Create Stunning Landscapes That Make Heads Turn - With Commercial Palm Trees products

Landscaping commercial outdoors is a great option to create an impact on the lookers for turning them into loyal customers. The fake trees and plants are so charming that those can complement any landscaping theme. No matter whether you place them to flank boundaries, or use for creating a dedicated enclosure, or install those to build a focal point in the commercial outdoors, they infuse depth and style to the commercial space lifting up the ambiance to the next level.

To meet the varied industrial requirements, Commercial Palm Trees have many variants of replicated palm trees. These are excellent for improving aesthetics and also deliver some functional benefits. Here is how these influence the customers, clients, and guests.

You have options to pick from many varieties

Commercial Palm Trees can deliver a wide collection of faux palms. Here are some of those:

  • Artificial Areca Palm Trees: Manufactured with lifelike trunk and refreshing fronds, these are available in heights of 7 feet and 10 feet. Whether you want to create a calm and soothing ambiance or a vibrant space; these can satisfy you.
  • Artificial Curved Trunk Coconut Palm Trees: These are great for upgrading the variety of commercial outdoors. Available in heights of 18 feet and 22 feet, these can instantly make a commercial outdoor impressive and attractive. When used to flank outdoor swimming pools or creating a focal point, they deliver the best landscaping result.
  • Artificial Dracaena Tree: Having a height of 9.5 feet, these can immediately make a commercial outdoor bold and dramatic. Featuring a realistic trunk with lush green foliage on the top, these make landscaping easy. Just install them in their commercial outdoor, and they will continue to add fun and charm to the ambiance.
  • Artificial Bamboo Palm Trees: When you want to introduce a tropical vibe in the commercial setting, these happen to be a perfect choice. These are available in varieties of heights ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet for creating an eye-catching commercial outdoor.
  • Artificial Banana Palm Trees: Standing 8 feet high, these can deliver a surreal tropical ambiance to the commercial outdoors. With their pseudo-natural look, these add the right accent to any commercial space making it elegant and luxurious.
  • Artificial Butterfly Palm Trees: With their lush green and graceful fronds that majestically arch outwards, these infuse a sense of natural feel and positive vibe in the commercial outdoor. These are available 7 feet high and make the commercial space appealing.
  • Outdoor Artificial Cycas Palm Tree: If you are looking to line your business space with trees, these are a perfect choice. Provided with the most realistic trunks, refreshing fronds, and available in heights of 6 feet and 9 feet these can make eyeballs roll.
  • Faux European Fan Palm Trees: With their amazing beauty, these can make a gloomy commercial space graceful. Standing at 8 feet height, the fan palm trees can add a beautiful accent in the commercial outdoor creating a rich ambiance.
  • Outdoor Artificial Date Palm Trees: Available as 17 feet high, these are excellent for defining driveways, creating private enclosures and also for filling the voids in the commercial outdoors. Coming with near-natural trunks and fronds, these can deliver fascinating exteriors.
  • Fake Rhapis Palm Trees: Available as 6 feet and 8 feet high, these replicated palms are great for building a cool, comfortable, and inspiring commercial outdoor that draws more visitors with their magical charm.
  • Faux Sago Palm Trees: Available as sago palm and queen sago palms, these are ideal to add charm and grace to varieties of commercial exteriors. Mimicking their natural versions, these can improve the aesthetics of any professional space with their glam presence.

Offer revolutionary landscaping solution

Commercial Palm Trees replicated greens are made from a high-quality plastic material, color pigment, and these are crafted with utmost care to make those botanically correct. Using these fake palms, you get an incredibly green commercial outdoor that others envy. Their trunks and fronds are so realistic that those can evade the most experienced eye to spot the difference. In fact, you can feel the difference only by touching.

Places where these products can be used

The faux horticultural landscaping elements of Commercial Palm Trees are perfect for wide landscaping range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, exotic bars, casinos, posh restaurants, luxury hotels, art galleries, hospitals, and other commercial outdoors that one may think of. With their amazing beauty, these take the landscape aplomb to the next level in a jiffy.

These adorn the outdoors equally in all seasons

While the real palms may turn yellowish due to the harsh effect of the sunrays, the Commercial Palm Trees landscaping products do not suffer from such problems. Other than using prime quality raw materials, these are also treated with UV blocking chemicals to make those inert to sunrays. Being strong, UV protected, and waterproof, these remain unaffected by sunny, rainy and snowy weather conditions.

Offer better landscaping than their live cousins

Palms are native to the tropical climate and, as such, they cannot be grown in all regions. But, the faux palms have no such restrictions and can be installed anywhere and everywhere. Unlike the natural palms, you need not water them regularly to keep them healthy. These do not require fertilization, pest control, and other maintenance issues making those perfect landscaping products for large corporate exteriors. Another major advantage of using these products is that there will be no shedding of fronds. So, you are also free from cleaning issues. Moreover, these do not attract, insects, bugs, mosquitoes, and therefore, your guests remain free form insect attacks. Coming in standard bases, their installation is also very easy.

Timesaving and cost-effective

These grace the landscape from the very first day saving much time. Being reasonably priced and long-lasting, these are cost-effective.