Intro How To Set Up A Quiet Zone In Your Office For Focused Work

In a busy office which is always bustling with energy, it is often very difficult for anyone to concentrate fully on work. Everyone needs a place of solitude and peace to clear their minds of unimportant trash. Your office should have such a quiet zone too, to help your staff concentrate and relax at the same time with an increase in productivity.
The quiet zone of your office can be placed indoors or outdoors, and here's how to set it up like a boss.

For Indoors:

Allot a separate room/hall for this purpose. What you can do in it is :

1. Soundproofing and absorbing in the rooms:

When you want a quiet zone, you must soundproof it from external noise to keep you from any disturbance. You can do it at the beginning of construction by asking your architect. Or you could go for harmless DIY methods like airtight the room, using soundproof curtains, taping down cracks, using soundproof blankets for the walls and floor, etc.

2. Make solitary hanging booths 'cause it's cool:

When it's a quiet zone, you need to be alone to keep away from any distraction. Why not set up a few open stalls/booths with suitable lights inside? They even look so good as seating arrangements, attached to the wall, yet hanging. Throw in a cushion for comfort.

3. An office friendly garden arrangement with fake shrubs and bushes:

What better place can it be for tranquility, if not a garden? But maintaining one inside an office area is such a mess! Why get soiled when you can get artificial greenery ranging from 2ft to 10ft in size online, although it is recommended you use smaller ones for office use. Make an area to set up pots and pebbles and fill with faux European fan palm trees and other shrubs for decoration.

4. Install an aquarium with exotic fish and other sea creatures:

The sea can be so energetic with waves, but the life inside it is so peaceful. Bring in a touch of the soothing sea in your office by installing an aquarium. The slow drifting of the fish inside will cool the nerves of your staff. Also, it happens to be known as a lucky charm. You can also include handfuls of silk leaf plants in the aquariums which are widely available online, it adds to the swaying move.

5. Give weary backs a rest:

Come on, you've been thinking about it. Say yes to those beanbags! Throw in a few bean bags in your quiet zone and put up a fancy iron framed glass/fiber rack on the wall. Feels just right. Those racks can contain useful books and documents. In between those, just for a span of relief, you can put a few decorative artificial potted plants because fake greenery is mess-free and more manageable around the paper.

6. Recycle old furniture and turn into a showpiece:

Do you have an old chest of drawers which seem just useless? Well, oomph it up for yourself by changing it into soothing greenery for your quiet zone. Keep the drawers open, put the plants inside. It's that simple. Don't want that mess off real elaborate greenery? A wide range of real-to-touch artificial plants are available online, which can be used instead of real ones.

When done, all you need to do is gear up for your work and focus!

For Outdoors:

If you are setting up your quiet zone outdoors, you have to make it more comfortable than what's indoors, because you have to bear with the weather too. Let's see what you can do:

1. Get the zone covered and secured:

If you are into the natural, trim the lawn. If you are not, get a concrete floor. Don't bother to get a carpet because it is bound to get dirty, it's got to be the cleaned every day. Dig iron poles around it and put up a tiled or thatched roof for coolness.

2. Get a central attraction with recycling :

Found a wide tree trunk but it's jagged? Worry not. Smooth out one side and put it on a rag at the center of the pavilion. Fill up the jagged end with blue-green resin or cover with colored glass, and voila! It's just the center table you've been looking for! Why not adorn it with little table palms that look cute for tabletops?

3. Include a waterfall and add some greenery for a classy centerpiece:

Big or small, a waterfall is known for its calming effects and serenity. If you ditch the wooden-trunk idea, install a nice pebbled waterfall at the center of the pavilion. Add some greenery along with the waterfall, whether real plants or artificial shrubs and bushes that are made especially for outdoors.

4. Seating arrangement with a do-it-yourself project:

Thinking about the seating arrangement at the quiet zone? It's time for DIY. Grab some big old tires, cover one side with stiff board. Wrap with colorful ropes all over. Take another stiff board and fix a soft cushion for comfort and cover the other side. It's done! Get some of these tire seats and you are done.

5. Get some potted plants for enhanced green everywhere:

Imagining a serene place out in the air, green is the thing we think first. So get the green right when you are outside. You can buy real shrubs and bushes from the local nursery. Or you can use fake options like artificial outdoor landscaping with bamboo and banana palm trees that are quite in vogue. They provide instant shade, you don't have to wait for them to grow.

6. Get an electric connection for regular use:

Being on the outside doesn't mean you have to cut out of technology. Plug points, electric fans, and lights are a must if you have to work.

7. Use PVC curtains or other waterproof ones:

Get large and colored PVC curtains for the place but keep the provision for having them rolled up too. Don't forget to keep umbrellas handy in the rainy season!
However, keep a drawer or covered racks so that you can keep important and useful documents and stationery materials needed for your work.

You can get ideas from everywhere if you keep your eyes open to the creative world. When setting up, you can consult with your friends too! Now get going, and make it happen!

Intro Improving Your Office Is Easy With These 10 Dcor Hacks

Everybody likes a beautiful office. Haven't you realized, that a nicely done-up office area attracts your attention immediately? Not only this, but it also makes for a solid first impression.

Yes, it's true. A sophisticated and trendy looking office gives a good impression and is also very welcoming.

So, let's see how you can really make your office a great looking place and revamp its look altogether! Just try these hacks and get going…

#1 Make it breezy and well-ventilated

There's nothing like the feel of a spacious and ventilated office area. Offices are places where people spend some good time of their day. Therefore, it's important to make it airy and breathable.

No one likes cluttered and claustrophobic areas. People love the whiff of fresh air, a place full of windows for ventilation. Terrace gardens and vacant spaces make for a nice getaway from work during break timings.

#2 Terrace and office patios can be laced in greens.

