Intro All You Need To Know To Start A Grand Decor Project

Having a grand décor doesn't necessarily indicate that you need to spend obscene sums of money. You can have the grandest of decors in your home or commercial space but at affordable prices. Having a grand décor is about making the surrounding look brilliant and classy and not about spending humongous amounts of money on unnecessary and short-lived décor trends. Today we have put together a list of things that you need to know when starting a grand decoration. Here's all the information you need:

Install Beautiful Rugs And Carpets

One of the most effective ways to give any residential or commercial space a grand décor is by installing thick and gorgeous carpets and rugs in the vicinity. Carpets and rugs have a way of giving any space a warm, elegant and upscale vibe. Whether you're doing up the décor of a luxury hotel, or your own home, if you want the surroundings to look grand, you need to have a breathtaking carpet installed in the space. You can opt for the expensive Kashmiri or Persian carpets for your décor, or you can even buy an affordable carpet online that simply looks very rich and tasteful.

Consider Going Minimalistic

It is not without reason that somebody says that less is more. Sometimes, having a grand décor isn't about buying every piece of furniture and artwork that money can buy and cramping your residential or commercial space up. On the contrary, clearing clutter and avoiding the installation of unnecessary items and products will make any space look bigger and much more grand. When deciding your décor, try opting for only those pieces of furniture and artworks that your space requires and avoid buying things that are unnecessary and that will only add to the clutter.

Add Gorgeous Light Fixtures To Space

The type of light fixtures that you opt for can play a very important role in the overall grandeur of any space. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that you need to find chandeliers to give the surroundings an upscale look. Nowadays the latest trends in light fixtures include delicate hanging lights, mosaic coloured glass lights, beautiful wall lamps, rope lights and more. Even the bulbs that you choose to install in your light fixtures play a very important role in the overall vibe of the place. Excessively bright bulbs can kill the tranquillity and calmness of a place. Very dim lights can make any place look dull. Hence, it is essential that you not only find the perfect fixtures but also find the perfect light bulbs.

Tiles Are Coming Back Into Style

Another great way to make any space look grand and exceptional is by mixing cultures into the surroundings. Now you may live in the remotest corner of America, but you can give your commercial or residential space a completely grand Mediterranean vibe by installing beautiful Portuguese tiles on the walls and the floor. Bright and vibrant ceramic tiles are making a comeback in the industry. Source for tiles that best suit the personality of the overall theme of your home or commercial space and have them installed to make the surroundings look unique and charming.

Wood Is An Evergreen Décor Option

Let's face it, wooden floorboards, wooden countertops or anything wooden in your décor can never go out of style. Wood is one material that remains evergreen in this world of constantly changing décor trends. When deciding the décor of any space, try and incorporate wood wherever possible. Not only will the wood make the place look grand and classy but it will also give the surroundings a warm and comfortable feel. You can opt for a wooden mantelpiece, or wooden flooring, or even wooden cabinets.

Consider Installing An Antique Grandfather Clock

Antique items can play a major role in increasing the overall grandeur of any space. If you want to make your home or your commercial space look very grand and classy, you should seriously consider finding the perfect carved wooden and antique grandfather or cuckoo clock. A large grandfather clock in the living room of your home or a beautiful old cuckoo clock in the bedroom can help give your surroundings a very upscale feel.

Plants Enhance The Character And Vibe Of Any Space

If you want to make any space truly look grand, make sure that you install lush green and beautiful plants in the area. If you are unable to install real plants due to maintenance issues, you can opt for faux plants and trees that require no maintenance and care. Artificial palm trees like coconut tree, bamboo trees, banana trees, butterfly palm trees and other such options in particular, when installed in any space make the surroundings look exceptionally grand.

Artwork Can Play An Important Role In The Overall Grandeur Of A Place

Want the décor of your home or commercial space to look grand? Then you need to invest a few classy and upscale art pieces. Whether you wish to choose vibrant and brightly coloured canvases, or you would like to opt for beautiful marble sculptures, any form of art can make the surroundings that it is installed in look beautiful and grand.

Thus, as you can see, giving a space a grand décor isn't about going all out concerning money. You can have the most beautiful décor in an affordable and reasonable amount. You need to be a little creative and unique when choosing décor items and products. Make sure that under no circumstances that you leave behind unnecessary products and clutter if you want your commercial or residential space to look grand and gorgeous.

Intro Office Productivity Can Surge If You Plan Your Workspace Accordingly

Having a well-planned office space can play a vital role in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the staff members and employees. A lot of companies and staff members of corporate organizations are revamping their offices and workspaces in a way that it can help increase the overall productivity of the human assets in the organization. Workings 9 to 5 job is no longer about just being glued to your desk all day and pounding away at the keyboard of your computer. Today we will discuss some ideas with which you can tweak your workspace to lock in on maximum productivity.

Decluttering Works Like A Miracle On Multiple Levels

Decluttering your workspace or office table is one of the most effective and useful ways to increase your productivity. A table that has been decluttered will give you more space to work freely, think better and complete larger amounts of work. Start tossing away any products and items that don't enhance your productivity in any way. Files, furniture, stationery and other products that aren't required should be taken out from the workspace. Decluttering also helps in opening up space for new things and ideas to come in. People who work in a decluttered workspace have always shown increased productivity in comparison to those who work in a cramped up workspace.

