14 Incredible Ways to Upgrade the Décor of Your Classroom

Gone are the days when learning used to be mundane, and classrooms boring! With the advancement in technology kids, today learn everything in a novel and fun-filled ways. Since they spend most of their time in classrooms, it is needless to say, why it is important to make this space lively and creative.

Here are 14 incredible ways to make the kids fall in love with your classroom every single day!

Install some colorful bookshelves:

Learning is not just limited to textbooks, right? So how about installing a bookshelf and loading it with some informative and interesting books? When we say shelf, you may think of a regular wooden one, No! You can make your own shelves using some empty boxes and paint. Yes, it’s that simple, yet innovative!

Paint your windows:

Say goodbye to the monotonous windows, add some vibrancy to your classroom by painting them with various colors which would complement and contrast with the color of the classroom. All you need is some acrylic enamel paint and brushes. You can also make patterns, trees, butterflies or anything of your choice to make them look more appealing and enticing. You can also place some small decorative indoor plants besides the windows to add a natural twist.

Set up objective boards:

Setting up objective boards is a great way to keep the students motivated. This will help teachers to set daily, weekly and monthly objectives, enabling students to work in a very systematic and efficient manner. You can make it look as beautiful as possible with creative borders and designs.

Get close to nature:

Live plants can’t really dwell in a place full of children! But not to worry, you can install some artificial indoor plants and trees which look amazingly real! Install silk palm trees to add some tropical vibes. You can choose from various sizes and variants like areca palm trees, Phoenix palm trees, and others. These plants are strong enough to withstand the mischiefs of playful kids, as well as quite a maintenance free too.

Create a shout outboard:

Words are powerful, and little jolts of encouragement go a long way! Create a shout outboard and put up colorful sticky notes celebrating big and small victories of children as well as teachers. This will create a healthy and positive environment and motivate children to aim towards better performance.

Put up Birthday months poster:

Putting up birthday months poster is a very thoughtful addition to your classroom. Get creative, make posters in the shape of cakes, candles, balloons or anything else of your choice! Just print and add the children’s names under the respective months.

Illuminate your classroom:

Paint some old bulbs using heat resistant paints and hang them on the ceiling to add some glitter and brightness in your class. You can also put up fairy lights with colorful plastic cups or paper flowers, and it would be a real treat to the eyes.

Incorporate fun themes:

Choose a unique theme every month and decorate your space with some fantastic DIY stuff. You can go for various themes like a natural habitat, underwater, rainbow, jungle safari, space and so much more! This will help children to be more innovative and inculcate a scientific temper too. Don’t forget to engage students in the décor process, as this will help them unleash their inner artists!

Create a poetry reading corner:

Reading poetry is like teleporting yourself into a different world! Select a corner of the classroom where you can put up amazing poetries by great writers. Students can read them and get inspired to put their thoughts and emotions into words. This will help nurture some would- be poets of the future!

Put up a suggestion box:

Conducting class meetings is a great way to ensure every student participates in the class activities. Putting up a suggestion box for the same is an excellent way to give students an opportunity to express their opinions in a candid and frank manner.

Make pen stands and file holders from scratch:

Got some old tin cans and racks? How about upcycling them into something useful? Paint the tin cans and racks with your favorite colors. This way kids won’t lose their valuable stationeries, and all their project files will be neatly organized.

Put some vinyl stickers on the floor:

Lining up the floor with some colorful numbered vinyl stickers is a great way to ensure children stand in a disciplined queue during submissions or oral exams. Not only that, it adds excellent visual appeal too!

Turn waste into art:

Got some extra papers, cardboard or any other material in hand? Instead of throwing them away you can make some quick and easy craftworks to decorate your classrooms. From tassel garlands to snowflakes, building models, you can make anything you wish for! All you need is the above items and scissors and some creativity.

Bring in some carpet squares:

To make the classes less monotonous, you can bring in some lovely carpet squares so that children can also sit on the floor. It is a great idea especially when they are working in groups. They can sit with chart papers, colors, stationeries and work with great ease and comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow, go ahead and implement these bright and innovative ideas! The best part is most of these ideas are more of upcycling the and less of procuring of new materials. This in itself is a very much environment-friendly approach, which is quite the need of the hour now!