Intro Areca Palms Offering Versatility Of Placement Like No Other Landscaping Palm Product

We all know palms give some of the most amazing and vibrant landscapes and bring in the fresh, natural vibes to provide a perfect atmosphere. In fact, it has been widely used in most landscapes all over, mainly the commercial landscapes, where the topmost quality and professional approach is a must. It is also an excellent product if you are looking to have the tropical or beach themed landscape and can give the premium party appearance effortlessly.

Commercial landscaping with palms

The best way to bring in the smart, vibrant and refreshing look to any commercial landscapes without much hassle is by infusing it with some fresh palm plants and trees. It will not only give elegant and stylish set up for spreading the goodwill and conveying your story to the visitors but will also help in making a hospitable atmosphere for your visitors and employees which will in turn help to increase the work output. The best part about using palm plants and trees for commercial landscapes is the availability of endless options for setting dynamic and exciting landscapes.

Commercial landscaping guidelines

Indoor landscapes

  • The atmosphere needs to be soothing and hospitable for the visitors. Use of natural items like plant fronds and suitable versions of Areca palm will be best.
  • Avoid using messy landscaping tools and plants attracting insects and pests. Commercial spaces tend to have a bug-free atmosphere.
  • Using splashy items or applying too much of landscaping tools will make the landscape clumsy. Simple and elegant landscaping designs will be perfect.
  • Keeping the premium landscaping tools like palm greenery away from the focal point will make it ineffective in the landscape. Try keeping the elegant landscaping tools at the focal point of the visitors.

Outdoor landscapes

  • Outdoor landscapes give more options for the range of tools and applications. You should use more impacting landscaping tools such as large areca palm tree.
  • Outdoors landscapes should be clean and tidy. Messy things like fallen leaves, dead matter are unacceptable and unprofessional as they ham the image of your commercial building.
  • Every commercial building has a story to tell. Design landscapes that convey your story and help spread the message to the visitors.
  • Using reliable and sturdy materials is a must to ensure durable and long lasting landscapes. After all, no one wants to invest in short-term plans.
  • Commercial landscapes need to be maintenance free. It's applicable for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. You won't want the extra headache of regular care and maintenance activities like watering, pruning of the plants, etc.

Looking these guidelines, you must be confused about using the vibrant palm plants and trees in your commercial space. It's mainly because it has some of the attributes which are undesirable in industrial areas.

Smarter alternative to sheer tropical beauty

However, you don't have to be worried as we have got your back on this one. We have the more stylish option for the tropical palm plants and trees and probably the smartest landscaping tool for your smart commercial space. It's designed using a premium synthetic material to withstand the harsh weather conditions and also has the perfect resemblance to real greenery. These faux palm plants and trees or silk palms as you would like to call it are ideal for all commercial landscapes due to their incredible beauty and also comes loaded with other amazing features for business settings.

Amazing features of perfect landscapes

  • Long lasting- the silk palms like faux Areca palms have the long life for durable landscapes.
  • Maintenance free- the only work you need to do is install the silk palm plants and trees in your landscape, and it's done.
  • Mesmerizing landscapes- with the artificial landscaping tools, you can expect sheer beauty and mesmerizing views.
  • Use anywhere- with faux Areca palms and other faux greenery, location is no more a barrier as you can enhance indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Economical- compared to the other favorite landscaping tools and techniques, you can expect the best return on your investment with silk palms.

Areca palms

If you are attending for the most stunning and versatile landscaping product for vibrant commercial landscapes, faux Areca palms are the one you should be picking. Apart from the exciting features which are common to all other silk landscaping plants and trees, the artificial Areca palms have a characteristic versatile beauty which goes exceptionally well with almost all locations. The main reason behind it is the plant being very simple and natural in appearance which is ideal for blending in almost any landscape, interior or exterior. The green, slender, fresh leaves are ideal for the required elegant style.

Faux Areca palms are one of the most widely used tools in commercial landscapes all over and are the most used in the faux palm category. The availability of various sizes has made it possible to enhance almost all landscapes with it. You will come across a faux Areca palm product very often in commercial setups.

Perfect indoors with silk Areca palms

Designing Perfect indoors with the Artificial Areca palms is very simple and professional, or expert touch is not necessary. Just put your creative landscaping ideas to use and try to keep it as simple as possible, because the tool itself has a simple attire and elegant style. Just keep in mind to pace it within the focal range of the visitors and get ready for the exotic look in your commercial space. An attractive base will increase the beauty many times.

Picturesque outdoors with artificial Areca palm

Outdoor landscaping calls for more impacting tools. The artificial Areca palm trees have the desired sleek look and elegant appeal with the impacting design to attract the attention of the visitors and woo them with its charm. However, don't use too much of trees as it will look clumsy and cramped.

Intro The Perfect Landscaping Product Faux Date Palms

Corporate landscaping needs a lot of research and deep thinking for implementing the ideas into reality. The basic concept of commercial landscaping is to include something green in the space, as humans have a strong affinity with the natural trees and plants. If this is combined with a desert theme, it is sure to create a nice buzz about the business.

There is simply anyone who does not love to relax in a tropical environment. When a commercial setting has a tropical ambiance, it is sure to create a strong impression on the minds of the people around and get the space popularized. Even, if your business happens to be in the tropical region, maintaining natural tropical plants is not easy for most of the people. Those need regular care and maintenance, and if your commercial space is located somewhere else, then creating a tropical vibe becomes extremely difficult with live Date palms.

The artificial Date Palms provide a unique solution to such landscaping problems. These chic and classy landscaping elements are accurate replications of their live counterparts in all respects. When installed in a commercial space, these can take the landscape to the next level with their majestic appearance. That is why these are in great demands for landscaping purposes Including those in any commercial complexes can make the place glam and gorgeous. Here is everything you would like to know about the artificial Date Palms.