Handle Your Storage More Practically And Effectively

Using different kinds of cardboard and plastic storage boxes in your workspace can help you stay extremely organized and at the same time play a major role in increasing your productivity. Your stationary items can be neatly organized into one box, your files and folders can be stored away in a cardboard box in an orderly manner and so on. Once you have placed all the items in the respective boxes, make sure that you properly label these boxes. Knowing exactly where you have placed what product can play a very important role in increasing your productivity. Being able to efficiently access the items you need without spending hours on end trying to find them in a messy workspace is essential for increased productivity.

Work Zones Often Require To Be Segmented

We all know what a major distraction any space with a computer and Internet connection can be. The minute we have a Broadband connection, we automatically start browsing social media platforms and other websites of interest and end up forgetting about our work. This plays a major role in reducing productivity. If you have manual work to complete alongside work that needs to be completed on your computer, you need to compartmentalize both those work zones in independent segments. If you have installed your computer at your desk, but have written work to complete, make sure that you complete all written work at a different corner from your computer space in your office cabin. This way there will be limited chances of distraction, and you can maximize productivity.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Files And Folders From Your Computer

Having your files and folders properly organized on your laptop or computer is also essential for increased productivity. Most of our computers are overflowing with files and photos and other documents. A lot of these documents are old and now irrelevant to us. Making sure that you delete the content that is no longer of use to you can play a major role in increasing productivity. Your existing and important files must also be properly compartmentalized and put in respective folders. You can make full use of your computer's calendar and sticky notes to ensure that you are up to date with your appointments, meetings and other important events.

Install Faux Landscaping Products In Your Workspace

Did you know that trees and plants have a major impact on our productivity? Being surrounded by gorgeous and lush green trees, palm trees and other beautiful landscaping products can help keep your mind calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. A calm mind is always far more productive than a mind that is stressed or anxious. There are countless companies and brands that sell gorgeous artificial landscaping products that look realistic. These plants and trees often look so lifelike that even professional horticulturists and gardeners are fooled into thinking that they are real. Installing these plants all around your workspace can help increase productivity. Some faux trees that are popularly installed in workspaces include palm trees, coconut trees, butterfly palm trees, banana trees, cycas palm trees, date palm trees and many other options. If your workspace is a very large one you can also consider installing a small fountain or a water body in the center to increase the calming vibe of the surroundings.

Play Some Soft Instrumental Music

Another brilliant way to ensure that you maximize productivity is by playing soft instrumental music in the background of your workspace. It has been scientifically and psychologically determined that ambient sounds play a role in increasing creativity, help analyze data quicker and more effectively and increase overall productivity in the workspace. A lot of corporate organizations now permit their employees to play soft instrumental music in their cabins and workspaces.

Organize Everything You Need Properly And Keep It Nearby

Labelling your drawers, cabinets, and cupboards and keeping important documents and files nearby is essential to increase productivity. Making sure that the items you need while working are at an arm's distance away from you will help in increasing your productivity and avoid wastage of time. You won't need to spend hours on end trying to find misplaced documents and files.

Nowadays productivity is all about working smart and not working hard. You need to strive to make sure that you get all your work done in half the time and twice the productivity, otherwise there are high chances that someone with those capabilities will replace you at work. Following the above-mentioned tactics can play a major role in increasing your levels of productivity at your office or your home based workspace.

Intro How To Make Your Office Exterior Safer Than Ever

Other than thinking about the beauty of your office exterior, considering the security and safety of the space are also important. Since a commercial space is supposed to be associated with a large number of people, working and spending a significant number of hours during the day as well as night shifts. So it is the responsibility of the commercial owner to consider the utmost safety of the people. A safe environment offered by a commercial building also increases the property value to a great extent. Ranging from ensuring architectural safety to security lightings and safety alarms, everything is quite important to be set in place correctly. Let's have a few important things that are crucial to take care of ensuring the safety of your commercial property.

Offer Limited Access to the Strangers

Easy access to the premises of the commercial space for any stranger can be a question concerning the security of the space. Especially people working the night shifts can feel insecure in such an environment where anybody is allowed to enter the premises. To make the employees feel safe about the space all the time, it is important to limit the entry of strangers inside the office space. One of the simplest ways to do this is to install automatic locks on various exterior entrances or doors. Everyone in the premises will be provided a unique key to unlock the doors. And the best part is that you need not worry about locking the doors every time one leaves or enters.

CCTV Cameras are Important

Security CCTV cameras are one of the important aspects that need to be included in any commercial space. Cameras can be threatening to the criminals roaming around. Also, they may make your workforce feel safe with the thought in mind that someone is looking after the security of the space attentively. For effective monitoring of a commercial building, it is important that you install CCTV cameras across various public areas that are surrounding your property. Every single exterior door of your building needs to be monitored through a high-definition CCTV camera so that the security staff can notice the entry of every single person. Lastly, not to forget about the parking lots, they also need to be safeguarded with the proper CCTV cameras.

Exterior Lighting Need to be Properly Installed

Make sure there is no dark corner outside your building as criminals can take advantage of such spots and get easy entry into your premises. To guarantee that there are no dark corners outside your property, it is important to install proper exterior lighting. Not only outdoor area but your parking lots also need to be equipped with the adequate number of lightings. Lightings not only safeguard your property but also offer a comfortable workplace to the people working in the office during the night shifts. People will feel safe than ever with the presence of adequate lighting.

Keep the Walkways Free from Shrubby Plants

Walkways around your commercial property need to be properly accessible by the people walking there. So, while you have installed green landscape in your exterior area, make sure to clear the walkways by keeping the shrubby plants or bushes properly trimmed. The greenery around the sidewalks needs to be in such a way that it may not hinder the path of the employees or the visitors.

