Know The 10 Artificial Trees And Plants That The Designers Love

With time and money both at a premium today and the pressure to design beautiful homes and offices, designers love working with artificial plants and trees. They use all varieties like branches, trees, bushes, and flowers.

These plants have lots of advantages over the real plants. Real plants need a lot of care, attention, and nurturing. Whereas, with these artificial ones, you have to only clean them with a wet cloth regularly. There is no need to use the precious resource of water for their growth. Since they don't grow out of shape, you don't have to trim them.

These plants are also lightweight and can be easily carted from place to place to create a new scenario.

Another reason that designers love artificial plants is that these don't attract insects, mosquitoes, pigeons, and other birds. They can safely be placed inside homes as they are non-toxic for small children as well as for pets. That's one of the reasons hospitals and clinics demand lots of such plants.

Clients love the option of plants like artificial palm trees for the business hubs. Thus, designers give the varieties that these business owners love.

Outdoor artificial palm trees

Designers save a lot of effort, money, and manpower for the clients when they ask them to invest in artificial outdoor trees for gardens and compound areas. Designers always recommend outdoor artificial palm trees to their clients. Owners of hospitals, clinics, cafes, restaurants, casinos, shopping centers, malls, etc. are happy as otherwise, they would have to employ gardeners, arrange for water sources, buy seeds and saplings, and protect the real plants from harsh weather conditions.

Areca palm tree

Areca palm tree, the most commonly found variety of fake palm trees, looks beautiful. Growing in clumps, it is found in greens and yellows adding to the beauty of the place. Keep them inside lobbies and waiting areas of hospitals, eating joints, homes, residential building entrances, patios, and atriums, etc. Place these plants inside the houses, cabins, shops, clinics, cafes, and offices. Use planters of wicker, clay, mud, porcelain, or terra cotta.

In fact, if you can't think of any other decoration, this artificial plant fits in perfect.

Fan palm

Designers love to suggest many types of the fan palm. Because of their fan-like leaves, they spread out easily and are ideal for filling in gaps and spaces inside buildings as well as placing in the open gardens and compound areas. They look exotic if lined up next to the boundary walls of various places like parks, office and commercial complexes, malls, residential areas, etc. These plants are elegant to look at and are available in tall and short versions to suit client needs.

Bamboo palm tree

The lucky bamboo palm tree is another favorite with designers. Since many people believe in good luck and Vaastu compliance homes and office, designers always make space for this plant. Place it in the South East or East for positive energy and good fortune. It brings in good health, money, wealth, and happy family life if placed correctly.

Banana palm tree

The banana palm tree creates a tropical theme décor anywhere. Designers love this multipurpose plant as it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It looks exotic if placed in a garden as it creates a tropic garden of its own. The yellow realistic looking bananas against the lush green leaves of the palm stand out from miles in any outdoor space.

Designers get many praises from their clients when they place these palm trees insides malls, shops, offices, or hospitals. These look beautiful in lobbies and hallways and give life and energy wherever they are kept.

Coconut palm tree

An all-time favorite with everyone, the coconut palm tree creates an ambiance of lushness and prosperity. Designers use them all over the world to create coastal or tropical themes in malls, retail stores, cafes, and restaurants. They look great outdoors in gardens, near entrances and gateways to hotels, residential complexes, clubhouses, and offices. Designers also use them while planning and designing gardens and parks.

Apart from the above varieties of fake palm trees, designers also love the following artificial plants.

Artificial flowers

Designers can't do without artificial flowers. They know that all types of clients love to have flowers in their casinos, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, shops, malls, offices, schools and just about everywhere. Colorful flowers bring in a lot of life, cheer, energy, and happiness in everyone's life.

Buying fresh flowers is expensive. They wilt fast and need to be replaced very frequently. Designers know that clients don't like to wait for seasonal flowers of their choice and also spend money every other day buying their favorite flowers.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to buy flowers of choice and size and place them in vases and colorful planters. Designers beautify spaces by placing them on table tops in eating joints, on counters in reception areas, in planters in the lobby and entrances. They also hang them from the window sills for that gorgeous look to the exterior of the buildings.

Artificial bonsais

Designers create Zen spaces in homes, offices, hospitals with artificial bonsai plants. They look beautiful in those flat round plates and can be placed both indoor and outdoor for various clients. These miniature decorative plants are a real eye catcher and popular among designers.

Artificial rubber plant

All designers love the artificial rubber plant. The two color tones in the leaves look very pretty and lush since it branches out well and thick. This plant is also a symbol of prosperity as the rubber plant is used for many purposes if grown in real.

Artificial Ferns

Designers simply adore this plant. Artificial ferns spread and branch out extremely well and look ravishing. The way the soil and roots are replicated in the pots, even an expert gardener or a plant lover will not be able to make out that it is not a real plant. The semi-curled ends and the fonds of the ferns give an amazingly beautiful look and are ideal for corners and other empty spaces in rooms. Place a few along the passages and corridors in hospitals and malls and your décor is done.

Try out the choice of the designers and see your place come alive with beauty and energy.