Landscaping corporate spaces with artificial Date Palms

All commercial hubs must be aesthetically blessed. When the landscape is harmonious, it creates a lasting impression on the visitors to turn them into loyal customers. The best way to create a harmonious landscape is to include the artificial Date Palms in the outdoors for making the place inviting and attractive to the onlookers. Nothing can be more awesome than landscaping the commercial outdoors with the fake Date Palms. These can be used singularly, or along with other landscaping elements for delivering a great look. As these are made from the toughest raw materials, these are not affected by the forces of nature making you free from all worries. Moreover, they create a positive vibe that is conducive to the flourishing of the business.

A perfect landscaping option

Landscaping reaches a new height when it combines both aesthetic and functional requirements. The artificial Date Palms are apt to do that. With their towering height and majestic presence, they can create unique landscaping accents and feel the voids, other than introducing a nice tropical environment in the commercial setting. Featuring detailed trunks with lush fronds, they remind of an oasis, and as such, none can resist their charm. No difficulty where and how you use these fake palm trees in your corporate exteriors, they will always charm the place with their exotic appearance.

Make the outdoors exciting.

If your commercial setting looks dull and lifeless, those can be made exciting introducing the replicated Date Palms. You can use these in many ways for energizing your corporate space. With their amazing beauty, these replicated botanical products can make the commercial outdoor appealing for drawing crowds.

You have freedom of uses.

The artificial Date Palms are majestic and versatile. You can use them for creating nice boundaries to stay ahead of the neighbors. These can also be used for defining driveways and sidewalks, filling the voids in the outdoor space, hiding ground flaws. Other than these, the replicated Date Palms also make amazing poolside landscapes. You can also use these for creating private enclosures for your guests in the commercial lawns. Wherever you place them, they create nice focal points and uplift the landscape to the next level.

Places, where these can be used

The faux Date Palms can be installed in varieties of corporate outdoors including massive corporate houses, government & municipal offices, hospitals & healthcare facilities, shopping malls, art galleries, museums, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, luxury hotels & restaurants, bars, casinos and many other customer-oriented places. These can be used in many ways like creating a green peripheral boundary, defining spaces, creating focal points, etc.

These replicas are better than the real ones.

The fake Date Palms are like mirror images of the live Palms. These are made so accurate that these can evade the most experienced eyes. Moreover, The live Date Palms take many years to grow. Coming in fully grown sizes, the fake palms need no such waiting period and instantly uplift the landscape. A great advantage indeed!

Remains unaffected by harsh weather conditions

The artificial Date Palms are manufactured using prime quality raw materials using the latest manufacturing process. So, you need not bother if they are exposed to harsh sunrays, excessive rains, or snow falls. These will never lose their color or fade. These are also made quite strong and sturdy to withstand the forces of nature. Regardless of the area of your business, you can use these products.

These do not help spread a fire.

It is natural to be apprehensive about using the artificial Date Palms in the business outdoors, as those are made using plastic materials. But, you need not worry about this. Made from Silk foliage, these fake landscaping elements are made self-extinguishable by injecting special fire retardant chemicals. These will never help the spread of fire and cause damage to the property.

They have a long shelf life.

The mimic Date Palms are made strong and sturdy. Once placed in the commercial outdoors, they stay there for many years without spoiling their beauty. Even, if you use them for festive purposes, those can be stored in the warehouse when not required, and till the next festival.

No maintenance hassles

Being artificially made these non-living Date Palms have no maintenance demand. They require no soil preparation, no water, and no trimming. These never shed any fronds and hence, no cleaning issue is also involved.

Butterfly Palm Trees For Restaurant Decoration

No matter whether it is large or small, every business has its own story, and it tells that in its way. Including feature elements in the commercial outdoor, speak about the quality and class of the business. Greens have the most psychological impact on humans, and all business complexes are now using green elements in their commercial landscape. Greens create a long-lasting impression on the customers and also make employees happy.

The busy modern lifestyle has given rise to paramount stress, and the people are now under tremendous pressure on all fronts. That is why they look for places to relax. After the hard and hectic schedule throughout the week, people always seem for cozy and comfy hangouts to release their stress and energize for the coming weeks. Since people feel relaxed when greens surround them, the restaurant lawns are increasingly using green landscaping elements to make the place serene and tranquil so the guests can spend a quality time there.

When we talk about the fake trees and plants for creating a tropical landscape in a restaurant landscape, nothing can create more impact than the artificial Butterfly Palms. Whether you are upgrading an existing restaurant landscape or building a new one from scratches, these mimic botanical items can make your restaurant very attractive and impressive to the customers. Here are the reasons why you should have artificial Butterfly Palms in your restaurant landscape.

Beauty of fake Butterfly palms

Making landscaping accents is not enough when decorating a restaurant lawn. You have to go beyond this for making your restaurant standalone. Only by doing this, you can make it cozy and comfy infused with a sense of wellbeing. The artificial Butterfly Palms from Commercial Palm Trees offer an incredible solution for revamping the restaurant outdoors. This being the first point of contact with the customers, it has to be alluringly attractive and inviting for transforming onlookers to visitors and ultimately converting them into loyal customers of the restaurant. With their graceful fronds arching outwards and detailed trunks, these help to build up a nice tropical ambiance in the restaurant. Moreover, the different sheds on the fronds denoting various stages of growth make them eye-catching. Meticulously created from top-shelf raw materials, and standing at a pleasant height of 7 feet these replicated Butterfly Palms make the place picturesque and glamorous.

These make a restaurant cozy and comfortable

Not every restaurant belongs to the tropical region, and it is not possible for everyone to be in a tropical environment to relax after a hectic week. As artificial Butterfly Palms are included in the restaurants, they beautify the place so nicely that it is hard to ignore. Regardless of the location of your restaurant, these bring in a piece of tropical ambiance in the setting with their lush green look and make the restaurant the heartthrob of the customers.

