Amazing Ideas for Restauranteurs to Set Up Outside Seating Spaces

Having an outside seating area in your restaurant can be a real blessing. Not very many restauranteurs have the privilege of serving their customers under clear blue skies and amidst excellent weather. If you’re planning on expanding out your existing restaurant by including an outdoor seating space, there are some fantastic décor ideas that you can incorporate in the décor. Today, we have put together a list of these ideas for you. Here’s everything you need to know:

Proper Lighting And Shade Is A Necessity

Having proper lighting and shade in your outdoor restaurant space is essential. If you have an all-day restaurant, you will need to put up large umbrellas or install a roof in order to prevent your customers from getting baked under the burning sun. Further, you also need to have proper lights installed for the evening and night hours of the restaurant. There are several different kinds of affordable and stylish lights that you can opt for. From hanging lights to floor lamps, string lights, lantern-style lights and more, you can transform your outdoor seating space into a nighttime wonderland with the correct light structures.

Comfortable Seating Is Essential

Having an outdoor restaurant area is more than just being able to serve food to your guests and customers. You require proper and comfortable seating options and an excellent ambiance in the outdoor restaurant. Soft cushion chairs, bucket seats and other such seating options that provide proper back support are ideal. Also, add cushions wherever possible to provide your customers with the utmost comfort. If you want to give the outdoor restaurant a café or chill out zone like appeal, then you can even consider getting a bunch of beanbags for your customers to lounge on and use.

Faux Landscaping Products For That Upscale And Classy Appeal

To give your outdoor seating space that upscale and classy appeal, you most definitely need to invest in artificial exterior trees and plants. If you wish to give the restaurant a tropical and summery vibe, then you can install artificial coconut palm trees around the area. You can also get your hands on an artificial palm tree with lights that will help in making the décor of the restaurant more appealing at night. People who are looking to give their outdoor restaurant a Far East kind of vibe can add artificial bamboo tree options to the décor and so on.

Get The Floors Tiled Properly

You need to make sure that the floors in the outdoor seating area of your restaurant are properly tiled and evened out. Uneven floors can be a safety hazard and can also make the chairs rickety and off balance. If you don’t have the budget to get the floors tiled with ceramic tiles, you can always get a proper and even concrete job done on the floor. On the other hand, people with large budgets can consider getting wooden flooring installed in the outdoor seating space to give the restaurant a rustic and rugged appeal.

Install A Fireplace In The Outdoor Seating Space

In the winter months, the outdoor seating area of your restaurant will get chilly and cold. You don’t want to end up losing customers just because your restaurant is far too chilly a place to eat and be comfortable at. Installing a fireplace in the outdoor seating area and setting the tables in a circular manner around the fireplace will not only keep guests and visitors warm but will also add to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. You can probably offer s’mores to your customers for dessert too and allow them to roast their own marshmallows in the fireplace.

Fans And Mosquito Repellents

Major drawbacks that most outdoor restaurants face in the summer months are excessive heat and mosquitos. Both these drawbacks can be real mood killers and may make your customers disappear. Installing massive duty fans and making sure that mosquito repellents are sprayed or used everywhere can help keep mosquitos away from the dining tables. You can also place aloe vera plants around the restaurant to ensure that mosquitos stay away. Aloe vera plants are very effective in keeping bugs and insects at bay.

Set Up A Small Waterbody For Décor Purposes

Setting up a small waterbody like an artificial pond, waterfall, human-made oasis, and other such options can help to enhance the décor of the outdoor seating space. You can also opt for a koi pond or a large fish tank with exotic and colorful fish in it. The waterbody will give the outdoor restaurant a classy, mystical and sophisticated appeal. Avoid installing a waterbody that has still water as that can lead to mosquito breeding. Always opt for a waterbody where the water can be changed, or the water is flowing.

Give The Restaurant A Romantic Vibe

You can give your outdoor restaurant a romantic theme by placing gorgeous white candles all around the space. Candles can be placed on the tables, in the corners of the restaurant and so on. To give it that additional romantic vibe, you can also place vases with flowers on all the tables as centerpieces. Dim lighting would be required for the romantic vibe to stand out truly. Avoid using bright bulbs and excessive artificial light structures. Also, make sure that the dining tables aren’t too wide so that couples can sit at proximity from one another.

Now that you have some beautiful and lovely décor ideas, you can go right ahead and set up that outdoor restaurant that you have always wanted to have. Most of these ideas are easy to incorporate and don’t take much time or money. We guarantee that your guests and visitors will fall in love with the gorgeous décor and they will keep coming back to dine at your restaurant. So what are you waiting for? Start putting together these tips and suggestions and get all geared up for one of the best outdoor restaurants in town.