Get Security Alarms Installed

Security alarms also need to be at the place while ensuring the security of your commercial building. Security alarms are important to protect the assets and investments of your property. A security alarm costing you hundreds of dollars can save your property worth the thousands of dollars. Nowadays, the market has a large range of innovative security alarms that can offer you regular security updates in real time. Such security alarms are considered to be creating a safe working environment. No matter people are working on day shift or night shift, they will be assured of the safety in the premises. With the innovative technology, the professional security alarm experts can develop such a system for you that will ensure complete safety and protection of your building.

Create A Large Green Privacy Screen

Creating a privacy screen around your building is important. The best possible solution for creating the privacy wall around your commercial building is to plant large sized trees in line densely along the line of your boundary. Trees act as a great security wall for any property. They can hinder the people outside from having an inside view of the property thus ensuring complete safety and security of the building. Densely placed large sized shrubs are also one of the good options for any commercial area.

But as real plants will take years to possess such a size that can ensure the privacy of your building so, it would be a good idea to invest in artificial trees or hedges to create a privacy wall around your commercial building. You can choose the size and variety of hedges or trees in the way that best suits your building exterior. And that artificial landscaping will offer your space enhanced security and safety. You won't have to offer special care to them as they are free from any maintenance requirements. They not only offer a privatized space but also contribute to enhancing the overall looks of your commercial exterior.

Hire Professional Security Guards

Along with having proper CCTV cameras and security alarm at the place, it is also equally important to hire a professional security guard staff to safeguard your overall building. Professionally trained and armed guards can offer you complete security while also giving peace of mind. There are a large number of security companies that you can contact to get a professionally trained team of security guards for your property.

A workforce can be more productive and creative only if they have been given a safe and secure environment to work at. So, for making your business reach the next higher level consider these security tips and make sure to provide a safe atmosphere to your employees.

Intro Inexpensive Methods Of Improving Your Office S Appeal

Your office happens to be the face of your organization. It is more than a workplace; almost a second home for your employees, as they spend more than one-third of their active life in the office. Irrespective of the size and style, every business has its image, and an office helps to build that.

Stagnancy never helps. If you are content with the look and feel of your office, you will be outdated by the competitors as they go on improving their office decors and, in such cases, your business will be thrown out of competition, not to speak of survival. So you have to improve and improve your office continuously for betterment.

People hardly visit a place that they do not like. As businesses are all about customers and clients, there should always be a steady inward flow of them. There is no secret that an impressive or repulsive office ambiance can equally attract or intimidate customers.

Other than drawing and retaining customers, improvement of office aesthetics has other perks as well. Studies indicate that making your office more appealing boosts up the morale of the employees, and also deliver a substantial amount of stress relief. And, when this happens, the employees become more confident and carry out their jobs in the best possible manner. They also enjoy the office environment and happily work long hours. Moreover, a classy office decor also induces people to do business with you.

You must always realize that your customers, clients, and visitors are likely to see your office differently than what you see. That is why you have to wear their shoes to begin the job. It is not that you always require a big budget for revamping your office. Here is a list of eleven inexpensive ways that you may take a look

1. Organize the exterior

Your office exterior is the first exposure that the potential customers form about your office. So, you have to be sure that it tells the right tale about you. Organizing the exterior pays a great dividend in office improvement. Mind, while your visitors take a clean parking lot as obvious, they will notice if it is dirty. So, office exterior should be neat and clean. When you remove all eye-shores from the outdoor, it will influence the visitor dramatically.

2. Introduce business logo & signage

Having a business logo will cast a nice picture of your brand and the signage will guide the visitors to their destination. Add these to the outdoor, and those will greatly improve the office ambiance.

3. Display your beliefs and objectives

When potential customers step into your office first, they want to know who you are, and what you do. Displaying your beliefs, mission and vision will make your office attractive and impress them as well.

4. Lighting elevates the ambiance

A dimly lit office never makes the employees happy. Try to bring in as many natural lights, as possible, into the office space. If there are constraints to do that, then consider changing the overhead florescent lighting arrangement. Shifting to soft zonal lighting helps improve the office ambiance and efficiency of the people around.

5. Do away with the cubicles

Cubicles make employees isolated. Make sitting arrangement based on functionality and not on hierarchy. Creating open-face workstations improves the office interior, and further helps effective communication resulting increased business efficiency.

6. Have attractive walls

Blank walls make a place dull and drab and tend to lower the morale of the employees. Paneling walls with decorative 3D wall panels will add life to your office interior. You can also introduce artworks that complement your brand.

7. Have compact and stylish storage

Nothing is more mood destroying than a desk covered with junks. Get compact and stylish shelves to arrange the things in order. This will lead to more space on the desk, and improve the office decor.

8. Hire a professional cleaner

Hiring professional cleaners is the most effective way to uplift your office. They know their job and will make the floor and windows clean and shine to the delight of the employees and your customers.

9. Allow personal workspace

Employees like to decorate their place of work to their liking. Allow them to do so. This will impart an unorthodox look and improve the work efficiency.

10. Introduce a community table

A community table reflects the cultural thought of the company. It helps the employees to share problems in a relaxed manner, and further helps to build a strong team.

11. Stay natural

Studies show that people become more active and attentive when they are near to nature. Introducing live plants uplifts the office ambiance aplomb to the next level, and makes the employees and the customers happy.