Offices are great places where plants and greenery can be used profusely and also effectively. People need relaxation time. This is where green, office gardens come into the picture. Terrace area can be used as terrace gardens.

A lot of ferns and petals can be used, to add freshness and beauty. There are many varieties of both indoor and outdoor plants available, which can add color, zest and the much-needed oxygen to an office area.

#3 Use artificial Plants and Planters

Artificial indoor plants are also a great idea when it comes to the office decoration. Artificial palm trees are available for both indoors as well outdoors. Not only they look awesome, but they are also very cost-effective and ergonomic.

They are also very easy to maintain and doesn't require everyday care and maintenance. They look really attractive and beautiful.

Artificial Plants décor is also a good and viable option as it suits all weather conditions.

#4 Corner Spaces make for ornamental decoration area

Have you noticed, most of the corners in offices are empty spaces? Also, these are the places not much embarked upon and look really stark.

But you can surely change that.

Make good use of the corners by putting decorative pieces and ornamental decoration- for example- big flower-pots, planters, box-plants, bonsai, etc.

It 's also a good idea to put stylish sculptures and antiquities for a rustic yet modern feel.

#5 Use the stair area

Stairs in the offices can be used for decoration to make the office look exemplary. Both indoor and outdoor stairs can be used for decoration. Many people prefer stairs to lifts. They will love the decoration and feel nice about the office space.

In fact, stairs make for a very good display area which looks very decorative and stylish. Plants and flower-pots kept on its corners add a lot of personality and charm.

Decorating your office is a mark of magnificence. And shows that you have taken that extra bit of effort to make your office look really amazing.

So, use the staircase and the area near the stairs to bring extra life and exuberance to your office space.

#6 Use stylish and ornate furniture

Gone are the days when big and bulky furniture looked stylish. These days, smart, sophisticated and easy to assemble ones are in vogue and demand.

Modular and lightweight furniture isn't just convenient but also very cost-effective.

In today's times, space is a major constraint and needs to be used smartly.

So, use easy to stack chairs and tables which are portable and light-weight. They take very little space and are uber-stylish and artistic. Also, they can be stacked easily and make for an easy extra sitting area.

#7 Use Stylish and Sophisticated Upholstery

Offices have waiting areas. These are places where people sit and observe.

Make the sitting and waiting areas look inspiring. Use soft fabrics and good materials for sofas. Stack colorful and quirky cushions. Not only will it make for a relaxing sitting area, but will also, add color and style to your office interiors. It will give the office a very warm and modern feel.

#8 Mirrors look great in offices

Believe it or not, people are fond of looking at themselves in the mirror. A full-length mirror helps to look and examine how you are looking which adds confidence (to both men and offices).

For ensuring utility, mirrors can be added at selective places. It also helps in making the office space look bigger and attractive. In addition, colorful mirror detailing is very stylish and decorative.

#9 Pay heed to colors and Lights

Colors and lights make a huge difference in our mood and behavior.

An office décor should be such that the visitors and office personnel feel motivated and high-spirited. Bold lighting is a great idea to make the office look extravagant. High-definition lights also work. No matter whether an office is big or small, all offices and workspaces need smart-effective lighting and illumination.

Even colors should be used smartly. Single colored office areas look very monotonous and traditional. These are modern times, so experiment with colors to make the office area look enticing.

Use an array and riot of colors.

Distressed coloring doesn't work well everywhere. So, paint your office in peppy and vibrant colors which will make it look smart and sassy.

Colour -contrasting is also a great idea for a vivid look. Complement light hues with bold shades. How well you color coordinate will change the entire look of your office!
Whites, Crèams, pastels, ivory look great with greens and browns. White and Black also make for an exciting and bold impact.

#10 Don't forget the cafeterias and restrooms.

Cafeterias can also be adorned in style. Decorate them as beautifully and stylishly as possible. Make the ambiance lively by using very bright colors and lights.

Also, add greenery to give it a fresh look. Add a lot of palms to spell exuberance and class. Transform it into a lively hub, and make it resemble like a fun- cafeteria. Office rooftops can also be used as café areas.

Other places which can also be experimented with. are washrooms and restrooms. It's a good idea to make them look equally beautiful. Use aesthetics well.

So, we see, there's a whole lot that can be done with your office décor. All it needs is some time and patience.

Just invest some quality time and make your office the most vibrant and high-spirited workplace area in the town.

Intro Want To Infuse A Tropical Vibe In Your Restaurant Use These Artificial Palm Trees To Make It A Pleasure Abode

Essentially, restaurants are places where people go to relax, spend time and enjoy delicious food. At times, people find it hard to believe that restaurants are places where people stop for a little bit and pause their hasty lives and a huge part of this relaxation and luxury is the decor of the restaurant. If you have decided on establishing a tropical themed restaurant, you might know the basics but still might be struggling with how to implement and execute certain aspects. Not to worry. This article is all you need to know about infusing a tropical theme in your restaurant.

1. The Great Outdoors

It is not uncommon for restaurants to provide outdoor or open-air seating to its diners. Having an outdoor seating area is a potential that can be explored to the deepest. If you plan on having an outdoor or open-air seating area for your diners, you can use fake outdoor palm trees such as the phoenix palm tree and the European fan palm tree. These trees can be scattered around the seating area and will look good with light when night falls. These trees are sure to give off a tropical vibe if you are planning an outdoor tropical restaurant.

2. Asian Infusion

There is an appeal in trying to recreate restaurants and home in Asia by recreating their cuisines and decor. For one, Asian food is delicious and secondly, the decor is mesmerizing and so wonderfully unique. If you are planning on opening an Asian restaurant with excellent food, you might as well go the extra mile and chip in on Asian inspired decor. Asian decor uses quite a few plants, use artificial indoor trees such as the areca palm tree or the bamboo palm tree to really liven the restaurant and make it look authentic. These plants will help quite a bit in making your restaurant look that much more Asian inspired.

