Artificial Palms for Exterior Landscaping- Classy, Affordable and Hassle-Free

The outdoor landscape of any commercial or residential building reflects the personality and taste of the property holder. To create an eye-pleasing landscape, one must strive for vivid and bright colors that are in sync with your natural surroundings. As we all know plants are an indispensable part of exterior landscaping, they add life to every setting. But with real plants come along with lots of hassles such as maintenance and cost. To get away with these hassles, there is nothing better than artificial landscaping products such as the beautiful artificial palms.

Splendid outdoor with artificial palms!

To bring an exotic location to your home or workplace, you don't need to try hard. With silk palms, one can turn any ordinary place into an exotic and welcoming location. The fact that palms are exclusive to locations such as beaches and other tropical regions, their presence in your premises will enhance the overall look and feel of the exterior landscape. The silk palms are so realistic in their look and feel that the onlookers will never be able to distinguish them as fake plants. The fact that they are easy to maintain, they turn out to be best landscaping products for large spaces such as malls, theme parks, water parks, hospitals, casinos, big hotels, and restaurants, etc.

Aesthetic beauty with functionality!

Artificial plants and trees do not stop at making space look luxurious and majestic, but they also add functionality to space. For instance, if you opt for artificial palms for your exterior setting, you can enhance the grandeur of the space while also using them to hide unsightly walls. Silk palms can be very well used along the pathways of malls, hospitals, and approach roads of the big building and likewise to establish a well organized and symmetrical outdoor setting. Be it a residential or commercial setting, silk plants and trees are capable of making any space look bigger and better.

Wide variety to choose from!

To revamp the exiting outdoor setting or to create the complete new look, silk palms work best in both the cases. Available in a wide variety, one can choose from attractive palms such as:

  • Coconut Palm
  • Areca Palm
  • Fan Palm
  • Date Palm
  • Kentia Palm
  • Fishtail Palm
  • Golden Cane Palm
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Golden Cane Palm
  • Paradise Palm

Apart from the artificial palms listed above, there are many more varieties to explore and make them a part of the exterior landscape. Each variety has a unique feel and renders a different theme to the landscape setting. For instance, planting silk Bamboo palms along Side Park or fountain will give an ethnic look while planting silk Coconut palms will bring a beach-like look to the premises.

The mesmerizing landscape through artificial Palms!

The beauty of artificial plants and trees lies in the fact that they are an exact replica of the real plant variety. The leaf color, leaf arrangement, stem color and texture and every other minute detail is botanically correct. Therefore, the on-lookers are mesmerized by the scenic beauty of silk Palms and cannot distinguish them as fake Palms. Silk Palms can entice the visitors with the first look. One can play with their imagination to uplift the existing look through silk palms. For instance, if you wish to render more Middle Eastern touch to the existing landscape, you can opt for silk Date palms and get the vibe just right!

Benefits and beyond!

Silk plants and trees work wonders when it comes to creating a landscape that is visually appealing yet hassle-free. They come with numerous benefits that make them the perfect alternatives to any real plant variety.

  • Maintenance free: First and foremost reason for anyone to incorporate artificial greenery is that it is completely maintenance free. Silk plants like the artificial Palms or any other variety do not require regular, watering, trimming and pest-control, etc.
  • Fit in any conditions: Be it low lighting conditions, overexposure, harsh cold or heavy rain, artificial plants remain unaffected. They neither fade nor get damage by any weather or lighting conditions.
  • Customizable: With real plants the options for customization to match your d├ęcor are limited. But with artificial palms, one can play with creativity and imagination to match them to the outdoor or indoor setting.
  • Easy Cleaning: Be it large silk palms or subtle decorative variety like faux Areca Palm, silk plants, and trees require as simple as a regular dusting to keep them shiny and green forever.
  • Safe: Artificial greenery does not suffer water damage, do not attract insects or pets. Therefore it also proves to be environmentally friendly.
  • Resistance: Artificial plants and trees are UV resistant and also fire resistant; therefore they are safe to be placed in and around the premises.
  • Budget Friendly: As artificial plants and trees are easy to maintain, they also are considered budget friendly landscaping products especially for large outdoor settings such as malls, theme parks, water parks, hospitals, government buildings, big hotels, etc.
  • Easy Availability: Silk plants and trees are easily available in wide variety both online and offline. One can choose the silk Palm variety by the exterior landscape setting or explore them to create the completely new look.

These benefits make Silk palms a must have landscaping product that looks classy, feels realistic and fits in the budget.

Easy to modify!

Apart from the benefits listed above, silk Palms can be easily modified to meet your requirements. For instance, they can be trimmed to fit into any setting, their leave's shape and orientation can be modified easily. Unlike real plants that grow over time, fake plants once retain their shape and size forever. One can use decorative lights as embellishments for various occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. to set the festive mood right!