Faux plants are in a way better the live plants

There were times when the artificial trees and plants looked very shabby. This problem does not exist now. With the modernization of technologies and due to use of prime quality silk foliage and strong, colorfast pigments, the faux plants are now made like mirror images of the live plants. In fact, these are so life like that none can distinguish them from the live plants without touching them. As such, they will deliver the same aesthetic appeal.

The live plants have many associated pitfalls. They have high maintenance demand. You have to sprinkle them every day and also have to use fertilizers and pesticides to keep them healthy. On the contrary, the artificial trees and plants are zero maintenance products. Using them in office decoration saves a lot of maintenance cost, and the perks do not stop here. You can customize the fake plants to match your specific decor theme, and these do not need any trimming and pruning to keep them in shape. Since these are infused with UV blocking substance, they will never fade.

Intro The Common Decor Mistakes Every Luxury Hotel Needs To Avoid

Luxury hotels need to have a décor that's perfect, inviting and pleasant. A lot of luxury hotels today end up making some common décor mistakes that can be avoided. These obvious and common mistakes often go unnoticed by architects and interior decorators. To prevent this from happening in your upcoming luxury hotel, we have put together a list of mistakes that you must watch out for and avoid altogether. Here's what you need to know:

Natural Light Is A Necessity

A lot of luxury hotels pay attention to their light fixtures, but they end up ignoring the importance of natural light. Any hotel room should have enough natural light pouring in through the windows. Natural light brings with it a great amount of energy and positivity. Further, sunlight that streams through any window can help get rid of the smell of dampness and can also kill certain kinds of bacteria. Hence, when constructing your luxury hotel, make sure that you install large windows in every room. You can also provide thick curtains for customers who like to sleep in late and don't want the sunlight streaming through while they sleep.

Lack Of Comfortable Seating Arrangements

What often happens with luxury hotels is that they end up installing furniture and seating arrangements that look upscale, unique and classy, but these products are not the most comfortable and convenient for prolonged use. If you are establishing up a luxury hotel, you need to ensure that the furniture you install not only matches the surroundings and theme of your hotel, but it also needs to be very comfortable for guests. Your guests should be able to sit on the chairs and couches for hours on end without needing to readjust their backs or without having back pain constantly.

Your Hotel Shouldn't Be A Concrete Jungle

For any luxury hotel to be visually pleasing, plants and trees should be installed for decorative purposes. If you have a hotel that is an absolute and complete concrete jungle, it may start making the guests feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. If you are unable to install real plants due to maintenance concerns, opt for faux landscaping products in your hotel premises. You can install breathtaking artificial pine trees, exotic deciduous trees, tall palm trees, hanging baskets, flower arrangements and other such faux landscaping products in and around your hotel premises. The burst of colors in the faux landscaping plants will give your hotel space a calming, relaxing and relaxing vibe.

Improper Lighting In The Hotel

While natural lighting may be a necessity, you also need to make sure that your electric lighting is perfect. A lot of hotels end up making this basic mistake of not providing proper lighting in their commercial premises. While some hotels have excessively dim lights, other hotels end up having excessively harsh lights. Dim lights can make guests and customers sleepy and depressed. If your hotel is a business hotel, dim lights may affect the productivity of the guests who are there on a visit. On the other hand, harsh and excessively bright lights can hurt the eyes of guests and can make them extremely irritable and cranky. Hence, you require making sure that the electric lighting in your hotel is just perfect and fits with the overall decoration of the surroundings too.

Not Having Enough Colour In The Hotel Décor

Off-white and beige walls are a thing of the past. The hotels of today are all about color and vibrancy and brightness. If you want your hotel décor and interiors to be an absolute hit with customers and guests, you need to start considering wall paints besides white. A lot of luxury hotels are now using pastel shades of blue, pink, olive green, yellow and other fun colors on their hotel walls. Some hotels are even doing a whole black, white and red theme on their walls. When doing up your hotel interiors, or constructing a new luxury hotel, make sure that you consider bright color wall paints.

Cramping The Place With Excessive Artwork

While a little bit of artwork is necessary in any luxury hotel, cramping the place with artwork and sculptures may just end up ruining the overall décor and vibe of your hotel. The whole point of installing artwork is to add a little bit of color and life to the surroundings. You don't want to go all out with the artwork and end up making your hotel look like a museum of modern art. So when purchasing canvases and sculptures for your luxury hotel, make sure that you opt for selective pieces that will enhance the overall feel of your hotel and not make it look cluttered and messy.

Not Carpeting The Lobby Area

The whole point of having a luxury hotel is to give guests and visitors a feeling that they are at home away from home. While marble flooring may look excellent in a corporate space, in a hotel a little bit of carpeting is required to give the surroundings a warm and welcoming feel. When doing up your hotel décor, make sure that you install beautiful Persian or Kashmiri carpets in the lobby area. Additionally, if your rooms have wooden floorboards, add small rugs and carpets under the coffee table to make the surroundings feel cozier. You can even opt for wall hangings or wall carpets in the lobby areas of your luxury hotel.

If you have an upcoming luxury hotel, make share that you avoid these common décor mistakes. You need to create a vibe that leaves customers wanting to come back for more. Ensure that your lighting is perfect, make available natural inflow of light, add faux plants to the décor and even add a little bit of color to the surroundings.