3. Modernist Twist

You do not necessarily have to have a tropical eye for your restaurant's theme but you might want to employ some aspects of it to your restaurant. Creating a mixture of themes in a restaurant is a bold and welcoming decision, and to do so, you must be brave enough to experiment and see what fits right in the establishment. There are a few established pairings, like how areca palm trees go great with wicker furniture. If you want to have a contemporary and out of the box look for your restaurant, make sure to experiment or you can simply take examples from established pairings.

4. Coastal View

More than just tropical, if you are planning on making your restaurant coastal themed by going the extra mile and employing smaller water bodies in your establishment, might as well go a bit further and use some artificial trees to make the establishment look a lot more authentic. Artificial palm trees such as the banana palm tree and the butterfly palm tree can be used. Plane the banana palm tree on the water body or the butterfly palm tree around it to make it visually aesthetic. Your coastal view restaurant will be the talk of the town if you go the extra mile and invest in such decor and artificial trees.

5. Complementing Light

When opening brunch spots and restaurants, the usage of natural light becomes crucial. The time of the day when people stop in to eat brunch is quite early on but late enough to soft sunlight falling inside your establishment through windows. If you have an establishment that employes large windows for the restaurant and natural light, make sure you have decor that absorbs the light so that the same is not overwhelming or repetitive to the eyes. Use indoor artificial plants such as the artificial dracaena tree or the Rhapis palm tree. These trees will easily absorb the excess light coming into your establishment and make sure that the decor of your restaurant is well balanced and visually appealing.

6. Bar Areas

It is a common narrative that bar areas have to dark and hidden spots in restaurants and bringing them into common views seems rather unorthodox, however, having a bar in your restaurant is not only a matter of pride but also revenue-generating potential. Highlight your bar area, stop it from being in the background. Use appealing decor to draw the eve and people into that spot of your restaurant. In the mornings and afternoons, use the light to highlight the spot and use appropriate light absorbers such as faux palm trees like dracaena trees to give the bar a more tropical and festive vibe. This activity is sure to attract diners to go to the bar and get a drink or two.

7. Casual Dining

If your restaurant comes under the description of casual dining, you need not worry. Casual doesn't mean you can't put in an effort to make the establishment aesthetic or stand out of the crowd. Use simpler decor to make the vibe of the place calmer and cozier than fine dining restaurants. For casual establishments, artificial trees are the best investment when it comes to decor. Sprinkle an areca palm tree here and a Rhapis palm tree there and watch the magic unfold. It is truly surprising to see how a few tweaks and a few artificial palm trees can make a casual dining restaurant appealing and visually aesthetic at the same time.

Adding a tropical vibe to your restaurant is not really an excruciating or an expensive job. Using a few artificial tropical plants make all the difference and they take your restaurant from level seventy to a hundred quickly and easily.

Intro Golden Areca Palm Tree

Hundreds of retail shops are selling identical products making survival tough. The only way to win the competition is by drawing more crowds and making them loyal. The moment customers step in, they start forming an opinion. Also, only a memorable experience can impress them to return.

Retail stores decoration plays a vital role in this. Not sure where to start? Here are nine decor tricks that you can follow.

1. Embrace with faux greens

A warm and inviting retail store is sure to have repeat visits. As people have an innate urge to be close to nature, a green interior improves the mood. With their exotic appearance, the silk palm trees are perfect for this.

Plenty of varieties of artificial trees for decoration are available for this purpose. Made from premium quality raw materials they have the most realistic look. Some of these come in decorative pots making them ideal for the store interior.

Creating a green front door allures the potential shoppers to step inside. Install outdoor artificial palm tree with lights in front of the retail stores. It will make the stores glam. And once they step in, impress them with a tropical spirit. Use areca palm trees and fishtail palm trees. They will deliver a soothing ambiance with their graceful presence.

2. Digital signage makes it attractive

Signs always form a unique way to connect with customers. Install a glow sign at a height where there is no obstacle. This will make it visible from a distance. It should contain your logo and a slogan about the business. When the pedestrians see it across the street they will feel an urge to visit.

Also, display digital signage in the interior for displaying special promotional sales. Use screens and signs throughout the retail stores for guiding the shoppers and sharing information. This will make your retail shop memorable to them and they are sure to make return visits.

3. Entice pedestrians with a window display

With the flourishing of online shops, the brick and mortar retail stores are finding difficult to attract customers. This makes window display is the most deterministic factor for alluring the onlookers. Display the strategic items where they are clearly visible.

Harmonize the display by arranging the items in a systematic manner. Add a catchy slogan with each group and light them bright. Do not display an item for a long time. Better change them every week for a nice impact. This is sure to make the pedestrians curious and they will pay a visit to your stores.

4. Guide them through a set path

Shoppers enter the stores, see things, chose them, make payment and leave. Create a path so that the entire process has a nice flow. Studies reveal that most of the people turn right after entering a retails store. Display the prize items on the right of the entrance. Such attention-grabbing displays will induce them to follow the set path.

The layout also plays a vital role in creating a set path. Place the shelves in straight, angular, or loop layout formation based on the floor space. This will increase the visibility of the products and deliver a memorable experience.

5. Make the shop extraordinary with lights

Lighting can make a retail store ambiance pleasant. It helps to improve the mood and also leverages the bottom line. While people feel relaxed and comfortable in soft lighting, bright lights make the products more visible.

Install ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting to create a great overall impact. The ambient and task lighting will strike a balance between comfort and visibility. Use accent lights to highlight special zones and products. When you improve the appeal with decorative lighting, it will make the shop quite impressive.

6. Engaging senses improve the ambiance

Whether a customer will be loyal or not depend on how he or she felt in your shop. Build a water feature in the store If you space and budget permit. It could be anything from a tiny fountain to a cascading wall. This will create a great sensory impact and make the shoppers happy.

