of the room and can use for keeping the plants or the lamps. Chairs can be put into empty corners of the room. The chairs can be of definite style or one of the vintage kinds which add flair to the room.

Light fittings

Corner spaces in the room tend to be dark, so if we can look at transforming these spaces with extra light. We can add some designer lamps for a soft glow in the room or chandeliers which make the room look full. There are many floor lamps available in the market and which would add elegance to the room. They can also be put into the corners of the room from where they illuminate the room and give it a stylish outlook.

Having large windows in the room definitely helps with natural sunlight in the room. Also, a room will look awkward if there are too many lamps and light fittings put into it. Therefore it is important to wisely decide on what looks good and how the spaces can be utilized without the place looking dark.

It is a challenging task to find ways to integrate and fill up corners and spaces in our homes. Many multiple ideas come to our mind for filling up the empty spaces and at the same time for it to look good. We keep figuring whether to put a plant in the corner or a roundtable or maybe the place might just look good with a lamp. Once the place is done up and looks inviting and functional, we realize how the spaces have been utilized in the best ways to make the place look stylish. We should look at inspiring ways to personalize our spaces and express our styles, with the correct texture and color of fabrics, along with our favorite treasures, which will transform and make the place look inspiring and impactful at the same time.

Intro 14 Incredible Ways To Upgrade The Decor Of Your Classroom

Gone are the days when learning used to be mundane, and classrooms boring! With the advancement in technology kids, today learn everything in a novel and fun-filled ways. Since they spend most of their time in classrooms, it is needless to say, why it is important to make this space lively and creative.

Here are 14 incredible ways to make the kids fall in love with your classroom every single day!

Install some colorful bookshelves:

Learning is not just limited to textbooks, right? So how about installing a bookshelf and loading it with some informative and interesting books? When we say shelf, you may think of a regular wooden one, No! You can make your own shelves using some empty boxes and paint. Yes, it’s that simple, yet innovative!

Paint your windows:

Say goodbye to the monotonous windows, add some vibrancy to your classroom by painting them with various colors which would complement and contrast with the color of the classroom. All you need is some acrylic enamel paint and brushes. You can also make patterns, trees, butterflies or anything of your choice to make them look more appealing and enticing. You can also place some small decorative indoor plants besides the windows to add a natural twist.

Set up objective boards:

Setting up objective boards is a great way to keep the students motivated. This will help teachers to set daily, weekly and monthly objectives, enabling students to work in a very systematic and efficient manner. You can make it look as beautiful as possible with creative borders and designs.

Get close to nature:

Live plants can’t really dwell in a place full of children! But not to worry, you can install some artificial indoor plants and trees which look amazingly real! Install silk palm trees to add some tropical vibes. You can choose from various sizes and variants like areca palm trees, Phoenix palm trees, and others. These plants are strong enough to withstand the mischiefs of playful kids, as well as quite a maintenance free too.

Create a shout outboard:

Words are powerful, and little jolts of encouragement go a long way! Create a shout outboard and put up colorful sticky notes celebrating big and small victories of children as well as teachers. This will create a healthy and positive environment and motivate children to aim towards better performance.

Put up Birthday months poster:

Putting up birthday months poster is a very thoughtful addition to your classroom. Get creative, make posters in the shape of cakes, candles, balloons or anything else of your choice! Just print and add the children’s names under the respective months.

Illuminate your classroom:

Paint some old bulbs using heat resistant paints and hang them on the ceiling to add some glitter and brightness in your class. You can also put up fairy lights with colorful plastic cups or paper flowers, and it would be a real treat to the eyes.

Incorporate fun themes:

Choose a unique theme every month and decorate your space with some fantastic DIY stuff. You can go for various themes like a natural habitat, underwater, rainbow, jungle safari, space and so much more! This will help children to be more innovative and inculcate a scientific temper too. Don’t forget to engage students in the décor process, as this will help them unleash their inner artists!

Create a poetry reading corner:

Reading poetry is like teleporting yourself into a different world! Select a corner of the classroom where you can put up amazing poetries by great writers. Students can read them and get inspired to put their thoughts and emotions into words. This will help nurture some would- be poets of the future!

Put up a suggestion box:

Conducting class meetings is a great way to ensure every student participates in the class activities. Putting up a suggestion box for the same is an excellent way to give students an opportunity to express their opinions in a candid and frank manner.

Make pen stands and file holders from scratch:

Got some old tin cans and racks? How about upcycling them into something useful? Paint the tin cans and racks with your favorite colors. This way kids won’t lose their valuable stationeries, and all their project files will be neatly organized.

Put some vinyl stickers on the floor:

Lining up the floor with some colorful numbered vinyl stickers is a great way to ensure children stand in a disciplined queue during submissions or oral exams. Not only that, it adds excellent visual appeal too!

Turn waste into art:

Got some extra papers, cardboard or any other material in hand? Instead of throwing them away you can make some quick and easy craftworks to decorate your classrooms. From tassel garlands to snowflakes, building models, you can make anything you wish for! All you need is the above items and scissors and some creativity.