These are unbeatable.

Every restaurant needs to have a visual identity for creating an impressive brand image. The fake Butterfly Palms are the most effective landscaping item for such purposes. These are crafted with utmost care from high-quality raw materials to make them mirror images of their live counterparts and use of Silk foliage and strong, colorfast pigments make them appear like the live butterfly palms. You can never feel the difference until you touch them.

These can surprise the customers

How would you like to stage in a tropical vibe after the end of a hectic day or week? Ten of the persons will fall for these. Unfortunately, the urban localities are now suffering from monotony because of the high skyscrapers all around. When you revamp your restaurant landscape using the replicated butterfly palm trees, they give rise to a nice pseudo-natural tropical environment in the restaurant lawns. With their lush green fronds and magical appearance, keep people enthralled. As people enter the place, they get surprised seeing greens that are contradictory to dull and drab urban locations.

Adorns equally in all weather conditions

The great thing about the artificial Butterfly Palms is that these are made from strong, colorfast pigments. These are also infused with UV blocking materials making them inert to the effect of harsh sun rays. Whether these are exposed to sun, rain, and snow, they keep their hues unchanged. Using these all-weather products, you will never face a discoloration issue.

You can get a no-maintenance landscape

Installing the artificial Butterfly Palms in your restaurant landscape lets you be relieved from all maintenance hassles. You need not prepare the soil, no watering is required, and what is more, these have no demand for fertilizers and pesticides. Once installed, you can forget about them, as they will continue to bless the restaurant with a typical tropical vibe for many years. Additionally, as these do not attract pests, your guests will have a safe environment free from insect attacks.

Personalization is no problem

Maybe you have a restaurant that has some space constraint, or perhaps you have dreamt a special landscaping theme and liked to transform that reality. All these are possible with Commercial Palm Trees replicated Butterfly Palms. Aside from the standard sizes available, you can get those customized to resolve all landscaping issues and placing your restaurant miles ahead of the competitors.

Can change the landscape overnight

Using the mimic Butterfly Palm Trees relives you from the long waiting periods of the live palms. They took many years to deliver their majestic beauty. But, using these faux botanical items, you get an adorable landscape from the day one after installation.

Other Places where you can use these

Other than decorating restaurants, artificial Butterfly Palms can also be used in many different commercial settings including:

  • Amusement Parks, Theme Parks & Water Parks
  • Corporate Houses
  • Government & Municipal Offices
  • Shopping Malls & Multiplexes
  • Hospital & Healthcare facilities
  • Exotic Bars & Casinos
Intro Europian Palm

Greens are very vital for uplifting a dull and drab commercial outdoor. They can instantly bring in a nice natural ambiance in the concrete urban jungles taking the landscape miles away from others.

Blessed with mesmerizing beauty, and as these are hardy, the European Fan Palms have distinguished them from others and have been considered as a nice landscaping element for elevating outdoors. These cast a great image when planted around a pool or lawn or when used for creating a nice focal point in the outdoor. But, the live plants are time-consuming, and they bring with them many maintenance hassles. Although the European fan palms are hardy, it would be tough to manage them, if you are not a green thumb. In such cases, using an artificial

European fan palm tree could be the ideal solution.

In earlier days the fake landscaping products were shabby. With tremendous improvement in technology and quality of the raw materials used, these now look realistic. As a result, you can have a nice tropical ambiance with swaying artificial European Fan Palms regardless of the location of your commercial setting. This write-up aims to focus on the beauty and benefits of this unique fake landscaping element.

Mesmerizing charm of the fake European Palms

No matter what type and style of commercial space you have, creating a visual identity is essential, vital and necessary for growth and success of the business. As the commercial outdoor is the first point of interaction with the potential customers, it should have some flares for impressing them. With their eye-popping beauty, the artificial European Fan Palms can easily uplift any outdoor. These have majestically detailed trunks, realistic branches, and lush green fronds, and can introduce a unique tropical vibe full of romantic aura in the commercial outdoor. Regardless of the nature of the corporate space, these can add depth and style to the outdoor for showcasing the business in a unique way. With their inspirational presence, they can make your place strikingly elegant.

What is so special about these products?

The great thing about the artificial European Fan Palms is that they are unrealistically real. These are made using high-quality foliage and color pigments and meticulously crafted to make those one hundred percent botanically correct. It is approximately impossible to distinguish them from their live cousins without touching or smelling. Use of Silk grade foliage made them inert to the sunrays, rains, and snowfall. Once installed in the outdoors, they continue to adorn the landscape in every weather condition. Moreover, being fireproof, these deliver an extraordinary and safe outdoor landscape. Using these you can fill the voids in your commercial outdoors and make the place tranquil.

You can surprise the visitors

Not every commercial setting is located in the tropical regions; it is not possible also. As the European Fan Palms are native to the tropical regions, maintaining them in other parts of the country is extremely difficult. But, when you adorn your commercial outdoors with the artificial

European Fan Palms, it instantly attains a tropical vibe. As these mimics the natural palms in all respects, the visitors become surprised with their mesmerizing charm, and they ultimately become spellbound. Such spontaneous reaction of the guests goes a long way in creating a nice buzz for achieving business excellence.

These can be used in varieties of ways

Nothing can be more refreshing than installing the artificial European Fan Palms In the commercial exteriors. These induce a nice tropical charm and freshness in the setting and can be used in many ways.

  • Poolside landscaping: Maybe your commercial setting includes a swimming pool. You can place these fake landscaping products on the poolside for introducing a tropical atmosphere to the pleasure of all.
  • Creating focal points: With their exotic look, the artificial European Fan Palms are perfect for creating nice focal points. Whether it is a corporate lawn or some park, you can use these for making the space inspiring.
  • Guiding ways: Majority of the commercial settings have large driveways or pathways. Lining those with the mimic European Fan Palms will impress them as they approach the entrance.
  • Creating private space: Commercial settings are ideal for relaxing and also for cracking tough business deals. Surrounding some space with these fake botanical items will let your customers enjoy their privacy.

