Giving a Swanky Decor Upgrade to a Dentist’s Clinic

Let’s face it. No one visits a dentist’s clinic until he or she is forced to. So, the clinic has to be relaxing, comfortable and assuring. Interior decoration plays a significant part in this. Although many dental clinics spend a vast sum, that is not always necessary. This blog tells how you can get that with a pretty bang for the money spent. Read on to know the details!

Planning is the key to everything.

No matter if it is a new or existing dental clinic, planning holds the key to successful decoration. While the patient may look for a clean place, as a dentist, you would prefer a functional place. So, you have to strike a balance between these different needs.

Ensure that you have a smooth flow of work in the clinic. Also, see that it looks both appealing and professional. This will take the decor to the next level.

Make the reception warm and inviting.

Visitors to a dental clinic are not ordinary people. They are suffering from dental pain and discomfort. Believe it or not, they will feel better if they form an excellent first impression. Making the reception area spacious and inviting is essential.

Patients also dislike the cold and scary traditional clinic look. Make it more casual and enjoyable by rearranging the sitting plan like a coffee corner. This will help to de-stress the patients, and they will enjoy the waiting period.

Waiting seems to be longer when patients sit on hard stiff chairs. Arrange comfortable sofas and lounge chairs that match your layout. This adds to the patient’s comfort and lifts up the ambiance.

Add warmth with faux greens.

Patients come to the clinic under compulsion. So, why not give them relief with greens? Including artificial plants and trees for indoor makes it relaxing. They do not need any upkeep or compromise with aesthetics.

These are available as Areca palm, Fan palm, Fishtail Palm and many more. You can get them in a wide array of size and style. These artificial plants with pots help to break the monotony and lifts up the ambiance.

The artificial palm trees and plants are second to none for creating a delightful vibe. Place them in a corner, and they will make your clinic delightful with their lush green presence. Made from premium quality material, these artificial small trees and plants are durable. In case your clinic has a high ceiling, you may install a 6 ft artificial palm tree for creating a tropical vibe.

Be careful with color.

As a clinician, your aim should be to relive the patients of fear and tension. Colors have a great psychological impact on humans. White is the traditional clinic color, but this is not always preferred by the clinics.

Choose a color that makes the patient calm. Never go for red or yellow as these make a patient tense and excited. Better opt for a neutral color like gray, ivory, and beige. You may also use light blue and light green as these have a unique calming effect.

Lighting creates a great impression.

Sufficient lighting is essential to make a dentist’s clinic safe and delightful. Try to explore as much natural light as possible. Also, add a floor lamp in the corner of the clinic over and above the ambient light. This will lift up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

Light up the treatment area from different directions. This will remove shadows and dark spots. Harmonize the color of the walls, floor, and the chair. This will allow a better evaluation of the job. Illuminate the sterilization area with cool bluish light.

Acoustics make a huge difference.

Proper acoustic is sure to make the clinic calm and make peaceful waiting possible. You may have a soft carpet in the waiting area. It will help noise dampening and also give a plush, comfortable feeling. Mind to have no carpets or soft material in the treatment area. Better have a false ceiling; it will improve the acoustics.

Neatness Counts

Your dental clinic should be free from clutter. Store all dental equipment in a smart cabinet. Never compromise with the sterilization, storage, and treatment area. Arrange a scrub sink, ultrasonic cleaner, and sterilization equipment. The carpet, window covers, and furnishings also have to be spotless. This will improve the decor and ensure proper sanitation and patient care.

Provide some recreation

Waiting becomes pleasurable when patients remain active. Install a TV in the clinic so the patients may watch local news. In case arranging a TV is not possible, you may have soft background music. This will also keep the patients oblivious of their discomfort.

Including periodicals, magazine, etc is also a good idea. You can also include literature on teeth care and general health. Your clients would love to go through this.

Arrange a small freeze with bottled water. This will lift up the decoration. The patients may not use these always. But this will cast an excellent impression.

Keep something for the kids

Even if you do not treat kids, they may accompany their parents. If possible create a separate kid’s zone for them. Otherwise, set a part of the reception for the kids. Fill it up with crayons and coloring books. The kids would love to fill those up. Also, have soft toys and a kid’s treasure chest to make it adorable.

Do not forget the old and handicapped.

Elderly and handicapped patients also have a dental problem. They need some special arrangement. Design your clinic in a way so that it becomes friendly to them. Ensure that the clinic floor is not slippery. Also, make arrangements for the handicapped so that they can glide on their chairs to the treatment area.


The above decor ideas will make the place swanky and welcoming as well. They will also make you confident that you will go back with healthy teeth. These are simple and easy to follow. Try these in your dental clinic to make it a talk of the town.