Intro Date Palm Trees

Creating a serene space all around is something everyone aspires, especially in those areas nestled within tall scrapers around. The demand as well as necessity to produce natural looking scenario has become tremendously popularized. However, to procure such an ornamented space, one would have to expend time as well as energy and efficiency. In that case, Artificial Date Palms stand tall to guide us. So even if we are busy, science has blessed us with enough opportunity to ‘grow' some greenery around, and although we cannot get any extra amounts of oxygen, it certainly benefits when it comes to the aesthetic viewpoint.

Do We Need The Faux Date Palms?

Yes, can you suggest any way in which you can have tall and beautiful Date Palms within your premises without having to wait for months? No right? So obviously the readymade non-living Date Palms become your only shining light and nothing can trade with its valor grandeur. Just make up your mind to have it, and these synthetic pieces of art will find its way to your space to decorate them. Neither will you have to spend months of time and expense to finally taste the view of Date Palms around nor will you be compromising on the looks or the quality for that matter. How tempting is that!

Beautifully Carved Silk Plants

This particular silk Date Palm is ideally designed taking into consideration the minute details. They are an absolute replica of the original plant which makes them so trustworthy and sort after. The deep green tone of the feathery and shady leaves give the perfect impact on its surroundings. These are mostly of around 17 inches of height and also comes in other sizes to maintain the originality. It also has a long woody branch giving the utmost real vibe. The pigments used to manufacture these pieces strongly matches with the real tones which makes it almost impossible for anyone to infer any dissimilarity between the silk and the ordinary Date Palms.

Artificial Date Palms for Exterior Landscaping

In generic ways, we find it extremely required for commercial hubs to have an aesthetically blessed ambiance to provide the harmony. This harmony is hard to incorporate without the inclusion of nature, and the best way to do so is by installing the synthetic Date Palms. Having the fiber Date Palms scattered majestically all around the office building is kind of healthy, and at the same time, the vibe it sends out is sincere and positive. This particular artificial species is suitable for any exterior landscaping and is ideal for hotels, amusement parks, patios, hospitals, commercial joints, parking lots, lawns of offices and the list is endless.

Outdoor Landscaping Ways!

You may have the right instrument to incorporate and even space, but without proper intellect and its utility, everything else might just go to waste. So to secure the best results from these Date Palm replicas, primary planning is important to manage things easily. These silk plants can be positioned along the sidewalks of lawns in small pots which helps in expressing an earthly and warm feeling. It can also be used to barricade a long drawn perimeter of a commercial hub. Placing them at the right corners or the centers of an exterior space could also catch a multitude of attention. So before diving into action, sketch in your mind to make the best out of these products.

No Care Required-Confirmed!

Have you ever imagined that you would have to spend no time in maintaining such features which give dimension to the exteriors of your corporate space? Well, here is something which demands almost zero maintenance and in return provides you with a lifetime of a chic looking outdoor landscape. The silk woven Date Palms once installed hardly requires anything. It does not have to be fed with water like normal plants, so no watering required. They are non-living, so there is no need to trim them as well. That is how you save a lot of time which would have otherwise been lost to taking care of the green leaves. They will also keep looking healthy and pigmented without any supplements; again saving your time and expense.

Worthy and One of Its Kind

The synthetic Date Palms are something which does justice to the expense incurred by them. Every penny spent on it comes back to us, and in the long run, we tend to save a lot. Let us see how!

  • First of all the no-maintenance-tag is quite a saver. No watering, trimming, manuring in itself saves a whole bunch of money as well as time.
  • It is made with the help of high-quality silk fibers and woody materials which help the product to last for a long time. Well in that case, again you are saving up.
  • Since the material that goes into making this silk plant is UV resistant as well as resists pests from infecting it, they will remain intact for years.
  • Being fire retardant in nature, these silk species will not only save itself from getting damaged but also not allow the fire from spreading and causing any hazardous situation.
  • These are a lot easier to install than to wait for months before a fully grown Date Palm appears in front of you.
Outdoor Artificial Date Palm Tree

Who doesn't want to go on a desert holiday to Dubai? Any tropical desert destinations like Dubai or Egypt are famous around the world and are a favorite among travelers. Sunny deserts surrounded by tropical trees or plants, a long relaxed environment under their shade is what we all would love to experience while entering a luxurious shopping mall or even any corporate office premises. If a slice of this desert landscape can be infused into these properties, it can be an instant mood uplifter for every visitor and employees working in these properties.

Installation of Date palms in any luxurious landscapes can help you create and capture the desert like the atmosphere you want, but growing real Date palms is not an easy job. To grow a fully flourished Date palm, you need to invest at least 5-6 years on each one of them, and these trees only grow in a tropical environment. Hence, if your office is located in a place which has a cold climate, placing and maintaining these live Date palms is almost impossible. This is when you would feel to install a substitute, in the form of artificial Date palms. These faux beauties would resemble the real ones exactly and is friendly to any given environment.

Why are the replicas of the original Date palms preferred for outdoor landscape designing?

If you want to renovate the entrancing landscape of your exotic resort and turn it into a mini desert, surrounded by tropical trees like Date palms and never want to take the pain of growing the real ones, then these fake alternative Date palms should be your pick, and you must order at the earliest. The other reasons supporting the need to install these beauties are:-

  • The replica Date palms will never require any particular climatic condition or temperatures for its existence, while the real ones cannot survive without proper hot tropical environment and will always repel any cold temperature.
  • No trimming, cutting, pruning or shaping is required by these faux botanical beauties. But, the original Date palms will never look healthy, if these methods are not applied.
  • The artificial Date palms will never require sunlight, watering, and shades for its existence. On the other hand, the real ones will require all of these for its survival.
  • No fertilizers or insecticides will be needed by these fake Date palms, as they are made to repel any insect infection and bacteria formation. The live ones will need them for their healthy existence.
  • Buying these faux beauties will ensure that they preserve their beauty forever, while the original ones may perish anytime.