You can use these in varieties of commercial exteriors

The fake European Fan Palms are versatile. Revamping the commercial exterior landscapes with these, will add a wow factor to space and create a strong, enduring impression on the minds of the visitors. These can be used in varieties of locations including:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Lawns of luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Exotic bars and casino lawns
  • Top-notch resorts
  • Large corporate and government houses
  • Shopping malls and art galleries
  • Hospitals

Hassle-free installation

Installation is the most vital part of turning landscaping dreams into reality. Coming in standard bases, these can be placed in the landscapes quite easily.

There are many added benefits

Use of the pseudo-natural European Fan Palms has many advantages.

  • These require no water, fertilizer, maintenance, and sunlight; but continue to adorn the commercial exterior with their lush green appearance for many years.
  • They never outgrow the space, nor grow out of shape. As such, no periodic trimming is necessary.
  • As these do not shade fronds, they create no mess underneath. So, you are relieved from the worries of cleaning those up.
  • Unlike the natural palms, there is no waiting period. These continue to grace the outdoor starting from the day one.
  • These can be customized to meet specific landscaping themes.
  • Pests are not attracted to these non-living landscaping items and, therefore, your guests can enjoy an insect-free environment.
Intro Artificial Palms For Exterior Landscaping

The outdoor landscape of any commercial or residential building reflects the personality and taste of the property holder. To create an eye-pleasing landscape, one must strive for vivid and bright colors that are in sync with your natural surroundings. As we all know plants are an indispensable part of exterior landscaping, they add life to every setting. But with real plants come along with lots of hassles such as maintenance and cost. To get away with these hassles, there is nothing better than artificial landscaping products such as the beautiful artificial palms.

Splendid outdoor with artificial palms!

To bring an exotic location to your home or workplace, you don't need to try hard. With silk palms, one can turn any ordinary place into an exotic and welcoming location. The fact that palms are exclusive to locations such as beaches and other tropical regions, their presence in your premises will enhance the overall look and feel of the exterior landscape. The silk palms are so realistic in their look and feel that the onlookers will never be able to distinguish them as fake plants. The fact that they are easy to maintain, they turn out to be best landscaping products for large spaces such as malls, theme parks, water parks, hospitals, casinos, big hotels, and restaurants, etc.

Aesthetic beauty with functionality!

Artificial plants and trees do not stop at making space look luxurious and majestic, but they also add functionality to space. For instance, if you opt for artificial palms for your exterior setting, you can enhance the grandeur of the space while also using them to hide unsightly walls. Silk palms can be very well used along the pathways of malls, hospitals, and approach roads of the big building and likewise to establish a well organized and symmetrical outdoor setting. Be it a residential or commercial setting, silk plants and trees are capable of making any space look bigger and better.

Wide variety to choose from!

To revamp the exiting outdoor setting or to create the complete new look, silk palms work best in both the cases. Available in a wide variety, one can choose from attractive palms such as:

  • Coconut Palm
  • Areca Palm
  • Fan Palm
  • Date Palm
  • Kentia Palm
  • Fishtail Palm
  • Golden Cane Palm
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Golden Cane Palm
  • Paradise Palm

Apart from the artificial palms listed above, there are many more varieties to explore and make them a part of the exterior landscape. Each variety has a unique feel and renders a different theme to the landscape setting. For instance, planting silk Bamboo palms along Side Park or fountain will give an ethnic look while planting silk Coconut palms will bring a beach-like look to the premises.

The mesmerizing landscape through artificial Palms!

The beauty of artificial plants and trees lies in the fact that they are an exact replica of the real plant variety. The leaf color, leaf arrangement, stem color and texture and every other minute detail is botanically correct. Therefore, the on-lookers are mesmerized by the scenic beauty of silk Palms and cannot distinguish them as fake Palms. Silk Palms can entice the visitors with the first look. One can play with their imagination to uplift the existing look through silk palms. For instance, if you wish to render more Middle Eastern touch to the existing landscape, you can opt for silk Date palms and get the vibe just right!

Benefits and beyond!

Silk plants and trees work wonders when it comes to creating a landscape that is visually appealing yet hassle-free. They come with numerous benefits that make them the perfect alternatives to any real plant variety.

  • Maintenance free: First and foremost reason for anyone to incorporate artificial greenery is that it is completely maintenance free. Silk plants like the artificial Palms or any other variety do not require regular, watering, trimming and pest-control, etc.
  • Fit in any conditions: Be it low lighting conditions, overexposure, harsh cold or heavy rain, artificial plants remain unaffected. They neither fade nor get damage by any weather or lighting conditions.
  • Customizable: With real plants the options for customization to match your décor are limited. But with artificial palms, one can play with creativity and imagination to match them to the outdoor or indoor setting.
  • Easy Cleaning: Be it large silk palms or subtle decorative variety like faux Areca Palm, silk plants, and trees require as simple as a regular dusting to keep them shiny and green forever.
  • Safe: Artificial greenery does not suffer water damage, do not attract insects or pets. Therefore it also proves to be environmentally friendly.
  • Resistance: Artificial plants and trees are UV resistant and also fire resistant; therefore they are safe to be placed in and around the premises.
  • Budget Friendly: As artificial plants and trees are easy to maintain, they also are considered budget friendly landscaping products especially for large outdoor settings such as malls, theme parks, water parks, hospitals, government buildings, big hotels, etc.
  • Easy Availability: Silk plants and trees are easily available in wide variety both online and offline. One can choose the silk Palm variety by the exterior landscape setting or explore them to create the completely new look.

These benefits make Silk palms a must have landscaping product that looks classy, feels realistic and fits in the budget.

Easy to modify!

