Fascinating Vibes of Desert Landscapes - Right in Your Office, With Artificial Date Palms

Who doesn't want to go on a desert holiday to Dubai? Any tropical desert destinations like Dubai or Egypt are famous around the world and are a favorite among travelers. Sunny deserts surrounded by tropical trees or plants, a long relaxed environment under their shade is what we all would love to experience while entering a luxurious shopping mall or even any corporate office premises. If a slice of this desert landscape can be infused into these properties, it can be an instant mood uplifter for every visitor and employees working in these properties.

Installation of Date palms in any luxurious landscapes can help you create and capture the desert like the atmosphere you want, but growing real Date palms is not an easy job. To grow a fully flourished Date palm, you need to invest at least 5-6 years on each one of them, and these trees only grow in a tropical environment. Hence, if your office is located in a place which has a cold climate, placing and maintaining these live Date palms is almost impossible. This is when you would feel to install a substitute, in the form of artificial Date palms. These faux beauties would resemble the real ones exactly and is friendly to any given environment.

Why are the replicas of the original Date palms preferred for outdoor landscape designing?

If you want to renovate the entrancing landscape of your exotic resort and turn it into a mini desert, surrounded by tropical trees like Date palms and never want to take the pain of growing the real ones, then these fake alternative Date palms should be your pick, and you must order at the earliest. The other reasons supporting the need to install these beauties are:-

  • The replica Date palms will never require any particular climatic condition or temperatures for its existence, while the real ones cannot survive without proper hot tropical environment and will always repel any cold temperature.
  • No trimming, cutting, pruning or shaping is required by these faux botanical beauties. But, the original Date palms will never look healthy, if these methods are not applied.
  • The artificial Date palms will never require sunlight, watering, and shades for its existence. On the other hand, the real ones will require all of these for its survival.
  • No fertilizers or insecticides will be needed by these fake Date palms, as they are made to repel any insect infection and bacteria formation. The live ones will need them for their healthy existence.
  • Buying these faux beauties will ensure that they preserve their beauty forever, while the original ones may perish anytime.

You can see that the above-mentioned qualities of these replica Date palms make them extremely budget friendly and that is why they are preferred over their original counterpart for decking up any luxurious properties.

Where to source these artificial Date Palms for making the visitors in our office property awestruck with the outdoor landscape decor?

Any amusement park, five-star hotel properties or even a huge sprawling corporate office property landscape can come alive with the use of faux Date palms. The company which has been manufacturing the best available quality of Date palm trees is none other than Commercial Palm Trees. The company has been in this trade for more than 40 years and has been in the top position in the industry for creating artificial botanical foliage, since then. The immense popularity earned by the company is because of its dedicated team of experts.

Top architects, botanists, graphic designers, and engineers come together to form the manufacturing team of the company. All the replica botanical beauties manufactured under them are created with every minuscule details and perfection. The company professionals' takes up all challenging projects and help the customers with landscape designing too, if they need. Small organizations that need a single piece to big business houses that are in need of several products in wholesale price are entertained by the company.

What are the varied characteristics possessed by these immensely beautiful faux Date palms from Commercial Palm Trees?

If you look at any desert destinations, you can easily spot several Date palms around them. No picture postcard is complete without these trees. These trees portray greener and happier tropical landscapes. If these scenes can be replicated at the outdoor landscapes of a huge hospital or the entrance of a casino, there cannot be a better option. The unique characteristics they possess are:-

  • The faux Date palms usually come in 17 feet variety and are manufactured using very high quality of silk. Complete customization is possible on request though.
  • The product is made completely resistant to the fire by using fire retardant chemicals on its surface.
  • Harmful UV rays, humidity, storms, snow falls, and even extreme rain cannot cause any damage or color fading on these fake beauties, due to the special anti-fading technology used on them
  • These replica Date palms have highly detailed trunks to perfectly resemble the real ones, but they are very lightweight and can be installed anywhere without the problem.

Why are these faux Date palms from Commercial Palm Trees, a complete favorite amongst landscape designers?

The extremely graceful fake Date palm trees available at Commercial Date Palms look extremely realistic with matching color and textures. Visitors can never make out any difference compared to the real ones even after looking at them for a long time. This is why, landscape architects or designers when appointed by big corporate houses for designing their luxurious commercial properties like offices, educational institutes, hotels or even shopping arcades, always rely on these fake Date palms, if they are working on a tropical or desert theme.