Explained! How Impressive Exterior Decor Enhances Your Property's Perceived Value

The exterior decor is as vital as improvement or interior decoration. Most of the property holders spend maximum money and time on interior beautification; and ignore to give a bit of significance to the exterior decor. However, it is important to keep in mind that your exterior design will be as important as your interior design at all times as it is what the public sees and it is the face of the home, and it can help in increasing the property value as well. Intricate roofing, paint job, chimney work, and windows can make the exterior of your home alluring. Landscaping and gardening are the most effective ways to enhance the look of the yard of your property. Here are some of the simple tips that you can refer to in order to make the exterior décor of the home look impressive.

Wall décor ideas

Exterior wall art can be anything, from a painting to a vertical garden and several other things. You will need to consider several things such as materials, weather, color, and neighbors when decorating the exterior walls. An extensive exterior wall can be a fun project if you view it as a huge canvas. Any combination of plants, paint, wall hangings, and textures can serve as a means for creating your own personal statement. It is important that you check any homeowner limitations in your neighborhood prior to making a change to the external part of your home. One of the simplest ways to modernize or change the look of an exterior wall is through paint. You should ideally use a color that contrasts with but complements the rest of the house. Adding neutral color paint on the exterior walls is the best option available as it ensures harmony and continuity.

Include plants to decorate walls

In case the walls of the house are in a lush area, plant some small trees or bushes every few feet, changing flowering shrubs with evergreens so there will always be a source of natural color and diversity against the surface. If required, use faux potted plants such as areca silk palm tree 6 feet, artificial banana palm tree, artificial outdoor palm fronds, and artificial paradise palm tree. In order to get a countryside look, use a fence against the wall for climbers but make sure that you keep vines trimmed below roof lines and gutters. Green plants can enhance the décor of the walls and the entire property almost instantly and at the same time give it an expensive look. All these thereby help in increasing the property value of the home. Moreover, by using these faux plants and trees, you can remain stress-free as you do not need to water them or trim them, but they will continue to give you an impressive look to the exterior part of the home.

Add décor to the entrance of the house

This can be done by making the entryway of the home look mesmerizing. There is a vast range of things that can bring life to your entryways such as rugs, door knobs, plants, a great looking porch, and good lighting. Besides, all these you can plan to give paint to the front door. The best way is to paint the door in a darker shade than the rest of the house. If you like experimenting, you can choose the contrasting color as well. This will help in giving the entrance a whole new look, style, and design and will definitely help it show up.

Ensure that the roof of the house is attractive and functional

When it comes to selecting the materials for the roof, do not only focus on their look but also on their durability. Even though there are a lot of options for the materials available out there for the roof, the most common option is asphalt shingles, as they are reasonably priced and easy to install. Wood is also a good option which is known for its excellent durability. However, if you want to go for slate or metal, take into account that they will cost you more, and is only applicable to specific designs, because of their weight.

Choose the right type of windows

When selecting the right windows for your home, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Just like the roof, the most important thing is durability. Apart from their functionality, the windows need to imitate the personality of your house. You can go conventional with regular rectangular windows or more contemporary with large windows from the ceiling to the floor. In addition, you should think about UV rating, ventilation, how easily they can be cleaned and maintained and how good of a view they offer. Also, focus on safety and security that the windows will offer when installing in the home.

Lighting fixtures

Outdoor lighting is vital both from the perspective of look, but also because of the sense of security and safety during the night. If you want to move away from usual lighting, think of installing accent fixtures that make your gorgeous décor stand out. At the same time, ensure that you have chosen a lighting system which is the same as that of the indoor one, in order to evade a detached look. Therefore, make sure that your outdoors is well lit and that its beauty is noticeable even during the night.


These are some of the simple tips that you can refer to when it comes to making the exterior décor of the property look outstanding. However, if you find the entire task to be a bit complex in nature, you can certainly go ahead and hire a professional, such as a designer or an architect to get this job for you. They are familiar with all the zoning laws in regards to this matter and turn up with ideas and plans that would look best for your home, and give you all the things for you to think prior to building and constructing the exterior design of the house.