Intro The Evolving Face Of Workplace Design And What You Need To Know About It

Gone are the days of workplaces that offered a cubical lifestyle and let the employees get enclosed within that space. Now the idea of workplace design and architecture has become modern and different. The latest workplace lifestyle makes sure to offer more and more employee satisfaction so that they stayed motivated and engaged in work. Whether it is by expending the individual work area to a creative and exciting surrounding or decorating office space with natural lights, plants, and colors, everything has been opted by the corporate to create a productive environment around. Commercial owners are now focusing on adopting new furniture styles, furnishing, new technologies and much more to offer a unique and engaging experience not only to employees but also to customers and visitors.

Let's explore the creative elements and modern styles commercial areas are incorporating to make their work much more conducive.

Cubical Space Changed to Open Plans

Besides working in the modern workplace, can you imagine your workplace to be like a library where a silent environment is established with boring white walls? These days, open company culture has become one of the foremost important choices of employees as well as commercial owners. This is being achieved by incorporating open design plans. In most of the offices nowadays, open plans mean the establishment of certain break out areas along with facilitating complete work environment anywhere around the office. This helps employees to work from different kinds of settings where they find themselves most comfortable.

Well Designed Lunch Rooms or Bars

Unlike conventional office spaces, now offices are adding well-designed bars or lunch rooms with well defines social settings, where employees can collaboratively have their lunch together. This collaboration in personal activity also helps to boost the interpersonal relations as well as cooperation while at work. Some of the commercial spaces, even incorporate stylish modular kitchen within where employees can have their favorite eatables while breaking times and more.

Collaborative Seating Arrangements

Unlike conventional offices, modern office designs incorporate mostly running or wide working desks with transparent glass partitions. This kind of style also enhances collaboration among employees making it easier for them to discuss their projects easily and thus work with ideal cooperation. Also, boring desks have now been replaced by colorful settings matching furnishing of tables, matching the color of chair and more.

Enhancement of Space with Plantation and Greenery

Commercial environments now understand the importance of a natural and greener environment all around. Since various studies have been disclosed elaborating the significance of a lush green and natural environment. Therefore modern commercial areas and offices are incorporating exterior as well as interior landscapes with a combination of wide variety of flowers, plants, trees, and grasses. This helps in energizing the employees by offering a natural habitat around.

Most of the commercial spaces are nowadays opting artificial landscaping solutions moreover real ones. This is due to their ease of maintenance, fewer expenses required and flexibility. Artificial landscaping products offer a lightweight and easy to install solution to get your workplace designed easily without the need of the day to day upkeep and care. In spite of all this, you need not compromise with the looks as all kinds of artificial plants replicate the looks of their real counterparts. You can find every single variety of plants, flowers, trees or grasses that exist in real world. An experienced and qualified artificial landscaper can help you get the right products for exterior landscaping for commercial building. All these benefits of fake landscaping products have made them one of the preferable choices of business owners.

Natural Lighting is being Preferred

Most of the commercial spaces are now giving focus to making the natural light come into the office. Natural light gives a feeling of a natural environment, and therefore, lighting has also become an important aspect of office design. For day shifts, natural daylights are being preferred while for night or evening shifts, some artificial lights that create an illusion of natural light are utilized. Various studies show that workplace lighting can put an impact on employee productivity up to 15 percent. Hence, you will see most of the commercial spaces are being designed including more and more windows as well as having access to ample amount of daylight.

Engaging Outdoor and Break Time Areas

The outdoor area is the first thing that an employee will see while entering the office, so it is vital to establish an outdoor area that is inviting and appealing. Also, if you have unused exterior space, it can be used to create an entertainment zone where employees can spend their break times. Break times make employees revitalize themselves and enhance their energy levels. Enhanced energy levels boost the productivity of employees, so if that break time is spent in a rejuvenating and refreshing environment, better will be the results. Most of the commercial owners are understanding these things and therefore adding engaging factors in the workplace to make their employees more satisfied and interested.

Environment that Incorporate Wellness

The modern workplaces are also being designed keeping in mind the well-being of the employees. Commercial owners are trying to offer more comfortable design in the workplace. Since employees spend 8-9 hours of a day in office, so it is quite essential to adopt things that keep employees happy and comfortable. Some of the organizations also offer time to time health checkups of employees in the office. A healthy workplace environment not only helps to boost employee health but also reduce absenteeism. A healthy environment all around also spread positivity thus keeping the workforce energetic and boosted all the time.

Intro Top Exterior Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

A lush green landscape is one of the most impressive aspects of any commercial property that can make it look lucrative and inviting. The landscape is considered to be an ornament for the property that can enhance its visual appeal. This is the reason why every commercial, as well as the residential owner, secure a good budget for establishing an appealing landscape. A good landscape always needs a proper planning and design idea so that every single element to be utilized can be used the best way to form a green yard. For that one need to have a good sense of landscape design. Misplacement of even a single landscaping element can make your landscape lose its grace. There are several such mistakes we commit while establishing a commercial landscape that makes all our efforts and budget go in vain. So, let's have a glance at a few things that are required to be avoided.

Not Employing a Landscape Designer

Not hiring a qualified landscape designer is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the commercial owners make. Just like you hire a professional interior decorator for enhancing your interior, the same way for having an eye-catchy landscape, it is important to hire a professional landscape designer. Especially for commercial buildings, the landscaping is often required at a large scale. And it is obviously a fact a person that is not from the landscape designing background will not be having an excellent sense of landscaping. Also, if someone manages to do so, it will be taking a significant number of your hours. But with the support of a professional landscaping expert, you can save your time and efforts while also enjoying a lucrative landscape for your commercial property. For hiring a qualified landscaper, you can have references from the neighborhood building where you see good landscapes established.

