Commercial Palm Trees Brings The Wonderful Beauty of Palms to Your Landscapes

Talking about palm trees evokes tropical dreams and fantasies in one's mind. These have been referred to in holy scripts as synonymous with serenity, righteousness, and inspiration. From the dawn of the human history, the palm trees have also been considered to be immensely romantic with their magnificent beauty and spirit. Some of them stand upright, some get twisted, and some try to kiss the ground before they rise to touch the sky. When they stand in clusters, they add great charm to any landscape.

While you can always dream a commercial outdoor lined with palm trees, those are not easy to have in reality. These are native to the tropical climate and, as such, cannot be grown in all regions. The palm trees take many years before they deliver their fully grown beauty, and also have many maintenance issues as well. The artificial palm trees from Commercial Palm Trees offer the perfect alternative solution for uplifting the corporate outdoors with their realistic charm and elegance.

These are great for installing in a variety of commercial outdoors including, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, exhibition area, large corporate office, government & municipal buildings, museum, exotic bars & restaurants, luxury hotels, top-notch sauna baths & resorts, private hospital and healthcare facilities, colleges & universities, senior living facilities, and other public places. Once included in the outdoor, they make the space calm and inviting with their tranquil presence.

Faux palms have magical charm.

Artificial palms are great for introducing a tropical vibe into the commercial exteriors. These are synonymous with luxury and elegance. Their iconic presence can make a commercial outdoor space serene and sophisticated. These are crafted meticulously to replicate the natural palms in all respects. Made from premium quality raw materials, these add a dash of romantic nostalgia to the professional space. Having bent or curved trunks with exact details, and beautifully arched fronds they offer the most stunning realism making these a hot favorite landscaping accessory. These mimic the nature to such an extent that can distinguish them from the real ones. Available in wide range of sizes and varieties these are great to make any commercial outdoor a tropical heaven, and when introduced into any space, they are impossible to be ignored.

Commercial Palm Trees offer many variants

The artificial palm trees can turn any landscape serene and make it refreshing with their majestic presence. You can use anyone from the following varieties for complementing your landscaping theme.

  • Areca Palm Trees: Also available as Golden Areca Palm Trees, these are excellent to energize any commercial exterior.
  • Bamboo Palm Trees: Available in varying heights, these are great for creating a magical outdoor.
  • Banana Palm Trees: With their varying heights and lush green leaves these can make the commercial outdoors bold and comforting.
  • Butterfly Palm Trees: With their slender trunk and arched fronds, these create a stylish environment with a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Coconut Palm trees: There are many varieties such as Curved Trunk Coconut Palm Tree, Preserved coconut palm trees, Tropical Coconut Palm Tree, Curved Coconut Palm Trees, Preserved Curved Coconut Palm Trees in varying heights.
  • Cycas Palm Trees: With their nicely crafted trunks and refreshing fronds, these are great to build inspirational boundaries of the commercial settings.
  • Date Palm Trees: With their towering height and charming presence, they can build cool, pleasant outdoors that are treat to the eyes.
  • Dracaena Trees: You can get another variety titled Giant Dracaena Dragon Trees that are taller than the regular variety and also made with multiple trunks.
  • Fan palm trees: Other than the regular varieties, these are also available as European Fan Palm Trees and Preserved Fan Palm Trees. Featuring multiple stems and nicely crafted fronds, these can create an awesome jungle-like ambiance.
  • Giant Kentia Palm Trees: With their stately trunks and dense refreshing fronds these artificial palms can make an outdoor relaxing.

The list does not end here. You can also choose from artificial Rhapis Palm Trees, Sago Palm Trees, Queen Sago Palm Trees, Travelers Palm Trees, Phoenix Palm Trees, Fish Tail Palm Trees, Giant Fish Tail Palm Trees, Phoenix Dactylifera Palm Trees, Pacific Pandanus Palm Trees, and Petite Pacific Pandanus Palm Trees for revamping your business outdoor.

These are all-weather products.

Commercial Palm Trees artificial palms are manufactures using Silk quality raw materials. These are also treated with special chemicals to make the foliage inert to the sun rays and are also made waterproof. Installing the artificial palms into the outdoor space, you will not worry about fading due to nasty weather conditions. No matter if those are exposed to scorching sunlight, rain, or snowfall these never lose their color.

You can enhance the decoration with customization

Commercial Palm Trees understand the various facets of outdoor landscaping. Different commercial spaces have different themes and need different landscaping elements. Given the cut-throat business competition, one has to make the commercial setting exceptional and for this personalization of the landscaping products is necessary. Commercial Palm Trees offer customized fake palm trees that can create a dream business outdoor to thrill your customers.

Offer hassle-free landscapes

Introducing the fake palms in your commercial outdoor lets, you have peace of mind. There is no need to water them, and fertilization and weed control are also not necessary. They demand no maintenance and deliver an outdoor space free from insects at an affordable cost.

Unique services for making dreams real

Regardless of the nature and kind of your professional space, Commercial Palm Trees offer unique services from evaluation to designing a functional outdoor landscape by customizing the palms. Depending on your exterior you can have palms of all shapes and from miniature to towering heights for complementing your decoration theme. They help you have the right palms at the right corner and also help installation for integrating skillfully for jazzing up the outdoor.