Decorating Your Porch for the Fall Season - It's Easy

Autumn is the perfect season for all your al fresco dining and celebrations. The winds are cold, the sun is warm enough, and the scenic beauty is at its best. There are many ways to enjoy this lovely season, and one of them is to have an awesome patio porch. The following are the hacks to help you achieve just that and gain much more.

1. Plants- these are the prettiest and also the trickiest ones in autumn. Plants keep your surroundings fresh, and the greenery and the flowers are known to soothe your mind and soul. They are the natural producers of oxygen, and also the fragrance of the flowers acts as a natural air freshener. Plants can fill any corner with new life, but in autumn we are left with only a few choices, the evergreen ones. But there is an alternative too, the artificial plants and trees. Artificial plants and trees are great for people who lack a green thumb and do not want to go through the trouble of maintaining their flora. Also, it gives you all the options of plants and trees which are otherwise not available due to seasonal or climatic conditions. The best bet would be to go for artificial areca palm plants, Australian palm trees, and umbrella palm trees for your porch.

2. Pergola- if you are willing to loosen your purse strings a little then, a pergola can be a significant investment for your classy porch. Pergolas are the best for a wooded shade in between an open area. And, if you want to give your porch a fancy canopy, then pergola can be paired up with the vines and creepers of your choice. You can choose between a wooden pergola as well as a metal one. You can also paint your pergola with the color of your choice.

3. Lanterns and Lamps- usual day-to-day lighting can never do justice to your beautifully decorated porch. Antique and Moroccan lanterns are the best possible choices. You can hang them from your ceiling or even place them on a table, and the choice is yours. You can pair up your lanterns with yellow electric lamps or even go for candles for a more romantic setting. Apart from that, that can also use side table lamps. Ferry lights or string lights are a good option for support lighting. It also adds the required touch of creativity to the whole ambiance.

4. Barbeque- if you want to enjoy the warmth along with great food then having a barbeque table becomes a necessary evil. Besides serving some delicious, mouth-watering recipe, the barbeque setting can also help you keep warm in the cold autumn weather. It also helps eliminate the need for a bonfire and maintains the area relatively clean. But, if you want a more rustic theme for your patio then having a little bonfire would be a better option. To save your floor from dirtying from the char, have the bonfire in a big flowering pot made of cement.

5. Furniture- traditional furniture can be paired up with the modern one according to the mood. You can go with the table and chair combo or just the sitting or lying combo for lazing around. With the barbeque table, you can use old refined barrels for sitting, with some funky quotes written around them. You can also go with low rise beds, hammocks and butterfly chair for the lazy setup. For a complete bucolic installation, you can opt for full wooden furniture. Rope and wood chairs or bistro chairs surrounding a wicker wood or Moroccan center table can be an excellent rustic option. Stone or metal top wooden table surrounded by simple cushioned chairs help you with the minimalist look. You can also omit table and chairs and go for high-rise straw mattresses or banquettes for the sitting and lying area.

6. Mini bar- to add a touch of modern days you can try incorporating a mini bar in your porch. Have the glass and the bottle holders placed at one corner of the porch, and you can bring a bucket of ice whenever you feel like having a drink or two. It can also be a fancy asset for your candlelit dinner plans.

7. Colors- many colors can be incorporated in many ways in your décor plans. It can start with the color of your furniture. Then the cushions and the sheets with the furniture. Then the walls surrounding the porch and lastly the objects and accessories put in the area. You can go minimalist by choosing a monotone, or you can go with any color with white or black edges. If you want to go all out with the colors, then you can add as many colors as you like in all the ways possible. An all colors theme will look fantastic in contrast with the fall season around.

8. Floor- in line with the theme you choose for your décor, the floor can be played along with accordingly. You can select a full wooden floor if rustic is your theme. Or, you can opt for a tiled or marble floor if you are going for a modern look. You can use tiles or marbles in patterns and also a mix and match of colored tiles. If you are going for a monochrome, then a checkered floor can be a good choice.

9. Accessories- along with the main components of your patio, having a decorative or an art piece will be a good option. And, the best part is you can make most of the decorative items at home. You can use a tree root or a branch and paint it in the color of your choice, go for metal shades or even just the varnish. You can also pick pretty little pebbles and paint them with beautiful scenery. You can also go for papier mache or even white cement molds. If working at home is too much of hassle for you then you can always go for the ready-made modern art sculptures.