You can see that the above-mentioned qualities of these replica Date palms make them extremely budget friendly and that is why they are preferred over their original counterpart for decking up any luxurious properties.

Where to source these artificial Date Palms for making the visitors in our office property awestruck with the outdoor landscape decor?

Any amusement park, five-star hotel properties or even a huge sprawling corporate office property landscape can come alive with the use of faux Date palms. The company which has been manufacturing the best available quality of Date palm trees is none other than Commercial Palm Trees. The company has been in this trade for more than 40 years and has been in the top position in the industry for creating artificial botanical foliage, since then. The immense popularity earned by the company is because of its dedicated team of experts.

Top architects, botanists, graphic designers, and engineers come together to form the manufacturing team of the company. All the replica botanical beauties manufactured under them are created with every minuscule details and perfection. The company professionals' takes up all challenging projects and help the customers with landscape designing too, if they need. Small organizations that need a single piece to big business houses that are in need of several products in wholesale price are entertained by the company.

What are the varied characteristics possessed by these immensely beautiful faux Date palms from Commercial Palm Trees?

If you look at any desert destinations, you can easily spot several Date palms around them. No picture postcard is complete without these trees. These trees portray greener and happier tropical landscapes. If these scenes can be replicated at the outdoor landscapes of a huge hospital or the entrance of a casino, there cannot be a better option. The unique characteristics they possess are:-

  • The faux Date palms usually come in 17 feet variety and are manufactured using very high quality of silk. Complete customization is possible on request though.
  • The product is made completely resistant to the fire by using fire retardant chemicals on its surface.
  • Harmful UV rays, humidity, storms, snow falls, and even extreme rain cannot cause any damage or color fading on these fake beauties, due to the special anti-fading technology used on them
  • These replica Date palms have highly detailed trunks to perfectly resemble the real ones, but they are very lightweight and can be installed anywhere without the problem.

Why are these faux Date palms from Commercial Palm Trees, a complete favorite amongst landscape designers?

The extremely graceful fake Date palm trees available at Commercial Date Palms look extremely realistic with matching color and textures. Visitors can never make out any difference compared to the real ones even after looking at them for a long time. This is why, landscape architects or designers when appointed by big corporate houses for designing their luxurious commercial properties like offices, educational institutes, hotels or even shopping arcades, always rely on these fake Date palms, if they are working on a tropical or desert theme.

Intro European Fan Palm Tree

Visual identity is essential for a successful business. No matter what industry you are in, it must have an engaging exterior for attracting the customers. Adding flair to your restaurant garden could be challenging if you have no idea of the right type of trees to be included in the landscape. When people plan to eat outdoor, they prefer a warm and cozy place. So, the restaurant garden should have a chick and classy ambiance to make visitors feel cozy and comfy there.

Adding a natural charm with tropical vibe helps to make a restaurant lawn bold, and deliver a feeling of country living. While the palms are great for adding a nice tropical accent in the restaurant gardens, including those in the commercial landscapes may not always be practical for many associated pitfalls. The artificial European Fan Palms provide a unique alternative solution. With their grace and glamour, these can charm the guests, and deliver an excellent restaurant garden.

Mesmerizing beauty of the fan palms

The artificial European Fan Palms are the most popular for their stylish and eye-popping beauty. With their stately detailed trunk, majestic branches, and lush green fronds, these can infuse a piece of tropical paradise in your restaurant outdoor. Whether you use these for making nice focal points or for defining spaces, these can let you make the best style statement with their live and serene presence. These also let the garden feel with a romantic aura to take the guest to a dream tropical environment.

These provide an element of surprise

The artificial European Fan Palms are native to the tropical regions and, therefore, maintaining tropical greenery is not possible everywhere. However, installing the fake fan palm trees, you can easily include a tropical ambiance in your restaurant garden, no matter where that is located. And, when this is done, your guests will be surprised seeing an amazing beauty, and this makes them spellbound. So, you will have a nice buzz created about your restaurant that will go a long way for business excellence.

Deliver an awesome restaurant garden

The Commercial Palm Trees artificial European Fan Palms are the most adorable option for combining aesthetics with functionality. Available at the height of 8 feet, these deliver an outstanding refreshing look to the restaurant garden. Moreover, these add fun and style to the commercial exterior and build up an enjoyable and graceful ambiance with their inspirational presence and charm.

Remain unaffected by change in weather conditions

Landscaping elements installed in the restaurant garden has to tolerate the change in weather conditions. The Commercial Palm Trees products are produced using prime quality of plastic material and color pigments. To make these withstand the harsh effect of the scorching sun rays, these are treated with special chemicals for blocking the UV rays. Additionally, these are also made waterproof. Thus, the artificial European Fan Palms let you have a restaurant garden that does not fade or turn yellow due to the effect of the sunlight, and also do not get damaged due to rains or snows. These replicated landscaping elements continue to adorn the commercial outdoor equally in all weather conditions.

Lower the risk of fire

Ability to tackle fires is one of the most important features of the fake botanical items. If the mimic fan palms do not have such ability, they tend to add to the fire and cause heavy damages. Being manufactured from high-grade Silk foliage, the Commercial Palm Trees artificial European Fan Palms have sufficient fire resistance property for arresting the spread of fire and allow enough time to react. Thus, you get a restaurant garden with less risk of fire hazards.