Apart from the benefits listed above, silk Palms can be easily modified to meet your requirements. For instance, they can be trimmed to fit into any setting, their leave's shape and orientation can be modified easily. Unlike real plants that grow over time, fake plants once retain their shape and size forever. One can use decorative lights as embellishments for various occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. to set the festive mood right!

Intro Artificial Palm Trees

Palm trees have the rejuvenating natural touch and also the sophisticated, classy feel which is essential for any commercial landscape. It can do wonders for any landscape. Take the example of the dull and boring landscape outside your office or commercial space. Just imagine some brilliant palm trees featuring in the place, giving it a completely new and dashing makeover. Isn't it amazing? Just a single palm tree can have a huge impact on any landscape and give it a stunning transformation.

Palm trees in landscapes

Palm trees can give the desired elegant appeal in any landscapes and especially commercial landscapes where you need only the best and most amazing landscaping tools. The main difference between commercial landscapes and other landscapes is that commercial landscapes have to put up with the brilliant and dazzling look round the clock to impress the visitors who are mainly the potential clients or important business personnel and maintain the goodwill of the company or business organization while other landscapes like the domestic can be based on the tastes of the owner and can be a bit less professional too.

Commercial settings with palm trees

We all know the amazing effect palm trees can bring to any commercial landscape. But have you ever imagined how feasible is the idea of commercial landscaping makeovers with the palm tree? In fact, the process of transforming any commercial landscape with palm trees is quite a tricky and requires a lot of expert touches. It's mainly due to the problems that arise when you plan to give your commercial landscapes the ravishing touch of natural plants and trees.

You must be familiar with them if you have ever tried landscaping with any real plants and trees in the past. In case you haven't, these are the problems:

  • Requirements- plants and trees have a long list of requirements like adequate sunlight, regular watering, pruning, etc. which becomes a problem while picking the right spot for them. Plus, picking palm trees for indoor landscaping is impossible as it won't survive in the absence of sunlight.
  • Lengthy process- having a real plant or tree in your commercial set up is a complex, lengthy process as it will take a lot of time for the palm tree to grow and have an impact in the setup.
  • Unavailability- the unavailability of all the plants in your commercial place habitat is a major problem as palm trees may not grow properly outside its natural habitat. So, you can't pick your favorite landscaping plant or tree for enhancing your space.
  • Disturbs the landscape- plants and trees tend to disturb the top quality atmosphere at commercial places by littering the surroundings with dead and decaying matter or attracting pests and insects in the commercial set up.
  • Maintenance- palm trees look amazing, but you need to maintain it properly with regular watering and pruning to ensure it stays in top condition. Hiring separate personnel for plants maintenance is an added problem at commercial places.

I don't think after reading these; you will still be interested to go with palm plants and trees. But, relax as you have your commercial space covered with the ravishing appeal of the real looking silk palm trees.

Silk palm trees

Real looking silk palm may seem confusing but let me get this clear for you. The landscaping experts have developed the most interesting landscaping tool for all commercial landscapes using the latest modern techniques which will give the exact appeal of the real botanical products sans the hassle and problems. Artificial palm trees are also a part of these, and you can get your landscapes modified with them to have a ravishing effect on your visitors.

Though artificial, the palm trees resemble the natural counterparts in every way, and special care has been taken to make them look real-like. They have also been made safe for use outdoors in harsh weather conditions by using premium raw materials that won't fade off.

Top commercial palm trees to look for

  • Artificial Areca Palm tree.
  • Fake Bamboo Palm tree.
  • Silk Coconut Palm tree.
  • Faux Date Palm tree.
  • Silk Fan Palm tree.

Artificial Areca Palm tree

Native to the humid forests of Malaysia, the artificial version of the Areca palm is as much adorable as the real ones. The stocky trunk and realistic, lush green fronds will give the essential attractive nature to your landscape and also delight the visitors with its rejuvenating presence. It's ideal for a tropical themed landscape or jungle theme; you can also use it to bring in some natural rejuvenating appeal to any dull commercial scenario.

Fake Bamboo Palm tree

If you are looking for an iconic landscaping item for the tranquil set up in your commercial space, the fake Bamboo Palm tree is surely an ideal pick. The landscaping item is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor landscaping and is an absolute beauty for any setup.

Silk Coconut Palm tree

It's one of the most popular and most widely used landscaping items and has a wide range of varieties including the curved trunk version which gives a more realistic appeal. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor landscaping, it can give the much needed exotic feel to your landscape.

Faux Date Palm tree

Originally a native to the arid deserts, the artificial version of the Date Palm will be ideal for the impact and classy appeal in any commercial landscape. They are widely used in resorts and hotels and will look amazing in all commercial setups with the unique appeal.

Silk Fan Palm tree

With the unique and marvelous appearance, the silk Fan Palm can do wonders for any commercial set up. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor landscaping and will create the perfect atmosphere for your visitors to sit, relax and cherish the amazing beauty.

Bamboo Palm

One fantastic and affordable way to decorate your home or office space is by installing faux bamboos and other trees in your landscape. Commercial Palm Trees has artificial bamboos that have gained popularity amongst scores of potential and existing customers. These bamboo trees are tall, lifelike and can give almost any space an uplifting and elegant vibe. Not only can you revamp the surroundings within a limited budget, but you will require minimal efforts towards maintenance too.

Give A Spa Or Salon A Tranquil Serene Vibe

People visit a spa or a salon to rejuvenate their minds and bodies. Having a tranquil and peaceful vibe in these places is essential for the place to be successful. Installation of the bamboo trees in your spa or salon can emit a visually, mentally and spiritually calming feeling. Besides creating a calming vibe, these trees also play a vital role in decorating the place and giving your spa or salon a classy and upscale vibe. Installation of a bamboo landscape along with instrumental oriental music in the background can play a significant role in making your spa one of the most successful commercial places in the industry.