Not Planning a Landscaping Budget

Landscaping is far more expensive and time-consuming than any property improvement project. It needs a considerable amount of time and budget to be planned before you start the execution. For this, if you are not planning your budget, it is most probable that you are not going to have the required landscaping done appropriately. So, it is crucial that you get your property analyzed by a professional landscaping expert and have an idea of the money that you will need to invest in it. This idea will help you to keep a budget aside in advance and thus take the implementation plan quickly and efficiently forward.

Unevenly Designing the Landscape

There should be a complete picture of your landscape as a whole. Every single element of the landscape should have a relation with the other one. The uneven design of the landscape can ruin the look of your commercial building. If you think that your yard is missing such a holistic factor, it is time to take a step forward to your landscape designer and seek a solution. It is quite important that there is a good balance of all the features such as size, texture, shape, and color of your landscape to create a complete picture of it elegantly. Every segment of the yard needs to seem connected to one another.

Inappropriate Irrigation System

This is one of the most common mistakes that most of the commercial owners commit. It is not a good idea to leave the planning of irrigation system after the setup of a landscape plan. Because every plant of your landscape will have the different watering need so, it is crucial that you take all these things into account and thus plan a system before setting up your landscape. Also, it is a good plan to invest in hidden watering equipment like sprinklers that automatically get to the surface level and don't make their visibility get noticed at all. Such systems can further make your landscape look innovative as well as pretty.

Don't forget to have A Functional Design.

The usage of the landscape also needs to be considered equally with the looks. But here is the part where most of the property owners commit mistakes. Focusing only on looks can make your lawn less functional and enjoyable. Especially for commercial spaces, there is a presence of crowd on a daily basis, and the workforce will probably be finding the areas in your yard where they can relax and spend their break times. All these situations require being considered for having a functional lawn around your commercial property. You might keep the walkways, bench areas or seating spaces free from some shrubby flowers or plants so that people cannot get hindered anyway. Little grounded grass or turf is ideal around seating areas as that may give a cozy feeling to the people around. Similarly, other such factors need to be considered keeping in mind the usage of your lawn.

Ignoring the Safety of Property

Safety of your commercial building is beyond its looks and appeal. So it is important to make your landscape safe enough so that you may not have to face any hazardous situations. Make sure that all the power lines and electricity boxes are far from the contact of your plants or trees as any sparks or power circuit situations may lead to life taking hazard. Also, it is a good choice to create a fence around such spaces. If you want to keep the plants or trees around such place, it is a good option to go for artificial landscaping solutions that are fire safe. You can find artificial landscaping plants on the market that are fire retardant and can prevent the property from such fire hazards. Commercial owners majorly use these due to the safety ensured by them as well as their maintenance–free nature. It means unlike real landscaping, with artificial plants you don't have to bother about their maintenance at all.

These are some common mistakes that are often committed by property owners while planning their commercial exterior landscaping. So, if you are planning to have an outdoor yard on your property, make sure you take these tips into account for having a lucrative as well as the functional commercial lawn.

Intro How To Modify Your Unused Exterior Space Into Unwind Zones For Your People

Do you have unused exterior space within the office complex that you want to get used creatively? Well, having exterior space can be an opportunity to introduce a motivational factor to your commercial space for enhancing the productivity of your staff while also grabbing the attention of your visitors and customers. If you are thinking to utilize your exterior space the best way, the perfect way could be to transform it into a fun and entertainment filled zone where employees can chill out and rejuvenate their energy level.

Modern commercial environments are doing whatever possible for enhancing the energy level and thus productivity of employees and keep them motivated. So, having some distress area or a calming environment somewhere in the office space where employees can spend their break time and enjoy for a while can help in enhancing the bonding, cooperation as well as interpersonal relations between the employees. But it is important to create an area that defines the company's personality. Here we are sharing some wonderful ideas to utilize your exterior space to create a fun zone outside that can perfectly suit your organizational character.

Provide Flexible Seating Options

Break time can be ideal for your employees to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the natural air with wonderful outdoor sights. So, a proper seating arrangement can be created by adding different kinds of seating like chairs and benches combined with comfortable tables. You can go for lightweight ones so that these can be moved around easily to change the seating style whenever required. This seating arrangement is not only good for employees to spend their break times but perfect for group meetings as well.

Make Sure to Offer Internet Connectivity through Wi-Fi

It is also a good idea to give access to Wi-Fi so that employees can have easy access to their work, laptops, etc. Because sometimes, it may feel exhausting to employees to work inside a cabin missing the nature factor in their life. A temporary outdoor workspace can help them to feel revitalized and enjoy their work in a natural environment. This way you can give your workforce a wonderful place to take their break while also has a productive break session.

Create A Natural Surrounding with Greenery

A green and natural environment is a must for a corporate space. Various studies have shown that a green environment constituted with a combination of plants, flowers, trees and similar helps to improve the productivity of the employees, by enhancing their well-being and keeping their minds refreshed. If you have unused exterior space, it is an ideal opportunity for you to create a lush green and natural outdoor area with green grounded grass, wonderful colors of flowers and different varieties of trees, where your employees can enjoy the beauty of nature and rejuvenate their energy levels.