Lets you have specially designed restaurant garden

Introducing faux fan palms in the restaurant gardens is a good idea but, that does not alone help your business prosper. The present business arena is full of tough competition, and if you cannot create an outstanding landscape, your chances of survival become gloomy. That is why you must have a personalized restaurant garden for mesmerizing the guests. Commercial Palm Trees have an expert team of landscaping professionals who can design your landscape, arrange customized artificial European Fan Palms and can also help installing them in the right places for the most loveable impact.

These are unrealistically real

The replicated fan palms from the Commercial Palm Trees are crafted with utmost care to make them mimic the live European Fan Palms is all respect. They resemble their live counterparts to such a great extent that no one can feel the difference without touching. Thus, you have a nice pseudo-natural landscape in the restaurant garden that amazes all.

Better than the real palms on many counts

The mimic European fan palms deliver great commercial landscape, and let you have the following advantages:

  • No maintenance demand; these do not require watering, fertilizing and other caring activities like periodic trimming and spraying insecticides to control mold growth.
    Cleaning is also very easy.
  • Having no lifecycle, these never die. These need replacement only if you decide to include some other landscaping items.
  • No shedding of fronds and, therefore, you are free from all cleaning hassles.
  • Manufactured from high-end Silk foliage, these never attract insects and bugs and thus, keep your guests safe.
  • These are quite long-lasting and is reasonably priced; these offer onetime landscaping solution.
  • Can be used in many ways such as creating vibrant green periphery, defining private enclosures and also for creating focal points.

Other outdoors where you can consider these

Other than the restaurant gardens, you can also consider using the artificial European Fan Palms for outdoor landscaping for a wide range of commercial places:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Lawns of luxury hotels & resorts
  • Exotic bar and casino outdoors
  • Shopping malls, art galleries, museums
  • Large corporate houses, government buildings, and hospitals
Intro Image Eauropean Fan Palm Tree

Giving an exquisite definition to the exterior of any commercial hub is quite an overwhelming task. However, this particular aspect, if missed out on, then one ends up losing a large proportion of attraction. When the outward view of any industrial joint showers a formal yet chic look, it vehemently acts as gravity to keep the number of visitors escalating up. To get a secured yet expensive look, one can always rely on the artificial European Fan Palms to demarcate the fences of the office's premises.

The Subtle-Solemn Presence

Yes, before ticking right against the option of faux European Fan Palms, it is indeed important to understand the aura it must pronounce. If the need is to establish a stunning yet relaxing perimeter for your office, then hold on tight and gaze at this beautiful 8-meter faux autotrophs. With real looking foliage and sturdy trunks, these unreal European Fan Palms are going to fill up those void spaces with absolute tranquility. Their tall yet not so gigantic stature will provide for what has been missing so far! The environmental transformation to the built-in territory is sure to attract quite a lot of busy bees!

The Beauty and the Office

A work area requires the ultimate aesthetic transformation to uplift the energy level within the commercial cubicles. To shed the official boredom away from its circumference, the ideal way to rejuvenate would be to install these beauties known as European Fan Palms made of synthetic fibers. The surrounding area of the office will eventually get a high kick of revitalizing elements with the silk European Fan Palm trees. The orthodox and mundane office environment coupled with the flavors of synthetic flora will crisscross to produce a healthy sphere for the employees and clients to survive the routine workloads.

The Ultimate Question- Why Not Go For the Living Ones?

Yes in an ideal world going for the real plants would have made more sense than opting for the faux ones. The catch is this is hardly an ‘ideal world.' Any living being would demand a lot of your time and energy which unfortunately none of us claim to have in this present century. An era where time is evaluated by monetary tokens, maintaining an outdoor landscape with the help of original European Fan Palms would certainly turn out to be more costly and cumbersome, and in no way would give better results than the artificial European Fan Palms.

Save Time. Preserve Money.

When you are trying to remodel your office garden, what exactly are you seeking? There are two things we look forward to while doing that- fastest way possible to redefine the expense and to get the best results. Fast industrialization has made everyone quite busy so what makes anyone think that offices will have time for the slow outdoor landscaping process with real plants! Installing those non-living greenery which consumes nothing but a day at most is the choice for the office gardens. Now if you are saving such an amount of time, are you not, therefore, preserving your money? This simple equation can be solved by any real-time stakeholder.

An Absolute Value for Money

They do not help us with oxygen, but these non-living European Fan Palms are an absolute cost efficient as well as a time-saving option. However, they do not just stop at that and goes on to shower some more benefits. Let us take a look at them:

  • The main advantage is that they are a replica of the real European Fan Palms. The synthetic used justifies the entire look with great efficiency making the structure look undistinguished from the real ones.
  • No water, no sunlight; well not a problem as these faux foliages will keep on showing their healthy colors since they are non-living!
  • These mimics of European Fan Palm trees do not depend on your leisure for their maintenance since they have none. They neither need regular trimming nor watering making them a cool and trendy choice for outdoor landscaping.
  • The insects do not find these artificial silks to be much of their use and hence they seldom attack. The high-end synthetic too is incorporated with materials that prevent them from settling in.

Tackles Fire Well!

If we turn down the pages of history, we will find many such incidents where offices have caught fire due to the trees nearby which did not have much resilience against this element of nature. However, with the introduction of high-quality silk fibers which are the dominant composite of these artificial green plants, the risk is much lower. These fibers negate the chances of fire from spreading since the plants made out of them are fire resilient. This characteristic is indeed an advantageous one for the offices, keeping them safe from the flames of disaster.