You may also arrange to play soft music and install aroma diffusers in the store. These will make the area appealing and the shoppers would not mind waiting at the cash counter.

7. Comfort is the key to a memorable shopping

Comfort is of prime importance in retail stores. The customers, especially women, definitely avoid the aisle where there is a chance of brushing against others. Ensure that there is enough personal space in the aisles and pathways for peaceful shopping.

Product display is also important in this. Make efforts to display strategic items at the eye-level. This will create a nice impression. Provide comfy seating arrangements in the lounge. There should also a hydration point nearby. The shoppers will be able to take a break as and when they like.

8. Make the stores tech savvy

Provide free Wi-Fi with full access internet in the retail stores. This will enable shoppers to gather information to make a shopping decision. Moreover, they will also be able to attend to any urgent work. Also, arrange charging stations at the strategic corners. This will enable your customers to charge their devices in case of exigency.

9. Create a kid's corner

Living in a nuclear family the parents have to take the kids to retail stores. More than often, the kids – especially the toddlers – become a serious cause of distraction and embarrassment. Sometimes, that had to leave the store in the middle of their shopping spree.

Building a safe fun zone for them will be a great relief to the parents. Provide separate areas for different age groups. The kids can play games there while the parents will do peaceful shopping.

Intro The 9 Secrets That Make Artificial Palm Trees The Designers Heartthrob

Be it decor or trying to infuse a little nature in your lives, you have always tried to incorporate plants in your homes and offices. However, you have always been lead to believe that artificial indoor trees and fake outdoor trees are somehow tacky and not as good as their natural counterparts. That might have been true when artificial flora wasn't as refined. Now that we have realistic faux flora, you should not avert your attention from them for they are stunning and an artificial palm tree is no different.

1. Adaptability To Style

Due to its versatile nature, an artificial palm tree can become part of various themes in design. Usually, some plants and trees go a certain way with several designs, either they look perfect or they look like they are ruining your entire design. However, a faux palm tree is harmonizing to several designs. For example, due to its color scheme, the tree harmonizes with the Mediterranean style of design and for coastal and tropical themes, an artificial palm tree is near perfect.

2. Little maintenance Required

When using the natural counterpart of a faux palm tree, quite a bit of maintenance and attention is required. For example, the tree needs to be watered and kept at a certain temperature for keeping it from browning. However, with an artificial palm tree, no such care is required. The tree just needs to be brushed down a few times a month. It does not need watering or a specific temperature to survive.

3. Travels Well

Anyone who has ever had natural flora will know how excruciatingly painful it is to move it around. To move around natural flora, you have to make sure it sits near the right amount of sunlight and then, there is the question of the mess that is created when it is moved around, with soil falling everywhere. With artificial plants, that is not even an issue. Give it as much or as little sunlight as you require and moving it around will not create a mess. So, if you believe that the plant's room must be changed, you can easily do that with artificial indoor trees.

4. Seasons Are Irrelevant

Natural flora, by its very nature, changes with time and season. Some seasons might not be favorable to the said flora. Therefore, moving it around and maintaining it becomes a hassle, with you utilizing your whole day to do those deeds. Changing seasons are far worse for outdoor plants. However, if you get an artificial plant, changing seasons are only for you to enjoy and not worry about because faux greenery does not require the care and temperature that is given to its natural counterpart. So, getting artificial outdoor trees is more sensible.

5. Durability

Fake palm trees are more durable than their natural counterparts. Although the real palm tree has a long life span, it is bound to give off some day and if not maintained properly, the life expectancy of a real palm tree decreases significantly resulting in you needing to buy a new one to replace the older one. However, such is not the case with fake palm trees. You do not have to keep a constant eye on them and they last much longer than their natural counterparts.

6. Choose Your Size

Faux palm trees come in several styles and sizes. Whether it is a small apartment or a big mansion, there are several sizes and styles of palm trees for you to choose from. The option of sizes also makes sure that the designer in you is satisfied by how much visual and physical space the tree occupies. You usually go with a small size if you want to make its presence felt but not make it the center of attention, and you will go with a larger size if you want it really resonate with your style and make it the center of attention. Having the option to size up or down is liberating because you don't have to confine your artistic views for something as trivial as size.

7. No Allergies

It is common knowledge that natural flora might induce allergies in several people, making them a pain to maintain and keep. If you like having guests around your house, the probability of allergic reaction increases significantly and that might stop you from being as social as you are. With artificial flora, allergies are the one thing you do not have to worry about. You can be social and still have greenery around.

8. No Toxicity

Sometimes, plants require soils that are toxic if ingested in large quantities. While adults consciously ingesting soil is not a matter of concern, toddlers and younger children are always at risk of doing so due to lack of knowledge and childish curiosity. Keeping an artificial indoor tree removes the risk of soil toxicity so that you and your family are not at risk and are safe.

9. Realistic To Look At

Even Though they do not require the care and attention of a natural tree, artificial trees look almost exactly the same as them. Due to the realistic making of artificial trees now, until and unless you are adamant on inspecting them for several minutes, faux trees look very real at first glance, making them a desirable choice for home decor and since they are low maintenance, you need not worry about watering them like natural trees.

Until recently, artificial trees have had a bad reputation in the society because they lacked visually very back in the day, however, now, with cutting edge technology, artificial trees look more and more real, making the pros of owning them outweigh the cons. Artificial palm trees are no different.

Make Your Restaurant Wonderful

A restaurant must have great food and service, but what is more important, is a beautiful, cozy ambiance. When a customer enters your space, the first thing they notice is your décor. As a result, it has a lasting impact on their opinion of your restaurant. Worry not- here is everything you need to know to give your restaurant a splendid makeover-

Decide what your center of attraction is

Draw up a design plan beforehand, and decide what you want to emphasize. For instance, if families frequent your restaurant, the dining area would be the center of attraction, as opposed to the bar.

