How To Convey Trust And Hope With Hospital Reception Decor?

Hospitals can be extremely sad, demotivating and depressing spaces. People are always under high amounts of stress and worry when they have loved ones who are admitted in the hospital. One way to uplift the spirits of the family members while they wait for their loved ones to recover and be discharged from the hospital is by making sure that the décor of the hospital reception conveys hope and trust. Today, we have put together a list of décor ideas and suggestions that will help transform the hospital reception. Here’s everything you need to know:

Paint The Reception Walls In Vibrant Colours

While most hospitals always opt for stark white walls, it is recommended that you consider painting the hospital walls in vibrant, happy and colorful shades. The reception area’s walls can be painted in shades of yellow, blue, lavender and so on. These bright colors play an important role in uplifting the otherwise somber mood of the hospital and can give the visitors a sense of hope. If you don’t want to use bright paints, using prettily printed wallpapers are also an excellent option to give the hospital reception a trustworthy and hopeful appeal. Wallpapers with beautiful geometric patterns or wallpapers with delicate motif prints are ideal for the walls of the hospital reception.

Make Sure The Place Is Well Lit Up

Proper lighting can make even the most depressing places look cheery and bright. You need to make sure that the hospital reception is well lit up with proper light structures. From sconces to ceiling lights, floor lamps, and other such elegant structures, you can transform the otherwise dull hospital reception and make it appear like a hotel reception. Avoid using blindingly bright bulbs as such bulbs can cause irritability to the employees and the visitors. The brightness of the light bulbs should be adequate to add warmth and an uplifting appeal to the surroundings.

The Floors Should Be Properly Carpeted

Having a wall to wall carpets installed on the floors of the hospital reception area can play an important role in giving the surroundings a hopeful and trusting appeal. Carpets can bring about a feeling of warmth and a sense of homeliness to the hospital reception. You can select thick carpets with beautiful patterns or prints on them. When choosing a carpet for the reception floor, make sure that you opt for slightly darker shades so that you don’t need to worry about impossible stains. Also, opt for carpets that are easy to give a thorough wash to and clean.

Install Artificial Landscaping In The Hospital Reception Area

It is a psychologically proven fact that sitting outdoors in nature can improve one’s mood and create a sense of security and hope. Since the hospital cannot be constructed in an outdoors setting, why not bring the great outdoors into the hospital? Installing faux plants and trees around the hospital reception can give the surroundings a happy and trusting appeal. Artificial coconut palm trees can be installed in the corners of the reception area. Artificial interior trees can be placed as centerpieces in the hospital reception or behind the main desk of the reception. Bonsai palm tree options can be used to decorate the lobby area of the hospital and so on. Since the hospital is a 24-hour facility, one can even use cheap lighted palm trees to add that little extra cheerfulness to the reception area in the night time.

Proper And Comfortable Seating Arrangements Are A Necessity For All Hospitals

Hospitals continuously have an influx of visitors and family members. While every hospital does have fixed visiting hours, some family members of the admitted patients like to wait around at the reception area throughout the day to make sure that someone is always available in the case of an emergency. To make the hospital a more comfortable and hopeful place to wait around at, proper and comfortable seating arrangements should be made available in the reception area. Stainless steel bucket seat rows would be excellent seating options for the hospital reception. Alternatively, if the reception area is large enough, soft cushion chairs can also be installed along with small coffee tables.

Larger Windows For The Hospital Reception

The inflow of natural light can work wonders to give the hospital reception a trusting and hopeful appeal. Natural light gives the surroundings a more spacious and positive vibe. The windows in the reception area of the hospital should be large. French windows or ceiling to floor windows are the perfect options for the reception area. In the event that the hospital is located in a tropical city, blinds can also be installed to prevent the sun from causing excessive glare during the afternoon hours.

Artwork Can Have A Positive Impact

Installing artwork around the reception area of the hospital can also have a positive impact on patients and visitors. Wall paintings, gorgeous marble sculptures, pretty wall hangings, and other such creative décor items are just what the reception needs to give the surroundings a hopeful vibe. When selecting art canvases, always choose canvases that have colorful and vibrant prints and patterns on them. Nature paintings, abstract paintings, still life paintings and modern art paintings are ideal for this purpose. A massive life-size marble or stone sculpture can be used as a centerpiece in the hospital reception area.

Well, these few nips and tucks in and around the hospital reception area can truly play an important role in transforming the dull and shadowy vibe to a hopeful one. Most of the ideas that have been put forward are very much affordable and easy to incorporate. A cheerful hospital reception will bring hope and positivity in the minds of the visitors and patients, and it will play an important role in psychologically making the patients heal and recover faster. Don’t waste another minute and start making the necessary changes to the hospital reception today! You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the décor.