Shields against Water and UV Rays

Unlike the real plants, these synthetic European Fan Palms does not require water for its survival which is in a way advantageous especially in water restricted world like ours. It also has components which do not allow the water whether in the form of rainfall or anything to stray their appearances. The fiber has properties which help to fight the damaging impacts of water on synthetics. Besides, these synthetic plants are also effective against the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. With such benefits, these artificial plants are an extraordinary way to re-energize the entire exterior of the office setting.

Intro Commercial Palm Trees

Talking about palm trees evokes tropical dreams and fantasies in one's mind. These have been referred to in holy scripts as synonymous with serenity, righteousness, and inspiration. From the dawn of the human history, the palm trees have also been considered to be immensely romantic with their magnificent beauty and spirit. Some of them stand upright, some get twisted, and some try to kiss the ground before they rise to touch the sky. When they stand in clusters, they add great charm to any landscape.

While you can always dream a commercial outdoor lined with palm trees, those are not easy to have in reality. These are native to the tropical climate and, as such, cannot be grown in all regions. The palm trees take many years before they deliver their fully grown beauty, and also have many maintenance issues as well. The artificial palm trees from Commercial Palm Trees offer the perfect alternative solution for uplifting the corporate outdoors with their realistic charm and elegance.

These are great for installing in a variety of commercial outdoors including, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, exhibition area, large corporate office, government & municipal buildings, museum, exotic bars & restaurants, luxury hotels, top-notch sauna baths & resorts, private hospital and healthcare facilities, colleges & universities, senior living facilities, and other public places. Once included in the outdoor, they make the space calm and inviting with their tranquil presence.

Faux palms have magical charm.

Artificial palms are great for introducing a tropical vibe into the commercial exteriors. These are synonymous with luxury and elegance. Their iconic presence can make a commercial outdoor space serene and sophisticated. These are crafted meticulously to replicate the natural palms in all respects. Made from premium quality raw materials, these add a dash of romantic nostalgia to the professional space. Having bent or curved trunks with exact details, and beautifully arched fronds they offer the most stunning realism making these a hot favorite landscaping accessory. These mimic the nature to such an extent that can distinguish them from the real ones. Available in wide range of sizes and varieties these are great to make any commercial outdoor a tropical heaven, and when introduced into any space, they are impossible to be ignored.

Commercial Palm Trees offer many variants

The artificial palm trees can turn any landscape serene and make it refreshing with their majestic presence. You can use anyone from the following varieties for complementing your landscaping theme.

  • Areca Palm Trees: Also available as Golden Areca Palm Trees, these are excellent to energize any commercial exterior.
  • Bamboo Palm Trees: Available in varying heights, these are great for creating a magical outdoor.
  • Banana Palm Trees: With their varying heights and lush green leaves these can make the commercial outdoors bold and comforting.
  • Butterfly Palm Trees: With their slender trunk and arched fronds, these create a stylish environment with a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Coconut Palm trees: There are many varieties such as Curved Trunk Coconut Palm Tree, Preserved coconut palm trees, Tropical Coconut Palm Tree, Curved Coconut Palm Trees, Preserved Curved Coconut Palm Trees in varying heights.
  • Cycas Palm Trees: With their nicely crafted trunks and refreshing fronds, these are great to build inspirational boundaries of the commercial settings.
  • Date Palm Trees: With their towering height and charming presence, they can build cool, pleasant outdoors that are treat to the eyes.
  • Dracaena Trees: You can get another variety titled Giant Dracaena Dragon Trees that are taller than the regular variety and also made with multiple trunks.
  • Fan palm trees: Other than the regular varieties, these are also available as European Fan Palm Trees and Preserved Fan Palm Trees. Featuring multiple stems and nicely crafted fronds, these can create an awesome jungle-like ambiance.
  • Giant Kentia Palm Trees: With their stately trunks and dense refreshing fronds these artificial palms can make an outdoor relaxing.

The list does not end here. You can also choose from artificial Rhapis Palm Trees, Sago Palm Trees, Queen Sago Palm Trees, Travelers Palm Trees, Phoenix Palm Trees, Fish Tail Palm Trees, Giant Fish Tail Palm Trees, Phoenix Dactylifera Palm Trees, Pacific Pandanus Palm Trees, and Petite Pacific Pandanus Palm Trees for revamping your business outdoor.

These are all-weather products.

Commercial Palm Trees artificial palms are manufactures using Silk quality raw materials. These are also treated with special chemicals to make the foliage inert to the sun rays and are also made waterproof. Installing the artificial palms into the outdoor space, you will not worry about fading due to nasty weather conditions. No matter if those are exposed to scorching sunlight, rain, or snowfall these never lose their color.

You can enhance the decoration with customization

Commercial Palm Trees understand the various facets of outdoor landscaping. Different commercial spaces have different themes and need different landscaping elements. Given the cut-throat business competition, one has to make the commercial setting exceptional and for this personalization of the landscaping products is necessary. Commercial Palm Trees offer customized fake palm trees that can create a dream business outdoor to thrill your customers.

Offer hassle-free landscapes

Introducing the fake palms in your commercial outdoor lets, you have peace of mind. There is no need to water them, and fertilization and weed control are also not necessary. They demand no maintenance and deliver an outdoor space free from insects at an affordable cost.

Unique services for making dreams real

Regardless of the nature and kind of your professional space, Commercial Palm Trees offer unique services from evaluation to designing a functional outdoor landscape by customizing the palms. Depending on your exterior you can have palms of all shapes and from miniature to towering heights for complementing your decoration theme. They help you have the right palms at the right corner and also help installation for integrating skillfully for jazzing up the outdoor.

Intro Img The Magic Of Banana Palms Office Landscapes Reinvented

Banana palms may sound inconvenient for a commercial landscape, but it is perfect for bringing a lively and rustic feel to the surroundings breaking the monotony of any ambiance.