Affordable Bamboo Plants For Your Landscape

Another reason you should consider installation of the faux bamboo trees in your residential or commercial space is because these faux landscaping products are available at affordable and reasonable prices. Giving any space a makeover can end up proving to be extremely costly. Most people give their commercial areas a makeover by redecorating the interiors. Unfortunately, not everyone has a high budget for makeovers. People who have limited makeover budgets should seriously consider installation of the bamboo trees in their landscapes. All the trees sold by Commercial Palm Trees are easy on the pocket and yet elegant enough to leave your guests and customers mesmerized.

Faux Bamboo Trees Require Minimum Maintenance And Care

Did you know that real bamboo trees require a lot of maintenance and care? For bamboo trees to flourish and bloom, they need to be installed grown in climatic conditions where the sunlight is strong. In addition to strong sunlight, bamboo trees also require acidic, fertile but well-drained soil in order to grow healthily. To ensure that the bamboo trees are getting all their required nutrients, the person installing them has to maintain them and take care of them repeatedly. The faux bamboo trees, on the other hand, require no maintenance or care. They can be installed in outdoor and indoor settings. A simple spray of water is enough to keep them looking young and fresh. No special chemicals are also required for their care.

Can Be Installed In Several Different Types Of Settings

The faux bamboo trees are an absolute must-have because these fabulous artificial landscaping products can be installed practically anywhere without any hassles. Here's a list of places where the bamboo trees are popularly installed:

  • Conference rooms, meeting rooms, public libraries, outdoor cafes and cafeterias, coffee shops, lounges, and restaurants can give an Asian vibe with the bamboo trees.
  • Apartment buildings, corporate offices, museums, water parks, theme parks, art galleries, public gardens, university campuses and schools can be decorated with these trees.
  • Resorts, hotels, hotel rooms, pubs, bars, clubhouses, sports clubs, airports, stations and several other places can be given an upscale vibe with the help of these trees.

Create Exotic Asian Landscapes With The Faux Bamboo Trees

Using the bamboo trees along with some other oriental plants can help you create a beautiful, exotic and Asian landscape. You can probably mix up the faux bamboo trees with some real bonsai plants to bring about an Asian charm to your landscape. A small artificial water body as a centerpiece can also play a major role in giving the surroundings an elegant and tranquil vibe.

Climate Tolerant Bamboo Trees For Customers

Bamboo trees require sunny and tropical climates to survive. If you live in a city that has the rainy weather for the most of the year, the chances of real bamboo trees surviving are slim. The faux bamboo trees, on the other hand, have been manufactured with top quality raw materials that make it possible for them to withstand all kinds of climatic conditions. They can tolerate snowfall, rainfall, humidity, dry heat and severe cold without spoiling deteriorating.

Realistic And Lifelike Bamboo Trees

Another excellent feature of the bamboo trees is that they are incredibly lifelike and realistic. These faux landscaping products have been manufactured to resemble their real counterparts in an identical manner. Professional gardeners and horticulturists are often fooled into believing that these faux bamboo trees are real. Installing these landscaping products in your landscape can create a whole new natural vibe in the surroundings. All the leaves and branches of the bamboo trees are unbelievably natural looking.

Doorstep Delivery And Easy To Install

Commercial Palm Trees delivers all the products that you order right to your doorstep. You will not need to organize for transport to get the products that you have to your place of installation. These faux bamboo trees are also easy to install. You won't need to hire a professional landscaping artist to install the trees in your landscape. You can install these trees single-handedly or with the help of another person. The trees also come with a particular installation manual to make it easier for you to make the installation.

These reasons make installation of the bamboo trees worth it. Not only are these trees long-lasting and sturdy but they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions too. These trees will give your landscape an breathtaking feel and will leave onlookers amazed. You also will be awed with these fabulous artificial landscaping products, and they are one of the best decorative investments you can ever make.

Intro Artificial Palm

Landscaping commercial outdoors is a great option to create an impact on the lookers for turning them into loyal customers. The fake trees and plants are so charming that those can complement any landscaping theme. No matter whether you place them to flank boundaries, or use for creating a dedicated enclosure, or install those to build a focal point in the commercial outdoors, they infuse depth and style to the commercial space lifting up the ambiance to the next level.

To meet the varied industrial requirements, Commercial Palm Trees have many variants of replicated palm trees. These are excellent for improving aesthetics and also deliver some functional benefits. Here is how these influence the customers, clients, and guests.

You have options to pick from many varieties

Commercial Palm Trees can deliver a wide collection of faux palms. Here are some of those:

  • Artificial Areca Palm Trees: Manufactured with lifelike trunk and refreshing fronds, these are available in heights of 7 feet and 10 feet. Whether you want to create a calm and soothing ambiance or a vibrant space; these can satisfy you.
  • Artificial Curved Trunk Coconut Palm Trees: These are great for upgrading the variety of commercial outdoors. Available in heights of 18 feet and 22 feet, these can instantly make a commercial outdoor impressive and attractive. When used to flank outdoor swimming pools or creating a focal point, they deliver the best landscaping result.
  • Artificial Dracaena Tree: Having a height of 9.5 feet, these can immediately make a commercial outdoor bold and dramatic. Featuring a realistic trunk with lush green foliage on the top, these make landscaping easy. Just install them in their commercial outdoor, and they will continue to add fun and charm to the ambiance.
  • Artificial Bamboo Palm Trees: When you want to introduce a tropical vibe in the commercial setting, these happen to be a perfect choice. These are available in varieties of heights ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet for creating an eye-catching commercial outdoor.
  • Artificial Banana Palm Trees: Standing 8 feet high, these can deliver a surreal tropical ambiance to the commercial outdoors. With their pseudo-natural look, these add the right accent to any commercial space making it elegant and luxurious.
  • Artificial Butterfly Palm Trees: With their lush green and graceful fronds that majestically arch outwards, these infuse a sense of natural feel and positive vibe in the commercial outdoor. These are available 7 feet high and make the commercial space appealing.
  • Outdoor Artificial Cycas Palm Tree: If you are looking to line your business space with trees, these are a perfect choice. Provided with the most realistic trunks, refreshing fronds, and available in heights of 6 feet and 9 feet these can make eyeballs roll.
  • Faux European Fan Palm Trees: With their amazing beauty, these can make a gloomy commercial space graceful. Standing at 8 feet height, the fan palm trees can add a beautiful accent in the commercial outdoor creating a rich ambiance.
  • Outdoor Artificial Date Palm Trees: Available as 17 feet high, these are excellent for defining driveways, creating private enclosures and also for filling the voids in the commercial outdoors. Coming with near-natural trunks and fronds, these can deliver fascinating exteriors.
  • Fake Rhapis Palm Trees: Available as 6 feet and 8 feet high, these replicated palms are great for building a cool, comfortable, and inspiring commercial outdoor that draws more visitors with their magical charm.
  • Faux Sago Palm Trees: Available as sago palm and queen sago palms, these are ideal to add charm and grace to varieties of commercial exteriors. Mimicking their natural versions, these can improve the aesthetics of any professional space with their glam presence.