Bring in some carpet squares:

To make the classes less monotonous, you can bring in some lovely carpet squares so that children can also sit on the floor. It is a great idea especially when they are working in groups. They can sit with chart papers, colors, stationeries and work with great ease and comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow, go ahead and implement these bright and innovative ideas! The best part is most of these ideas are more of upcycling the and less of procuring of new materials. This in itself is a very much environment-friendly approach, which is quite the need of the hour now!

Intro Infuse Life Into Your Boring Dining Area 10 Decor Tips

There come several celebrations, special events, and holidays one after another to gather around the table with family and friends. This is one of the favorite activities that create some of the ever memorable and colorful moments in life. The time around the dining table with delicious dishes makes the centerpiece of most of the events. Whether the dining table is big and open or teeny tiny, you need the dining room to feel like inviting, cozy spaces and alluring for guests and yourselves. If you need the real inspiration for the dining area, here are the 10 best and easy to execute tips for you.

Change the color

Do you feel the dining area dead and need to infuse life and energy? Then have a look at the walls of the dining room. Does the color please your eyes? If not, change it. Now there are plenty of options to select from painting, amazing wall panels and more. There are several paneling materials in exciting color rages and designs to choose from. Let the color go hand to hand with your creativity to change dull dining area into a beautiful and coziest one.

Windows make it wooing

It is a good idea to set the dining area in a room with windows. It promotes fresh air to come and circulate in the room to make it wooing. Make use of glass windows to get some extravagant tone and tune to the dining ambiance. Make use of colorful drapes on windows to double the aesthetic values of the room. The windows with romantic drapes can make the guest to feel something special when they are around the dining table. There is no doubt everyone can enjoy some extra deliciousness with each of the dish served on the table.

Artificial plants

This is one of the fantastic ideas to make the dining area look green. Keep some artificial trees in the corners of the dining room to set a good feast for the eyes. Now you can find customized and personalized artificial flower arrangements and palm trees to décor the dining room with a difference that everyone loves. It has become one of the fantastic ideas of interior decorations and most of the modern homes make use of it since it is free from the tasks of weeding and watering. These plants and trees shower their beauty for a good period.

Lights make it love

Dining rooms are designed for entertainment. But still, you can be creative in selecting the decorating options including light fixtures. You can choose from minimalist pendants to sculptural pieces and everything in-between to make the dining room inspiring and innovative. There are several models and types of dining room light fixtures to select from as per the expectations and budget. Let the dining room look like a stunning museum where you can create some of the thrilling and chilling dining moments.

Furniture – Make it look fantastic

Style and comfort of furniture are so important in decorating the dining area. Don't stuff the entire room with a chair and table to make it feel suffocated. Make a good selection of furniture including console tables, dining sets, sideboards, kitchen buffets and more. Select the size that matches with the size of the room to make everyone feel comfortable in dining areas.

Buffets – Beautify it

Place buffets in the right places and keep some silk palm trees above it to bring nice-to-look fashion statement. Buffets and furniture are available in different material and designs and select the right one that conquers your heart and eyes with its beauty and perfection.

Wall frames – Shower romantic moods

Dead and drained dining room starts to shower romantic moods with the use of exhilarating wall frames. Select the best from brilliant ranges of wall art and picture frames. Place it along with the wall mounted artificial plants and trees to gift unexplainable beauty and look for the dining room. You can find the best collections of frames online in different sizes, themes and color combinations to select those match with the color of the walls and structural setup of the dining room.

Jazz up the room with stripes

Everyone love stripes, especially on the walls. Consider coastal-inspired styles with horizontal stripes to make even a small room to look big and to bring an illusion of architectural detail. Keep the stripes simple with a perfect mix of few colors in small dining rooms. Simple and large artworks look best in massive walls since small artworks can get lost in the walls beautified with stripes. Let everyone fall in love with the dining area.

Wash basin –Keep it stylish

Washbasin or wash area is another important factor that determines the beauty of the dining area. There are fascinating collections of wash basin fittings and fixtures in different settings and styles to select from. It is also a good idea to keep some artificial floral arrangements in the corner of the countertop and alongside the wall to make the areas look cute, fresh and clean.

Keep a plant pot in the center of the table

Keep something special in the center of the dining table. It is good to keep small artificial flower pots in the center of the table to create pleasant and pleasing moods. Now artificial flowers and trees are available for all the rooms to ignite the inspiring looks. Since they are free from the usual problems of shedding, it keeps the dining table or dining area neat and clean. It is also easy to change or shift ace them to any of the places without the problems related to the fertility of the soil and the availability of sunlight.

Do these tips make the bell ring? Then start decorating the dining room. Say goodbye to the dull dining room and welcome a dazzling dining room with all its specials and spectaculars. Enjoy every second around the dining table with your family, friends, and relatives. Experience an extra sense of taste in every dish served on the table. Let the dining area create some beautiful dining stories.