What makes these artificial botanical beauties so popular?

Greenery induces a sense of tranquility, apart from adding spirit to any landscape. It escalates the aura of an average and dull looking corporate office landscape to make it look more vibrant and bring about a feeling of comfort in the surroundings. Faux banana palms are a great way to bring about luxurious feeling to office landscapes without the hassle of maintenance like watering, mowing, fertilizing, using pesticides and other necessities that are inevitable at least in the growing years of any natural plants or trees. Being made from quality commercial grade materials, these can withstand harsh climatic conditions in outdoors without any visible color loss of the foliage.

Flexibility of faux banana palms

These artificial banana palms are very versatile and can be used innovatively in a lot of different ways to jazz up the surroundings. These are crafted with commercial grade materials that are very stable and do not degrade, so they will not intoxicate the natural biological elements like soil or water in of the location. In addition to this, artificial banana palms are very durable and lightweight so that they can be moved within the outdoor landscape easily without requirements of special types of equipment for the purpose. This ensures that the products can be arranged in a lot of ways and also reused in case of decorating office landscapes for special occasions like parties, festive season or just to break the tedium of a location that has looked same for many years.

Bring a balmy tropical feel to office landscape

Banana palms make an excellent choice to bring a fun, topical mood to any office landscape. It might be difficult to imagine decorating a landscape with banana palms because they are not yet very popular like other varieties such as Areca, Coconut, European fan, Bamboo and other palm species but this also means that they are sure to bring about a unique feel to any office landscape. There is a professional team of designers to help the clients visualize the different ways in which the office landscapes can be jazzed up using banana palms, preserving the corporate feel of the office's exterior space at the same time.

Quality that gives total botanical viability

The long, lush green leaves of artificial banana palms are textured in a certain way that they look indistinguishable from the natural ones. They are crafted with care to incorporate all the major and minor details of natural banana palms. The aesthetic appeal of these banana palms is no less than that of any natural trees and plants. They blend in with any outdoor settings well and make the landscape interesting and relaxing at the same time. These are highly durable and can be styled in a lot of different ways to adapt with the natural greenery around that particular office landscape and create an enchanting tropical appeal altogether.

Budget concerns solved

Budget obviously plays a very important role when it comes to beautifying any corporate office outdoor landscapes irrespective of whether it is small or large. Therefore a professional expert team of designers is there to help in providing ideas that would be a perfect fit for the location and also satisfy the customer's budget preferences. It is important that quality of the products are not compromised no matter how much money the clients would like to spend on the project, to make the products indistinguishable from natural greenery as well as durable. This aspect of artificial landscaping is taken care of while manufacturing all of the products that are available at Commercial Palm Trees, making them a great choice for any outdoor office landscape.

Splendor of artificial banana palms

The appeal of these faux banana palms is ideal for encouraging a healthy work environment in any corporate office space. They uplift the moods of clients, visitors, and onlookers easily, making the surrounding more calming and relaxed. The lively feel of these artificial, yet natural looking banana palms are very heart-warming and are sure to leave a bright memory in the minds of visitors. Since no care is required to make these faux banana palms look great for years, they make the perfect selection for any commercial setups and are sure to impress the visitors with their well groomed and maintained look.

Taking care of all installation needs

Installing large faux tropical trees like banana palms can be quite a hassle for the clients if they do not have much experience with faux botanical beauties, which is the case for most of the clients. It is very necessary to note that proper installation of these large banana palms is very crucial in the long run, and if it not done by professions then there is always a chance of hazards like uprooting or falling of the products due to strong wind or storm. Thus, regardless of how small or large, the project is, a skilled and expert team of professionals equipped with all the necessary supplies and machinery takes care of all the installations to help the clients with proper setup of the products.

Intro Sago Palm

You might have heard about different varieties of palm trees all of which are considered to be the most ornamental elements of any landscape. Palm trees can offer you a soothing environment created around your space no matter whether you have larger space or smaller space available in your outdoor area. And if your commercial outdoor landscape needs to be uplifted to overcome bland and dull looks, artificial sago palms are the best solution for you. The sago palm is best known for its creative, distinctive and mesmerizing looks. It has the caliber to organize your space elegantly adding grace to other elements of the yard as well. This variety of palms can add freshness to your commercial area no matter where you place it.

Sago palm tree is the most stylish and popular among all palm trees due to its feathery foliage and artsy appearance. It is being used as ornamental gardening plant since the prehistoric times, and even now its artificial version has gained the same popularity. The artificial sago palm tree is created with the premium quality material infusing various weather resistance properties within to offer landscape lovers a durable, graceful and most realistic alternative to real sago tree. Faux sago trees have gained much popularity due to their negligible maintenance requirements, unlike real trees that have some special needs to grow adequately. Commercial owners, as well as residents, are preferring sago trees for their landscape due to the countless effective reasons a few of which are discussed below.

1. Amazing Heavenly Looks to Uplift the Mood of Onlookers

Artificial sago palm features long fronds that look just realistic consisted of sharp lines that can add uplifting and refreshing vibes to your corporate or any commercial outdoor area. You can place these faux palm trees in the corners, in a central area or multiple trees in line to make the area look lush, creative and mesmerizing. Sago palms are one of the attention-grabbing plants that can make the onlookers feel a natural beauty and recharge their mind and energy with enthusiasm and zeal. If you want your landscape to look rejuvenated, add these wonderful faux sago palms to your outdoor space. These are widely used by amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, corporate spaces, retail stores, government buildings and much more. Not only commercial areas, but these are also ideal for residential areas as well.