Offer revolutionary landscaping solution

Commercial Palm Trees replicated greens are made from a high-quality plastic material, color pigment, and these are crafted with utmost care to make those botanically correct. Using these fake palms, you get an incredibly green commercial outdoor that others envy. Their trunks and fronds are so realistic that those can evade the most experienced eye to spot the difference. In fact, you can feel the difference only by touching.

Places where these products can be used

The faux horticultural landscaping elements of Commercial Palm Trees are perfect for wide landscaping range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, exotic bars, casinos, posh restaurants, luxury hotels, art galleries, hospitals, and other commercial outdoors that one may think of. With their amazing beauty, these take the landscape aplomb to the next level in a jiffy.

These adorn the outdoors equally in all seasons

While the real palms may turn yellowish due to the harsh effect of the sunrays, the Commercial Palm Trees landscaping products do not suffer from such problems. Other than using prime quality raw materials, these are also treated with UV blocking chemicals to make those inert to sunrays. Being strong, UV protected, and waterproof, these remain unaffected by sunny, rainy and snowy weather conditions.

Offer better landscaping than their live cousins

Palms are native to the tropical climate and, as such, they cannot be grown in all regions. But, the faux palms have no such restrictions and can be installed anywhere and everywhere. Unlike the natural palms, you need not water them regularly to keep them healthy. These do not require fertilization, pest control, and other maintenance issues making those perfect landscaping products for large corporate exteriors. Another major advantage of using these products is that there will be no shedding of fronds. So, you are also free from cleaning issues. Moreover, these do not attract, insects, bugs, mosquitoes, and therefore, your guests remain free form insect attacks. Coming in standard bases, their installation is also very easy.

Timesaving and cost-effective

These grace the landscape from the very first day saving much time. Being reasonably priced and long-lasting, these are cost-effective.

Intro Faux Palms For Your Corporate Landscapes

A debate on the ideal landscaping tools for your next commercial space renovation project is never-ending. Loads of new and exciting landscaping tools are being introduced in the market every day, and all of them are simply amazing. In fact, landscaping, like fashion, is somewhat a dynamic concept and keeps changing to the tune of new, exceptional trends coming up every day and replacing the ones rather quickly. Picking the ideal landscaping tools which will make your commercial space stylish, giving a swanky look and also hospitable for visitors is often a cumbersome process.

Commercial landscaping décor

Commercial landscapes have some basic requirements which make them special and difficult to design too. In fact, most people tend to rely only on the experts for commercial landscape designs and the professional touch. In reality, you can also design awe-inspiring landscapes with the inimitable appeal for your commercial space by following some simple rules and going step by step with a modern approach equipped with the latest ideas and tools.

Commercial landscapes- basic requirements

It may look impossible, but trust me it's very simple and easy. Let's start with the basic requirements of commercial landscapes.

  • Hospitable- one of the primary objectives of commercial landscapes is it should be hospitable and cherishing for the visitors, clients, businessmen, partners, etc. with refreshing vibes and exciting atmosphere. It helps build goodwill and also for business growth.
  • Simple and easy- for a starting, avoid going for larger and complex designs and try the smaller and simpler ideas and tools. Simple tools with correct implementation beat the expensive and showy landscapes any day.
  • Low/ no maintenance- high maintenance is a bane in commercial places as everyone prefers a low maintenance smart set up over a plush high maintenance one. Plus, you will need to appoint separate personnel for landscape maintenance.
  • Durable- let's be honest, no one wants to invest in a short-term landscaping tool. I mean, you will like the best return on your investment. Durable landscaping tools will give the best returns.
  • Charming and elegant- last but not the least, elegant landscapes are what we all looking for. The alluring beauty and inimitable appeal is a must in commercial landscape for the best impression on your visitors.

Whatever landscape design or tool you choose, you need to keep these points in mind.

Looking for smart commercial landscapes

Once you start thinking about the possible options, a lot of ideas like statues, show pieces or plants will come to your mind. In fact, won't statues and flashy showpieces look outdated in a unique commercial space like yours? You can eliminate plants and trees as well from the list as they are quite messy and not suitable for commercial makeovers. Natural botanical products like plants and trees will be short durable, high maintenance and also difficult to set up as we all know it takes a lot of effort to keep them looking fresh.

But one thing you just can't ignore about greenery in commercial landscapes is its vibrant and rejuvenating appearance and the wide range of options available. It will also create the required atmosphere effortlessly and give the visitors a peaceful, charming landscape with positive vibes.

Faux greenery- ideal landscaping tool

Artificial greenery is the latest trend in commercial landscaping and has been at the top for quite some time. Mainly because of its tailor-made approach to commercial landscapes that it gives amazing landscapes effortlessly. In case you are new to artificial greenery, it's a new concept of mixing the various aspects of landscaping tools to give the ideal landscaping products with all the desired qualities.