An open style restaurant is the latest, modern and trending idea. The kitchen, wine cellar, and other typically backstage elements will be a part of the décor, and the diners will be let in on the experience, from start to finish. Open space has a sleek, edgy look that would do you wonders.

Choose an appropriate color scheme

You need to have a vision of how the color scheme should be. The color scheme depends on various factors, like the audience and the lighting. Dark palettes will give a relaxed, romantic feel, and so might be more suitable for an older or an upscale crowd. Brighter colors are suitable for a young audience.

Similarly, you need to choose colors that would blend well with the lighting. If you have statement fixtures, like a big chandelier, it might be wise to go mute on the colors.

Furniture and lighting

The furniture can make or break a restaurant. You need to choose furniture that would go well with your brand's aesthetic and your restaurant's feel. The type of audience you generally get also affects this decision.

Muted lighting can be great for an excellent dining restaurant, while for a hipster's joint, bright lights will do the trick. Don't opt for big chandeliers in an informal, fast food restaurant. Remember- context is critical. And don't forget functionality! All your furniture choices must be comfortable at the most basic level. Even the most beautiful chairs are useful, only if you can sit down in them comfortably.

Create an experience

Your job is to make your guests feel welcome and at home. No matter how good the food is, your ambiance is the thing that is going to linger on their minds long after they leave the restaurant. It will also make them revisit your place in the future.

When you plan your décor, ensure that you stay relatable to your target audience. Don't try to combine several statement pieces, and instead, pick one piece and plan your décor around it. Greenery makes a place feel comforting and soothing, so include plants and flowers in your décor. European fan palm plants indoors are a unique, off-beat choice, that is easy to take care of, and offer a distinct look to your space.

Heating and ventilation

Temperature control is an often overlooked aspect. No one wants to eat in a stuffy restaurant. Install windows and let the natural sunlight in. If you are in a cold area, make sure the heating in your restaurant is perfect. You should also tailor the temperature according to the food that you serve.

Don't ignore the restroom

It is of great importance that the restrooms should fit in properly with the other elements in your restaurant. A smelly, unclean, or poorly designed restroom with no amenities will quickly decrease your credibility. Don't let your restrooms be your Achilles heel.

Utilize the available well and have large stations. Ventilation is key here too. Install flattering lighting for the vanity.

Install the right flooring

Since your restaurant would have significant foot-fall, you need to install flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and visually appealing. Wooden flooring is an excellent option for any restaurant. It can be easily dressed up or down; it is formal and professional, yet warm and welcoming. Porcelain floors are also easy to maintenance. If a tile is broken, you can get it replaced for next to nothing.

Maintain your aesthetic

Choose a single aesthetic, and incorporate elements that enhance it. For instance, you can choose to go muted, with little splashes of green and color. For this, you can opt for wooden flooring, furniture in neutral colors like grey, and you can introduce some fun with artwork or funky paneling on the walls. Complete this look with indoor artificial plants and trees.

Themed restaurants

This might demand a complete makeover, but it sure is an exciting idea. Themed restaurants have been the rage for years now. There are flight-themed restaurants; forest themed ones, even jail themed restaurants. You can also opt for a culturally significant theme. Pop culture themes, like Harry Potter restaurants that offer Butterbeer, and Marvel restaurants also attract a lot of crowds. A bonus- your restaurant's Instagram popularity will shoot through the roof!

A well maintained outdoor space

You can incorporate an artificial waterfall or fountain to make the place classy. Opt for fake palm trees for the pool area. Taking care of fake palm is very easy since they are fade resistant and long lasting.

To jazz up your space with minimal efforts, you can choose artificial Dracaena Trees. These artificial silk palm trees are perfect for restaurants since they work their magic in otherwise dull spaces. You can also have a koi pond, or even a play area for kids, to make the place more attractive.

Concluding thoughts

Even with excellent food and service, your restaurant will not succeed to the maximum potential, if it has an uncomfortable or a downright intolerable ambiance. Fortunately, offering a premium experience for your customers is not a difficult job at all. Don't think twice, and implement these tips to see your restaurant's reputation rising exponentially!

Intro 8 Palm Trees

Your commercial setting is your heart and soul apart from it is your means of living. It has to be majestic to face huge competition in the markets today. Some simple tricks can ideas can do wonders for your business.

Whether you own or run a casino, café, or restaurant, a mall or retail store, a hospital or a clinic, make your commercial setting look grand and majestic with one simple thing. You may wonder what that is. It is planted. Plants bring to life the dullest and most boring of places immediately.

You may want to place and grow real plants in planters and flower beds. Think again. Though they look beautiful, there are better alternatives to them, like artificial plants and trees, for many reasons. For one, you won't have to worry about nurturing, weeding, watering, or even pruning them. They thus save you a lot of efforts, time, money, and manpower.

Among these artificial plants and trees, the best for commercial complexes are fake palm trees. These look grand and are large enough for such spaces. Additionally, they are available in many varieties. Let's see eight of them.

Fan Palm

This variety has large lobed fan-shaped leaves, hence the name. The fanlike leaves spread out well and are very suitable for large and open spaces that need to be filled. Within this too, there are many types of fan palm trees according to the shape and pattern of the leaves.

You can choose from the common ones like the bush, royal fan, ruffled fan, dwarf, etc. Then there are fan palms named as per the place they originate like the Chinese, Mexican, California, and Madagascar in, etc.

European Fan Palm

These grand European Fan Palm trees come in stunning and beautiful shades of green, blue, gray, and yellow. Imagine the beauty they will add to your commercial setting. The large and small green leaves will stand out against the walls and also blend in with whatever theme you have in mind. It is also called the Mediterranean dwarf palm. Landscape with European Fan Palm in gardens and indoors. Since the leaves are thick, you can use them to represent bushes in larger spaces.