2. No Yellowing or Fading Away with Faux Sago Palm

One of the most commonly encountered problems with real sago plant is yellowing of its leaves. Imagine you have planted a real sago tree in your commercial landscape and its leaves get yellowed. This will reflect the most embarrassing and ugly side of your landscape. And it is obvious that such a landscape will only fill negativity in your, your employees and your client's mind. This is due to the special Sunlight, water, temperature and other environmental conditions demanded by this tree. Most of the time even a little bit carelessness may lead to such ailment of this sago palm. For this reason, most of the landscapers opt artificial sago to avoid all such special maintenance needs. Artificial sago will stay lush, lovely and be blooming every day and in every season without any upkeep.

3. Say No to Pests

Pest or bug infestation is another major problem with living sago tree. These trees are most prone to pests and bugs and are mostly attacked by mealy bugs and scale pest types. Such pest infestation leads to disfiguration of leaf and fruit drop which results in ugly looks and a fear of infested landscape as well. Pests will not only ruin your landscape but will also not let anyone enjoy the beauty of your greenery. This makes people more inclined towards artificial sago plants. As these faux trees are made up of synthetic material like plastic, silk, etc., that not at all attract pests. With these artificial sago palms, one can enjoy a pest free yard as well as the grace and elegance of sago as well.

4. Replicating Exactly Realistic Looks

Even upon opting this artificial palm tree, you need not compromise even a single percent regarding appearance and grace. These are made up of premium quality plastic material giving the quality color coating to silk leaves and trunks giving an exactly same look as its living counterpart. A person who is not aware of its faux nature can't figure out any difference. Ranging from dark and strong stem to fluttering green leaves, everything is just like the real sago tree. Due to their realistic looks and no upkeep worries, most of the commercial spaces, corporates, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and more prefer these faux sago trees for establishing a durable and creative outdoor landscape.

5. Cost Effective Compared to Real Sago

Cost is one of the most important factors while building a landscape especially for corporate or commercial areas, as they have much larger space than residential spaces. If you compare the total cost you require to plant, establish and maintain a living landscape filled will sago palms is much more than having it done using artificial sago. That's because real sago palm tree demands special growing conditions. Secondly, for meeting their daily watering needs, you will have to install an irrigation system for your space. Additionally, for regular pruning and fertilizing needs, you will also invest in keeping a professional gardening staff. All these investments equal to a big amount. On the other hand, with artificial sago trees, you just need to incur a one-time purchasing cost which is far less than what is required for real plantation. Moreover, they don't, have any maintenance requirements like watering, cutting, fertilizing, etc. so you can rest assured with occasional dustings. They can durable for years without getting damaged or discolored.

Areca Palms   The Jewels Of Any Corporate Exterior Landscape

An appealing commercial space speaks volumes about the business, and the principle followed. Whether it is a Luxury restaurant, five-star hotels, shopping mall, massive corporate house, government building, hospital, healthcare facilities, exotic bar, or casino, or whatever it may be; one has to update the exterior and charm onlookers with outstanding decoration for converting them into loyal customers.

Studies conducted on human response to nature, strongly indicate that when people are near some natural element, they have a positive frame of mind and become more productive. That is why; people are trying to make everything green. There is no denying that the modern urban area has transformed into a concrete jungle making it impossible to redesign the commercial complexes for making those vibrant and attractive. Including artificial landscaping products can transform any barren professional space into a mesmerizing one, and increase business excellence.

Among all the artificial trees and plants, no plant delivers a tropical ambiance more than the artificial butterfly palms. With their slender trunks and lush fronds, they add beauty and charm to the commercial outdoors. No matter if you are about to revamp an existing setting, or starting something from scrap, you can use the faux butterfly palms to make the setting attractive and inviting. Here are some reasons why you should buy replicated butterfly palms for your commercial outdoor.

Incredible beauty of the butterfly palm trees

Landscaping commercial outdoors is very vital, as those are the first point of contact with the prospecting clients and customers. Commercial exteriors have to entice for drawing crowds.

Fake butterfly palm trees manufactured by Commercial Palm Trees look incredibly appealing. Those feature lush green fronds that arch outwards gracefully and have many stately stems. These are meticulously crafted from high-quality raw material to make them a mirror image of their live cousins. Measuring 7 feet in height, these make a bold decorating statement and make the professional space charming.

Including artificial palms is a thoughtful choice

Including live butterfly palms in the commercial landscape has many pit falls. First of all, the palms grow in the tropical region and, therefore, you cannot grow these in all climatic conditions. Moreover, you have to arrange for watering, fertilizing, spraying pesticides for controlling weeds, trimming, etc. for keeping those healthy. These require dedicated manpower and involve cost. But, the Commercial butterfly palm trees have no such requirement. Those can be installed in any region. Clean those once in a while, and they will continue to shine for long. These can blend well with other landscaping elements and use these turns to be a thoughtful option.

You can have tailor made palms

Every business is based on the different theme and, therefore, their landscaping requirements are different. There could be space constraints making the standard palms not suitable for landscaping. Other than the standard butterfly palms, Commercial Palm Trees have provisions to make customized butterfly palms to meet all specific landscaping requirements of the customers. Moreover, for surviving competition, all commercial landscaping has to be unique and attractive. Personalized replicated butterfly plants resolve such issues.

These let you have warmth and comfort

Including artificial landscaping palms in the commercial outdoors delivers a welcoming look with a pleasant tropical vibe. When these are included in the commercial settings, especially amusement parks, theme parks and water parks, they impart such nice visual interest which no one can ignore. No matter what is the nature of the commercial space, or where you are installing the replicated palms, those make the place cozy and comfy, with their lush green presence.

