Artificial Dracaena Tree – the Best Landscaping Product for Exterior Landscaping

You may be well aware of how tedious and tiresome it can be to maintain real plants in outdoor spaces. Real plants need constant care and nurturing. They require regular trimming to remain healthy, regular watering for survival and often the soil of the plants also need changing. In the case of the artificial silk Dracaena trees and plants, you do not need to stress about finding time in your hectic schedule to provide maintenance and care. These faux silk landscaping products are pretty much maintenance free and will last you for several years on end without any hassles.

A List Of Outdoor Spaces Where The Dracaena Trees Can Be Installed

The beauty of the artificial Dracaena trees is that they can be installed in countless outdoor spaces. Here’s a list of places you can consider revamping with the help of the Dracaena trees:

  • Porches, hotel parking areas, poolside, museum entrances, outside areas of art galleries, government buildings, residential buildings and commercial buildings are some of the spaces that can be decorated with the faux silk trees.
  • Mall parking lots, outdoor banquet halls, old age homes, public gardens, amusement parks, theme parks and public schools can also be given a decorative uplift with the artificial Dracaena trees.

Now No More Worrying About Nasty Weather Conditions

If you live in a city that is susceptible to constant weather fluctuations, installing real plants can turn out to be an absolute nightmare. Not only will the plants and trees have to bear the shocks of the changing weather regularly but a lot of them may not be able to survive climatic changes either. In the case of the faux Dracaena trees, no such weather issues will affect the landscaping products. The faux silk trees are extremely durable and weather proof. They can be exposed to heavy snowfall and rainfall, excessive sunlight, hail and even extreme humidity. No amount of extreme weather conditions with hamper the color, quality or longevity of the Dracaena trees, making them ideal for outdoors installations almost anywhere.

Incredibly Realistic And Lifelike Trees

Many people are uncertain about the installation of faux Dracaena trees in their outdoor spaces because artificial plants often look fake. In the case of the Dracaena plants offered by Commercial Palm Trees, you do not need to worry about your landscape looking unrealistic and awkward. The Dracaena trees are manufactured to look identical to the real ones. From the thick trunks to the lush green and pointed leaves, every aspect of the real trees is taken into consideration during the manufacturing process. These faux silk Dracaena trees are so unbelievably lifelike that even professional gardeners and horticulturists are often fooled into thinking that they are real trees.

Affordable Landscape Products For Your Exterior Landscape

Another reason that you should consider installing the Dracaena trees in your exterior landscape is that of their affordable price range. Unlike several other brands of landscaping products that are available in the market, the Dracaena trees offered by Commercial Palm Trees can are very reasonably priced. These Dracaena trees can be purchased in massive quantities for large sized exterior landscapes and will still not hammer a dent in your savings. Even commercial projects can be taken up by landscaping artists with these affordable and easy on the pocket prices.

Long Lasting and Sturdy Trees For Your Landscape Projects

A noteworthy feature of the artificial Dracaena trees offered by Commercial Palm Trees is that these lush green and beautiful landscaping products are very durable and sturdy. They can last for years and years on end without spoiling or losing their color or their leaves breaking. The Dracaena trees also have an excellent shelf life. So if you wish to use them only for occasions and parties, you can store them away in a proper warehouse or storeroom after use. The trees will not spoil even when stored away for months on end. As a long term decorative investment, the Dracaena trees are just what you need.

Professional Help With Landscape Design

Worried about how you will create the perfect exterior landscaping? You do not need to worry anymore. Commercial Palm Trees has a team of professional landscaping artists who will help you design you exterior landscape with rendered and digital images. This team will understand your specific requirements and needs and also take into consideration the space and size of the area you wish to decorate. Several different landscape design options will be put forward to you, and you can select the one that you like best.

Easy Installation Process For Your Convenience

Now you do not need to run here and there in search for a professional landscaping artist to complete the installation process for you. Commercial Palm Trees has a team of skilled and professional installers who will come to your doorstep and complete the entire landscape installation for you. This team has all the necessary professional and specialized equipment that will be required for the landscape installation. With their years of experience and skill, the landscape will be completed within a short period.

Custom Made Trees and Plants For Your Convenience

If you want special custom made trees and plants for your exterior landscape, Commercial Palm Trees will cater to your needs and requirements. Plants and trees will be manufactured in customised sizes to fit your landscape.

Now all those doubts, uncertainties and fears you had about installing the artificial landscaping products in your exterior landscapes can be tossed away. Leave the landscaping to the professionals. From designing to delivering, Commercial Palm Trees will handle every detail for you. So go right ahead and place your Dracaena tree order today. We promise you that you will not ever regret this affordable purchase and installation.