Areca Palm Tree

Do you know that the areca palm tree is the most common variety of palms? You can see it in homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, roadside, gardens, and shopping areas. This palm grows in clumps and has yellow ribbed leaves. Place it at the entrances, inside lobbies and waiting rooms, and you don't need much decoration there. This variety looks graceful in patios and atriums.

Silk Palm Trees

If you want a graceful and refreshing ambiance in your casino, restaurant or café, place some silk palm trees in planters. They give richness to the place. You can also keep them inside malls, in stores and retail stores.

Phoenix Palm Tree

Choose from a variety available in the phoenix palm tree. Depending upon where you want to place these palms and how much area you need to cover, you can choose branches, bushes or trees.

Banana Palm Tree

Create a tropical look with the banana palm tree at the malls and other shopping areas, Blend them in beautifully with the décor and place near the entrance or at some corners inside the stores. With realistic looking bananas hanging at the center of the plant, this palm looks very real and lifelike. They liven up and energize the place.

Fishtail Palm Tree

As the name suggests, the leaves of the fishtail palm tree sway in the wind like the tail of a fish swimming in water. Looking elegant, they bring in a sense of serenity and calmness to the office, hospital or clinic. Clients and visitors to such places will love to look at the swaying leaves and feel the peace in them.

Bamboo Palm Tree

The bamboo palm tree brings luck into your business. This plant is ideal for hospitals and clinics where you want a sense of calm, peace, and quiet. It helps patients and other visitors to de-stress and relax while waiting or during minor treatments. Keep them in corridors, the doctors' cabins, the recovery room, and in waiting rooms. It looks real as the real bamboo plant.

Choose the shape, color, and size of the plants that you like and want. Suit them to large and small spaces. Don't worry about watering them or pruning them if they outgrow the space they were intended for.

Place these palms on stairways, entrances, and porches. Have a few of them in the gardens along the drive in, along with the pathways.

They also look beautiful and apt inside lobbies, reception and waiting areas, doctors' cubicles, in corridors, and halls. Keep a couple of them on the stage near the speaker's stand. Keep at corners and highlight them with focus or led lights. Decorate them with fairy lights. Buy the mini versions for table tops.

These palms are made of extremely good quality and durable materials. They look aesthetic and like replicas of the real plants with all the advantages of artificial plants.

Further, their safety standards are high. Since they are fire resistant and fire retardant, you can safely place them in areas where a large number of people walk in and out on a daily basis.

Keep these fake palm trees in colorful planters made of terra cotta, porcelain, wicker, plastic, or simple mud too. They look majestic and grand anywhere. They form a great style statement and represent your flourishing business.

Create themes like the Mediterranean, the Victorian, the tropical, and the coastal with these palms. Choose a variety to suit the theme.

Decorate your commercial space with these palms and give a graceful, classy, rich, and lush look to it. Watch the visitors grow in numbers and sit back and relax knowing that your business is doing well.


You don't visit a clinic out of choice. But if you have to, you don't have a way out, either.

The experience is what counts and makes all the difference!

The first impressions about a clinic also make for an assuring second one.

So, let's see how we can make a clinic more assuring and trustworthy.

#1 A clean and tidy place

A good clinic builds trust, relationships, and hopes.

It's also a place where patients spend time and wait for their turns for a purpose. So, it's natural they would want a clean and a tidy place. No one likes a dirty area. This goes without saying.

People prefer a friendly atmosphere where they can sit, relax and wait happily.

#2 Make it Lively

Imagine, if you are one of the patients waiting at a clinic, would you like an extended endless waiting area which is dreary-looking or one which is zestful and lively?

A cold place doesn't make for a comfortable sitting area. So, add a lot of life like an aquarium, some photo albums, lively hoardings and photos of landscapes.

Make your clinic a fun place to sit and enjoy. Make it swanky by experimenting with the colors and décor used.

Also, make the entrance pleasant and inviting.

This will uplift the moods of the visitors and patients when they enter the clinic.

#3 Add a lot of Greens

Make use of a lot of greenery and plants for decoration and looks. It will add to the interiors, and make the clinic look beautiful and revamped. This will add life to the décor and make the interiors blossom.

A room with plants and greenery make it rich and liveable. Also very relaxing and rejuvenating. Being amidst a green and fresh surrounding is great. The breezy and airy ambiance uplifts the mood and helps in relaxation.

#4 Use artificial Plants for décor

Artificial plants can also be used for decorating the interiors of a clinic.

These days, there are many varieties of artificial indoor palm trees which can completely transform the interiors of your space. They can be put anywhere, from empty corners to entrances. The green color adds a spark and tinge of brightness to the surroundings and makes for a (much-needed) fresh ambiance, which is uplifting and has a great aura.

#5 Pay heed to Acoustics

Acoustics and sound effects of a place can also change the feel of a place.

Because clinics are essentially places, where people come full of anxieties, apprehensions, and concern, it's essential to make them feel relaxed.

Using supportive sound machinery is very helpful. It's advised to use false ceilings. It'll help in preventing the voice from echoing and make the place look less intimidating. The idea is to make the room appealing and relaxing, not scary.

#6 Soft and Instrumental music elevates the mood

Soft music played in the background can work wonders for your clinic. Soft and soothing music helps in the relaxation of the senses and mind.

Silence is awkward. Small noises make heads turn as it's distractive.

Therefore, play soft music in the background. At least, people would have something to listen to. Something to keep them involved and engrossed.

#7 Give your visitors something to read

People love to read.

A lot of people are extremely fond of reading all sorts of hoardings and descriptions.

So, its good to add a few books and magazines to your clinic. Make a small reading corner stacked with some suitable reading material.

