How to Prevent and Limit Deer Damage to Your Commercial Properties?

Has your commercial landscape become a salad bar for deer? Are the groups of deer raiding your property and making damage to your landscape for establishing which you have invested a great amount. Well, for this you truly need an effective solution because deer have the power to make your property a wasteland especially in fall and spring. A deer needs 6 to 10 pounds of food a day so you can imagine to which extent your commercial space can get damaged. You can better understand the damage to your property because it can be a reason for making your tenants and visitors wrinkle their nose, means a devaluation of your property.

But if you will take effective damage control steps at the right time you can save your property from being a free lunch venue to the deer. If you are planning to have a landscape around your commercial property but do have a fear of deer, then these preventive tips can help you out.

Choose the Plants Wisely, Giving Priority to What Deer Don't Like

If you think deer might attack your property, it is a wise decision to choose the plants that deer don't like. There is certainly a line of plants that deer don't like to get included in their lunch. This range may include, arching funs, perennial flowers, ground covers, ferns with fragrances, etc. Also, they like to attack more on shrubby flowers with adequate length and height. But deer have been found less attracted towards grounded grasses. Numerous such plants can help you keep your garden safe. Below is the list of plants that you can consider to keep deer away from your commercial property.

- Columbine

- Christmas Fern

- Bleeding Heart

- Common Dill

- Black Eye Susan

- Hyacinth

- Lady Fern

- Ostrich Fern

- Lavender

- Royal Fern

- Thyme

- Wood Fern

- Sage

- Yarrow

In addition to all these, there are many more plants that you can get aware of by means of your landscaper and thus keep your yard safe.

Fencing, You can Go for It.

Fencing is another good option that you can consider for safekeeping your commercial landscape area. But before you implement fencing on to your property, it is important to understand the basic rules of it. You would be surprised to know that a deer can easily jump a wall up to a height of 10 feet, but rarely. This is possible only if they don't get an easy means of entering their destination.

Usually, deer prefer to enter through the fence rather than jumping it, as much as possible. So, if you are planning to surround your landscape through fences, it is important to make sure that the starting wires of the fence are within 10-12 inches above the ground. Also, in case the wire gets damaged, make sure to get that repaired as soon as possible because once deer get entry inside the landscape, they will try to find the way to get into the yard.

Make Deer Feel The Danger Around Your Space

Deer have the strong sense of smell, fragrances, and odors and they make use of their noses to stay alert from the risks and dangers around them. This power of deer can be useful in protecting your plants if you make use of right kind of odors and smells for them. Use of varying strong odors and flavors over the plants can be effective. The scents of garlic, chives, and onion are among the smells that deer dislike the most.

Try Different Kinds of Repellents

There are also vast varieties of repellents available in the market that keep deer away from your commercial lawn. Those repellents usually possess strong smells that deer don't like. Most of the repellents come in the form of sprays that you need to use over your plants. You need to spray these repellents time to time as they work for a limited period. These can also be a good solution to keep your commercial landscape safe and secure.

Noise Making Devices - Worth Trying

The market also has a certain noise making devices available to keep the deer away from the property. As deer mainly stay away from noisy areas and roam around calm areas. So addition to some automatic noise making devices in your yard can help prevent deer from attacking the landscape. However, this is not a long-term answer because deer soon get adaptive to those devices like lights, radios, etc. and thus your property might be at risk. But still, for short term, you can utilize these devices as well.

Go for Artificial Plants and Stay Fearless

If you want to get rid of the stress of deer and permanently stay away from them, then artificial landscaping seems to be the right choice for you. Most of the commercial owners nowadays are opting faux landscaping solutions to create an outstanding commercial yard. The artificial landscape will keep deer away from your property thus helping you stay stress-free and relaxed. The benefits of artificial landscaping are not just limited up to being deer proof, but these solutions are also cost-effective. Unlike real plants, you don't need to spend efforts, time and money on their regular upkeep. You just need an easy one-time installation and nothing other than little bit dusting once in a while.

Artificial plants do not at all mean that you will have to compromise regarding looks and appeal. You can find every variety of faux plants that exist in real world, and they look just like their real counterparts. Your visitors can hardly come to know about their faux nature. You can find a qualified artificial landscaper around you that have a complete range of products for exterior landscaping for commercial buildings. And after installation, you will see your commercial landscape would be a heavenly space that your tenants and your visitors cannot ignore at all.