8 Artificial Palm Varieties To Make Your Commercial Setting Majestic

Your commercial setting is your heart and soul apart from it is your means of living. It has to be majestic to face huge competition in the markets today. Some simple tricks can ideas can do wonders for your business.

Whether you own or run a casino, café, or restaurant, a mall or retail store, a hospital or a clinic, make your commercial setting look grand and majestic with one simple thing. You may wonder what that is. It is planted. Plants bring to life the dullest and most boring of places immediately.

You may want to place and grow real plants in planters and flower beds. Think again. Though they look beautiful, there are better alternatives to them, like artificial plants and trees, for many reasons. For one, you won't have to worry about nurturing, weeding, watering, or even pruning them. They thus save you a lot of efforts, time, money, and manpower.

Among these artificial plants and trees, the best for commercial complexes are fake palm trees. These look grand and are large enough for such spaces. Additionally, they are available in many varieties. Let's see eight of them.

Fan Palm

This variety has large lobed fan-shaped leaves, hence the name. The fanlike leaves spread out well and are very suitable for large and open spaces that need to be filled. Within this too, there are many types of fan palm trees according to the shape and pattern of the leaves.

You can choose from the common ones like the bush, royal fan, ruffled fan, dwarf, etc. Then there are fan palms named as per the place they originate like the Chinese, Mexican, California, and Madagascar in, etc.

European Fan Palm

These grand European Fan Palm trees come in stunning and beautiful shades of green, blue, gray, and yellow. Imagine the beauty they will add to your commercial setting. The large and small green leaves will stand out against the walls and also blend in with whatever theme you have in mind. It is also called the Mediterranean dwarf palm. Landscape with European Fan Palm in gardens and indoors. Since the leaves are thick, you can use them to represent bushes in larger spaces.

Areca Palm Tree

Do you know that the areca palm tree is the most common variety of palms? You can see it in homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, roadside, gardens, and shopping areas. This palm grows in clumps and has yellow ribbed leaves. Place it at the entrances, inside lobbies and waiting rooms, and you don't need much decoration there. This variety looks graceful in patios and atriums.

Silk Palm Trees

If you want a graceful and refreshing ambiance in your casino, restaurant or café, place some silk palm trees in planters. They give richness to the place. You can also keep them inside malls, in stores and retail stores.

Phoenix Palm Tree

Choose from a variety available in the phoenix palm tree. Depending upon where you want to place these palms and how much area you need to cover, you can choose branches, bushes or trees.

Banana Palm Tree

Create a tropical look with the banana palm tree at the malls and other shopping areas, Blend them in beautifully with the décor and place near the entrance or at some corners inside the stores. With realistic looking bananas hanging at the center of the plant, this palm looks very real and lifelike. They liven up and energize the place.

Fishtail Palm Tree

As the name suggests, the leaves of the fishtail palm tree sway in the wind like the tail of a fish swimming in water. Looking elegant, they bring in a sense of serenity and calmness to the office, hospital or clinic. Clients and visitors to such places will love to look at the swaying leaves and feel the peace in them.

Bamboo Palm Tree

The bamboo palm tree brings luck into your business. This plant is ideal for hospitals and clinics where you want a sense of calm, peace, and quiet. It helps patients and other visitors to de-stress and relax while waiting or during minor treatments. Keep them in corridors, the doctors' cabins, the recovery room, and in waiting rooms. It looks real as the real bamboo plant.

Choose the shape, color, and size of the plants that you like and want. Suit them to large and small spaces. Don't worry about watering them or pruning them if they outgrow the space they were intended for.

Place these palms on stairways, entrances, and porches. Have a few of them in the gardens along the drive in, along with the pathways.

They also look beautiful and apt inside lobbies, reception and waiting areas, doctors' cubicles, in corridors, and halls. Keep a couple of them on the stage near the speaker's stand. Keep at corners and highlight them with focus or led lights. Decorate them with fairy lights. Buy the mini versions for table tops.

These palms are made of extremely good quality and durable materials. They look aesthetic and like replicas of the real plants with all the advantages of artificial plants.

Further, their safety standards are high. Since they are fire resistant and fire retardant, you can safely place them in areas where a large number of people walk in and out on a daily basis.

Keep these fake palm trees in colorful planters made of terra cotta, porcelain, wicker, plastic, or simple mud too. They look majestic and grand anywhere. They form a great style statement and represent your flourishing business.

Create themes like the Mediterranean, the Victorian, the tropical, and the coastal with these palms. Choose a variety to suit the theme.

Decorate your commercial space with these palms and give a graceful, classy, rich, and lush look to it. Watch the visitors grow in numbers and sit back and relax knowing that your business is doing well.