9 Ways to Transform Your Spa and Salon

What comes to your mind when somebody says they are visiting a spa or a salon? Wellness is the word. When people come to feel good, you ought to get them what they are looking forward to. The time spent by them at the spa is the most precious time of their lives because it is more focussed on relaxation which is rare these days. Here are some fantastic ways to transform your spa and salon so that apart from the services you deliver the best ambiance and environment to your clients.

Refreshing the decor of your salon

This is the first thing you should be looking into for transforming the space. Smaller or more significant, a smart refresh of the decor always goes a long way in bringing in the much-needed sense of newness in the area. A variety of indoor and outdoor plants can bring in a budget-friendly way to create unique decor. Not only do the plants bring in the liveliness and gush of fresh air, but it also adds to the color and overall look of the salon or your spa. Plant some lively areca palm tree at the entrance and the salon looks welcoming. Be sure you water the plants regularly.

Know your clientele

This is the most important thing to do before deciding to do a complete space transformation. Think about what they would like the space to be and then go ahead with the flow. Decorating the area with plants and trees is the safest bet here. After all, who doesn’t like the calmness associated with this color?

Picking up a theme

Knowing the type of clients you are going to have, and it is easy to pick up the theme. You can think about bold colors, simple yet classy design so that space is utilized wisely. If go-green is your theme then popping decorative trees, indoor seems to be a prudent choice. In case you feel the maintenance of the trees is quite taxing and not doable, you can always have a mix of artificial indoor trees and the reals over the shelves or the displays. The theme should essentially reflect your personality and your vision.

Declutter and plan space wisely

This works wonders too. Instead of refreshing the decor of the salon, one can just declutter it to give it a great feel. Reduce the number of things that you are currently not using, or create something out of it. Sticking to the rule of less is more, do not clutter the space by adding too many material things.

Remember the purpose of spas and salon is to rejuvenate your clients. Plants and trees, however, an exception to this rule. A little more green causes a soothing effect to the eyes and overall health. In case you have reservations to plant trees inside the spa and salon give a try to pot an outdoor artificial palm tree. Or else you can always have it both ways.

Getting Creative

Creatively using your old tools is also a smart way of saving on the refurbishing items. Decluttering also leads to a better mindset. Decluttering also leads to bringing in much-needed luck to space, transforming any ordinary space into a money-making machine.

Get in some warm throw-pillows to create the warmth in winter-season. Many times beautiful rugs and table-runners make the client feel at home, when even at a salon. Creatively display the instruments which are used for giving you that beautiful hair-cut or a hair massage.

They are playing a melodious tune at the background can wonders miracles when it comes to spa and salon. Mainly, have some great soothing music played in the lobby and the waiting area so that the clients don’t get bored quickly and are gently brought in to the therapeutic spa. Spa gets effective when a might musical instrument is there behind the message.

Think about masterpieces

Using spaces wisely would go a long way. Wherever you can, put a masterpiece of art so that people relate to their spa and salon experience with that masterpiece. Ceramics and Marbles help a long way to achieve this. Lifesize mirrors bring in the right impression to any salon.

The Feng Shui way

Lucky charms like the laughing Buddha or bamboo palm tree not only enhance the luck for space but also enhance the beauty of the area. If you do not believe in Feng shui, that is perfectly fine. Some small artifacts placed strategically are good aesthetically.

Less is more

Everything done in moderation helps, the spaces like salon and spa are meant to give the feeling of minimalism while designing the space always have “less is more” fundamental at the back of your mind.” You can always add some dash of fresh flowers to enhance the natural feel of the spa and salon.

Flowers speak a thousand words, and they are never enough especially for the women clients. Flowers in a pond or a small vessel at the entrance gives a traditional welcome to the patrons. Lamps and Diyas can be used in the right proportion to provide a well-lit and not too glary look to the salon.

Reflection of your personality

Apart from what others say, your salon and spa should exhibit your personality. If you are exuberant, space should look like one. If you are a minimalist, space should be like that. It really depends on what you would like to bring into the area. Vibrance or the calmeth. If you are an old -school person, then decorate the spa/salon with the vintage elements. Else the contemporary or the modern looks would also speak your mind.

Reserving some spaces for charging their mobiles or keeping their valuables also helps in making them feel safe. A small garden or a lobby for children and pets can also add to the number of patrons. People come to the spa and salon to get experience, by creating a space with an appropriate ambiance would definitely create a great and long-lasting relaxing experience.