10 Ways to Give a Decor Makeover to Your Home for Summers

Summer is the season of warmth, joy, and sun. It's also a great time to update the decor after bleary winters. Unlike the cold season, which limits decorating to just the inside of the house, summer allows one to play with both the inside and outside. Imagine sipping on some lemonade while sitting on your summer themed porch. It's that sense of relaxation which should permeate the whole house. So here are some decor ideas on it:

Add Color to Outdoors

Outdoors can be made entertaining, especially if summer parties, dinner and barbecues and on the mind. Go with a porch seating set which is relaxing to be in, like lounges. Also, add in dinner tables and chairs if there is enough space. Opt for soft cushion seats or stools. Add in some colorful pillows in muted, cool colors of greens or blues. Avoid shades of red and orange since they are warm colors. Making the outdoors an extension of the indoors can be done if the indoor accessories and color palette are used outside too.

Embrace summer colors in the bedroom

Summers can get chilly at nights. So, opting for a duvet cover in beach-inspired colors and patterns like aqua, pebble grey, and stormy blue can add a cool touch to the bedroom. Look for comfortable fabrics while choosing the bedding like cotton and linen, keep flowers in a rustic wooden vase and add in a picture rail to hang or stick pictures. Coastal themes will go well in the bedroom as it will give off a cold aura. Use weathered wood for headboards or make a small cushion stool out of it.

Add in a rug or carpet indoors or outdoors

While wooden tiles and floorboards add character to a floor but over time the wood and its color can get eroded. So putting in a rug or a carpet with summer colors and patterns can cover up discolored, cold or hot floors. It will also create a focal point around which the furniture can be centered. Be creative while choosing the rug/carpet especially if the cushions and other seating arrangements are neutral.

Add string lights for warmth

String lights bestow anyplace with a kind of ethereal light. These shouldn't use for task lighting but instead to set the ambiance. There are colorful options available, but classic white ones can fit and uplift any decor. Hang them on the patio deck or in the bedroom. If there are window seats then hanging them on the window would work, especially during evenings when you can switch off all major lights and relax. Add on some cushions to the seat too.

Redecorate the bathroom to suit the season

Bathrooms are not the place people think about decorating when it comes to decor, but apart from the bedroom; the bathroom is also where people go to relax and rejuvenate themselves. One of the inexpensive ways of redecorating is replacing the shower curtain to something with aqua blue styles. Add in seasonal towels, wick baskets and artificial flowers in the mix too. Paint the walls blue or add in rock tiles to give it a more sophisticated but natural look. Add in weathered wood floorboards if possible.

Use summer scents in the house

The decor should be aesthetically pleasing, but during summers when the weather makes people hot and sweaty, it's about the scent too. Citrus and tropical scents will work wonders for the atmosphere of the room. Use scents which are aromatic and easy on the senses. To keep up with the overall decor, match the candle holders with that look. But do limit the number of scents to just one or two as adding multiples ones will create a confusing smell.

Change you're the wall paneling

One of the significant areas where one can affect the decor of the house is walls. While painting can be one option, adding a set of wall panels can add more character. Having acoustic felt panels or even custom felt wall panels in summer moods can create a relaxing space. Using felt ceiling panels to cover the ceiling and create a calm enclosed space will work when the temperatures are too hot outside. You can also use felt hanging panels or felt partition to create a little personal enclosure for yourself. Fill it with a comfy sofa or chair and use it as a reading space. There are varied forms of felt wall coverings available to choose from, and one can use colorful, painted and decorative ones to add according to the aesthetic being aimed for.

Make a casual seating space

Summers can be difficult to navigate, especially if there's a lot of guests in the house. So instead of finding chairs and sofas to sit on, you can opt to create a seating space on the floor. It will be informal and will promote a better sense of camaraderie. Add a thick carpet to the floor of soft colors. It can be white, fluffy and soft, but keep in mind that it will have to be cleaned later on choose accordingly. Add in floor cushions and a low table as well.

Add some green to your house

Adding flower pots or keeping any plants in the house will have a calming and cooling effect. Keeping flower pots in the corner of the living room or bedroom will work. But if there is a crunch of space, then it's time to get innovative. Use tall wine bottles or soda bottles to put some long stalks of flowers or build a wooden box shelf and hang it on the wall. There are hanging flower pots as well which will add color to the patio too. You can also make flowers the centerpiece by putting then on a low ceramic or brass bowl filled with shallow water. Choose aromatic flowers with colors which go with the decor.

Cover up the fireplace

You can store leftover wood in the fireplace, or you can opt to replace it with some soft woolen balls to cover up space. Put a small sofa in front and decorate the mantle above with pictures, glass decorations, and wood themed accessories to suit the summer style going on.

Summer decorating is all about ensuring that the house feels and looks relaxing. You don't have to go to a beach or coastal theme if it's not your style. At the end it's your home, decorate as you see fit.