If you find it difficult to create a living landscape in your outdoor area, you can still have the option to make your space look like a natural habitat. This is possible by making use of artificial plants and trees. You can find a suitable artificial landscaper to have different verities of products for your exterior landscaping for commercial building. You can find almost every variety of artificial landscaping products that exist in real world. The best part is all the varieties look exactly same as their real counterparts. Anyone would hardly be able to find any difference in any faux plant. Unlike real plants, you will not have to take care of their regular upkeep or maintenance as they are made up of high-quality plastic and silk material. Just occasional dusting is sufficient for them.

Fountains or Water Element Can Be Alluring

A water portion like a fountain or a pond gives a feeling of calmness to the onlooker making them feel energetic and stress-free. Hence, it is a perfect idea to add a water fountain or similar kind of element to your outdoor area surrounded by a lush green environment. This will not only offer a soothing fun or break zone to your employees but will also offer an inviting entrance to your visitors or clients as well. Decorate that element with some suitable flowers and plants to establish a refreshing and energetic outdoor area.

Privatize the Exterior Space by Adding Privacy Screens

For making your employees enjoy their breaks in the wonderfully established habitat, it is important to hinder ugly or busy sights coming from outside of your complex. For this, you can make use of different kinds of privacy walls or screen preferably ones that look natural. Like you can make use large artificial trees placed in line along the line of the boundary of your complex, and these will act as natural privacy for your exterior space. Also, you can find other exciting options as well like artificial vines, bushes and vertical grass walls that can be used as privacy screens not only to privatize your area but also complement your outdoor landscape perfectly.

Add Some Pass Time Game Field

Your employees might possess an interest in some sport such as badminton, table tennis, etc. that they will love to play in break times. Adding some pass time gaming areas can help to keep your employees motivated and entertained. Such kind of activities also helps to boost the employee health. The seating works nowadays has created risks for well being of the people, and the patients with cervical spondylosis, spinal disorders, neck pain and similar have increased tremendously. This is due to the lack of physical activity. But by adding a play area around your space, you give your workforce an opportunity to use their breaks in keeping their body active and fit. Hence, outdoor activity can help employees stay physically fit and thus reducing organization's employee medical expenses.

Intro Latest From The World Of Office Design Trends

Over the last decade, the world of office design trends has seen a major makeover. Corporate offices are no longer just cabins and desk spaces where people are hidden behind their files and laptops or computers. The offices of today are more spacious, the layouts are more interactive, and the overall vibe of the office space is much more relaxed and energetic. If you have an office that you wish to redecorate or are investing in an office that needs new age interiors, we have compiled a list of the most popular office design trends. Here's everything you need to know:

The Overall Layouts Of Offices Are Flexible

Nowadays offices have layouts that are extremely flexible, and these layouts can easily be revamped or changed around without any hassles. The new age offices are installed with modular furniture, acoustic elements, soft and comfortable seating options, desk pods and other such items. Some offices from the technology industry also have super comfortable and laidback sitting areas with bean bags. A lot of employees from such organizations use the bean bags for hours on end while working on their laptops. Another thing that the offices of today have are workspaces that are integrated with the latest technology. The desks and other meeting points of such offices have inbuilt phone and laptop chargers and other such features.

Office Designs That Enhance Productivity

Another hot trend in the office designs of today has a workspace that enhances the productivity of the employees and staff members. These new age offices have sit-stand desks, spacious and well-organized desk spaces that have ample drawers and cabinets for files and stationary to be stored away neatly, inbuilt gymnasiums for employees to unwind and de-stress at after a hard day's work and many other such options. Employees that are relaxed and well treated by their seniors and bosses will always perform more productively and efficiently at the office.

Bright And Vibrant Wall Paint

The offices of the modern age no longer have dull and lifeless wall paint. In the past, most offices had whitewashed walls that just made the overall vibe of the workspace very boring and uninspiring. Office owners of today are indulging in vibrantly colored paints for their office walls. You will find that office walls have cerulean blue walls, peach walls, yellow walls and several other fun and motivating wall colors. Some offices even invite amateur artists to paint murals and frescoes on the walls and ceiling. Vibrant walls kick up the energy of office surroundings and motivate employees to work more productively and enthusiastically.

Installing Artificial Plants And Landscaping Products

Another office design trend that is gaining popularity within the corporate world is the installation of artificial landscaping products like trees and plants inside offices. Nowadays a lot of brands manufacture gorgeous and lifelike faux trees and plants. The leaves and flowers of these faux plants are so realistic that even people from the horticultural industry are often fooled into believing that they are real. One reason a lot of corporates have incorporated plants and trees into their office design is that it is a psychologically proven fact that people who work around trees, plants, and nature are often far more productive at the workplace. Further, the lush green leaves and flower blossoms on plants and trees also motivate people to work in more creative ways.

More Transparent Work Spaces

A large number of modern office owners encourage transparency in the working of the organization. Such modern age offices have lesser concrete walls and more glass partitions. The glass partitions allow the bosses and management to keep a check on the progress and productivity of employees and at the same time, the fact that the employees can directly and transparently see the workings of the management increases their trust and faith in the organization.

Placement Rotation System

Earlier offices allotted a fixed cabin or desk to a particular employee, and that employee was expected to work out of that space only. Nowadays, however, a large number of corporate offices have the placement rotation system. An employee of the organization is constantly moved around without being allotted fixed desks or workspaces. This system helps plays a major role in enhancing teamwork. It also helps an employee to get to know other employees in the organization as he or she is not stuck sitting next to only one or two people, as would be in the case of fixed seating.