Have you ever wondered what will be the result if you mix the exotic look of tropical plants and trees like palms and the ideal qualities required in commercial landscapes? Well, artificial greenery is exactly what you get. The landscaping experts have the modern technologies to develop premium landscaping tools that eliminate the side effects of green plants in commercial places and we all know green plants is ideal for excellent landscaping makeovers.

Silk palms- exotic tropical landscapes

In the faux landscaping tools, you will get all sorts of plants and trees, and you will be amazed to know that now you can get your favorite plant right in your office at the exact size you need. This is where your adjustments with substandard landscaping tools end. But, you must be wondering what is best for your commercial space. According to experts, the tropical plant products like palms are just perfect for almost all sorts of commercial space, and they are most widely used all over.

You can enhance any commercial landscape with the amazing landscaping tool. However, these are some of the numerous commonplaces which have undergone stunning landscaping makeovers with faux greenery:

  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Bars, clubs, and restaurants.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Shopping malls and multiplexes.
  • Government buildings and hospitals.

Apart from these, the amazing landscaping tools are widely used in all big offices and all sorts of commercial buildings to give the visitors a warm welcome.

Designing picturesque landscapes

Designing picturesque landscapes don't always require the touch of an expert or professional hand, especially when you have the amazing range of the artificial landscaping tools. You can pick any spot in your commercial space and give it a completely new look with the silk greenery. Though artificial, they will resemble the real plants.

Fake yet safe

You can thank the landscaping experts for some amazing features in the faux landscaping tools. They come with an advanced ThermaLeaf® feature in which they are mixed with fire retardant chemicals to stop enormous loss of life and property in case of an accidental fire breakout. They are also equipped with the PermaLeaf® feature which ensures long life outdoors by using premium pigments and materials.

Intro Date Palm Trees

Creating a serene space all around is something everyone aspires, especially in those areas nestled within tall scrapers around. The demand as well as necessity to produce natural looking scenario has become tremendously popularized. However, to procure such an ornamented space, one would have to expend time as well as energy and efficiency. In that case, Artificial Date Palms stand tall to guide us. So even if we are busy, science has blessed us with enough opportunity to ‘grow' some greenery around, and although we cannot get any extra amounts of oxygen, it certainly benefits when it comes to the aesthetic viewpoint.

Do We Need The Faux Date Palms?

Yes, can you suggest any way in which you can have tall and beautiful Date Palms within your premises without having to wait for months? No right? So obviously the readymade non-living Date Palms become your only shining light and nothing can trade with its valor grandeur. Just make up your mind to have it, and these synthetic pieces of art will find its way to your space to decorate them. Neither will you have to spend months of time and expense to finally taste the view of Date Palms around nor will you be compromising on the looks or the quality for that matter. How tempting is that!

Beautifully Carved Silk Plants

This particular silk Date Palm is ideally designed taking into consideration the minute details. They are an absolute replica of the original plant which makes them so trustworthy and sort after. The deep green tone of the feathery and shady leaves give the perfect impact on its surroundings. These are mostly of around 17 inches of height and also comes in other sizes to maintain the originality. It also has a long woody branch giving the utmost real vibe. The pigments used to manufacture these pieces strongly matches with the real tones which makes it almost impossible for anyone to infer any dissimilarity between the silk and the ordinary Date Palms.

Artificial Date Palms for Exterior Landscaping

In generic ways, we find it extremely required for commercial hubs to have an aesthetically blessed ambiance to provide the harmony. This harmony is hard to incorporate without the inclusion of nature, and the best way to do so is by installing the synthetic Date Palms. Having the fiber Date Palms scattered majestically all around the office building is kind of healthy, and at the same time, the vibe it sends out is sincere and positive. This particular artificial species is suitable for any exterior landscaping and is ideal for hotels, amusement parks, patios, hospitals, commercial joints, parking lots, lawns of offices and the list is endless.

Outdoor Landscaping Ways!

You may have the right instrument to incorporate and even space, but without proper intellect and its utility, everything else might just go to waste. So to secure the best results from these Date Palm replicas, primary planning is important to manage things easily. These silk plants can be positioned along the sidewalks of lawns in small pots which helps in expressing an earthly and warm feeling. It can also be used to barricade a long drawn perimeter of a commercial hub. Placing them at the right corners or the centers of an exterior space could also catch a multitude of attention. So before diving into action, sketch in your mind to make the best out of these products.

No Care Required-Confirmed!

Have you ever imagined that you would have to spend no time in maintaining such features which give dimension to the exteriors of your corporate space? Well, here is something which demands almost zero maintenance and in return provides you with a lifetime of a chic looking outdoor landscape. The silk woven Date Palms once installed hardly requires anything. It does not have to be fed with water like normal plants, so no watering required. They are non-living, so there is no need to trim them as well. That is how you save a lot of time which would have otherwise been lost to taking care of the green leaves. They will also keep looking healthy and pigmented without any supplements; again saving your time and expense.

Worthy and One of Its Kind

The synthetic Date Palms are something which does justice to the expense incurred by them. Every penny spent on it comes back to us, and in the long run, we tend to save a lot. Let us see how!

  • First of all the no-maintenance-tag is quite a saver. No watering, trimming, manuring in itself saves a whole bunch of money as well as time.
  • It is made with the help of high-quality silk fibers and woody materials which help the product to last for a long time. Well in that case, again you are saving up.
  • Since the material that goes into making this silk plant is UV resistant as well as resists pests from infecting it, they will remain intact for years.
  • Being fire retardant in nature, these silk species will not only save itself from getting damaged but also not allow the fire from spreading and causing any hazardous situation.
  • These are a lot easier to install than to wait for months before a fully grown Date Palm appears in front of you.