Follow these 9 Tricks to Revamp Your Retails Store

Hundreds of retail shops are selling identical products making survival tough. The only way to win the competition is by drawing more crowds and making them loyal. The moment customers step in, they start forming an opinion. Also, only a memorable experience can impress them to return.

Retail stores decoration plays a vital role in this. Not sure where to start? Here are nine decor tricks that you can follow.

1. Embrace with faux greens

A warm and inviting retail store is sure to have repeat visits. As people have an innate urge to be close to nature, a green interior improves the mood. With their exotic appearance, the silk palm trees are perfect for this.

Plenty of varieties of artificial trees for decoration are available for this purpose. Made from premium quality raw materials they have the most realistic look. Some of these come in decorative pots making them ideal for the store interior.

Creating a green front door allures the potential shoppers to step inside. Install outdoor artificial palm tree with lights in front of the retail stores. It will make the stores glam. And once they step in, impress them with a tropical spirit. Use areca palm trees and fishtail palm trees. They will deliver a soothing ambiance with their graceful presence.

2. Digital signage makes it attractive

Signs always form a unique way to connect with customers. Install a glow sign at a height where there is no obstacle. This will make it visible from a distance. It should contain your logo and a slogan about the business. When the pedestrians see it across the street they will feel an urge to visit.

Also, display digital signage in the interior for displaying special promotional sales. Use screens and signs throughout the retail stores for guiding the shoppers and sharing information. This will make your retail shop memorable to them and they are sure to make return visits.

3. Entice pedestrians with a window display

With the flourishing of online shops, the brick and mortar retail stores are finding difficult to attract customers. This makes window display is the most deterministic factor for alluring the onlookers. Display the strategic items where they are clearly visible.

Harmonize the display by arranging the items in a systematic manner. Add a catchy slogan with each group and light them bright. Do not display an item for a long time. Better change them every week for a nice impact. This is sure to make the pedestrians curious and they will pay a visit to your stores.

4. Guide them through a set path

Shoppers enter the stores, see things, chose them, make payment and leave. Create a path so that the entire process has a nice flow. Studies reveal that most of the people turn right after entering a retails store. Display the prize items on the right of the entrance. Such attention-grabbing displays will induce them to follow the set path.

The layout also plays a vital role in creating a set path. Place the shelves in straight, angular, or loop layout formation based on the floor space. This will increase the visibility of the products and deliver a memorable experience.

5. Make the shop extraordinary with lights

Lighting can make a retail store ambiance pleasant. It helps to improve the mood and also leverages the bottom line. While people feel relaxed and comfortable in soft lighting, bright lights make the products more visible.

Install ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting to create a great overall impact. The ambient and task lighting will strike a balance between comfort and visibility. Use accent lights to highlight special zones and products. When you improve the appeal with decorative lighting, it will make the shop quite impressive.

6. Engaging senses improve the ambiance

Whether a customer will be loyal or not depend on how he or she felt in your shop. Build a water feature in the store If you space and budget permit. It could be anything from a tiny fountain to a cascading wall. This will create a great sensory impact and make the shoppers happy.

You may also arrange to play soft music and install aroma diffusers in the store. These will make the area appealing and the shoppers would not mind waiting at the cash counter.

7. Comfort is the key to a memorable shopping

Comfort is of prime importance in retail stores. The customers, especially women, definitely avoid the aisle where there is a chance of brushing against others. Ensure that there is enough personal space in the aisles and pathways for peaceful shopping.

Product display is also important in this. Make efforts to display strategic items at the eye-level. This will create a nice impression. Provide comfy seating arrangements in the lounge. There should also a hydration point nearby. The shoppers will be able to take a break as and when they like.

8. Make the stores tech savvy

Provide free Wi-Fi with full access internet in the retail stores. This will enable shoppers to gather information to make a shopping decision. Moreover, they will also be able to attend to any urgent work. Also, arrange charging stations at the strategic corners. This will enable your customers to charge their devices in case of exigency.

9. Create a kid's corner

Living in a nuclear family the parents have to take the kids to retail stores. More than often, the kids – especially the toddlers – become a serious cause of distraction and embarrassment. Sometimes, that had to leave the store in the middle of their shopping spree.

Building a safe fun zone for them will be a great relief to the parents. Provide separate areas for different age groups. The kids can play games there while the parents will do peaceful shopping.