Installing Small Water Bodies, Fish Tanks Or Fountains In The Work Place

The sound of flowing water has a very peaceful and calming vibe to it. A corporate office is a space where stress levels are constantly on the high. A lot of people now install small artificial water bodies, koi ponds, fish tanks, miniature tabletop electrical waterfalls and other such items into the office décor. These calming and relaxing water bodies play a vital role in reducing stress levels in the workplace. Fish tanks that are installed in offices are often extremely large and are swimming with exotic and vibrantly colored fish. A lot of people even add beautiful driftwood pieces, moss, and crystal stones to the fish tank to add more beauty to it. According to feng shui, fish tanks help bring progress and success in a workspace, and these vibrant tanks also have a major calming effect on staff members.

Office and workspaces today are no longer dull and drab as they once used to be. People from all across the globe try to make their office designs more vibrant, energetic, colorful and counterproductive. If you are purchasing a new office, or you wish to redecorate your existing office space, you should seriously consider incorporating the offices as mentioned above design ideas. A successful workplace is not just about profits and sales; it also includes overall satisfaction of employees and staff members. Incorporating these calm and vibrant office décor ideas in your office will help your employees work in a more productive, efficient and happier manner.

Intro Why Are Property Maintenance Costs Rising Like Wildfires

Gone are those days, when the property owners were confident that they would be able to manage if something goes wrong. But, the situation has drastically changed. Everyone is now keeping a strong hold on their savings to tide over the rainy days, and also looking for intelligent ways to minimize the cost of property maintenance.

Purchasing a house is the biggest financial investment one makes in life. No matter if it is the first home or the recent dream procurement, one has to consider how much the castle will cost for maintenance. This is because maintenance is no fun investment, and no one likes to spend money on this except a few.

What makes the situation more critical is that the prices are not what those used to be earlier. You think of anything, and there is a price hike. The economic recession is also playing a part in this. Regardless of if you are managing a residential complex, or a corporate house, or a shopping mall or anything for that, you will find that the property maintenance costs are steadily rising. One should, therefore, know the factors responsible for such hike for wisely spending their hard-earned money.

Here are some factors that are responsible for the sky-high escalation of the property maintenance cost.

1. Change in white-collar exemptions

Regulations for white-collar exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act has significantly increased the least salary level mandatory for employees to be properly classified as exempt from overtime pay. This has a painful impact on the property management cost, as a large number of people have to be paid on hourly basis, and will get overtime pay for working over 40 hours in a week. While attempts have been made to mitigate the increase by taking help of productivity software, some impact will still be there.

2. Engaging qualified employees

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, the property managers had to employ the best employees available. For maintaining any property, you require assiduous and passionate peoples who will do the job in the best possible way. They have to be chosen carefully and be paid fairly so that they stay with the company for a long time delivering quality jobs. These people need a higher salary, and that leads to a rise in maintenance cost.

3. Failing to resolve problems at the initial stage

Lack of coordination between design, construction and maintenance people, and absence of proper quality measures also give rise to many maintenance issues at the later stages and ultimately give rise to the property maintenance cost.

4. Hike in insurance cost

For attracting the best employees, one has to incur added costs over and above the pay. They demand competitive benefits and the best health insurance. Property managers are not absorbing such cost, and are passing these on to the property owners increasing the cost of the service provided. These greatly influence the property maintenance cost.

5. Delayed maintenance is another culprit

The need for maintenance varies with the physical characteristic of the building. Failure to do the maintenance job at the right time, also have much impact on rising maintenance cost and this is mostly true for housing complexes. With time, the need becomes more intensive, and prices also go higher.

6. Cost of landscaping materials is also responsible

Cost of the trees and plants and other landscaping materials are also responsible for the rise in the maintenance cost. Due to the recent economic recession, a large number of nurseries had to slow down their plant production due to a sudden drop in demand. As a result getting a specific variety of plant became tough and cost of the trees and plant, in general, has also gone very high. Prices of the landscaping equipment, including professional grade mowers, have also increased ultimately enhancing the property maintenance cost.

7. There is a reverse action as well

As the economy has now started rebuilding slowly, the demand for maintenance of commercial landscape is also steadily increasing. To meet the increasing demand, the business landscapers are also opting for upgraded equipment for delivering excellent quality. These also contribute to the rise in maintenance cost. The steadily increasing urban population also grows the cost of living in the area. When there is a substantial rise in the housing cost, all other sectors get affected. With changes in lifestyle, people prefer a well-maintained lush green landscape throughout the year with proper illumination and signage. All these amounts to increase in property maintenance cost.

Reducing property maintenance cost

Reducing property maintenance cost is not easy. This is because most of the factors responsible are beyond individual control. However, substantial reductions in property maintenance cost are possible by choosing artificial trees and plants instead of using the live ones. Those days are gone when the faux landscaping elements looked shabby and plastic. Now, these are produced from silk foliage and resemble the live plants in all respects. In fact, the fake trees and plants cannot be visually distinguished from the real plants. You can only feel the difference by touching. So, the aesthetic appeal of the property will remain same.

Replicas score over the real ones

The replicated trees and plants are zero-maintenance products. They do not require special soil, daily watering, adding fertilizers and spraying pesticides to keep them healthy. Only periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shinning. These never grow out of shape or outgrow the space, and as such, you need not trim or prune them. There is no shedding of leaves, and hence, no mess cleaning is necessary. The artificial trees and plants are easy to install. They have no lifecycle and do not need any replacement and continue to adorn the property for many years. In fact, these are onetime investment product and save on maintenance cost. You can forget about them after installation.