You are free from seasonal worries

The biggest advantage of using silk butterfly palms for landscaping commercial outdoors is that unlike their live counterparts, these never shed leaves. Thus, there is no change of aesthetics with seasonal changes. Further, as these do not shed leaves, no mess is created underneath, relieving you from the trouble and cost of clearing the seasonal mess.

Keeps your space free from pests

Live plants attract bugs, insects, ants, spider mites and also help mold generation. But, the artificial palm trees never attract pests and offer no food to continue their life cycle. Thus, your commercial space remains free form pests.

Remains unaffected in all weather conditions

Artificial landscaping elements of Commercial Palm Trees are manufactured from premium quality foliage, the color pigment to make those strong and durable. Moreover, these are also made UV resistant. Thus, the replicated butterfly palm trees never suffer any discoloration even when continuously exposed to the scorching rays of the sun. They never wilt and remain unaffected by wind rain and snow. These are the perfect landscaping elements that you can use for long, without maintenance.

Upgrades space instantly

Live palms need time to grow. Being artificially made, the fake palms do not have any life cycle, and there is no time requirement. Coming fully grown, these can embellish your business place right from the day one.

Offers cost effective landscaping

Commercial Palm products are reasonably priced. These cost you less than other decorating elements and live plants. Moreover, you need to invest only once for enjoying them adorn your professional space, for many years without any maintenance cost. Unlike the live palms, these can also be stored in a warehouse when not in use. All these make faux landscaping a wallet friendly solution for business.

Installation is very easy

Unlike the live butterfly palms, the replicated versions are not soil specific. You can install them anywhere you like. Being a light in weight, those can be installed easily without any handling equipment, or special tools.

Keeps employees satisfied

The present day employees have to work for long hours. In fact, they spend almost half of their life at the workplace and naturally expect a refreshing work environment. Landscaping with artificial greens makes the space relaxing and comfortable, and the employees do their jobs in the best possible way.

Intro Recreate Outdoor Landscapes With Faux Cycas Palms

Landscapes have a significant part to play in business organizations as they define the outlook of your business firm and also enhance the appearance of your workplace. The advantages of having a chic set up at your workplace are many as it will set up a calm and peaceful mood in the area and will cheer up everyone, including the visitors as well as the employees, thus bringing out the best performance from everyone. Creating a superb landscape becomes quite easier if you pick the right items. For example, if you love greenery, the task becomes easier for you.

Greenery and landscapes

Do you fascinate having a line of exquisite trees in your commercial space? Greenery creates an extraordinary landscape almost effortlessly due to its alluring natural beauty and also gives calmness to the landscape due to the characteristic nature. But exquisite natural plants are not meant to be used in business landscapes, and they have loads of drawbacks which make them unsuitable. You may have experienced some if you ever did landscaping with natural greenery.

Here are some of the problems you may have faced (or will face) while landscaping with natural plants and trees:

  • Limited choice- one can't complain about the unavailability of their favorite plants or trees in that place. It's natural, and you have to work with the limited choice available.
  • Messy outdoors- ever planted a tree or plant outdoors? You must be familiar with the trash in the surrounding places, and that is a drawback as it creates a negative impression on the visitors.
  • High maintenance- live plants are high maintenance items, and you need to water them regularly and ensure perfect conditions to keep them fresh and glowing.
  • Low durability- real plants are very delicate, and you need to maintain best conditions to keep them alive, but then also, the lifespan of a live plant is very low. They are certainly not the items if you need a durable landscape.
  • Unsuitable- live plants are just not suitable for commercial landscapes as there are lots of side effects like pests and insects getting attracted into your workplace or certain allergens from plants may hamper the atmosphere at the workplace.

This has led the landscape designer experts to look for better and more efficient methods of landscaping to eliminate the drawbacks and create excellent beauty in the commercial outdoor landscapes.

Revolutionary landscapes with faux greenery

After a much of research and trying various methods the experts came up with the idea of creating alluring silk landscapes which will look same as natural greenery. In other words, they decided to bring up the extraordinary look with other top quality items such that the drawbacks due to natural greenery are avoided, and you can have real looking artificial plants in your workplace. The idea led to the wide-scale use of the technique in all top commercial areas for the best landscape, and the results have been fascinating.

Places of usage

The places of usage include top hotels and resorts where the faux greenery can be used to install the plants of choice irrespective of their ability to grow in that region. The restaurants and bars are also including lots of artificial plants to bring up the natural look and fascinate the customers. People come across pubs with this amazing landscaping décor very often. Other commercial locations like shopping malls and multiplexes have also undergone a massive transformation to have a great impression on the visitors.

Other public buildings like government offices and corporate sectors are also taking up the amazing landscaping décor. More and more corporate offices are getting landscape décor using faux greenery to create a hassle-free, calm and comfortable environment for the visitors and clients with an extraordinary natural view and positive, refreshing vibes. Certain places like hospitals need this landscaping décor to maintain a pest free area and also create a soothing environment to comfort people.

Reasons for the change in landscaping trends

  • Endless choices- Firstly, you will have endless choices in artificial plants for your landscape.
  • Seamless look- the crisp and elegant appeal in the landscape is unbeatable. It's widely accepted for the desired look.
  • Customizable- faux greenery is completely customizable, and you can use it as per requirement and space available. Forget problems like the uncontrolled growth of branches.
  • Most economical- it's so far the best landscaping décor regarding money spent. You will love the durability and return on your investment.
  • Trouble-free- you can stop worrying about the regular watering and pruning issues as the faux greenery will give excellent landscapes with zero maintenance or care.

