Curved Coconut Trees - The Jewel of Any Exterior Landscape

Decorating the corporate exteriors is quite challenging. This is what comes in the vision of the customers, and is vital for creating a strong impact to increase the inflow of crowds. Present urban locality is almost super-saturated with huge complexes, making it a concrete jungle with a monotonous skyline. The only way you can break this is to include some greeneries in the commercial outdoors.

Several studies conducted on human behavior strongly indicate that people become more relaxed and positive when they are near to nature. That is why the present the present decoration theme is to "go green" for revamping the commercial hubs. This is obvious said than done; because the live trees and plants come with a box load maintenance issues and can be too time-consuming. The fake greens can provide the most reasonable alternative solution to this problem.

When looking for a visually appealing commercial outdoor that will immensely motivate the potential customers to try your services, nothing can be better than the artificial curved coconut trees. With their striking beauties and extravagant presence, these can be a wonderful addition to any corporate space. They have a dramatic aura and help build up a nice tropical ambiance in the business place making the onlookers stunned and impressed. Here is all that you should understand the mesmerizing artificial curved coconut trees.

Graceful variants of the curved coconut trees

Coconut palms deliver an iconic tropical environment. As such, bringing in these items into any commercial outdoor, spruce up the place and takes the landscape to the next level. They have strong leaf profile that delivers rustling sound when gracefully sways due to the breeze. Unlike the ordinary fake palm trees, these are infused with UV blocking chemicals and, therefore, they never fade or discolor. Having sturdy metallic structure, these are built to last in the outdoors. Commercial Palm Trees allow choosing from the following variants of the curved coconut palm trees:

  • Outdoor Fake ‘S' curved coconut palm trees: These can switch up the vibes of any dull exterior in no time. Measuring 16 feet tall, these are great for delivering a stylish decor statement; no matter how and where you install them.
  • Outdoor artificial curved trunk coconut palm trees: With their eye-catching beauty, these can build up exciting zones in any commercial outdoor. Standing at towering heights of 18 feet and 22 feet, these fake landscaping elements add a natural touch to the business place.
  • Preserved curved trunk coconut palm trees: Containing refreshing lush green fronds with gorgeous trunks they boast a great lifelike look, and add depth & character to the setting. Available as 18 feet high, this ooze a feel-good vibe in all types of commercial setting.

These deliver a realistic look

The artificial curved coconut trees have everything like their live cousins, except life. Backed by the knowledge and practice of a team of professionals including botanists, architects, engineers, and landscape designers, these are crafted 100% botanically correct. These can easily melt with natural palms. In fact, these are so realistic that they can evade even the most experienced eyes and make a dramatic change to the commercial exterior. These can be customized, contoured and tapered for meeting the specific site specification and landscaping preferences. With their incredible lifelike texture and appearance, these create great decorative accents for any type of business outdoors.

Jewel of commercial exteriors

These are engineered for varieties of weather conditions. Being made from high-quality plastic foliage and strong, colorfast pigments, the artificial curved coconut trees can tolerate all types of climatic conditions including harsh sun, rain, and snow. Having the most realistic appearance, these are synonymous with elegance and sophistication. As these are replicated and made fade-resistant, these are not specific of any season. With their sturdy curved trunks and gracefully arched fronds, these are strong enough to stay there in all seasons delivering a stunning realism to the commercial exterior.

These let you use it in many ways and at different places

The artificial curved coconut trees are the most popular varieties of the fake coconut trees available for decoration and can create a stunning tropical landscape. These are excellent for framing landscape background, using as a pathway or driveway tree, building a lush green boundary and for enclosing places as well. You can use these items for revamping commercial exteriors like amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, top-class resorts and spas, luxury hotel & restaurant lawns and poolside areas, senior living facilities, massive corporate & government complexes, shopping malls, entertainment facilities and in many other customer-faced commercial places. Being one of the most elegant landscaping items, these are sure to draw the attention of the crowd.

Added benefits that you can enjoy

Using the artificial curved coconut trees, one can enjoy many added advantages

  • No maintenance issues: These products are not live, and they do not require water, fertilizer, pesticide and other caring activities. Moreover, as they never grow, there is no need of trimming or pruning.
  • Create no mess: These never shed fronds and, therefore, you are relieved from the worries of periodic clearing of mess from the underneath.
  • No waiting period: While the live coconut palms require much time to grow, these deliver you the right landscape immediately after installation. Thus, you save time.
  • Deliver themed landscape: With unique customization facility, these can be tailor-made to fit any specific landscaping requirement.
  • No insect or mold: These do attract any insect nor suffer from mold growth. As such you are sure to offer an insect free environment to your customers.
  • Easy to install: No special handling equipment is necessary. These can be installed easily.

Similar products that you can use

Other than using the artificial curved coconut trees, you can also use the followings

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  • Fake Preserved coconut palm trees
  • Fake tropical coconut palm trees