#8 Lights Change the Ambience

A sober lighting and a pleasantly lit area also make for a comfortable place.

People prefer soft and dim lights in a clinic to very bright ones. Visitors like unassuming settings which calms their mind and make them feel relaxed.

A toned, downlighting can make the area - professional as well as smart-looking.

#9 Avoid filling the room unnecessarily

Don't clutter the place with too much stuff. It kills the idea of making a clinic look classy and desirable.

Visitors will like the look of a place if it's aesthetically done-up. Not a place which is cluttered and filled with all kinds of stuff.

Be selective. Carefully determine what you would want in your clinic and how you would like your patients to feel?

Remember, your clinic speaks an ounce about your taste.

#10 Make the clinic comfortable for everybody

Visitors (mostly patients) come for a reason. Primarily, to meet the medical practitioner. So, the doctor's cabin too should be an airy and lively place.

Although it's essential to have a professional looking clinic in place, the patients will look for an assuring and trustworthy ambiance. So, give your clinic the right mix of professionalism and comfort.

Give your clinic a compassionate and healthy atmosphere.

As talked about, make the entrance and outer area inviting and welcoming. A dark look doesn't appeal at all.

The entrance should exude exuberance and look inviting. It should be clean, nicely done, with some planters here and there, to give it a harmonizing effect.

It's not mandatory to use real plants(as its care and maintenance can be an issue). Instead, invest in custom made palm trees like acacia palm which are excellent for both indoors and outdoors. Also, they don't require any maintenance as such. The idea is to create a conducive atmosphere for visitors.

Last but not least, colors add a dash of style and effect to any place. So, use colors effectively. Let it reflect naturally in your interiors. Don't make the clinic look overtly done-up.
Safe and happy environments are very inviting and loved by one and all. It's in our hands, how we create one?

Just try using these hacks to revamp your office look. Also, leave your imagination run high. Don't restrict yourself from experimenting.

Only if your clinic is a happy looking place, will it make your clients happy too!

So, add a lot of life and make your clinic look beautiful and refined.

Intro Know The 10 Artificial Trees And Plants That The Designers Love

With time and money both at a premium today and the pressure to design beautiful homes and offices, designers love working with artificial plants and trees. They use all varieties like branches, trees, bushes, and flowers.

These plants have lots of advantages over the real plants. Real plants need a lot of care, attention, and nurturing. Whereas, with these artificial ones, you have to only clean them with a wet cloth regularly. There is no need to use the precious resource of water for their growth. Since they don't grow out of shape, you don't have to trim them.

These plants are also lightweight and can be easily carted from place to place to create a new scenario.

Another reason that designers love artificial plants is that these don't attract insects, mosquitoes, pigeons, and other birds. They can safely be placed inside homes as they are non-toxic for small children as well as for pets. That's one of the reasons hospitals and clinics demand lots of such plants.

Clients love the option of plants like artificial palm trees for the business hubs. Thus, designers give the varieties that these business owners love.

Outdoor artificial palm trees

Designers save a lot of effort, money, and manpower for the clients when they ask them to invest in artificial outdoor trees for gardens and compound areas. Designers always recommend outdoor artificial palm trees to their clients. Owners of hospitals, clinics, cafes, restaurants, casinos, shopping centers, malls, etc. are happy as otherwise, they would have to employ gardeners, arrange for water sources, buy seeds and saplings, and protect the real plants from harsh weather conditions.

Areca palm tree

Areca palm tree, the most commonly found variety of fake palm trees, looks beautiful. Growing in clumps, it is found in greens and yellows adding to the beauty of the place. Keep them inside lobbies and waiting areas of hospitals, eating joints, homes, residential building entrances, patios, and atriums, etc. Place these plants inside the houses, cabins, shops, clinics, cafes, and offices. Use planters of wicker, clay, mud, porcelain, or terra cotta.

In fact, if you can't think of any other decoration, this artificial plant fits in perfect.

Fan palm

Designers love to suggest many types of the fan palm. Because of their fan-like leaves, they spread out easily and are ideal for filling in gaps and spaces inside buildings as well as placing in the open gardens and compound areas. They look exotic if lined up next to the boundary walls of various places like parks, office and commercial complexes, malls, residential areas, etc. These plants are elegant to look at and are available in tall and short versions to suit client needs.

Bamboo palm tree

The lucky bamboo palm tree is another favorite with designers. Since many people believe in good luck and Vaastu compliance homes and office, designers always make space for this plant. Place it in the South East or East for positive energy and good fortune. It brings in good health, money, wealth, and happy family life if placed correctly.

Banana palm tree

The banana palm tree creates a tropical theme décor anywhere. Designers love this multipurpose plant as it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It looks exotic if placed in a garden as it creates a tropic garden of its own. The yellow realistic looking bananas against the lush green leaves of the palm stand out from miles in any outdoor space.

Designers get many praises from their clients when they place these palm trees insides malls, shops, offices, or hospitals. These look beautiful in lobbies and hallways and give life and energy wherever they are kept.

Coconut palm tree

An all-time favorite with everyone, the coconut palm tree creates an ambiance of lushness and prosperity. Designers use them all over the world to create coastal or tropical themes in malls, retail stores, cafes, and restaurants. They look great outdoors in gardens, near entrances and gateways to hotels, residential complexes, clubhouses, and offices. Designers also use them while planning and designing gardens and parks.

Apart from the above varieties of fake palm trees, designers also love the following artificial plants.

Artificial flowers

Designers can't do without artificial flowers. They know that all types of clients love to have flowers in their casinos, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, shops, malls, offices, schools and just about everywhere. Colorful flowers bring in a lot of life, cheer, energy, and happiness in everyone's life.

