9 Tips to Style Up Your Luxurious Home to Make It Look More Comfy and Cozy

Wonder how are you going to decorate your massive large sized home and render that cozy feeling? Here are some tips that will come in handy in making your home more appealing and marvelous. Believe me, it is not that tedious as you think and you will surely enjoy seeing the transformation of your home endures.

1.Dark shades for your bedroom

A dark shade in your room will make your room an apt place to relax and take a break from your busy schedule. You need not to worry if your room might look smaller as you have a spacious room. Opt for lavish bed linens in a lighter shade. They are sure to give a contrast look to your bedroom that would make you crawl into your bed for a nice long and peaceful sleep. Warmer shades like red, brown or peach orange will make your generously sized room look more compact.

2.The lighting of your rooms

The decorative lighting is not only an aesthetic accessory but also an excellent way to make your room look cozy. The type of lighting, whether bright or dim depends on the room. When your rooms are not very brightly lit, especially your bedroom will have that warm and comfy look. The lightings will make your rooms look incredibly amazing, especially in the evening when they are on to create stunning lighting. Why not host a get-together and your guests will surely be awestruck at the captivating ambiance of your living room. Mirrors, when used in strategic spots, can reflect the lighting of your room and make it livelier.

3.Window treatments

The Window treatments have the power to transform your rooms to give an aesthetic and inviting look to your rooms. Either you can design your own window treatments that suit your taste, or you can choose one from the wide range of options available in the market. They can either be functional serving their purpose or just a décor to your space. But why can’t they be both functional and a décor? If you are a person who adores nature, you can opt for roman shades with botanical prints. If you have the shutters, just a coat of paint, matching the color of your space will do wonders.

4. Bring in Nature

Artificial plants are no inferior to natural cousins because they look so real and natural. Silk Palm tree plants bring warmth and give that appealing look when placed in your bedrooms. Putting the palm tree in a terra-cotta planter will further add beauty to the plant. If you want to make it look taller, try filling the pot with some gravels. If you are choosing the tree to fill up space, make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the place. Buy fake palm trees of appropriate size so that the tree blends in your area and doesn’t stand out distinctly.

If you wish for something different, try buying an artificial bamboo tree. It will give a verdant touch to your space and brings in the refreshing dose of the outdoors. They are known to bring good luck and hence considered as one of the best fake trees for Feng Shui Décor. These fake palms and bamboos are sure to rejuvenate your room with their lush leaves and vibrant look.

5. Let the Artwork speak of you

Artworks are great opportunities that you cannot afford to miss when talking about making your home more charming. Do not go behind artworks that are costly or the ones suggested by some interior designer. They sure are of no use when you can’t relate yourself to the art piece. Buy the one that has mesmerized you at first glance or that speaks of you. End of the day, you are the one who is going to see the art every day and not your guests or the interior designer.

6.Introduce color and texture to your spaces

Do not hesitate to grab any chance of introducing color and texture to your homes. The proper use of fabric and texture will come in handy when dealing with massive rooms. A colorful vase, a patterned fabric on the chair or a patterned drape in the place are a few of the chances to bring in a pop of color and texture to your space. When you fill your room with things you would love to touch and feel, it will provide that missing warm and comfy feel to your area.

7. Choose proper furniture

A large spacious living room needs fitting furniture. A larger sectional sofa will do the magic of making your larger room will feel more intimate and inviting. Accessorize your sofa with throw pillows covered in bright and crisp colors. It is a beautiful way of adding a dash of color to your space. If you are the kind of person hosting many parties, creating intimate seating arrangements might be a smarter choice. The guests incline to set themselves into smaller groups and enjoy their cozy evening.

8.Adding bookshelf

A larger living room will have the furniture place generally away from the walls. In that case, adding a bookshelf to the wall might be a cooler option because they take up larger space. Won’t your guests love grabbing their favorite book from the shelf, when you are busy with some phone call? You can place a unique vase and sculptures give a more modern look to your bookshelf.

9. Rugs make it extra charming.

The rugs make your room feel complete. Place a large rug in your bedroom to give that instant intimate feel to your bedroom. Rugs are also an excellent way of adding hue to your space. Have a long narrow hallway that looks dull and empty? Try filling in with a colorful modern rug that will render an eclectic look to your hallway. The layering of rugs in your rooms will add visual interests to your floor and make it comfier.

You are tired of the look of your existing home or moving into a new home? These tips will surely assist you in giving that splendid and stunning look to your large and luxurious home. Your transformed home is sure to invite more and more guests and make them extend their stay.