Faux Cycas palms- unmatched beauty

Faux Cycas palms are among the stunning landscaping decors for a different look in the landscape. They will give the cool and cozy tropical vibes and will create the perfect holiday setup. Though ideal for resorts and hotels, you can bring the tropical vibes right into your workplace by installing the artificial Cycas palm tree. You can pick the right variant of artificial Cycas palm tree as its available in 6' and 9' to go with your landscape perfectly.

The versatile nature of the faux Cycas palms make it essential for any landscape, and it is no doubt among the top landscaping tools in the market. The best advantage of the landscaping item is the ability to sustain harsh outdoor conditions as you need not worry about the damages due to direct exposure to wind, rain, or the UV rays from the sun. The premium quality materials ensure long durability even in harsh conditions.

Vibrant tropical landscapes

Who doesn't like vibrant landscapes at the workplace? All you have to do is placed the artificial Cycas palm tree in your area and also pair it up with some alluring faux greenery to give a complete adorable set up anywhere you want. It will surely boost up your business and create more clients in future.

Bamboo Palm Tree

Every commercial space deserves an extraordinary landscape. Not only for maintaining the formal and pleasing appearance to many visitors on a basis, but also because every commercial space has a story to tell and it is best expressed by a stunning landscape. After all, you will look for a pleasing effect on the customers and look to have a good impression on them necessary for carrying out business.

Excellent outdoor landscaping techniques

Some outstanding features usually classify extraordinary commercial outdoor landscapes. They are suitable for all plush locations and have distinct advantages over other commonly used methods. The features of any extraordinary landscape include:

  • Elegant design- the design must be elegant and classy to go with the reputation of the commercial place.
  • Durable- no one needs a short-term landscaping solution. The landscaping beauty must be long-lasting to give best benefits from the investment.
  • Within budget- costly landscaping tools can give splashy appearance but lack the warmth and charm of a rich landscape.
  • Convenient- trouble free landscaping is what you need at commercial places. Low maintenance landscaping tools are preferred.
  • Easy to use- user-friendly techniques give additional benefits to any landscape and help in altering landscapes for a crisp display.

Power of greenery

If you want a calm, refreshing and cozy feel in the landscape along with some classy, elegant approach suitable for any lavish location, you need to utilize the power of greenery for the desired landscape. You need not use the real plants and trees in your office or commercial space as that can be quite messy and will lack the essential features of an extraordinary landscape. You can easily go for the artificial palm trees for your outdoors as it will give the desired elegance and alluring beauty.

Faux landscaping tools- a brief overview

Faux landscaping tools are designed solely to eliminate the many shortcomings of real plants and other landscaping tools. They are custom made for landscaping applications and have all the essential qualities for making any excellent outdoor landscape. Made from the best materials, they are highly durable and resistant to all harsh weather conditions like snow, rains, or even direct exposure to UV rays from the sun. Faux palm trees can be an instant solution for a calm and pleasing outdoors.

Faux bamboo palm trees- unmatched beauty

Have you ever wondered what the faux version of the giant grasses can do to your outdoors? It will give a complete makeover, and your dull and boring landscape in the concrete jungle will be transformed into a calm and soothing atmosphere with fresh and natural tropical vibes. It will inject the much-needed positivity into your landscapes and convert the dull shade into lively greenery to greet your visitors.

The artificial bamboo palm trees are available in sizes ranging from 4’ in smaller versions to some of the larger versions which are as big as 12’. You can pick the suitable size according to your space and landscape. The delightful presence of the faux bamboo palm trees will light up any landscape and is ideal for all commercial zones.

Ideal outdoor locations

The silk bamboo palm trees are ideal for use at these outdoor locations:

  • Amusement parks and other places like the zoo, shopping malls, and multiplexes where people for some fun time.
  • Hotels and holiday resorts to greet the visitors with the warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Government buildings and public offices which are usually known to be dull and boring.
  • Corporate sectors to make an unspoken statement about your company and its goodwill.
  • Hospitals and other public and commercial buildings.

Outdoor landscaping ideas

Most of the amazing outdoor landscaping ideas with the silk bamboo palm trees involve the presence of the landscaping item at the focal point of the visitors. You will not get the desired awe effect unless you place it within their visibility range. The awe factor associated with the amazing landscaping tool paired with the attention seeking nature will surely turn everyone’s heads. The alluring beauty will amaze everyone as they adore the simple yet iconic landscape.
Creating perfect landscapes with artificial bamboo palm trees

Perfect landscapes don’t need any revolutionary ideas or techniques. You can create perfect outdoors effortlessly with the faux bamboo palm trees. Just pick the right size according to the available space and place them on an attractive base or planter which will impress any onlooker. The larger sizes will have a better impact on the landscape while the smaller sizes will beautify the setting with the charming nature.

You need not worry about placing them outdoors and exposing them to the direct UV rays, rains, snow or other harsh conditions as they are made from superior materials which are very durable. It also makes them the best return for money as you will get the awesome outdoors for a really long time.
Why artificial bamboo palm trees make best outdoor landscapes?

Silk bamboo tree creates excellent landscapes mainly because of the unique look. Being a giant sized grass appearance, it gives the perfect dose of sophistication and delicate look to your commercial space. It will not only work as an attention seeker but will help in making a statement about your company.

Other faux greenery to watch out for

Apart from the faux palm tree, other amazing tools like artificial palm trees make excellent commercial outdoor landscapes. The live varieties being tropical, they bring in refreshing tropical vibes and are excellent for making tropically themed landscapes. Apart from these, you can also take a look at the wide range of flowering plants and small landscaping tools like garlands, hanging baskets, etc.

Faux moss and hedges are also ideal for giving a unique appearance. The best part about artificial landscaping tools is that they are best for a long term beautification and can be re-installed in case you want to change your landscape.