Buying fresh flowers is expensive. They wilt fast and need to be replaced very frequently. Designers know that clients don't like to wait for seasonal flowers of their choice and also spend money every other day buying their favorite flowers.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to buy flowers of choice and size and place them in vases and colorful planters. Designers beautify spaces by placing them on table tops in eating joints, on counters in reception areas, in planters in the lobby and entrances. They also hang them from the window sills for that gorgeous look to the exterior of the buildings.

Artificial bonsais

Designers create Zen spaces in homes, offices, hospitals with artificial bonsai plants. They look beautiful in those flat round plates and can be placed both indoor and outdoor for various clients. These miniature decorative plants are a real eye catcher and popular among designers.

Artificial rubber plant

All designers love the artificial rubber plant. The two color tones in the leaves look very pretty and lush since it branches out well and thick. This plant is also a symbol of prosperity as the rubber plant is used for many purposes if grown in real.

Artificial Ferns

Designers simply adore this plant. Artificial ferns spread and branch out extremely well and look ravishing. The way the soil and roots are replicated in the pots, even an expert gardener or a plant lover will not be able to make out that it is not a real plant. The semi-curled ends and the fonds of the ferns give an amazingly beautiful look and are ideal for corners and other empty spaces in rooms. Place a few along the passages and corridors in hospitals and malls and your décor is done.

Try out the choice of the designers and see your place come alive with beauty and energy.

Intro Explore The Advantages Of Artificial Palm Trees For Your Business Decor

Competition is the keyword in the business world today. Startups, entrepreneurship, small and large scale industries, established business houses are all in the race to keep abreast. As a business owner, you need to be up to date with the décor of your commercial complex.

If you own a business in casinos, restaurants, cafes, malls, retail stores, hospitals or clinics, you can use plants for your business décor. Plants add beauty and life to any place. Yet, real plants have their own restrictions and drawbacks.

The best alternative is fake plants. Fake plants are no longer ugly, cheap looking or low in quality. They look as good as real that sometimes you may need to touch them to find out if they are real or fake.

Though there are a large number of varieties of artificial plants and decorative trees indoor variants available in the markets today, some plants are just the best for your business décor. You may wonder which plants are these.

Business décor and artificial palm trees go hand in hand. Explore the advantages of these fake plants, and you will find many.

1. Maintenance

The first thing that bothers you while buying plants for your commercial complex is the maintenance. Real plants need a lot of care, tendering, time, and human resources for their growth and maintenance. So, the best thing to do is to purchase artificial plants.

These artificial palm trees are very low on maintenance. They don’t require any watering or weeding. Since they don’t grow out of size, you don’t need to trim them to bring back to shape. All you need to do is to clean them with a wet cloth, and they are as good as new. This saves you on precious human resources and time.

2. Shape and size

The varieties of artificial palm trees are amazing. You need not have to wait for seasons to get the plants of your choice or see them grow to the height you want. Buy them in size and shape you want according to your liking and the space available to you. Go in for varieties in artificial palm trees like the banana palm tree, fishtail palm tree, or the European fan palm.

Use these palm trees for any theme décor that you may have at your restaurant or café, mall or retail store, hospital or clinic. They go in beautifully with coastal, Victorian, Mediterranean décors. Place them and create magical scenes at your business hub.

3. Durability and Quality

Another advantage of these plants is that they are very durable. The plants don’t shed their leaves in the autumn, and you can keep them in the original form for as long as you want. The leaves don’t wither, unlike real plants.

The quality of these is excellent and makes the plants look realistic. You will love their lightweight materials and the fact that they are so very easy to assemble. Just place them wherever you want. Move them around whenever you want and create a new look indoor and outdoor.

4. Beauty

Imagine the silk palm trees in your hospital or clinic. The patients are going to love their beauty. It will help them to keep calm and patient while waiting to see the doctors. These will help to bring in color, life, and beauty to the corridors, waiting rooms, and doctors’ cabins, thereby cheering up the doctors as well.

The lucky bamboo palm tree is another excellent choice for beauty and luck. Place all these palms in ceramic, terra cotta or even wicker planters. This adds to the beauty of the plants and to the beauty of the spaces. Make the area look exotic and stylish with the pretty palm fonds.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Contrary to common belief, artificial palms are cheaper in the long run. Due to their durability and low maintenance, they are extremely cost-effective. For the initial purchase, explore the option of fake palm trees for sale. After that, save money on human resources, manure, water, etc.

6. Great Décor Option

Because of their beauty and looks, artificial palm trees are a great décor option. Not only do their add beauty and life to the commercial spaces, but they also are great to place lights near. Highlight the palm leaves with a focus light or a string of fairy lights. Both look gorgeous in malls, retail stores, and other shopping complexes. Place a couple of benches under the high leaves, and many a tired shopper will bless you for it.

Diners visiting your restaurants and cafes will love to sit near them or even below their huge fan like leaves. You can also use the big trees to give privacy to diners at these places. You can thus save money on setting up panels or partitions at restaurants.

7. Symbol of Prosperity

Since it is easy to clean these plants, they will always shine and retain their brightness. Their green leaves are a symbol of prosperity and growth. The flouring plants that you place at strategic places will really impress the clients you deal with. The green color symbolizes money and growth. Since the colors will not fade out, your business clients will always associate these plants with prosperity.

8. Safety standards

Because of their material, these plants are also fire resistant and very safe to place in your business complex. Putting them at various places inside the malls, hospitals, or restaurants is great from another point of view. They will not attract any flies, mosquitoes or other insects which come in because of real plants. It’s an excellent relief for business owners as mosquitoes are a menace and safety hazard too.

Apart from these advantages of artificial palm trees, they also look classy and chic. Your casinos, restaurants, cafes, malls, retail stores, hospitals or clinics will look sophisticated and top class with their lushness and brightness. Try them out and see our business décor attract a large number of footfalls.